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  1. What are you playing?

    It was exaggeration for comic effect.
  2. What are you playing?

    Played Lisboa this week. Am now selling my collection and buying Lacerda games. The Gallerist turned up this morning. Lisboa is exceptional.
  3. What are you playing?

    I think it's unlikely I'd get the version wrong after playing it for 8 hours A friend bought TI3 cheap. Played it without the expansions, or FAQ. The original Strategy cards aren't great and there's an exploit with fighters that can wreck the game. But it was OK. A bit 90s.
  4. What are you playing?

    First play of TI3 yesterday. Took absolutely hours, and absolutely a product of its time. We also didn't read the FAQ and played with the original rules, which were a bit shit (and also gamable). That said, it had a sort of austere beauty to it - like chewing your food 20 times before swallowing, perhaps it did us some good. Then did our first game of Millenium Blades. Mixed reaction, but by and large we really enjoyed it.
  5. Games Exchange

    Unlikely I'd want an LCG? [slowly turns his head towards shelves with about 15 LCG games on them] ..... no..... no, you're quite right Which TI is it? Also might be interested in Tammany Hall, depending on price.
  6. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Firestorm Cards I think.
  7. Games Exchange

    Put them up here first!
  8. Games Exchange

    I'm banned from there as the guy who runs it is an absolute tit. And I don't mean Pat, remarkably. I'm the only person not banned from Pat's group.
  9. Games Exchange

    Few things for sale.... Paypal PnP, postage via RM or myHermes (whatever's cheapest!) Tiny Epic Western - excellent condition - £15 Prison Outbreak (Zombicide Season 2) - excellent condition, possibly unplayed - £39 Zombicide Black Plague - box shows wear on corners and the usual CMON weak box edges, but contents mint and complete - £48 D-Day Dice + Atlantikwall - original version, Atlantikwall brings in 2 player competitive. Both excellent condition - £35 Sentinel Tactics (Flame of Freedom) + Expansion (Uprising) + Minis (2 painted) all in excellent condition - £25 Osprey Games' Star Cartel and Ravens of Thal Shishiri - £20 for the pair. Both in excellent condition.
  10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Nah, its all been worth it for that "It's the Resistance!" shot of the T70s racing across the lake.
  11. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Level 99 should be paying revlob commission on these sales.
  12. General chatter - discuss anything here

    That's the thing I remember reading! It was you all along #mnightshalymanaman
  13. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Cool, handy thanks. I'll leave it. I think the cost of sleeves might add up to half the cost of the game itself.... so it's probably crazy. What did you think of the game?
  14. General chatter - discuss anything here

    I like Modern Zombicide and the fantasy version. It's a decent one to bring out for non-hardcore gamers. I agree, having billions of flavours of it can be over the top - but the variety in the zombies does make for a better game in both. Plus they're fun to paint.... But the general point is true, agreed! Could I just check, while I'm here - is it someone on 'muk who has experience with Millenium Blades? I've just bought it and I'm wondering if there's sufficient shuffling to mean sleeves are important, and also I'm hearing huge predicted timescales to build the "wads" of money - how long did it take you?
  15. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Could be a good move. I keep opening wardrobes and a pile of games fall on me. A good cull will be cathartic.

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