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  1. I like how it says he only sells to family and friends, like that somehow makes it better!
  2. You do need a pretty beefy PC to run it smoothly, I’m on an AMD 5600x with an Nvidia 3070Ti and I need to run most things about medium to get it to run smoothly. I think it’s doable on lower end setups if you don’t mind dialling some settings back. The Reverb is really nice for this, the resolution is amazing and there’s no hint of screen door effect. I haven’t played much with the controllers, I gave it a quick go last night but given my mouse is right there I found that easier. I haven’t tried other games yet to see if the controller tracking is as big an issue as some make out. Annoyingly they’ve improved the tracking and FOV, I ordered direct from HP thinking I’d be getting this new version but then found out that it’s only US models that get those updates! So I could have got a headset plus controllers for the price I paid for the headset alone. HP have a £50 off deal just now on it though.
  3. Had another session in VR on this with my new HP Reverb G2, holy balls it’s good! Have tweaked settings so have it running smooth now for the most part, and the resolution with the G2 is incredible, you can clearly read all of the dials etc! There was quite a few moments where my brain definitely clicked into a ‘this is real’ mode (hard to explain this feeling!). Especially when you get up higher and don’t notice some of the slightly dodgy textures and buildings. Flew from my local grass airfield, flew over my house, then to my work then to Glasgow and landed at the airport! Also had another blast in the Spitfire, starting to get the hang of prop pitch and mixture control!
  4. It is pretty amazing, there's just a few visual things at the moment that are breaking the immersion. I think once I get past the testing stage and actually do some proper planned flights rather than just randomly cruising around I'll get into that transcendent space. I've seriously got my eyes on one of these - https://shop.yawvr.com/yaw2/ It's a lot of money, but I've been putting money away and if I can make space for it I'm definitely going to go for it. Cheaper than getting a PPL!
  5. The planets aligned tonight and I got some time to mess around getting VR set up on this with the quest 2 and my HOTAS ONE. Followed a few settings tutorials and I’m getting close to happy with the performance, although there’s some kind of weird waviness going on which I need to figure out. Initially I thought it was supposed to be heat haze from the exhausts but then I realised it’s everywhere you look. Searching online looks like it might be due to some reprojection so need to play around a bit more. Still though, bombing about in a Spitfire in VR is incredible! Looking out over the roundels on the wing with the channel glinting below you whilst the sun was setting was an incredible experience, and the sense of scale it brings in VR is stunning. I didn’t realise the white cliffs of Dover were so short though!
  6. My one issue with the Quest has always been the limited FOV, and feeling like having binoculars on. After reading about the new HP Reverb update that increases the FOV by putting your eyes closer to the lenses I wondered if that would work with the quest, turns out it does! I took off the facial interface and tried it, and the FOV is substantially better, it gives a more rectangular FOV but it immediately was more immersive. Obviously you can’t use it with no facial interface but I did some Googling and it looks like the VR Cover facial interface with one of their slim pads gives the same effect! So I’ve ordered a kit, I’ll report back once I’ve tried it but I’m excited to get a more immersive experience!
  7. I work in electronics and I’m not surprised at all about this, pretty much every component manufacturer is miles behind at the moment and lead times of 12 months are not uncommon for parts. So even someone the size of Valve is not immune to this. Some of my boards are delayed for single components where there isn’t any viable alternative.
  8. Having a bit of a look it basically changes the smooth locomotion from head or hands following to follow your hips instead. The video really isn’t great at actually telling you that, I had to watch some reviews to find out. Doesn’t appear to support quest native games though, only ‘steam VR supported’ headsets. It looks like there is a free app that gives the same functionality using your phone though, so might give that a try for PC VR
  9. Got all set up for a VR session tonight and loaded up, 82GB update….That put an end to that! Really annoying how the updates have to have the game running to actually download.
  10. I got Lone Echo ages ago and played for a few hours, but I found it a bit slow. I started it again last week but had lost my save progress so I’m back at the start again annoyingly, but seeing the reviews this sequel is getting make me think I should give it another go! Does the pace pick up a bit later in the first game?
  11. That does look pretty awesome! Not sure I'd be able to sneak that past the wife mind you...
  12. I never played this despite my friend telling me to constantly, looks like now is an ideal time then!
  13. Is anyone playing this in VR? I'm tempted to try and get a setup but if it's a vomit inducing mess then I don't want to waste my time.
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