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  1. I see your challenge, and reply with my N-Gage with Pandemonium, and Gizmondo with Trailblazer. Not only were the games fairly uninspiring, but in both cases you have legendarily terrible hardware.
  2. Totally with you on Sweet Business. I've got it paired up with the Actium War Rig chest piece, which auto-reloads almost as fast as the gun can fire (I've not timed it, but it feels like 10-20 seconds of continuous shooting, and it's easy to add fast reload mods to another armour piece). I'm fairly terrible at PvP, but managed 27 kills in my last Iron Banner match by just holding down fire and wandering around the map.
  3. idespair

    The Surge II

    I found Little Johnny hard work whilst trying to block his attacks, but once I started playing like Bloodborne and dodging in and out of everything he wasn't too bad. Take out the two canisters on his body before going for the legs.
  4. Just so you know, that's not a cheat.
  5. I was a late backer and have just had my Steam code through. It doesn't unlock until 6pm, but at least it's there. I also found that I had a Switch code for Curse of the Moon. I don't remember requesting it, but I must have done so at some point.
  6. idespair

    Xbox Game Pass

    The seller was domsdailydeals, purchasing from this listing. I had the code within a couple of minutes of ordering, and without any of the security phone check mentioned in the description.
  7. idespair

    Xbox Game Pass

    I picked up a 12 month Game Pass code from eBay for £29.99, added it to my account and then did the upgrade (link - instant delivery). I'm now paid up until September of next year. Sadly I couldn't afford more, but that'll do for now.
  8. Have you been using the beta rules for Bolters? Whilst they'll still look a little lackluster compared to your plasma, the extra shots can make a difference. Admittedly, if you're mostly facing Primaris then they'll see the benefits more than you do.
  9. Think Pink! I've hunted down a brace of alien rabbits, then done it again after not realising that the only way to leave the Plains of Eidolon without losing everything is via the gate, and our Pink Pigment research is now underway.
  10. I'm Tilari in game, in case there are still any spaces available in the initial Clan ranks.
  11. I've bought into this for the third time, and had been amazed at the speed of leveling compared to the original PC release. That was until I read a guide to Seasons which suggested 2-3 hours play was a reasonable time for hitting level 70 - I think I've got a while to go before I hit that kind of optimisation. Anyhow, my friend code is SW-2909-5921-9098 and I'm always happy to run around exploding corpses with strangers.
  12. After watching the first half of the season on Friday I managed to finish this off yesterday. It's easily been my favourite series of the year, and is something which will stay with me for a while. I think the structure was fantastic - not just the way time and scene jumps were used, but also the little background touches which are never explicitly acknowledged. Whilst the characters are still broad stereotypes (a point nicely summed up in one scene between Steve and his Dad), I felt that enough time was spent with them to make the punches land that bit harder when they came.
  13. In case anyone missed it, GW released the first set of FAQs/Errata for Kill Team last week. There are a few rule changes, so it's well worth taking a look through the documents. FAQ: https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/kill_team_designers_commentary_en-1.pdf Errata: https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/kill_team_errata_en-1.pdf
  14. Game Collection have both the Switch and PS4 versions in stock - they're £35.10 with the code TGCEXTRA5 this weekend. I've ordered it for the Switch, as I'd guess it'll be hard to find outside the launch window and it's a better price than £50 on Steam.
  15. You also need to hang onto your bomb templates, as the Conversion Kits don't come with any. I spent about three hours punching tokens and sorting cards as I unpacked the starter set and three kits yesterday, then another twenty minutes going through my paper recycling bin trying to reclaim the bits I shouldn't have thrown away.
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