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  1. grid is a good game, but PGR4 is my favourite racer as its now a pittance, everyone should have a copy in their collection
  2. stevosowl

    1 Vs 100

    im sure the ad revenue wasnt fantastic but it proved that an online quiz could make a fortune if done right
  3. this list cannot be more wrong If you are actually going to talk academically about the history of video games in the UK, you have missed out the most important and influential machines. zx80 BBC Micro ZX Spectrum C64 Amiga ST These are far more influential than most of your list.
  4. stevosowl

    1 Vs 100

    it was fantastic regularly having 40,000 at peak
  5. if 2nd hand game sales are banned, then surely they should ban 2nd hand books and cars too? it will never happen, but rather move into the ridiculous "code" to play online etc perhaps this is the golden generation of 2nd user? we will never have it so good again
  6. I comment a lot on this - hence some of the negative comments towards me from other forumers. It is probably likely that there is less outcry because it does take longer to show itself on a PS3 and people could feel like they have already had their monies worth.
  7. what a forum, i thought we were supposed to have sensible adult discussion here? it may seem like i am on a crusade against sony, or a "MS fanboy" but its not the case. I appreciate that the 360 is every bit as flawed as the PS3 and probably more so. However, i do appreciate that MS had the bottle to admit that there was a design problem and replace consoles up to three years old for free. Sony still haven't admitted a problem, which is a disgrace. Yes some of us are lucky enough to be able to simply buy a new PS3 after 18 months when their product YLODs and to write off the expense, but
  8. more YLOD and people willing to simply buy a new console. madness
  9. i agree that the first star wars game on the GC sold me that system. its still a beautiful game
  10. i am sure that i roped its legs on the snes - time to get the machine out of the museum and check hang on, check at 4.20 - now THAT was a jaw dropping level in its day
  11. why a "thick layer of paste"? when attaching a PC CPU to a heat-sink you should use the smallest amount possible for maximum efficiency surely?
  12. didnt the snes version allow you to do that as well?
  13. for a really trashed retro games collection, see that shop in Poole, Dorset. Almost everything for sale is a ruined mess
  14. and of course it is 400 microsoft points on marketplace
  15. stevosowl

    FIFA 11

    can we bring back the 'dive' button?
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