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  1. Day of the Cheetah is probably a good template for the movie. Sort of AI next gen fighting vs old school.
  2. Depends on the format of MTG - constructed formats (Standard/Historic/Legacy etc) rely on pre-built decks, but Cube or Limited/Draft rely on, on the fly deck building from a limited pool of cards which resets after a certain number of matches have been played. Slay The Spire is more similar to something like Dominion or Ascension in terms of a card collection loop that is built into game progression/resource acquisition rather than purely drafting an archetype based on card function though, this is true. I wasn't intending to be overly harsh or pithy, I just find comments about entire genres of entertainment to be fairly nonsensical. It's like asking why someone likes a battle royale game, or a flight simulator, or a driving game when you don't like those things. The more interesting question I've found is when people have really enjoyed games like Slay, Monster Train, Gwent in Witcher 3 or Inscryption or whatever is whether they'd ever considered downloading MTG Arena or Hearthstone or Legends of Runeterra because they might find a more distilled version of something they love.
  3. It’s a deck building game. It’s not a mystery why some people like deck building games. Since Dominion and MTG tapped into that part of the human psyche they have been a staple of physical and digital entertainment. It’s the thrill of incrementally building a deck that plays a certain way or exploits a certain archetype or combos off in ways the designers might not even have predicted. Slay the Spire is quite a good one, twinned with the already addictive loop of a rogue like. If you don’t like deck building then it’s unlikely you’ll enjoy it. Asking why someone does enjoy it like asking why someone enjoys cheese.
  4. Im so shit at this. If I play it now will gaming chads just enter my game and help me through it?
  5. Fucks sake, is this going to be the content of this thread every race? Hamilton whines. Everyone whines.
  6. Any interest here in: Legendary Aliens/Firefly Forbidden Stars (Unpunched) Before I honk them on the bay?
  7. I've replayed through Uncharted 4 and I'm about halfway through LL, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the games all over again (even though they're ridiculous). One thing that has struck me is how absolutely spectacular the lighting and environmental reflections are. Some of the latter stages of U4 and the pink neon section near the start of LL are absolutely up there with the best FX I've seen (even against Cyberpunk with the sliders kronked all the way up on PC). I'm fascinated how good it looks - as U4 is, what, 8 years old now? Very impressive - and still comfortably among the best looking games I've played so far on the PS5.
  8. People who like cars drive to cafes. Brilliant. And yes, people who like things like to take photographs of them. But replicating this wholesale inside a videogame at the expense of actual gameplay features seems to be addressing a niche within a niche. Fair enough if it was there while the rest of the game was perfect, but I'd have rather they spent some of the time adding those modes polishing some of the other aspects. That said, what's here is a lot better than how they've scaffholded FH5, so whatever, i guess. I still contend other "realistic" driving games capture the sense of speed and jeopardy better than this, though it is fine. Again, I'm not really shitting on it - it is what it is and it's OK.
  9. I use bumpercam with most of the assists off (why is there no decent bonnet cam?). To be honest, it's okish in game terms, it just feels nothing like driving a car at speed. Horizon (which I use a wheel for) gets a bit closer, but again if you take a race car round these courses IRL it feels quicker than the GT7 rendering of it. Obviously some of that is due to real world feedback and jeopardy, but there are plenty of racing games that use good visual tricks to improve the sensation. I mean, the game is fine, I'm not shitting on anyone's parade here. It's just time has moved on. There are other great driving games now. This doesn't really distinguish itself, other than being sort of weird. It's fine. It's a 7/10 all day long.
  10. This is an odd one really. From a positive perspective the slightly odd, idiosyncratic presentation is a breath of fresh air after the hideous shouty Forza Horizon presentation I recently had to endure in FH5. But, it's also quite shit. I mean, the Cafe thing is.... sort of cool? But the little spoken bits after the menus are completed from the clip art people are toe curlingly bad and lightweight. The rest of it is quite ponderous and needlessly weird. I don't mind it, it does lend the game quite a strange relaxing air, but I'm not sure it's very good. A lot of the things you can do seem oddly slight - a photo mode with premade backdrops? Watching your car drive round little pre-rendered scenes? I'm not sure who actually wants this stuff. Another thing that isn't good is the graphics. For sure the cars look like any well rendered cars in any recent videogame. The tracks are pretty poor in detail terms. There's one where it excitedly did the pre-track flyover only to show an entire parking lot full of untextured lorries. The backgrounds have a sort of low rez, pasted on feel and the general look is quite sparse, basic and a little amateurish in light of the sorts of things FH5 is cranking out. Vegetation isn't great. But the most alarmingly poor stuff is the inner city stuff, which genuinely looks a bit PS3 era. I'm also not sure why we have to have that light glinting effect on everything now (Cyberpunk is into it in a big way) but it feels like this season's bloom lighting. The general lighting is fine, but again, not notably better than any other driving game with time of day changes. Handling wise I do like the game though. The haptics aren't great (they try to do too many things and just feel like mad rumbling) but the feel of the cars is good. There's no real sense of speed, even in the faster cars I've unlocked but it all feels very precise and controlled. The reliance on rolling starts and the usual carve-through-the-field rather than actual racing is a bit disappointing, but if you chance upon a close race then it does feel pretty good (even if the lack of damage and consequence remains a bit weird). I think the entire thing is really summed up by being a bit better than the sum of its parts. Stuff is either a bit sub-par, weird or average, but as a package it feels reasonable. A flagship title though? I can see any Gamepass owner glancing at the titles available on the service and marking this down as another reason they don't really need to buy a PS5. The harsh reality is FH5 (and 4 and Motorsport 7) look about as good as this and play better in some ways. I'll be happy to have it on the drive for the occasional race, but it's a billion years away from a graphical showcase system seller (as GT3 was for me with the PS2). Meh, I guess. But a solid meh. 7/10.
  11. No idea. I once owned 7 Gizmondos so I don’t think a lot of what I do has any clear reasoning behind it.
  12. Their logic is they don’t want to field support questions on it. If you have no internal workflow for your support based around Linux/Proton or time/manpower to test games end to end then it’s simpler, and cheaper, to just say something doesn’t work.
  13. I'm about 50 hours into Cyberpunk on the PC. I have a monster PC playing it with all the bells and whistles on. I love it, but I'm never going to play it again. I also don't like playing FPS'es on a pad. I managed about a week of it being on sale on the PS5 before I bought it.
  14. It's a very pretty game, I'm not saying it isn't. I was excitedly using the photo mode like everyone else and marvelling at the detail in the world a couple of nights ago. It is a tremendous achievement. I just don't think I'd get that defensive about it from an 88 rating perspective - because as the poster above said, it's the same game as 20+ other games. The acting is fine, Aloy sighs a lot, the plot is shit, the gameplay is like other games like it, and it looks spectacular. All of these things are true. I'd see it as the photorealistic owl endpoint of this sort of game. I think the sales aren't going to be great, and as we slide towards Far Cry 8 and Assassin's Creed 234 and we've hit the stops on visual fidelity, something is clearly going to have to change. But games like HZD2 and these others can't be a third of the length, look as good, serve the audience and cost half the price. Unless AIs eventually build gameworlds and textures I'll be curious to see how we break out of this cycle of diminishing returns.
  15. Having accurately, stunning rendered seagulls is great, but it's not a gameplay feature. HZD2 absolutely suffers from having hyperreal graphics at the expense of clean environmental interaction. To the extent you need to trigger an enormous purple dome to tell you which bits of the environment are interactable with or not. I appreciate we're in the Digital Foundry era now, where photorealistic owls will always trump everything, but HZD2's technical accomplishments are just that. Technical accomplishments.
  16. I use Virtual Desktop over a basic BT Home Hub and it works flawlessly. Give that a shot?
  17. This is…. an interesting one. In a way this does perhaps feel a bit like a closing of an era of this-type-of-game. It's beautiful, all very slick, and all very videogame. But it is essentially very much like every other game like this. The game systems, the movement, the characters, the way the story is relayed… it's not markedly different to an Assassin's Creed to be honest. We're screaming headlong into the law of diminishing returns. Does it look better than HZD1? Yes. But not much. Better than AC Odyssey? I guess. Ish? In terms of some general stuff, the 60fps vs 30fps choice is actually quite a complex one. The 30fps mode looks markedly better in 4k. 60fps is significantly more playable, but quite…. fuzzy (as the poster above said)? To the point where I even swapped backwards and forwards a few times (until I settled on 60fps because I'm not a psycho). But this does bleed into a little bit of a problem - so dense are the visuals it does inhibit gameplay a bit. The screen is so dense with icons, high resolution textures, smoke, post-processing and particles that picking out jump points or even enemies ends up relying on game systems to actually physically highlight them for you. The native 4k does actually help here, so dropping to the Favour Performance mode grants a benefit in frames, but not so much in terms of picking stuff out of the busy environments. This is an area Last of Us 2 does a lot better - it looks similarly pretty but very carefully pairs what you're doing (shooting, navigating, looking) to the type of environment you're in. HZD2 just shits graphics on the screen for jollies. Which can look great, but is also quite fatiguing. Moaning aside - so far, it does look great. Like the sort of thing if you'd shown your 8 year old self that videogames would look like in the future they simply wouldn't have believed you. The plot is pretty shit. I mean, HZD1 gradually lost its way in a bizarre, increasingly weird fascination on taking what could've been a fairly solid Waterworldy post-apocalypse take into…. I don't even know what. Peak videogame overwritten science fiction bollocks? HZD2 clearly has to lean even more into this - and even about an hour or two in it's a bit irritating. It's a bit of a shame - I suppose across 10s of hours of videogames you have to explain why there are robot dinosaurs, but I'm not sure it's really going to be something you can ever explain in a satisfactory way. Not without better writers. And the final thing is actually thanks to Eurogamer's (fair) review - once you notice how often Aloy sighs and points things out it becomes teeth-gratingly annoying. The pointing shit out thing is very videogame, but the voice acting is straight up weird. Aloy sounds so totally done with everyone's shit it lends the entire game a sort of air of piloting a reluctant toddler round a supermarket. But it's good. Fine. I feel like God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Last of Us 2 and even Uncharted 4 remastered might be better versions of what's on offer. But it's still a great example of the scope, vision and sheer eye-bleeding beauty of modern videogames.
  18. I tried an hour or so of this on PS5. It compares very favourably to the PC version. 30fps is unplayable, but the 60fps looks and feels good. It doesn't have quite the pop the PC version does, but it's not far off and it's largely going to be into Digital Foundry style comparison porn levels of analysis for most people to notice many differences. The pad controls and haptics are weird and I'd need to spend time fiddling with them - I anticipate hundreds of Youtube videos outlining ideal control set ups within days. But, certainly if you'd been holding out playing it until the next-gen versions are out then I think it's time to pull the trigger (especially at 20 quid). I did get an audio bug in the first hour, but by and large it seemed pretty robust.
  19. I just don't get that sentiment. It's still a videogame, I'm not sure what else you could possibly expect it to do. I absolutely adore wandering around in the world. It's less about the NPCs and more about the design. It just feels so coherent and beautifully put together. It feels lived in. And I'm not sure if it's just the fact I haven't played it for a while but holy motherforking shirtballs it's a pretty game. Like the dude above, I am one of those people with it running on ultrwidescreen 4k with everything cranked to the max on PC, but it's the complex geometry of the streets and alleyways I love. Even in this tiny area there's so much to see. https://ibb.co/PGt8GV8 It's just fucking amazing. I can't imagine what my 8 year old self would've thought games would look like 35 years later, but this is mindblowing shit.
  20. I am surprised by both how amazing the visuals are in terms of texturing and art design and yet how jaded 7 years of incredible game graphics have made me. It was the same when I fired up the original Tomb Raider reboot yesterday while testing a GPU to run a benchmark. I remember it looking spectacular, but now it looks.... fine, I guess. LoU2 is certainly their best version of this sort of game, but as someone else said U4 is quite a comforting, familiar experience and not quite as remorselessly depressing. Although the prison sequence still seems weird and tonally all over the place. 60fps is incredibly welcome, and while I begrudge a tenner I think there are enough other subtle changes to push it into a pseudo remaster territory. So I can just about be on board with a fee.
  21. I thought I'd ordered the 256Gb version, but checked and it's actually the 512Gb with the etched screen, which is annoying as I don't think I want the etched screen #firstworldproblems Still very excited for it though and if it even half works I'll be overjoyed.
  22. And this post screams you desperately want to do a psychology degree. I mean, it's easy to compartmentalise him as desperate for love and fucked up in some way, but I don't think either of us know him well enough to judge, nor do either of us know how fucked up he is respective to us. Point me out a comedian who isn't fucked up in some way. Considering the insane success he's had, he seems about as relatively grounded as anyone, and does seem to be able to write stuff that isn't like a Wembley arena stand up doing a routine on 5 star hotels or eating lobster for every meal in a day. You could equally turn your post around and ask you whether you feel threatened and resentful of his success and why that might be. But then if you're into that shit I'd recommend watching Couples Therapy on iPlayer if you're craving some real drama.
  23. I'm sure Gervais doesn't need my support, or deserve it, but here we go anyway. Yes, I agree, fundamentally, that he has a very narrow writing space and leans heavily on a small set of tropes. But I think trying to build a picture of him and what he's like from bullshit like that newspaper article ("he wasn't interested in me after 90 minutes together" - fuck off with that shit) and reddit is a total waste of time. 10 minute critique videos on Youtube, fucking lol. He's certainly rich, probably doesn't have to work again and can afford to put less effort into getting stuff produced than unknown creators. he may also hate fat and loud people. I don't know, nor do I especially care as 90% of stuff written about celebrities on the internet is shit. I'd judge him on what he does and what he generates. And, quite honestly, if his only contribution to humanity were the Golden Globe speeches (which seem remarkably ahead of their time now) then I'm good with that. After Life specifically I find quite interesting. It is odd, and the cruelty, whether intentional or not lends it a tone unlike other stuff. It's not Fleabag levels of crackling intensity, but I do like fact that it isn't neat. Because grief isn't neat. And whether Gervais intended to write about grief, or a dog (or just write a script with a lot of calling people cunts in), I think the reason it is so popular is because it has a messyness to it that real life does. People are cunts to one another, sometimes for no reason. People are crass. There aren't really arcs in real life, just shit happening and life meandering on. I don't even think the show has much of a coherent message - and whether by design or luck that too lends a certain reality and texture to it. It has sentimentality, random jokes, some good some bad, recycled tropes and weirdness. It's lazily written, perhaps, but I think it largely works because of it. And that's why it's fine, I guess. And it is undeniably popular - while Gervais has an audience you don't get as many people watching something like After Life in a democratised media space like Netflix with a million other things to watch unless it has something going for it.
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