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  1. Stagger Lee


    I think one of the most impressive things since Arteta has taken over is AMN's improvement. I thought he was a write off for a while there.
  2. @Gotters as much as I have enjoyed your decent into bitterness it's time to stop now and seek help. www.goonersanonymous.com We've all been hurt - it's time to talk.
  3. This deserves way more love.
  4. Yeah its ridiculous. The usual suspects are doing it at £135-140.
  5. Their pricing model certainly makes it feel that way.
  6. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Necromunda-Dark-Uprising-EN-2019 I haven't painted in almost two years. I have a massive pile of shame. But I want this. I want this badly.
  7. Stagger Lee


    Wake me up when it's over.
  8. Stagger Lee


    What a fucking mess.
  9. Nah managed 120 secs of actual football on his first start back.
  10. Stagger Lee


    Ranks up their with Van Persie's as a letter that completely misreads the situation. Horrible about the abuse but what a shit response.
  11. Stagger Lee


    What a fucking joke of a club we are.
  12. Stagger Lee


    It was on Sokratis. Time would have unravelled and the universe would have ceased to exist if he'd won a penalty for having his shirt pulled.
  13. Stagger Lee


    There is no reason. Just Xhaka.
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