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  1. Lots of new Trails games in the next few years. Multiplatform as well.
  2. Pfft. I can go one better. My preorder list is currently: Mario Golf Disgaea 6 Neo: TWEWY Zelda: Skyward Sword The Silver Case: Deluxe Edition NIS Classics Vol 1: Phantom Brave/Soul Nomad Collection Metroid Dread: Limited Edition Advance Wars Super Monkey Ball Danganronpa: Collectors Edition Shin Megami Tensei V Plus I'm looking at Legend of Mana which came out today. An expensive 6 months.
  3. So tomorrow I've got this, MH Stories 2 demo and Neo:TWEWY demo as well.
  4. The first game is fantastic and very unique. The Switch version suffers a bit with the controls as it was primarily designed around the touchscreen, but the game itself is still great. Apparently the sequel has been designed in mind for those who've never played the first, though so you'll probably be perfectly safe to jump in there.
  5. But then... how would I play that on my Switch?
  6. So this seems to be out in a couple of months. And at a 'reduced' price too.
  7. The game was already in development before the Microsoft buyout, apparently.
  8. It's out on Android and IOS, but console-wise it seems to be Switch exclusive. They're a tiny studio and probably don't have the capacity to focus on more than one console at once.
  9. Throw Piers Morgan in the mix and I would definitely have to lose my daily streak
  10. Tomorrow's Daily Poll: Whose face would you rather punch? 1. James Corden 2. Ed Sheeran I genuinely don't know if I'd be able to decide.
  11. Actually, yeah that one wasn't too bad. I played through it a couple of years ago and it was a passable Castlevania game. Better than its big brother counterparts, but still relatively forgettable. Hence I forgot it existed until you just reminded me.
  12. They're terrible. They've always been terrible. I've never understood why they were popular back in the day.
  13. I want the Xbox Pride controller. Which Microsoft made and then sent out to influencers. You can't buy it, which is the biggest own goal I've seen from them in a while. Imagine if they sold it with profits going to an LGBTQIA+ charity.
  14. That's like saying Sonic 4 is a trillion times better than any 3D Sonic game. Although I've got a lot of time for both Aria and Circle. Harmony I'm massively indifferent to.
  15. Not gonna lie: this is bigger than most of the E3 reveals for me. Day one.
  16. Looks like you might get your wish. The Castlevania Advance Collection has just been rated in Australia. https://www.classification.gov.au/titles/castlevania-advance-collection
  17. The Yakuza games have been flawless with it. And Resi 7 as well. It probably helps I only play single player stuff.
  18. If anyone sees those new Amiibos available for pre-order, let me know. I have all the Metroid ones and would be gutted to miss these. I've already missed the Amazon allocation.
  19. No. Quick Resume lets you quit out of games, play other stuff in between and when you reload the game it takes you right back to where you were within seconds. It even works if you power the console down completely and unplug it. It doesn't work with every game, but when it does it's fantastic. Watch the video:
  20. Digital Foundry really liked the ports and called it the most impressive FPS on the Switch. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/digitalfoundry-2020-metro-exodus-the-most-successful-switch-fps-port-to-date
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