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  1. It was good at launch. It's better now. It's only whiny manbabies on the Internet who made a huge thing out of it. I'm about 90 percent sure it'll be in better shape than this which looks like a stuttering mess in a curated gameplay video they're trying to use to build hype. Bethesda, of course, famous for delivering slick day one products.
  2. You can play this game now - it's called No Man's Sky. And it looks better than this heap of janky shit, and has a pile of more free updates before Starfield limps out of the gate in a typically bugged to fuck form.
  3. If ever I want to pretend I'm standing at a Victorian train station I pop into this thread and let the puffing sound of the Lewis fanboys inhaling Copium take me right back.
  4. I think really Sumo should just be the only people allowed to do arcade racers. It would be simpler for everyone.
  5. Absolutely, I think it's about 3 or 4 big patches away from greatness. Sadly we got 3 or 4 chunks of content and a DLC roadmap.
  6. I think I probably largely mirror some of the more negative comments on the last page. I think there's lots to like about this - for one thing the Medium difficulty seems spot on to me, easy enough to win if you focus, but lapses in concentration are punished. Felt like a nice sweet spot as often racing against AI can be hit and miss. I do like the setting and the car visuals (some of the small visual details are well done) and I don't mind the pseudo-battle pass presentation and progression. Overall, it's an arcade racer and unless you fuck stuff up seriously, they're usually fun. Even shit ones. But even though I grasp the handling (now - it took a while to click, thanks for the help) I just don't really like it. I agree with the comments that the transition into the drift is far too stiff. And it demands timing far too early without a huge amount of course correction once the drift is triggered. This does mean that the more you know the tracks the better you get at selecting a line, and I've found it enjoyable in time trials. But if you go for something with this sort of timing I find it always makes racing something of a chore. The barriers on the course and other cars mean, as with any racer, you don't always have the luxury of picking a good line (especially if you're in the middle of the pack). So there's a lot of understeer corner grinding and using boost as speed management tool, rather than having extremely fine control of the cornering dynamics like you would in Sonic Transformed. And to be honest, that does lead into the big criticism overall - it just isn't as good as Sonic Transformed, or MK8. Without items and power ups while I do like the purity of the racing, the gimmicks on the track seem a bit out of place and I'm just not sure how thrilling it all is. Yes, there's less bullshit blue shell style nonsense, but I'm not sure just pulling all that out makes for a better game. Sonic Transformed, even though it's 10 years old or something, manages to beat this on so many fronts - a better progression system, better tracks, more creative etc... I also have an issue with some of the visual design. The blue connectors just look shit. I know they're "accurate" but it's distracting and annoying and weirdly results on some confused design with the glowing dot areas and various strip colours to charge boost/give a speed boost. That all needed another pass. Also, I've seen the courses praised a lot. I think they're fine, but many have really poor, punishing nooks and crannies which seem to exist just to annoy - there is one course with a book which sticks out into the track and any attempt to take a line other than the optimal one in the corner before it ends up with the car stuck in a dead end. I just think that sort of thing is shit in a kart racer - punish bad lines, but punish with slow downs, or a loss of momentum. Don't force restarts unless something catastrophic happens. Also, generally on the PS5 the loading times are pretty shocking. So yeah, I mean it's not shit. It's fine. But I am a little disappointed it wasn't better.
  7. Cheers all, helpful tips. I felt I was nailing it a bit better on the last play session. Car choice and timing were indeed critical.
  8. That would be very handy, thanks. I can't see any specific tips for it anywhere, which is weird as I've played arcade racers for years and only had a problem with a tiny number of them. After about 20 minutes on this I still didn't feel any closer to nailing the controls.
  9. I can see criticisms of the handling of this on the last page. I picked it up on PS5 after watching a couple of glowing reviews on Youtube. It should be the sort of game I love, I have a soft spot for arcade racers just like this, but the handling seems incredibly weird. I can't get the hang of drifting, is it tap to drift? Or is there an element of holding the brake? And should you release the accelerator? I keep thinking it's like Sonic Transformed, or MK8 but it seems nothing like either of them. Not sure if anyone on this thread has a tip? I can either nail a perfect apex, then crash into a wall on exit, or just rail grind around the outside of corners. The rest of it seems fine, visuals and track design, but I'd say if an arcade racer immediately has a strange stuff handling model that's something of a big hurdle to begin with.
  10. This is fucking awful. I don't really have any more nuanced comments than that, but then the people who shat Obi Wan out didn't really care, so why should I. [slow motion chases out of the topic]
  11. I'm an Everton fan (since about 1985), and the fucking cringe fest at a pitch invasion for barely clinging on to the Premier League place shortly before being fucked by Arsenal and finishing just above the drop zone is embarrassing. Everton's entire season has been a joke - when Benitez can't rouse the clusterfuck to at least mid table obscurity then you know something is deeply wrong (because say what you like about Benitez he knows what he's fucking doing). And Frank Fucking Lampard, holy shit. Any Everton fan thinking they have any basis for mouthing off at anyone other than Norwich should shut the fuck up. Absolute joke of a club at the moment. So, all I can say is I have huge admiration for Klopp, not just for his technical management skills but how he has carried himself more generally through the season. The team has been a joy to watch, and I'd far rather they had won the League than City, who are essentially oil money led by a bald fraud. I hope you win the CL too and fuck City over next year in the League. I don't know what I hope for Everton, but possibly a pitch invasion next year for actually achieving something would be nice - but I don't hold out any hope.
  12. I mean, that was fine. Good. I'm happy we've stayed up. But "Super Frank" took over with Everton in 16th, and got us to 16th. And we're having a pitch invasion over avoiding relegation. I know supporting Everton is about setting expectations low, but....
  13. Online on Titanfall 2 is in heavy decline and you'll be fucked to bits attempting to play on pad in PC lobbies with the hyper skilled player base, but it does have a small community still going.
  14. I lasted until the bit in Episode 1 where they break the woman officer out of the prison cell and she is fully made up to the point of ridiculousness. Captured on an enemy world, using a spoon to break a hole in the wall, but clearly ready access to an alien Oriflame rep with foundation, toner, lipstick and mascara? The rest of it was fairly shit too. The problem with this is that Orville and Lower Decks exist. This isn't serious enough to be good and not funny enough to be breezy entertainment. It's better than Picard and Discovery but then a chilli enema is better than Picard and Discovery.
  15. Which is fine - and I agree that like Valorant Unrated, perhaps a persistent quitter penalty might help in pubs. But the fact is with Arenas and the Limited Time modes there are enough ways on Apex now to get your fill of full sending it at an opposition team. I also think there are better pure shooters than Apex if just smashing face is what you want. Titanfall 2, though it is getting quieter, remains absolutely top tier for the Apex feel but with a constant, rapid respawn (in fact nothing comes close - where is my Titanfall 3 Respawn [sadface]). The solos issue is a difficult one, and I imagine Respawn might eventually relent and compensate for queuing solo, but it is fundamentally a team game. Even if you can't be arsed speaking on mic it is probably worth finding a club/Discord server with people looking for sane non-twats to play with as the game is so much better that way. Although I do think the ranked changes are starting to percolate into pubs - I still have a good positive KD and I've had a surprising amount of games where the other players haven't been total knobs.
  16. To expand: The point of a BR is, fundamentally to win. Not rack up kills. Apex is great for many reasons, the movement, the balance between mkb and controller, the visuals, the Legend powers and the map design. But, at the end of the day there are endless tac and arena shooters available that promote killing other people first and foremost. If you look at pro-play in Apex it looked nothing like ranked in previous seasons. Pro-play is measured, tactical, based on positioning and relies on huge amounts of game sense. IGLs like sweet from NRG are a good example of the 5heading of a huge amount of factors you have to weigh when rotating in, or taking fights etc and how good this requires you to be. People might not like pro play, but the recent audience numbers suggest there is a huge and growing audience of people who do love it. And in most other games (e.g. League, Valorant or whatever) ranked really should be a route or taste of what you see your favourite players doing. And for younger players maybe an eventual route into a pro team if you get noticed. Ranked was simply not a route to top level Apex play. Without any form of demotion, people with basic gun skill and nothing else, or people with a shit ton of time on their hands would eventually get into Diamond or Plat and end up hardstuck there. With no threat of demotion, higher tier lobbies were just full of people int'ing one another and taking 50/50s off drop for the lols. End zones frequently had 2 or 3 teams left (indeed this was often the case by zone 3). Yes, you could just go on for half an hour and send it at every team you saw and end up feeling you'd made some progress, but that isn't the case now. The demotion and RP buy in is a huge amount of jeopardy. And the changes have absolutely made a huge difference. No more 50/50 challs off drop, and people playing in a measured and careful way. A shift in character choice to far more meta picks (like, Gibby was hardly played in ranked before by non-pro players and he's everywhere now). End zones are thrilling, frequently with 7 or 8 teams vying for position. Team comms is vital. Duos and solos are being fucked, for sure, and I think they need perhaps a reduction in the RP buy in. But for three stacks this is the best change in Apex, possibly ever. And if people hate it there's uber casual modes (Control will be back soon), Arenas or Pubs, where you can merrily send it at everyone you see. People previously who assumed they were Diamond or Plat won't be any more. I think we (as in the guys I play with) might actually benefit from the changes as while we're not a top tier gunskill team we're certainly good at placement and positioning. But, while I've reached higher ranks before I don't know if getting out of Gold this time will be possible - that could be my genuine level. And that's great. That's absolutely what ranked should be.
  17. They've changed ranked so it's actually ranked and scores correctly and promotes ALGS-lite gameplay. It's hard on Solos and Duos but it's the best change they've ever made to Apex. You want to stomp, play pubs. Ranked is superb now. And there are an awful lot of previously Plat and Diamond players who ain't ever getting back there again until they realise pressing W all the time isn't a viable tactic for comp.
  18. I assume it's not worth reading the Peter Bradshaw review as it's 5 paragraphs where he details the plot in excruciating detail and then decides at the end he doesn't like it with no context or insight as to how he reached that decision.
  19. I just 3 stacked Apex Ranked with two of my kids and played Valorant with the other. We're currently chatting on Discord about G2 underperforming at the ALGS finals and upcoming League of Legends changes. Find yourself a woman who can pop out gamerz
  20. I thought the first episode of this was surprisingly good. When someone literally fucking exploded and splattered someone's face with blood I did a double take and then things got even darker (I assumed the younglings Jedi temple bit wasn't going to happen, but it did). Compared to the dull processional yawnfests that are Manadalorian/Boba and the absolutely weapons grade shit acting in Expanse I thought it was fine. It did seem like the showrunners had tried their absolute best to make essentially unfilmable bullshit (the Halo universe) into a credible TV series and had put their hearts and souls into it. I'd watch more of it, which I never thought I'd say after some of the trailers.
  21. She sounds like a total MAD LAD mate, don't know how you keep that one under control!!11! /K
  22. Are you a Tory minister? You mentioned 3 (imaginary) partners of friends walking in and then mentioned how that it was "sleazy". You then followed up when I said my partner wouldn't really give a shit (because I'd hope in this day and age we don't have to make sure women are not exposed to such shocking visual images as.... breasts) to call her a "lad". If you and your partner and all your imaginary friends' partners have problems with embarrassment over sexual imagery on a screen and find it's ruining your "videogames are art" justification for your hobby then I don't know what to tell you.
  23. And these “three offended partners” sounds like the sort of pearl clutching nonsense that you might get in Mary Whitehouse era and the traditional nudge nudge gaming is for lads and not for er’ indoors bollocks that gatekept the hobby for years. if your partner is offended by the existence of tits then I’d say you have bigger problems than Cyberpunk to contend with.
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