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  1. I managed to get an unopened set for about £100 a year-ish ago. Was off ebay... Took about 6 months of looking mind.
  2. The vast majority then.
  3. Stagger Lee


    I got the news today that Jerome had passed away. He picked up a blood infection during his last round of Chemo and couldn't start the next round until it had cleared up. He was at home with his family. I am truly gutted. I'll stop with the non football chat now.
  4. Stagger Lee


    Thanks guys. For any of you that are interested here's an article on Jerome from the Newcastle Herald: https://www.theherald.com.au/story/6208501/i-want-to-see-my-boys-grow-up-teacher-had-no-major-symptoms-before-stage-iv-bowel-cancer/ We had some really good news yesterday. No growth after the first bout of Chemo! His doctors were expecting at least a slight growth as it was so aggressive. Really happy at the moment.
  5. Stagger Lee


    I don't know how many of you listen to the arsecast or read arseblog but I wanted to share this with people that do. A friend of mine was diagnosed with sage four bowel cancer recently and went straight into an aggressive chemo treatment. Me and another friend have been trying to make sure that he gets nice messages regularly to keep up his positivity. I got in touch with arseblog to ask Andrew and James to mention him in the pod and wish him well. Which they did. Andrew has since reached out to him directly to share his contact deals and say if Jerome ever wants to chat about arsenal to drop him a message. It was a really lovely email that I haven't done justice here. Top, top bloke. TL:DR - arseblog is a legend and I will cut you if you say different.
  6. What's the name of Daario's Mercenary Band? Maybe they'll make up the numbers.
  7. Stagger Lee


    That was painful to watch.
  8. Stagger Lee


    Get in! When did we start getting soft pens awarded?
  9. This is the second time it's happened to us this season. Both times down to Chelsea results.
  10. More of an accidental partridge.
  11. Stagger Lee


    Ozil sick apparently. Ramsey knee injury.
  12. Yeah that's disgusting too. People can be horrible. Never really understood the use of Yid by Spurs fans though.
  13. Tough at the top. You should enjoy it. Putting everyone's back up is part of winning. You guys are on track to have your best ever top flight season and win the league. Hanson's bit on Arsenal being a neutrals favourite because they never win anything was worse than all the other shite that I had to suffer through whilst we didn't win a trophy. And we're still not competitive. Also feed the Scousers is bullshit. Horrible stuff.
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