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  1. Thats fair about this forum, and maybe it is a generalisation but I think for a lot of people that will be the case. The manufacturers don't always make it easy to fully turn all of that off so I'd be willing to bet a large majority of people haven't realised that they have 'sooper dooper motion smoothing, contrast increase, HD sharpness artefact enhancer' turned on.
  2. I actually really enjoyed the experience of watching this episode, I stuck the brightness up a little bit at the beginning and I never felt I was missing too much as I felt like it was a really immersive experience for the most part. A lot of the complaints will be down to the fact that most people will have all their TV 'optimisations' on by default, so the TV thinks it has a badly lit scene to improve and ends up making it a million times worse. There's a campaign by quite a few directors to get TV manufacturers to remove all that crap as it stops things being watched the way they were intended to be. I turned everything off on my TV as soon as I got it. The first 45 mins or so to me were just brilliant, tactics aside the shots of the Dothraki charging in with fireballs screaming across the sky above them gave me the chills, but following that up with the rest of the characters watching the flames extinguish and be consumed by the darkness, and showing the realisation that what was coming was pretty much unstoppable was a really powerful scene I think. The fact that all the battle hardened characters were pretty much broken mid way through the battle also showed the enormity of what they were facing, so I think that part was well done. I guess it was after that point where things started to turn a bit and you began to wonder how anyone was still alive, save a few side characters dying. I managed to continue watching without questioning too much but in hindsight after reading all the main gripes people have it has changed my opinion a little bit, and it made me realise that I was thinking the same things at certain points - how did Jon survive all the dead rising and surrounding him? Why did Dany just sit there on her dragon whilst the dead were clambering over it? When Arya did her bit I did think that surely it couldn't be as easy as that, I felt like that could have been done a lot better, and nothing was explained really about the night king. I think ultimately they have pushed themselves too hard to try and conclude everything in only 6 episodes, which means we maybe don't get to see everything play out in as much detail as we've come to expect before now, which is a real shame. George RR Martin has played a blinder though, he can now get feedback on everything people don't like about the way this is going and change it all for the books, and claim that it was the way he always intended it!
  3. Yeah I had to play about a bit with levels and contrast etc, I shot in raw so it was all done in the raw import into photoshop! What lens are you using? That was shot at f/1.7 so it's wide open which helps make the most of the little available light! That and a fair whack of luck!
  4. Yeah it is, you can actually see it with the naked eye sometimes up here, we are in the countryside and beyond my back garden there actually isn't any major settlement to speak of until the coast of Dumfries and Galloway which is about 150 miles away! I need to try again with a wider lens and a moonless night and see what I can resolve.
  5. Good to see this thread is still thriving! I kind of lost interest in photography for a few years, but had a go at some stars last night with the meteor shower. Nothing amazing but I can see how people get addicted to it, pulling out the extra stars the sensor has picked up in post is amazing! I need a wider lens though, these were on my 20mm f/1.7 Panasonic. Sandford Stars by Ewan Harwood, on Flickr Sandford Stars by Ewan Harwood, on Flickr Sandford Stars by Ewan Harwood, on Flickr
  6. That was a quick turnaround, I had no idea what you meant when you said you'd asked Frankie, now I know! Thats good to know though, looks like I may need to put the camera somewhere else then! It's not a massive room and the sofa faces the wall where the screen is, so I'm not sure what will be best. I think I'll maybe put the camera on a tripod, that way I can move it around depending on what I'm playing. I guess 90% of the time I'll be playing alone so i'll just have the projector off, it's just if I've got mates round or something. Everyone I've mentioned to now wants a shot as well, so that could be a likely scenario to begin with!
  7. Ah that's a good point, although my couch is facing the screen so figured it would be better there so I could sit as well. Do most people stand? How long is the cable?
  8. Awesome, looks like it should be fine in that case, just need something to mount the camera onto the wall I'm projecting to. Cheers!
  9. Cheers guys, Batman looks interesting, as does Korix! This could get dangerous!
  10. So I'm going to take this and I'm super excited, I've been wanting to try VR for ages and this was just too tempting to pass on. So, for a noob what should my first port of call be? I've been watching videos online that mention the demo disc and to try as many free games as possible to acclimatise? I use video goggles for flying FPV quads and planes so I'm hoping motion sickness won't be an issue. Another question, this will be going in my gaming room and I have a projector, is that likely to screw up tracking if the camera is looking at it? It's on the ceiling. Anyone else using it with a projector?
  11. I'd be tempted to try using foam to do it, would be nice and light and it's easy to work with. This channel has loads of tutorials and stuff on building using it - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6q0fd3ileWKQaHlwY_bcOvCv3BwXV1W0 Might be good to get the base shape.
  12. That's an awesome paint job! How did you achieve that look? Lots of layering?
  13. Sorry, just saw these replies, thought this thread had died! Those characters look awesome! How are you finding the Prusa? Looks like a great piece of kit and all the reviews are excellent. Ive still been printing loads and did a few upgrades to my machine. Most prints though are RC related, but I've got a codsworth from fallout 4 waiting for sanding and painting, just need some time!
  14. Mine is this one - http://www.hobbyking.co.uk/hobbyking/store/__84282__Malyan_M180_Dual_Head_3D_Printer_UK_Plug_UK_Warehouse_.html It's went up in price a bit with the pound being crap. I got it because it was pretty much plug and play, there are so many you can get cheap now, but most of them require a lot of assembly and setting up. This one just worked out of the box. It also has dual extruders, so you can print different colours / materials at the same time. I'm just starting to experiment with that, this was the test print - I also got some flexible filament, it's kind of rubbery but really cool. Managed to fix a toilet seat by designing and printing my own well nut - I'd really recommend getting one, there's so much you can do with them it's unreal! I haven't got to making any more props yet, but have a load in my to-do pile! Just found today someone has made a full 'vera' gun prop from Firefly for printing, so might give that a bash!
  15. Couldn't see a thread for this, not sure if anyone is really interested in it but figured this would be the best place for it. I'm developing an interest in 3D modelling, printing and want to start doing some prop making. Anyone here do anything like that? Please share! I bought a 3D printer about 6 months ago, so far I have mainly been printing stuff other people have made, but I've made some tentative starts at making my own models for some basic RC related things like camera mounts etc. Just finished painting up a mini nuke from Fallout 4: https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/19397-designing-3d-printing-and-painting-the-fallout-4-mini-nuke Also did an AT-ST: I'd really like to get into prop making, inspired by this guy - http://www.volpinprops.com/half-life-2-gravity-gun/ The gravity gun is simply awesome, but may be a bit of a stretch for a first project!
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