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  1. I'm over 40 and if I ever ascend to a position of power in the government of this country I will round up every single inverter and double spacer in this nation and send them to conversion camps. If violence has to be used, then so be it.
  2. Interested in Thurn & Taxis, plus vaguely rare Spielbox mini-expansio Dominion Big Box (base game, alchemy, prosperity, some shiny tokens and a playmat, plus some promos) I have Survive (but an older version) and possibly some other stuff.
  3. Oh yes. Not CMON. Sorry. Similar concept. Not shitting on the deal as such but I think it's very much the sort of game people will rush to buy at a deep discount because of the big plastic. I thought it was underwhelming in the extreme. 40 quid gets a lot of superb games these days.
  4. It has a pile of plastic and it's from CMON. It's highly rated due to plastic Kickstarter uplift. It's not a 100 pound game. There are many better ways to spend 40 quid.
  5. Meh. RRP is one thing. It's not a 100 quid game.
  6. Delivery takes it over 40 quid. Not sure it's that great a deal.
  7. EDIT: Ignore me, friend got a copy at expo
  8. Anyone snag a copy of Foothills? Has to be the only game that features Aberystwyth and Llanbadarn Fawr, where I grew up.
  9. This killed it for me too. Loading times are measurable in geological epochs.
  10. Id be interested in Chinatown. Great price for Splendor if that's the original version with the heavy chips.
  11. I thought the line was more or less an acknowledgement that everyone would go their separate ways, but inevitably be back when enough of their careers had fizzled out to do a Friends-style (probably Scrubs style) Season 9.
  12. I'm not sure how worried I am about what enemies are doing when I'm not 100 yards away from them.
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