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  1. Football Thread 2017/18

    Please no.
  2. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    I really like those minis! What are they?
  3. Football Thread 2017/18

  4. Arsenal

  5. Arsenal

  6. Arsenal

    Because Sanchez had already used number 7 earlier in the comp.
  7. Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    @feltmonkey tried to hit it with a pin wash of black/nuln oil but struggled with a consistent mix. @Oracle Yeah he's been dead for quite some time so he defo needs some weathering. First attempt at chipping! A guy I know hits fully painted minis with a sponge stipple of dark brown, then high light colour/white, then a wash. Looks pretty cool. Tried it on one of my Heresy Space Wolves (missed out the white step).
  8. Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Made a start on the dead terminator. Tried a little edge highlighting and wet blending (on the skull, which you can't actually see...).
  9. Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Managed to get Space Hulk for a reasonable price from eBay. Promised my self that the first time I played would be with a fully painted set. This is the first test genestealer. Going to leave all the bases basic.
  10. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    No worries.
  11. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    If you really want it you can get it posted to my address (UK) and I would be happy to organise forwarding it to you.
  12. Arsenal

    Losing 3-0 in the second leg.
  13. Does any one have any pro tips for striping paint from resin? Tried nail varnish remover but think I may be damaging the minis. Thanks in advance.
  14. Football Thread 2017/18

    What a cock.
  15. Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    There's some pretty sweet stuff in there!

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