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  1. I play comp Apex and Valorant with my teenage kids and most of the time I spend thinking that a nearly 50 year old brain is too old to be playing videogames. Hi Fi Rush did make me pinch my nose at times and wish I was 19 again. 


    But then I looked at my property and the rigged political system and my generous final salary pension scheme and just turned it down to easy with a smile on my face. 

  2. On 27/01/2023 at 00:19, thesnwmn said:

    I've finally done it.


    But I've now got a very sour taste about it.


    As much as I love the visual style it's so very very noisy for me I just don't see that thing. The game also never makes sure you see it and understand it if there is some timing thing. It always seemed off to me..I was failing at those rocks earlier. But it never pops up to say why I might be struggling. It never gates your progress on it to confirm understanding. It also offers no aid once you're in that situation. Just repeated death loops.


    Its a shame. I love so much this game does. But I won't be forgiving it that when I look back.


    It reminds me why videogames are so inaccessible to so many people (including me as a very low skilled action game player). Its not that games cannot be hard. But there's no excuse for them not determining what you're struggling with and proving access to assistance.


    It has gated tutorials and sassy tip fridges. 


    For me, I was struggling with it, but when I went into the latency test it was because my set up was introducing enough to make it seem unplayable (PC into a TV). I'll be installing it on the Steam Deck at some point where I'm sure it'll be a lot better. But if you're finding it frustrating and not clicking it could be as simple as the timings are miles off. 

  3. Just went past the first boss. Wonderful in many ways, but I appear to have latency somewhere between my PC and TV that's making it nearly unplayable from a purely rhythm action perspective. Seems strange it has a latency check but no option to correct, I think I'll hold off to see if they patch it in. 


    Brilliant surprise though, elements of Sunset Overdrive, Viewtiful Joe, Crackdown, JSRF and Scott Pilgrim coming out of nowhere. Charming and confident. 

  4. 13 hours ago, Droo said:

    I was flicking through this months magazine and it appeared there was a joint number one game (of the year, maybe?)


    but I remember thinking I’d not heard of it. Now I can’t remember it!


    Can someone tell me what it is?


    If only there was some way you could talk to the magazines. 



  5. Considering MILF Island has now actually been made and is airing non-ironically on TV I think there might be a Thick Of It issue that stuff it sent up is just reality now. 


    It was always a patchy show with some slightly Ill advised forays into blackface and racial stereotyping, but at its best it was brilliant and imaginative and certainly pushed more creative boundaries than it's notable peers like the US Office and Parks. 

  6. 2 hours ago, TehStu said:

    So, multiplayer Flight Simulator is, well, what you make of it I guess.


    I think we've exhausted it already, so does anyone have any suggestions for games on both Xbox and PC my 10 year old son and I could play online together? Preferably co-op and ones that make it easy to play together (I think that's what was putting him off in Flight Simulator). We've pretty much rinsed Minecraft and Minecraft dungeons, although we do for up the former occasionally.


    We'll stick to Forza for now, easy to stick together in that :) Also I know we could do multiplayer on the same machine but he's enjoying the novelty of us doing it with him on his PC. Oh I guess I could make an account for him on these various F2P ones, too. Nothing too shooty though. We've played the various PvZ a lot.


    I assume you've played Sea of Thieves. 


    No Man's Sky, Grounded and Valheim spring to mind if you like crafting loop games. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Popo said:

    Ah, you are of course correct - community layout saves the day! Fuzzy’s Black Mesa Config to the rescue, all working well now. 

    It has an official layout, but all that does is map WASD to the left stick and mouse input to the right. One would be forgiven for thinking the official layout is the gold standard. 


    [Excitedly rushes into thread to see piles of pos'es and voluminous thanks]

  8. Having played in SIlver bands most of my childhood - they largely sound absolutely shit. Only top tier brass bands with amazing players sound better than a TikTok comedy video backing, so I really appreciated that nod to realism. As a French Horn player, then Cornet player it was nice to see the former finally tied to something more noble than being a twat with a ridiculously sized instrument which largely plays long sustained notes that nobody gives shit about. 


    If I knew I could've placed a space French Horn I'd have probably stuck with it longer. 

  9. I don't think any Star Wars media has really showed the micromanagement aspects to the Imperial fascism quite as acutely as this. Blowing up a planet is a bit like the Stalinistic "one person is a tradgedy, a billion Alderaans (Alderannis?) is a statistic". I don't think post-Andor you'd have quite as many of the "maybe the Rebellion are the real monsters cos they blew up the Death Star and everyone in there had a family!!!111!!" hot takes that we had post original trilogy. Someone in this thread said that this series enriches nearly every other mainline Star Wars movie by grounding the space wizards and space fighters with a background of what the actual stakes are. Which is why, even if S2 never arrives, or is a disappointment, this Season was a great bit of programming from beginning to end. 


    I agree that Season 1 didn't quite stick the landing, but in terms of the themes and events it put forward it was deeply satisfying that it didn't shy from every aspect of what fighting oppression actually costs and didn't (apart from the post-credits sequence) give in to a fan servicey ending where, I don't fucking know, CGI Wedge Antilles turns up a yeets R2D2 into a Scarlaac pit or some bollocks. 


    Good stuff. 

  10. 51 minutes ago, Girth Certificate said:

    Like when some raving lunatic is trying to open your car door you hold on to it until he's pulling as hard as he can and then you let go so it knocks him down and then you peel out running over his legs with your rear tyres.


    mondays am i rite

  11. 10 hours ago, Flanders said:

    Diego Luna is pulling off an incredible performance in this show. It’s one of the most selfless leading actor roles I’ve ever seen - Cassian gets none of the big moments but he is the absolute lynchpin that everything revolves around. 

    Between the actor and the writing it’s an amazing depiction of a pure survivor, and just how inspiring that characteristic is to others in hard times. 


    One of the interesting things is how he challenges the attributes you'd usually ascribe to a "hero" and actually presents a far more believable character for it. He's quiet, observes things, picks his moment to act, selectively decides morals to best suit a situation, isn't instantly likeable or ripped/shredded. He's a survivor, like you say. Along with the themes of fighting fascism and the nature of what good or bad truly is (and how your appreciation of it may have to change to fight for a longer term better outcome) as well as the personal sacrifices that people need to make for the greater good it's complex and inspires actual real discussion on motives, values and outcomes. 


    Nobody is clean in this. Baggage, damage, chaos and horror track everyone around, even when they make the "right" choices. And I fucking love it. 

  12. Episodes 9 and 10 are masterpieces. Just wonderful.


    The bit with Space Rik Mayall, holy fuck. Sinister. The speech. Gollum man. Oh god. So good.


    I get the impression that in some senses this will follow a bit of a path like Firefly or even the original Star Trek. A small adoring viewership and a series that eventually matures into cult status. It's absolutely the best thing on TV right now and one of the best sci-fi treatments of fascism and the costs of fighting it there has ever been.


    I do think the ending of this has to be a release of tension similar to the XWings skimming across the lake in Force Awakens. Two seasons of people getting fucked and endless ratcheting tension for probably the best appearance of a Rebel fleet or some other millitary realisation of Rebel power in Star Wars history. I keep hoping someone mentions Incom or something. Followed by fascism getting at least one full proton torp in the chuckies.



  13. Thank fuck some of the people in this thread weren't in the focus groups for this. 


    "It's so boooooring, it needs more blaster battles!" has now been replaced with "where are the hilarious jokes and post-modern 4th wall breaking quips?!?"







  14. 3 hours ago, Lorfarius said:

    I tended to grab new releases and sell them after a bit but with things like Forza 5 they are always on the drive just waiting to go for a quick play. Finally deleted Halo the other day after they said there wasn't going to be any co-op. Online doesn't appeal to me much these days.


    There is a workaround to play split screen on Infinite that works OK on PC and I'm fairly sure works on Series X too. 

  15. Generally games to tend to suit one input method better than the other. For games that require precision aim, like CS:GO or Valorant a pad is no good. But the Apex competitive scene and high ranks are now largely inhabited by controller players, as auto-aim can make up for fidelity in a lot of faced paced competitive shooters. Especially in close range combat. It's been a slow, inexorable takeover, so much so that previously well known MnK players have started to switch. 


    Now, most top tier Apex teams will run a controller fragger and one or two MnK players. If you watch someone like ChaoticMuch or Gild beaming people on a pad, you can see that ultimately as long as there's some form of autoaim and a player with 100s of hours of practice under their belt then pads can certainly contest MnK. Of course, Cronus' and Strike Packs also exist that muddy the water somewhat in the general population, but it is interesting. I do swap between the two input methods in Apex depending on whether I feel like tap strafing or melting people at 2m. 

  16. 12 hours ago, KriessG said:

    I heard this was pandering to the woke crowd and completely disrespectful to the source material. True?




    It's political correctness gone mad is what it is. What's next? Elves marrying dogs? Hobbits coming over here with their pipes and hairy feet trying to fix my boiler? Not on my watch. 

  17. It's absolutely brilliant. And I hope we get more of it and it's not spoiled by people saying it's booooring cos there's no layzors innit all the tiiiime. 


    I'd recommend it as a great gateway product for discussing fascism with tweenage and above kids. I can't think of any other YA or scifi property that has presented the realities of oppression and the oppressors in such a banal and normalised, yet sinister, way. 


    I don't think it touches BSG at its best, but it's certainly marvellous.

  18. I've played a bit of Overwatch here and there. It was always fine, but I think unless you're in a hyper coordinated group it just feels generally rather unfinessed and pointless. I've watched a fair bit of pro play and there are definitely League of Legends level aspects of play and counterplay to the game, so I'm not shitting on it as a comp platform. I just don't think, even with the reduction to 5 players it's really up there with something like Valorant or Siege in terms of a competitive, challenging, rewarding play experience for a casual player. I played a handful of games and it's.... fine, I guess? Felt like solo queue League or hanging out on something like Burnout Paradise. A lot of flashing colours, bluster and stuff happening for the sake of it. It's fine, but still a bit of a multiplayer shooter for people (in low ELO) who don't really want to play anything remorselessly challenging. 

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