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  1. How are you getting on with Cyberpunk? I've watched a lot of videos on it ranging from "don't bother" to "rock solid performance at 40hz". I'm not so fussed on battery drain, but it's one of the only games I've got on GOG so wondering if it's worth bothering to connect it.
  2. Am I right in thinking, apart from the workaround to access cloud titles, that there is no way to access Gamepass games on the Deck? What will I have to play! (Steam library of 505 titles....)
  3. I got my mail. Tried to pay by credit card. Nope. Paypal. Nope. Do I have to go and shove dollars straight up Gabe's ass? EDIT: After 14 attempts I got a payment to go through with a mixture of a blood sacrifice, a credit card I'd not used since 2018 and lots of swear words. Not sure how dizogg's going to take this as he thinks I've been mortally wounded by not buying one in the trading folder last week. I will try to remain suitably chaste when it arrives.
  4. I'm another in the "gave it a few hours as I'd heard it was good, but bounced off it hard" crowd. I saw a flicker of something interesting in the tunnel scene near the start which was a good idea and something I hadn't seen another game do quite the same way (shooting ahead of a vehicle with the only illumination coming from the headlights) and dashes of flair and creativity here and there. But the characters were terrible, the storytelling clunky and banal and the mechanics of the gameplay not quite polished enough to be engaging. I do keep meaning to give it another go though, for some reason.
  5. Processed likely means people who have received the offer-to-buy email. They already have a queue dictated by the pre-order time. It reaches a point Valve think they have stock to fulfil an order, they mail people, a certain number buy, they remaining stock is rolled into the next batch of e-mails. And so on. As Valve appear to have ramped up production they can probably send out more e-mails in each batch. It's impossible to say what these predictors actually "mean" though as it's unlikely pre-ordering patterns have a linear decline, production will remain static or the uptake of people when offered the device will remain the same (in fact people who took longer to think may have a higher uptake). So it's a rough guide.
  6. This is on one of the tiers of PS Plus now I think plus other platforms. I enjoyed what I played of it and my son really liked it but like Disco Elysium I spent a lot of my time with the game thinking "some people are going to be a lot more passionately into this than I am".
  7. Interesting thanks. As my order time is approaching I'm starting to get wobbles and thinking I'd rather just put the 550 quid towards an obscenely specced small form factor gaming laptop....
  8. I might've missed this in the thread - but what is the CEMU performance like? Could you get 60fps on Mario Kart 8?
  9. Probably true. It's "couldn't have".
  10. Why the hell would you want the TV show to slavishly follow the games? The story in the games is about 90% shit. And yes, "earned" is a good way of putting it. It reminds me a little of earlier series of The Expanse, when it was a little more poised. Like The Expanse it creaks in a lot of bits, but it has a coherent core direction and philosophy, which everyone seems to have bought into. And unlike The Expanse I don't want to drop most of the cast into a tar pit.
  11. I don't come on rllmuk for cry laughing emojis twinned with ranting against "woke" culture. ITS PC GONE MAD INNIT 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  12. Of course my disk version of Death Stranding and Ghosts of Tsushima require me to delete the disk installs and entirely redownload 120Gb worth of the same data to work.
  13. For some reason I thought as a PS+ member I might get upgraded to Extra for the remainder of my sub. Then I remembered this is Sony and I'm lucky they didn't come round and burn my flat down and shit in my bed. I have most of the Essential library that I think I'd want, and I also think the upgrade for the remainder of your sub message is aggressively shit. It costs 16 quid for me but there is a long warning about how it'll auto-renew at 86 quid, how Sony have the right to charge me more and that if I want to learn about how to stop the sub I have to go into a basement and find a toilet stall with "beware of the leopard" on it. I might not upgrade on principle, though I guess it might be worth it to not have to get up and swap disks for some of the games I have and also Morales and Valhalla. Maybe.
  14. Microsoft tried the TV game crossover thing before didn't they with a game I've forgotten the name of. Which wasn't great and nobody played.
  15. This is remarkably good. It feels like everyone involved is frantically pedalling to make the absolute best of it. People acting their hearts out, wringing every last drop from the script and setting and FX and lighting guys doing their best with whatever budget they were given in creative ways. It's such a contrast to the lazy, shit out Star Wars stuff recently. Obi Wan is just coasting down a hill, relying on nostalgia to gently drift towards a destination. The editing in particular is so far ahead of Boba Fett or Obi Wan it's embarrassing. Shots are also creative, moving heights, sometimes swirling in and through scenes, framing of characters is interesting, action scenes are pacey and well directed. It's not perfect, but if I were Disney I'd lift this entire team out and give them some proper cash to do whatever the next Tatooine based snore fest is and give it a mighty kick up the ass.
  16. I literally don't care who wins.
  17. Verstappen and Horner basically endorsing genocide and the use of chemical weapons by cynically celebrating a win there. Brave Lewis stopped on the last lap to rescue a drowning baby deer, it just wasn't shown on camera. God bless im.
  18. I'm not sure we can blame Horner for racists. And they did condemn the racist abuse from a quick scan of news articles as well as sacking one of their own team for being a racist. So, again, I'm not really sure why you're elevating him to special dickhead status.
  19. Yeah, I quite like him. He's a whiny cunt, but quite up front about it and leans into it. Some of the "nice faces" of F1 get more on my tits with their indirect "subtle" cuntery. Horner is also probably on Sky and others quite a lot because he doesn't repeat generic press-sanctioned phrases like motor racing's Harry Kane, with a similarly blank look on his face. He'd also be a twat to your face, Toto and his wife would be all smiles and then you'd find they'd been poisoning your cat.
  20. Yes, because the team principal for Red Bull is absolutely supposed to act in a way that benefits the other teams first and foremost. Horner is a bit of a dick generally, but by and large he's no more of a dick than Toto and every single one of them will take any edge to make sure their team wins. Ridiculous to constantly make out he's special in some way because he whines or tries to find an edge via whatever means he can. In terms of the cars porposing I do agree with him too. Merc took a gamble and made a very uncomfortable car - but Russell's results suggests it's driveable and can comfortably top 6 to top 3 each race. Maybe they should sort it the fuck out or put seat suspension in. Financials and cost caps are a separate issue. Red Bull are winning, what do you want him to announce? Free scram jets for all opponents' cars or something?
  21. I thought the film was fine. I don't have a huge affinity for the original, though I did have an obsession with planes and flight sims when I was younger. The way the original plays fast and loose with about every aspect of arial combat I found quite annoying at the time. I think this newer film certainly, more than any other recent blockbuster featuring air combat, attempts to ground the core mission in a vague reality which helps a lot. I found the core structure of the movie pretty paint by numbers. Distractingly so at times. The emotional beats are so obvious and laboured that I didn't get a huge amount out of them apart from the visiting an old friend scene (even if the scripting was a bit poor). MiniGoose was good (but then I quite liked Fantastic 4 2015, so I might well have issues), age appropriate love interest was fine, the pilot team from Aliens was fine and Tom Cruise sort of TC'ed up the place as well as he usually does. I guess it all hinges on the actual action, which I found decent though still suffering from occasionally bad bits of CGI and the usual lack of 3D space in dogfights. This made it feel a bit Star Warsy (e.g. the dogfights in Force Awakens) at times with the same floaty weird thing where dogfighting planes/ships are about 3ft apart from one another sliding about. There's also something a little bit shit about the F/1A 18, which isn't as iconic as an F-14 (although yes, that bit is quite good). I do appreciate actually putting the reality of modern air combat on the screen would be boring - no 5th gen fighter is going to dogfight an F-14 - so the balance they manage to tease out is pretty good. I do think after watching a string of movies where they seem to have forgotten the basics of movie structure it is nice to see a film that has a clear series of acts, a workable script, decent direction, good action and which hits all the right nostalgia notes. I wonder if, in a sense, just having a top tier blockbuster that doesn't fuck about too much and sticks to the basics is a big part of its success, rather than a flash cut incomprehensible monstrosity. When the main mission is described for about the eighth time in painstaking detail, you can almost feel the filmmakers making sure everyone knows exactly what's about to happen and how the movie is going to play out, which is quite comforting. The entire thing felt very much like watching a favourite film you knew or re-reading a favourite book. So yes, a solid 7 or 8 out of ten. Pew pew planes.
  22. Maverick was fine. Planes go pew pew. And most people side with Val Kilmer from Top Gun 1 whose basic safety concerns were entirely warranted. I'm fairly sure this has been the pop culture take for about 20 years now.
  23. I don't know, I thought we were supporting our arguments with shitty anecdotal evidence? Or "doing a Broker" as I believe it is colloquially called.
  24. My uncle works for Hello Games and he already got me a copy of NMS2.
  25. It was good at launch. It's better now. It's only whiny manbabies on the Internet who made a huge thing out of it. I'm about 90 percent sure it'll be in better shape than this which looks like a stuttering mess in a curated gameplay video they're trying to use to build hype. Bethesda, of course, famous for delivering slick day one products.
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