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  1. The Evil Within 2. I've been working my way through my backlog this year and played and enjoyed the first game around February-ish. So the Boost on Series X has prompted me to play through the second as well. Fuck me, if it isn't a fantastic title. Not that scary, but with tonnes of atmosphere and a more open world approach, I'm finding it probably the best horror game I've played in years (and yes, I have played both Resi 7 and 8 this year). On Chapter 9 at the minute and I'm enjoying it for it's Psychonauts-mixed-with-horror vibe. I really hope Tango Gameworks get the opportunity to make a sequel at some point.
  2. It was on Gamepass a year or so ago. Not saying it won't return, but it's probably not high on the list.
  3. IGN have published an article about this now: https://www.ign.com/articles/why-indie-publishers-fed-up-playstation?utm_source=facebook
  4. I've got 9 physical games preordered and 1 digital for July alone. It's an unusually busy month for my tastes, to be fair.
  5. What's that, you say? A sequel to A.I: The Somnium Files? Go on then. Out next year on Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox (the first game never got an Xbox release).
  6. Yeah, I thought this was great. I'm actually slightly miffed that I've got tickets to go watch Black Widow next Wednesday in the IMAX and I won't be able to watch this until Thursday night.
  7. Lies! I always play these things as a sword wielder and get close and dirty for the fighting. I've never been able to enjoy combat from a distance.
  8. To add more balance, I completed it earlier this year and enjoyed it. It's proper Eurojank, but the story is actually pretty decent - but it is dragged out.
  9. Plagues Tale is great for those who havent played it. The others are...pretty meh.
  10. Turns out Bloober have formed a 'strategic partnership' with Konami. https://ir.blooberteam.com/2021/06/30/the-strategic-partnership-of-konami-digital-entertainment-and-bloober-team/ I wonder what game they could be working on...?
  11. This is delightful. Lazy Sunday morning gaming at its best. On a Tuesday evening.
  12. Somewhat related: PSP games will be removed from sale on all PS stores this Friday.
  13. Obra Dinn is a top ten game of all time. But it does require commitment. It's a fantastic game, very funny and a great little puzzler. I preferred the humour in West of Loathing though.
  14. Obra Dinn is flawless. I completed it on both Switch and Series X and there's no functional difference that I could tell. West of Loathing is a great, overlooked gem. I made a thread for it a while back.
  15. No, Switch exclusive in the West. There could be a multiplatform release down the line at some point, but NIS America is all in on the Switch at the minute.
  16. I'm buying it (well, I've already bought it using one of my Vouchers) because it's my favourite game of all time and this is a chance to play it on modern hardware. I'm not even that bothered if they make a sequel, because each one got progressively worse last time, but I want to play Advance Wars again and this is my opportunity to do so. Not gonna lie, I'd have paid double for it.
  17. So, very early impressions (the first 30 minutes or so): it's very pretty. Reminds me a bit of Hollow Knight (saving at benches/similar sort of atmosphere). The controls seem ever so slightly loose for my tastes, but it's nothing I can't adapt to. Defeated the first boss and got my first new move, however it seems pretty linear so far. Still early days, but I hope it opens up a bit more for exploration. I realise this comes across as slightly negative sounding, but I enjoyed what I played and am looking forward to getting stuck into it. It's very much my sort of thing and will suitably fill the Silksong shaped hole left by its E3 no-show.
  18. Ohh, a new (beautiful) Metroidvania? Go on, then.
  19. It crashed on me last night but worked fine this morning.
  20. I made a list in the Neo:TWEWY thread yesterday of everything I've got preordered between now and the end of the year. It's mostly Switch stuff, because I'll play most of the Xbox stuff on Gamepass, but it's a hell of a list: Mario Golf Disgaea 6 Neo: TWEWY Zelda: Skyward Sword The Silver Case: Deluxe Edition NIS Classics Vol 1: Phantom Brave/Soul Nomad Collection Metroid Dread: Limited Edition Advance Wars Super Monkey Ball Danganronpa: Collectors Edition Shin Megami Tensei V Plus stuff I'd forgotten I've got on preorder but this thread reminded me: Cotton: Reboot The Great Ace Attorney (US physical version) Deaths Door Tales of Arise Yep, end of July.
  21. Phil Spencer said earlier this week that the only reason they haven't dated Halo yet is because they want to make sure it's not releasing anywhere near the new Call of Duty, but it's definitely out this year. Which makes sense.
  22. My next one is Disgaea 6 next week. I've probably spent about 1500 hours on the series as a whole so in theory I won't need anything else for the rest of the year.
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