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  1. idespair


    If anyone is still after a copy, Dark Sphere currently has 20+ copies in. £112 + P&P: http://www.darksphere.co.uk/p.php?p=86843
  2. idespair

    Gaming surfaces

    You could always take a look at Yoga Mats, as they're usually either made from neoprene or a similar non-stick surface over a foam backing. They're generally 6ft x 2ft, so are a good size for gaming tables. Two of them may only set you back about £20ish, compared to about £60 for a printed 6x4 from Deep-Cut or UrbanMatz. That said, I've got about 10 neoprene gaming mats hanging around the house, and I absolutely love them. I've just received one of Deep-Cut's 6x3 Wild West mats, which is great for Star Wars Legion.
  3. idespair

    All Grainger Games stores are now closed

    This is a real shame, as i’ve used them on and off since they had the old fixed stall in the Grainger Market. The Pontefract branch was the kind of place you could still stand and talk gaming with the staff, so best of luck to them and everyone else who is affected by this.
  4. idespair

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    The offer's finally gone live on the UK Xbox store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/d/xbox-one-x-1tb-console/8nq33jvv1s9v/lwmm?ocid=SalesandspecialFR_Q3_feature1_Halo_5_bundle I've got to admit that I'd given up hope, so picked up a One X from Grainger Games yesterday. At least it came with the month's free Game Pass trial, which gives you a second month for free (assuming you've never tried the service before).
  5. idespair

    SNES Mini

    Whilst Amazon are showing as sold out, I've just managed to order one via Prime Now for delivery sometime between 10 and 12 this morning (I'm in the Leeds delivery area). £80 rather than £70, but better than eBay.
  6. 1. World of Warcraft 2. Bloodborne 3. Dark Souls II 4. Dark Souls 5. The Last of Us 6. Dark Souls III 7. The Witcher III 8. Bioshock 9. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 10. Horizon: Zero Dawn 11. Metroid Prime 12. Mass Effect 3 13. Doom (2016) 14. Diablo III 15. Hyrule Warriors 16. Darksiders II 17. Borderlands 2 18. South Park: Stick of Truth 19. Xanadu Next 20. Dragon Quest Heroes II
  7. idespair

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    It's obvious that a lot of research has gone into Senua, and the way she experiences the world. I had to stop playing last night, as my wife was in tears just listening to her from across the room.
  8. idespair

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    It's £95 RRP, but the various independent shops will knock 10-25% off that.
  9. idespair

    Prey (2017) - Update and Mooncrash DLC available now!

    I feel they made a bit of a mistake with the thanks for playing screen, as there's loads more to do after that. Whilst you can't get much further with the story, you gain access to the Trauma Lab, and clearing that out allows you to open up some more areas. It's surprisingly generous - even after another hour or two of play, I hadn't seen everything (mainly due to the humanoid monsters). I found the best way to take out the spiders was the Gloop them first, as flailing with the wrench usually leads to death. I do like the way they'll sometimes try and escape, turning back into an inanimate object once they round the corner. Wait a minute... what's a trashcan doing there?
  10. Amazon delivered, although it appears someone else has taken charge of the delivery.
  11. Mine's out for delivery with Amazon Logistics. If yesterday's delivery is anything to go by then that'll mean it arrives about 6pm. If I'd ordered with Prime Now I could have had it by 10am. Never mind, eh? At least I can spend the day trying to decide whether the Pro Controller is worth £60.
  12. idespair

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    The Warmachine metals are still produced under licence in the UK by Cerberus, although the resin, hard plastic and PVC figures are all imported. Gamecraft still exist, and serve as the distribution arm for Gamecraft. Top chaps.
  13. idespair

    PlayStation VR

    I managed to get the VR, Camera and Move Controllers from Grainger Games this afternoon, and they still looked to have plenty of stock. We've already got amusing footage of my wife flailing wildly at the screen whilst playing Rush of Blood. Having to physically duck certain obstacles really adds something to the genre.
  14. idespair

    Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition

    I managed my first solo game yesterday, and took a spin through the first mission. As it was my first go I spent a bit of time going back and forth between the two rulebooks checking things out, but it generally went cleanly. I do agree about the explanation of horror checks (and a few other mechanics), but I'm now kind of used to FFG's habit of giving a brief run through of the rules and then expecting you to check the more detailed reference guide when you need it. Anyway, I took two randomly picked investigators (Priest/Gravedigger) for a spin through the Mansion and despite some close calls they emerged victorious, even if the Gravedigger had gone quietly insane by that point. We also had to burn half the place down with a flare gun in order to stave off the horde of Deep Ones which shimmered into existence. I like the way that the game is clearly ramping up difficulty according to a hidden timer mechanic. I wasn't able to explore half the clues and rooms which were available, as new threats made me feel the need to push forward once the butler had clued me in on where I needed to go. It was also interesting that some of my actions when searching had repercussions down the road. I look forward to giving it another go later on, especially as the first two expansions are due out on the 22nd.
  15. idespair

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - Out Now for XB1 and PS4

    Thanks to Rikku for the Portcrystal yesterday. It saved me having to pick up one of mine whilst cheesing my way through escort quests. It's probably been commented on a few times already, but I was overjoyed when I realised you could check where people wanted to go, run there and drop off a crystal, then accept the quest and teleport them there. After an hour or two the other day watching Selene commit suicide by Griffon, Chimera and Bandits it was something of a relief.

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