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  1. Stagger Lee


    Kids can be awful. Sorry he's going through that Sean.
  2. Stagger Lee


    Sounds like Guendouzi is going to be sold. I think that's strong from the club/Arteta.
  3. Hmmm wouldn't be like Games Workshop to be inconsistent in their writing...
  4. Kyle Walker's fucked some prostitutes and moaned a bit.
  5. Telegraph originally had the final round down as cancelled. Now they are saying postponed until October. Sky are reporting the same but are saying Wales Scotland is going ahead...
  6. Apparently the entire last round is going to be cancelled!
  7. Stagger Lee


    Defend is a strong word.
  8. Stagger Lee


    Torreria's got a fractured ankle. Edit: on the plus side this has made Jenus look even more of a dickhead for his retarded commentary.
  9. Stagger Lee


    Just for his comments on the challenge on Torreria he needs to be banned from ever commenting on football. Both professionally and socially. Every cliche you could imagine justifying it. My favourite bit was when he talked about how a player can't stop his momentum in a challenge like that - I waited for the penny to drop - it didn't.
  10. Stagger Lee


    Who knew Papa had that in his locker!?
  11. Stagger Lee


    Is he the dickhead commentating? Edit: didn't recognise his voice.
  12. Nah mate that was Watford.
  13. Stagger Lee


    Dani Ceballos' pointless man bun. I think it adequately represents our performance so far.
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