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  1. The Switch version has just popped into today's sale on the e-shop - £8.99/£11.69 for the standard/deluxe editions.
  2. This is cheating a bit, as there used to be a version of this doing the rounds of the clubs 10-15 years ago. The AI came up with something fairly close to what I remember of the original. Pop Will Eat Itself vs Danny Elfman: https://rave.dj/r9i_rdjUEFEm_w
  3. There's definitely something screwy going on with the online service at the moment. I reinstalled the Steam version this morning (had it since launch), but it seems that since crossplay with Epic went live in the latest patch the Steam version has a habit of crashing every 50 minutes or so. Going offline seems to fix things, so it'll hopefully be taken care of by the time to DLC launches on the 20th. Perhaps Epic cloud saves will be sorted out at the same point.
  4. The PC version is down to £12.99 at CDKeys at the moment, which felt like the right time to dive in. It's a nice game to swim around in, and whilst combat seems to involve a lot of flailing around so far it's been entertaining just swimming around seeing the sights. Plus, my 6yo loves eating turtles. And people.
  5. It's worth periodically checking your Startup Apps in System Settings, just to make sure you're not trying to load anything you don't need in the background. The latest Windows update added Skype, and the various game launchers will auto-run given half the chance. I've just joined the new PC club, as it's been eight years since I built my last one (barring graphics card upgrades). The previous machine is still sound as it's got a GTX 1080, but was starting to show its age with games which require a bit more heft from the CPU - AC Odyssey was noticably suffering from freezes and stutter even at 1080p and medium settings. Anyway, I've gone from an i5-3570K with GTX 1080 to a Ryzen 3700X with RTX 2070 SUPER, tucked into a SFF case. The old machine has been donated to my wife for Sims 4 purposes. Everybody wins!
  6. I was 12 in 1990. I don’t have many gaming memories of that year, as my Mum spent most of it in hospital having contracted a horrific flu just before Christmas ‘89. I know I got my C64 somewhere around that time, but can’t be certain when. I may still have been playing games on our BBC B, and if so it’ll have been older stuff like Exile, Spycat, or any of the other Superior Software adventure games. Once the C64 came along I’ll have moved onto Turrican, Golden Axe, Ironman Stewarts Super Off-road Racing, and Lords of Chaos (all 1990 releases).
  7. I’m guessing that you’re thinking of ‘The best... album in the world ever’, as I’m fairly sure that’s where I first picked up on Therapy? as well. Since then they’ve been a constant part of my life, and are up with Wildhearts and Antiproduct for the band I’ve seen live most often (most recently with Terrorvision last year in Halifax). Most of my closest friends are people I got to know through turning up at the same gigs.
  8. If anyone fancies getting into Age of Sigmar, Mortal Realms goes on sale today. My local Smiths had loads of copies of the first issue in stock, which for £2.99 comes with 10 Nighthaunt Chainrasps and 3 Stormcast Sequitors.
  9. So far I’ve picked up Darksiders III for just over a fiver, and Outward for £3.99. Yaga is only £3.99 with the voucher, so I’m tempted by that as well.
  10. Game of the Year A1. Control A2. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night A3. Dragon Quest XI S A4. Code Vein A5. Untitled Goose Game Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Sekiro - or rather my inability to play it Z2. Ion Fury - offensive jokes against minorities aren't an appropriate hill to die on. Z3. Anthem - Nice graphics, and flying is fun. Pity they forgot to include a game. Z4. Z5. Sound Design of the Year S1. Control S2. Untitled Goose Game S3. Jedi: Fallen Order Visual Design of the Year V1. Control V2. Resident Evil 2 V3. Untitled Goose Game Writing of the Year W1. Control W2. Baba is You W3. Jedi: Fallen Order Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Switch Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Nintendo Best Supported Game (released pre 2019) of the Year B1. Stardew Valley Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2018 or earlier) X1. Destiny 2 Best game character of the year C1. Dr Darling (Control) C2. The Goose (UGG) C3. Horace (Horace) And the big one: Game of the Decade D1. Bloodborne D2. Control D3. Dark Souls D4. Witcher 3 D5. Last of Us D6. Hollow Knight. D7. Bioshock 2 - my wife has completed this so many times that she has the Minerva's Den owl logo tattooed on her leg. D8. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen D9. God of War D10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  11. I see your challenge, and reply with my N-Gage with Pandemonium, and Gizmondo with Trailblazer. Not only were the games fairly uninspiring, but in both cases you have legendarily terrible hardware.
  12. Totally with you on Sweet Business. I've got it paired up with the Actium War Rig chest piece, which auto-reloads almost as fast as the gun can fire (I've not timed it, but it feels like 10-20 seconds of continuous shooting, and it's easy to add fast reload mods to another armour piece). I'm fairly terrible at PvP, but managed 27 kills in my last Iron Banner match by just holding down fire and wandering around the map.
  13. idespair

    The Surge II

    I found Little Johnny hard work whilst trying to block his attacks, but once I started playing like Bloodborne and dodging in and out of everything he wasn't too bad. Take out the two canisters on his body before going for the legs.
  14. I was a late backer and have just had my Steam code through. It doesn't unlock until 6pm, but at least it's there. I also found that I had a Switch code for Curse of the Moon. I don't remember requesting it, but I must have done so at some point.
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