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  1. doctor8

    The Spurs Thread

    I think Spurs are in for a corker of a season with or without him. Cha-ching!
  2. Max Luger was 'ere.

  3. doctor8

    Led Zeppelin

    Jimmy Page is one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived. I can play some Hendrix stuff. Doesn't make me better than him really does it? Fuck Stairway. Look at their back catalogue of live recordings. Incredible.
  4. Oh god, here we go: Razorlight Keane (arghh!!) Kaiser Chiefs The Fucking Feeling Bucks Fizz Embrace Maroon 5 Fuckit, that'll do. Oh yeah and those Beatles were shit an-all.... joke. Bloc Party's first album was incredible. Second one boring.
  5. Seriously mate. Its no wind up. We'll brick his windows later. 2007 is the year of the Mutya!
  6. Climbing the Walls Street Spirit National Anthem The Bends My Iron Lung Its hard. The choice that is.
  7. doctor8


    Is that right Max? Interesting you think that....? Yes, its a little 'megh' for my liking. I kinda thought they'd fuck it up. So much potential too. Nevermind. First listen, i found myself flicking through. Turned it off and turned to Interpol! Yay!
  8. " Super Carl, super Carl , super Carlos Tevez"

    He didn't just save you, he saved me feeling guilty about that shirt I bought you!

  9. Like, you know, a 'no need to own a CD rack' kinda guy
  10. Fair enough my friend. I'm sorry, I didn't realise you was like 'that'
  11. Ah yes, Onion knows best. I thought you were the only programmer in this village but clearly Onion is the only music crit too. You really have no layers do you Onion. Sorry mate but Maroon Blergh is simply tosh. Check out some other bands man, you'll surprise yourself.
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