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  1. I mean, I mentioned it. And Overwatch. Are you blocking me RubberJohnny Oh no. What have I done. Hearthstone isn't an innovator. It was the first to truly popularise in a digital form the style of games we've been playing in paper since 1993. It took a while for WOTC to mobilise and get MTG Arena going but it's revolutionised Magic and many of the digital aspects are bleeding back into paper play in terms of card design and the meta. MTG Online had existed for years though, as had the Pokemon TCG game online. Hearthstone was the first to realise you need to make it look good and p
  2. Games that defined a generation don't have to be games you, personally, have liked. I think there's a danger this thread is just a list of personal top tens. This generation has been defined by themes. 1) The rise of competitive e-sport compatible multiplayer games. While CS and others started it off, from Rocket League, Valorant, R6:Siege, Overwatch and even the maturing and expansion of classic titles like League of Legends this is certainly a massive growth area in the last 10 years. We've gone from "it's only a multiplayer title?" to it not even mattering. And many
  3. Actually it's fine I'll withdraw from Isles, Mars and 1066. So have at them gentlemen.
  4. Can I just return to this for a moment and say if an author doesn't know the difference between moot and mute (and cache and cachet) then they probably know fuck all about market analytics for next generation console launches and shouldn't be writing faux edgy pieces about them.
  5. I'd be interested in 1066 too
  6. I'd be interested in On Mars and Isle of Cats
  7. Yes. Me too I spent most of it muttering "fuckkkk offffff" to myself.
  8. The store is horribly expensive. Look for promo discounts which reduce the price to horribly expensive. A route to a lot of cheap or free experiences is probably Sidequest or hooking up to a PC.
  9. There are a few there that don't chime with my experiences. It's so variable in terms of your personal setup I'm not sure that spreadsheet's a huge amount of use tbh.
  10. I haven't had a game not work over VD. It's worked flawlessly for me for games from the relatively simple, like Minecraft and throwaway titles, up to more demanding stuff like VTOL VR, Asgard's Wrath and Alyx. I can't think of a time it's not worked with anything. Maybe it's more router dependent. Which games in particular are you talking about?
  11. Try Virtual Desktop first (via sideload). If that works well you won't need or want a cable.
  12. I'm about an hour in. I've only almost shat myself once. It's astonishing, but I don't know if I have the strength to do some of the bits I just know are coming up
  13. I think Season 3 ep 6 or so did for me and I was done with it. Glad dug is sticking with it though. Overall I applaud the concept but find the execution painful to sit through. I did wonder if I was going mad, but I checked a couple of the earlier seasons of BSG to check I didn't have rose tinted goggles for the calibre of acting it was possible to put in a scifi show and while there are acting clunkers in there The Expanse simply doesn't have leads like Adama, the President, Starbuck et al. to elevate it above what it is. Which is, sadly, fairly mediocre. Anyway, not
  14. What ships do you need?
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