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  1. Bagsy... Damnit. Bagsy... GODDAMN IT.
  2. Yep, big thumbs up for both A.I and Raging Loop. Although A.I isn't strictly a VN - there's a few puzzle rooms as well. There's a dedicated thread for it here @Jamie John I'm playing House of Fate Morgana at the minute. It's... intriguing but I'm struggling to see why it's so well regarded. Granted, it's still early days at the minute (I'm about 4 hours in) but I hope it picks up a bit.
  3. Goddamn it, preordered. It'll sit on my cabinet next to my Zelda Amiibos.
  4. Xenoblade is the greatest JRPG ever made and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise. * *Unless they're bigger than me or make a solid argument for Skies of Arcadia.
  5. I think the reason I enjoyed this Direct so much is because it felt like it catered more to the older fans of Nintendo handhelds. Advance Wars, 2D Metroid and WarioWare are all more 'portable' Nintendo franchises that seem to have vanished in recent years since the Switch became their all-in-one console. It felt like I was in the early 2000's again.
  6. £49.99 on the Eshop. 11.7GB. I've spent my last Voucher on it, making it just under £40. Although now I'm tempted to buy more Vouchers for WarioWare.
  7. Yeah for me, Advance Wars 1 was pretty much the perfectly balanced game. Every unit had strengths and weaknesses and all had their uses. Every sequel just added more and more units which just upset that balance. Advance Wars 2 is still good, but Advance Wars is pretty much perfect.
  8. Expensive second half of the year for me. Mario Golf - already paid for with a Voucher Skyward Sword HD WarioWare Metroid: Dread Shin Megami Tensei V Advance Wars 1+2 - already paid for with a Voucher Plus I'll probably pick up Monkey Ball on the Switch because portable Monkey Ball means portable Monkey Target.
  9. Unless it's just called Breath of the Wild 2. Like with Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.
  10. £49.99. It's on the Eshop preorder page now. I've just used my last Voucher for it so it cost me about £40. Edit: it's 11.7GB.
  11. That's interesting, because Nintendo is named in the copyright in the trailer. I wonder if it's similar to them giving up the rights to Wonderful 101?
  12. Did they just say "This concludes the story arc between Samus and the Metroids..."
  13. Advance Wars is my Number One game ever. I'll buy it multiple times over. It's actually a bigger deal for me than BotW2.
  14. If they release Amiibo for this I will buy multiple versions of each and make my own battles on the kitchen table. I'm 41.
  15. Was a fantastic Direct. Loads of top tier stuff.
  16. Seriously, I think this may be Nintendo's best Direct ever.
  17. Seriously, my favourite game ever. I can't tell you how happy this makes me.
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