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  1. Well, they continued giving a fuck for another 5 minutes.
  2. MU looking good. But the moment they tire and stop giving a fuck, Spurs are going to expose them down the wings. Wonder how long they'll continue giving a fuck.
  3. Worth pointing out that 99.9% of the time the clubs and fans hound managers out in a wall of criticism and abuse. In this case B Rizzle had a better offer and took it. Cry all you like, but if results had slipped you'd have punted him without a second thought. Loyalty works both ways in this new era of football.
  4. He's not deliberately set out to end his career though, has he.
  5. Bizarre reaction to Son's challenge here. He's about as close to a non-cunt of a player as you can get. I'm an Everton fan, but it was in no way deliberate, and he's distraught at the injury.
  6. It's fucking great as it is. FUCKING GREAT.
  7. This is great! Very BMX Bandits/C86/Glasgow indie mid 90s scene.
  8. List building is something some people enjoy, and some don't. I'd certainly use the pre-built lists initially that come with the core set. You'll find if any of the players are from Warhammer or other tabletop backgrounds, it's the slickness of the play and small footprint that normally lures them in. When you tell them the costs of getting a competitive ship list it's normally more a case of "holy shit, that little?!" So yes, if you want the absolute cheapest way in - get a core set and a set of dice.
  9. In terms of having a good play experience for those first games I think enough dice to not have to pick up and confusingly reroll, two sets of range rulers so you don't have to hand them backwards and forwards and two distinct damage decks is pretty important. Tactically it also gives both players multiple ships to fly. I used to run a fairly successful XWing club, and these are my general impressions after introducing the game to a large number of new players. I do think it's the core hidden dial/initiative system that either clocks with people or not, but a smooth, enjoyable play experience is also critical. If you had to pick one thing I would almost certainly pick up more dice, as understanding target locks and focus/calculate with dice being picked up and rerolled anyway because there aren't enough can make the game a shitshow.
  10. You'd need two damage decks. The additional range rulers and dice will also be handy. I would start by just buying two starter packs. To see if you like it. As others have said the core joy of Xwing can be found dualling 2 Xwings against 4 TIEs. Adding shit tons of other ships will add needless complexity early on. If the core clicks then add extra ships.
  11. Is the Bespin one in stock anywhere?
  12. I love bradigor in these threads. Watching him go from his pre match/pre-goal "our players will be murdered by a flock of bats/Mo Salah will spontaneously combust/Anfield will be consumed by a swarm of locusts" pessimism to joy as the goals go in is as much a part of enjoying Liverpool as watching them play.
  13. Hello Art subforum! Do you have a child? Can he or she draw? I'm looking for one or two secondary school aged children to do a small bit of artwork to be included in a scientific paper. We have made a couple of antibiotics by re-appropriating some text from an old Welsh poem. One of the angles to the publication is how blending art and science together can help to make it more engaging. For the target journal (Nature Science Comms) I'd like to include a couple of bits of artwork from children to prove this is, indeed, the case. In terms of payment, ethically, I have no idea what I'm allowed to offer - but happy to cover costs of art materials etc. Or send something like some Fortnite V-bucks or whatever it is your kidz are into these days. None of my three children have any artistic ability at all. Alarmingly so. I'd use a local school, or home ed group, but I'd prefer someone outside of Wales to prove the cultural reach. If you're interested, PM me, and I can send you a one page A4 sheet which summarises the work to see if it prompts some form of artistic expression. It's a little bizarre, so you may have further questions (I can send you the draft scientific paper if you have a science background). I already have an adult artist doing something - but equally if you're an adult who fancied a crack then let me know. All I'd need would be a hi-res photo of your work, and you'll go in the paper along with a credit. And yes, this sounds suspiciously like doing work for "exposure" but there you go....
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