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  1. No update on this thread with the new trailer? Looks fantastically weird and one of highlights of the Microsoft show. Day One on Gamepass as well.
  2. Pfft. You've got the DLC for Rise and Village to be shown and maybe the Switch Resi title as well.
  3. While that's all true, it was more a comment on the direction SE have taken Babylon's Fall in.
  4. I'll do what I did with FH4: buy the DLC bundle day one, play the game and the DLC on Gamepass and wait for the base game to get reduced to a pittance before it's delisted (FH3 was about £5 for the base game the week it was delisted) before buying that.
  5. Out for everything, it looks like. Looks like Sony took one look at the trailer and said "Lol, no thanks." when it comes to exclusivity.
  6. As someone who loves Vanquish, Bayonetta and Astral Chain, this looks awful.
  7. Psychonauts 2, Atomic Heart, The Ascent, Forza 5 and that snowboarding thing sold me on the show. I'm not really into the first person shooter stuff, but those all looked fantastic.
  8. So what was the 3 non-GP titles? Battlefield, Diablo and something I'm missing?
  9. My most anticipated game this year. I was so hoping for a shadow drop, but I can live with a 2 month wait.
  10. Horizon 5 is the system seller this year. It looks stunning.
  11. Horizon 5 looks lovely. My other half is gonna lose his shit over it.
  12. I enjoyed the first Plague's Tale. Hope this one is a bit more streamlined than the first, though.
  13. I'm far more interested in a new Psychonauts than the biggest AAA Spiderman game, any day.
  14. First: Scalebound Reborn Last: Cancellation of Scalebound Reborn
  15. Yeah, my guesses for what will be shown: Starfield Halo: Infinite Forza Horizon 5 Psychonauts 2 Flight Sim The new IOI game Maybe Outer Worlds 2 tease? A few new Indies That's about it, along with a few Gamepass surprises and new studio purchases.
  16. Psychonauts 2 shadow drop and some cool looking Indies, please. Yeah, I'm easily pleased.
  17. The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard Yeah, I enjoyed this. It's completely ridiculous, it stretches injuries long past credulity and the story is pretty bobbins. But all 3 of the leads are having a great time with it and I love watching Samuel L Jackson when he's in this sort of thing just for a laugh. A solid 3.5/5.
  18. Given there's been no possibility of Nintendo releasing stronger hardware in the near future, the only thing I can think of is that it's getting a PS5 release. It's the only thing I can think of.
  19. Looks like Yakuza: LAD will be another E3 Gamepass game. Was leaked on the Brazilian Xbox store.
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