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  1. Another WiiU release on Switch. Hardly anything left, now.
  2. Danganronpa is long overdue. Should have been out years ago.
  3. SMTV looks fantastic. A huge step up over the 3DS games.
  4. After 19 years.... Awesome looking Limited Edition version in Japan:
  5. The Japanese Limited Edition of Metroid is beautiful
  6. God, Dread had been a thing for decades now. It's weird to see it realised.
  7. Oooohhhh, that's interesting. New, or port of the WiiU game?
  9. The Kamiya tweet is that he'll "open them soon", apparently.
  10. No, they've said it's software only.
  11. Whatever you do, don't ask Kamiya.
  12. Three Bayonetta figures! 3! Bayonetta x3! What could it mean????
  13. Won't happen unless it's getting a release in the second half of the year. I reckon Shin Megami Tensei V will be shown because it's out in November but Bayonetta will be held back until the TGA's. Bayonetta 2, 3 and the collection have all been shown at The Game Awards in the past.
  14. I'm actually sat here right now listening to the Xenoblade Chronicles score () and it's never - not once - occurred to me that there's a slim chance we might see the new MonolithSoft game. And now you've mentioned it, it's pretty much the only thing I want to see. And Metroid V, please.
  15. What I expect: New 2D Metroid V New Monkey Ball Shin Megami Tensei V Possibly New 2D DK A couple of big Indies shadowdropped - not Silksong, though GameBoy added to the Online Service Possibly finishing on BotW2. No release date though.
  16. Anniversary Edition on the box art...could it be a remaster of the first game?
  17. Looks like Monkey Ball is back! Now, whether it's a good Monkey Ball or not remains to be seen. Probably leaked from the Nintendo E3 Direct. Coming to Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbone, and Xbox Series S|X FEATURING THE RETURN OF MONKEY TARGET
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