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  1. Fell down a YouTube rabbit hole last night - lots of expensive option such as Framemeister but saw the OSSC and retro tink all seem to get good write ups. Someone was raving about the N64 solution EOn Super 64.
  2. I know this is probably an age old question and sorry for dragging up again but there seems to be so many alternatives and solutions on the market it's a bit of a minefield. The costlier option seem to be things like the retro tink for instance but I was wondering if anyone has found a lower cost solution which delivers good upscaling results for the likes of Mega drive, n64 etc. Also if anyone has a good solution for connecting my Atari vcs to tv that would be appreciated!
  3. I loved all of these games including this one and Icewind Dale - still got Baldurs Gate....that's got to go down as one of the best RPG games......a warrior with a hamster called Boo
  4. Not exactly the fastest moving game in the world is it?
  5. Thanks buddy......OK here we go 1. Underground 2. Oh Mummy! 3. Flux Cage Maybe too easy but we'll see
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