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  1. The TF2 servers are stuffed full since it re-released on Steam recently. And if I'd played it before release I'd have shrugged my shoulders and said "send it to market against anything, it's better". The release timing was a little shit, but its had a long sales tail and continues to be discovered by new people. Now it's on Steam I'd expect this to continue. Apex is also one of the best games ever made, to be honest. It's (largely) T2's traversal and gunplay merged with Battle Royale and like Titanfall shits on every other BR game I can think of. I'm answering the qu
  2. It's a bad game. Seeing as Titanfall 2 literally shits on every other FPS from 20,000 feet though I'd say they could have 250 Anthems and it wouldn't matter.
  3. Titanfall 2 - possibly the best FPS of all time Apex Legends - probably the best Battle Royale game PvZ 2 and 3 - brilliant Sims 4 - global sales powerhouse Star Wars Squadrons - better than it had any right to be
  4. I have Ambilight and Hue in my living room and it can be quite trippy to have everything synced up. How immersive it is depends on the media, but it's pretty amazing for 4k nature docs especially underwater ones.
  5. Point to us where your UK number one and tracks you contributed to Ocean's Eleven are I guess? The dude writes populist electronica, he managed to get the Elvis/JXL track into a commercial this year, 17 years after it came out. I'm not sure shitting on him while he's actually successfully producing music people like and listen to is really a worthwhile endeavour is it?
  6. After I wrote that I got back to back wins Pessimism works, people.
  7. I've only played 3 or 4 times on it so far, but it does have a really different feel. I've found myself having a lot more ranged skirmishes with a different dynamic (where positioning becomes critical alongside more sort of macro strategic decision making) but it might just be because people don't know the map as well. I think I'm going to move to PC though, all the time I've spent playing Valorant means I'm just getting frustrated at the PS4 pad controls and general lower fidelity experience on my OG console. This probably means being wrecked by PC players longer term, but that's
  8. Is it tho, I couldn't find it. I'll look again....
  9. I got Rez on Quest. Is there any way to remap the target lock to a trigger? I find it very uncomfortable on a button....
  10. Where are you for collection?
  11. Yep, VTOL is probably the best "built for VR" flight sim there is - but you will need to play it on PC. It's the only sim that is entirely driven by the controllers - you flip switches and change MFDs by hand in the cockpit. The graphics are a little rudimentary and it's essentially a single person's pet project, but it is very good (and feels a lot like flying for real, which I have done, though only gliders ). Clearly there are plenty of space sims that give you a flight like feel too - Elite Dangerous and Star Wars Squadrons for example. But again, require a PC. Here you're int
  12. The latter, sadly. I don't think it's much more involved than the stuff in Battlefront. Without free to play I suspect it'll be pretty dead within the month.
  13. It's fine. Not as good as I was expecting. GFX are passable. It's vaguely reminiscent of XWing, which is good. The multiplayer is like pretty much any other multiplayer flying game ever. I assumed with the smaller squadron sizes it might be able to feel a bit more cohesive, but sadly it's the same choice between knife fighting/turning battles or speeding away and K-turning and the missile spam is really annoying. A lot of it is strangely lofi. UI bits and bobs seem archaic at times - it feels a bit like the price tag was stapled on when they realised it wasn't going to be a title capable of co
  14. Yes. But you can turn off reoccurring billing on your account so it doesn't.
  15. I mean, I mentioned it. And Overwatch. Are you blocking me RubberJohnny Oh no. What have I done. Hearthstone isn't an innovator. It was the first to truly popularise in a digital form the style of games we've been playing in paper since 1993. It took a while for WOTC to mobilise and get MTG Arena going but it's revolutionised Magic and many of the digital aspects are bleeding back into paper play in terms of card design and the meta. MTG Online had existed for years though, as had the Pokemon TCG game online. Hearthstone was the first to realise you need to make it look good and p
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