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  1. I thought I'd ordered the 256Gb version, but checked and it's actually the 512Gb with the etched screen, which is annoying as I don't think I want the etched screen #firstworldproblems Still very excited for it though and if it even half works I'll be overjoyed.
  2. And this post screams you desperately want to do a psychology degree. I mean, it's easy to compartmentalise him as desperate for love and fucked up in some way, but I don't think either of us know him well enough to judge, nor do either of us know how fucked up he is respective to us. Point me out a comedian who isn't fucked up in some way. Considering the insane success he's had, he seems about as relatively grounded as anyone, and does seem to be able to write stuff that isn't like a Wembley arena stand up doing a routine on 5 star hotels or eating lobster for every meal in a day. You could equally turn your post around and ask you whether you feel threatened and resentful of his success and why that might be. But then if you're into that shit I'd recommend watching Couples Therapy on iPlayer if you're craving some real drama.
  3. I'm sure Gervais doesn't need my support, or deserve it, but here we go anyway. Yes, I agree, fundamentally, that he has a very narrow writing space and leans heavily on a small set of tropes. But I think trying to build a picture of him and what he's like from bullshit like that newspaper article ("he wasn't interested in me after 90 minutes together" - fuck off with that shit) and reddit is a total waste of time. 10 minute critique videos on Youtube, fucking lol. He's certainly rich, probably doesn't have to work again and can afford to put less effort into getting stuff produced than unknown creators. he may also hate fat and loud people. I don't know, nor do I especially care as 90% of stuff written about celebrities on the internet is shit. I'd judge him on what he does and what he generates. And, quite honestly, if his only contribution to humanity were the Golden Globe speeches (which seem remarkably ahead of their time now) then I'm good with that. After Life specifically I find quite interesting. It is odd, and the cruelty, whether intentional or not lends it a tone unlike other stuff. It's not Fleabag levels of crackling intensity, but I do like fact that it isn't neat. Because grief isn't neat. And whether Gervais intended to write about grief, or a dog (or just write a script with a lot of calling people cunts in), I think the reason it is so popular is because it has a messyness to it that real life does. People are cunts to one another, sometimes for no reason. People are crass. There aren't really arcs in real life, just shit happening and life meandering on. I don't even think the show has much of a coherent message - and whether by design or luck that too lends a certain reality and texture to it. It has sentimentality, random jokes, some good some bad, recycled tropes and weirdness. It's lazily written, perhaps, but I think it largely works because of it. And that's why it's fine, I guess. And it is undeniably popular - while Gervais has an audience you don't get as many people watching something like After Life in a democratised media space like Netflix with a million other things to watch unless it has something going for it.
  4. Isn’t the game you want Trackmania?
  5. Don't Look Up 4/5 I thought this was great. A remarkable amount of people commenting about it online about how "obvious" it was seem to have totally missed the skewering of virtually every subject beyond Trumpism, e.g. performative woke activism, blind tech reverence, scientists turning from peer review to celebrity, Hollywood both-sidesism etc. There's an alarming amount of people moaning about how simple the messages of the movie are while missing the fact they fall into one of the categories of arsehole themselves.... I'd say the only area it falls down in, is religion. I appreciate the table scene is partially something of a rebuttal to the fact that all Democrats are godless heathens (and a general appeal to find commonality in purpose), but as a finisher I think it had less impact in non-US territories and undermines some of the core themes of the movie. Generally though I thought the movie was pretty good and set out to do what it wanted to do. I didn't find it over long, and I think much of my interest was sustained in the final third as they ramped up everything to farce levels. The FX were also pretty impressive in bits with some very striking shots.
  6. I had to stop playing this because of reviews and posters that said they had finished it with 20 deaths and how easy it was. I think I die about 20 times in a single play session I'd love to try it on mouse keys though, a lot of my issue is probably how shit I've become on pad controls. As well as generally being shit and old.
  7. You're (as in F1 "fans" here) are gatekeeping for other people and then getting annoyed when people try to gatekeep you. In 30 years of F1 there's never been a farce, human decision, dodgy bit of racing or other external force that has decided a race has there? Jog on.
  8. If you want to watch a proper sport, don't watch F1. It doesn't just have rules, it has politics woven through regulations that are as thick as a doorstop. it has to artificially introduce competition to stop the richer teams winning. F1 isn't a sport. it has always been a soap opera. Why don't you watch something else?
  9. F1 is entertainment. If it was a pure sport it would be "build the fastest car you can". There are regulations and all sorts of bullshit, like DRS. It's not like the 100m - "run this distance as fast as you can without taking drugs". There is no elegance and stripped back purity to F1. For every one person here bemoaning the purity of decisions there's 10 new people being brought to the sport by stuff like the Netflix drama. I haven't given a flying fuck about F1 for years, but the Netflix show gave me a window into the personalities of all the teams and now I follow it. And that's what it is (and what the Netflix drama reminded me) it's about human drama. Horner being a bit of a dick. Hamilton being about as sincere as a Tesco greetings card. Riccardio being a #bantsmaster. The cars are secondary. This ending, with all the controversy and weirdness and whining is brilliant for F1 and will help it push back on the rise of huge challenges coming from e-sports and a thousand other ways people might want to spend their time.
  10. The sport is entirely farce, made up rules, egos, twats, slave labour, dodgy regimes, oil money, bullshit decisions and occasionally overtaking. If you're not enjoying every minute of it then I can't understand what sport you think you've been watching.
  11. Are you fucking kidding? This is brilliant. Pump this shit into my veins.
  12. This is very entertaining. The entire sport is a sort of farce, I'm absolutely down for all this shit. Hamilton is such a whiney arse. Netflix executives must be wanking themselves into a frenzy.
  13. I mean, they certainly popularised the spinny camera and slow mo bullet sequences. But it had appeared in other forms, Blade for example, or Lost In Space (a year before) - 1:20 in. Also, while CGI is deployed a majority of the sequences aren't really traditional CGI including fully digital sets. Even the helicopter was real. And, yes, a lot of the background on many shots was painted. Matrix is an important film and should be celebrated but I think its success mainly comes from the ideas and direction rather than just being a special effects vehicle.
  14. The rooftops in Matrix 1 were a combination of sets from other films and a massive painting weren't they?
  15. I scrolled two pages looking for the “I’ll be first in the cue for this” comment
  16. Another person here saying you should watch how pros play Oddball. You hold it, for sure, but managing spawns and controlling the other team is far more valuable. If he was constantly fragging out he was probably cursing the rest of you for not cottoning on to this.
  17. As others have said, in the real world I don't walk into every building, talk to random people on the street and get bothered all day with phone calls from people trying to get me to do shit. I'm not trying to excuse Cyberpunk for any gameplay failings, of which is has some, but this just sounds like the game equivalent of picking at a hole in a jumper then complaining it's getting bigger. I thought the combat system was fine too. I never really had an issue with turning into a mantis armed, double jumping monster who would fuck up people with a pistol that could set them on fire. My son played the entire thing never even throwing a grenade or taking a weapon other than a non-lethal sniper rifle and hacking his way through it. I would hurl a grenade at someone if they looked at me funny. It just felt like the game said "have fun" to me, rather than the developers had failed in any way. I liked the clutter of junk, and stuff to do. I'm glad it wasn't a visual novel. I'm not sure how much I can realistically demand for a game developed on today's tech over such a long time period. I'm glad it exists in its current form and enjoy it immensely. Nobody is gatekeeping people or telling people what to think, but challenging the general vibe that quite a lot of people seem to have higher expectations on this product than they do for other games and asking them to justify that.
  18. That has to be the weirdest criticism yet as thematically the entire show hinges on the fluid nature of what good or evil is. Also, I'm not sure I accept the more general points that in some way the show is fluffing structural stuff it should be nailing. This did a better job of articulating a basic story than anything else I've seen recently. I watched the latest Bond and that was amateur hour compared to this. Arcane takes an IP with a deranged mix of art styles and lore, a toxic playerbase and the building blocks of a simple tale and elevates them all. It does it because confidence seeps through each frame. The animators know they're good. The fight on the bridge in Ep 6ish is literally a group of talented people sticking two fingers up at the audience. I can't remember the last bit of entertainment I've watched where a sequence like this made me watch it with such a mix of jealousy and awe. It has strong, fully formed female leads, conflicted heroes and "villains" who absolutely are in the "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" category. It leans on clichés at times and the chore of integrating characters who would've been best left out (the professor, for example) but again I think someone mentioned Marvel's What If as a comparison and that really does exemplify what's been achieved here. And it's only the first season.
  19. The sticky clicky noise from my pad was driving me mad, so I delegated it to a second player pad and bought a new one. Weirdly this one has no noise on the left stick and only a faint click from the right, but feels actually slightly looser than the old pad I had. So, neither much better, or much worse. For those of you with lovely pads, hold them close tonight. That said my machine hardly makes any disk noise, so Playstation god giveth and he also taketh away.
  20. It does its best to wrangle the utter shitshow that League is in art and character design into a single cohesive lore. I thought it did an amazing job.
  21. I think the great thing about Cyberpunk is that everything people have written about it is true. It is equal parts jank and tight gameplay mechanics. Can look visually magnificent to horseshit. Can be fun to maddening. I think on a high end PC you get to smooth out enough of the annoyances that, at times, it's some of the most engaging first person exploration and engagement I've ever done in a videogame. The world design (from the multiple levels to the lived in feel) never ceases to amaze me. It's a place you can just exist and wander in, admiring the little touches. And then a dead body falls from space, or you see tree through a wall. It's almost ungradable: an EDGE 10 and an IGN 7 all in one place. And I'd take it over a million AC: Odysseys or Watchdogs.
  22. Like quite a few people on this thread i have a high end PC with Gamepass so a Series X didn't make a lot of sense for me, but I have played around with one at a mate's house and thought it was great. I think if I had absolutely nothing and had to pick one, the Series X would be the clear winner (especially with Gamepass). I did pick up a PS5 and I have been happy with it. As others have said while I've enjoyed the exclusives (e.g. Returnal and R+C) I only owned a hairdryer noisy OG PS4 so the opportunity to revisit (or play for the first time) stuff like Last of Us and God of War at a rock solid 60fps in total silence has been wonderful. I'm not entirely convinced on the pad and the haptics, but it is a distinguishing feature from games I play on the PC, so by and large I've tended to split FPS'es (which I play on mouse keys), multiplayer or graphic showcase games onto the PC and then leave more chill out single pad-esque games on the PS5 for sofa time. In some ways I think the quirks of the PS5 with the slightly off kilter OS and weird design are also attractive - it feels like switching on something a bit different with some sort of weird Playstation legacy and history ticking away under the hood. It is expensive, for sure, but it has the feel of a hobbyists car. Something that sits in the garage constantly being tweaked and maintained, like a Lotus or something. While the Series X is more like an Audi, just gets on with doing its job with minimum fuss. I guess if a Lotus was all you had to rely on to get you into work it would get old fast.
  23. It's quite a noticeable noise for me. You can hear it maybe 2 feet away. I wonder if it's when pads are new and it slowly fades over time? Though I have probably used this pad for about 40 hours now and it's still a clicky-boi.
  24. It's more a gummy click than a loud click. As someone else said, almost a haptic feature - like a tiny ridge of resistance as you push the sticks away from centre. It feels odd, but I wondered if it was deliberate. It appears not!
  25. Well that is weird. It's subtle and I don't notice it too much when I'm playing, but picking up the pad and the first few moves of the sticks is very odd, so much so I sort of think it must be a manufacturing flaw. I'm tempted to buy a second pad just to check.
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