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  1. Absolutely. What do you need?
  2. You can see a clear split between people here who are moaning about how FINGS AIN'T HAPPENIN every 3 seconds and how ITS BORIN INNIT and another contingent who recognise what Pob neatly summarised with "this is what makes a story engaging, not action or fast pacing". You could argue that there's a bit of a different strokes for different folks aspect to entertainment, but you could also argue that all of you who want stuff to HAPPEN all the time are ruining TV. You already have a million shows on Netflix where there are flashing lights, people shouting and running around and a possible appearance of The Rock every 10 minutes. This is fine as it is. Episode 3 wasn't better than Episodes 1 and 2. EPISODES ONE AND TWO DEVELOPED MORE FLESHED OUT CHARACTERS SO EPISODE THREE WAS MORE IMPACTFUL.
  3. If you can't use an apostrophe, you're probably not best placed to offer searing critiques on why someone might enjoy decent writing. We already know the character from earlier. It gives us a chance to wonder whether she told them or not and what her relationship with the security services is. You don't need to SHOW EVERYTHING all the time. It's mature, elegant direction rather than the turgid shit we normally get in these shows. The fact everyone here who wants absolute total retinal stimulation at all times is hating this is brilliant. Finally they've aimed for something more than mediocrity. It's still not Succession or Breaking Bad for sure, but a clear step above what they've done before.
  4. Are you shitting me? The acting in Boba and Obi Wan is galactically bad. Mandalorian is a faceless automaton for 2 seasons. The acting this is actual proper acting like you might see in an actual TV show, not a shitty Star Wars one. Some of you are fucking mad.
  5. The drugs of wanting some Star Wars TV that isn't a pile of fan service CGI shite. I'll tell you the moment this convinced me. When a character is called upon to identify Cassian the FUCKING SCENE ENDS BEFORE SHE SAYS "YES THATS CASSIAN ANDOR". Actual adult proper editing, unlike the stupefyingly stale way Boba, ObiWin and mostly the Mandalorian play out. Thank fuck for whoever wrote and directed this.
  6. This is so much better than all the other TV dross they've churned out it's almost embarrassing. Rogue One is by far the best non-original trilogy movie and this continues the vibe as a bit of TV you could watch with a non Star Wars fan and not cringe every 30 seconds. I found the Mandalorian mediocre at best, and this is a serious step above that. Actual characters. Good writing. Decent acting. Physical effects. A plot that doesn't just involve nostalgia porn. Thank fuck.
  7. Mad Max is on sale for 3 quid or so on Steam. Runs exceptionally well on deck, locked 60 with the details cranked up. Looks amazing (the high contrast desert landscapes suit the smaller screen). It's very much an open world game that puts together systems from a number of other games but the overall package is a good one (it's very competently put together), and it has to be one of the best looking games on Deck that runs comfortably at 60.
  8. I'm a snob and find even 40fps is hard to deal with. I've ended up curating the type of games I play on the Deck to be ones that run well at 60fps. You can get fairly full fat gaming experiences on there at a decent frame rate: Titanfall 2, Apex, Arkham Origins, Doom 2016 etc. As well as Indies or lighter weight games. But stuff like Elden or Deathloop will never comfortably hit it no matter what you do. At the end of the day it's all about choice and realistic expectations.
  9. I have done the Apex and Valorant battle passes in the past. Valorant tends to reward with gun skins, spray and cards to identify you in lobbies. If you play a huge amount of Valorant (as I do) I don't begrudge putting money into it and now and again the skins in the pass are fairly cool (especially with upgraded VFX/finishing moves). But that said you can share guns around at the start of rounds and often people will do this to donate to people with no investment in the game at all to try out with some of the cooler ones. More generally I find grinding the Valorant pass is pretty fair - you can play whatever mode you like, and so long as you do a couple of basic games every couple of days you'll easily finish it. There are tasks to complete to boost your XP but I never find them that onerous or stupid - and they're normally stuff you'd be doing anyway. Also, there's such a huge variety of gametypes and Riot understands matchmaking so a bad day on Valorant is quite a rare thing. A bad match or two, but never a comprehensive waste of an evening. Apex is a bit more borderline - apart from being a living hell some seasons because of the meta, you are largely playing for character skins which of course you can't see while you're playing, and gun skins that don't seem quite as overtly designed or prominent in a high paced movement shooter. Cosmetics such as sprays are also less important with massive arenas and such fast traversal. Apex is also quite dictatorial in the tasks it gives you to accelerate your way through the pass (forcing character progression), has only two main game modes (BR or Arenas) which means I've found if you're not in the mood for being fucked over by the shit matchmaking and 8th partying on King's Canyon makes the entire thing feel less rewarding than Valorant does. Ultimately though they are pointless, though I find myself playing multiplayer shooters quite a lot because I find them less pointless than a lot of other traditional SP videogames. They feel a bit like a sport, where you're besting other human beings. Not just a skill check but a game sense and game intelligence one (and one that you can normally play with mates as a shared experience). So, the battle passes meet somewhere in the middle for me - they gamify a little more what is more of a daily skill challenge or sporting event. But in most of the games I've come across them they are a bit give or take - I frequently go one or two seasons where I don't do them and don't really miss it.
  10. That video has an unbeatably enormous delta between the thumbnail and the opening shot.
  11. I played the Deck on a train yesterday, and I guess sometimes you forget it's still a fairly niche product and still quite early in the order cycle as I had a nerdy looking dude staring at it in open mouthed astonishment from across the aisle. The case for it then fell out of my rucksack near him and he grabbed it gave it back and a conversation ensued. I certainly didn't buy this device to end up talking to strangers. it's never leaving the house again.
  12. I'm fascinated by how the Deck's FSR can have wildly different results when you drop the rez to 540p to gain framerate (I'm a PC snob and nearly everything I play on the deck needs to be 60fps). Deathloop and Monster Hunter World just look like a dog's dinner with it on, but Kingdom Come Deliverance. Wow. I had to keep checking I did indeed have the rez set correctly, as it looks brilliant, runs at 60fps and you'd hardly know it was running with upscaling. I've also been impressed with Mass Effect Andromeda, though the actual game is horseshit. Technically amazing to see it running though. Ultimately though the Steam Deck is effectively just here to run Monster Train and I'm happy with that.
  13. I might be interested, and could possibly get a team of three together.
  14. Not sure if anyone else here has tried it but Ryse is astonishing on the deck. It's 9 years old, for sure, but it was always technically impressive for the time and runs flawlessly at 60fps at largely Normal detail settings (make sure you turn off the frame lock in game as it's set to 30 by default). It's also not a bad game, the production values are sky high and the combat is brutal and kinetic (it's no Elden Ring for sure, but it's still good). Absolutely a technical showpiece for the Deck - still very. very pretty. Although the scoreboards are now broken, Geometry Wars 3 is great and I've had a lot of fun with Monster Train, Sunset Overdrive (both listed as not working, but work fine) and Detroit. I'd recommend scouring the cheap key bins on CD Keys as there's a lot of Deck games going on there for peanuts.
  15. The Enfield Chomley Warner stuff was poking fun at the regressive values of the 1920s and 30s, which is ironic now as if you watch the show in its entirety it's aged terribly. They're the least worst bits though. It's fair to say that mainstream stuff in the 80s was pretty terrible, but not markedly worse than the sort of stuff you see on mainstream TV today (Mrs Brown's Boys is no better than any of the clips you've selected). The Comedy Store had started by 79 and already alternative comedy was pushing at the fringes of the largely racist 70s dinosaurs clogging up the airwaves. I do think that people like Les Dennis and Forsyth did change with the times though. It's worth saying though that a lot of more surreal comedy from even the 60s and 70s still stands up, especially radio stuff. Python is patchy, but 79 was Life of Brian which is still genuinely amusing to this day. I'd also happily still listen to anything with Kenneth Williams in. And in the 90s there's plenty of stuff that still stands up today - The Day Today, Adam and Joe, Father Ted (RIP Linehan), Fist of Fun, Spaced, Vic Reeves' Big Night Out etc. You had to hunt a bit for it on TV, but C4 and BBC2 pushed a lot of interesting stuff, which eventually broke through into more mainstream offerings, like Shooting Stars, Buzzcocks, HIGNFY etc. I think as others have said a majority of stuff everywhere is just shit. I'm sure people will look back on this era and point to a lot of Youtube content which is wildly popular that's just garbage.
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