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  1. I'm proper loving this now. I've kinda adjusted to the dodgy framerate and iffy controls and I'm just reveling in the ridiculousness of it all. The absurdity of parts of it while dealing with a serious subject matter feels like just what I needed right now. Couple of small examples: Peeing is important. I'm too much of a nice guy to pick it, but I was dying to see what would happen if I introduced myself while giving off a dark aura.
  2. @bradigor, I'm asking you because you e completed the game: Is there a point to the Moral Points you accrue during the game? Does it open up other alternatives later on if you have too many or too few, or does it just score you on them at the end?
  3. I managed to go back and finish the new Voxelgram puzzles last week. Jesus, they were definitely a step above the main game. One of them in particular took me about 6-7 hours of failed attempts before it fell. But I'm back to full completion now. 190/190. My OCD can breathe easily again.
  4. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    It's not true, apparently.
  5. Some of the NPC names are amazing. I so want to know the backstory of 'Monologuing Middle-Aged Woman' and 'Repetitive Student'.
  6. mdn2

    Voez (eShop game)

    @Stanshall, very well done.
  7. Well. Season 3 of this was just excellent. Proper tense stuff. It really feels like a successor to Breaking Bad in that all the characters are unlikable pieces of shit who absolutely deserve the worst things happening to them, yet you can't help but root for them. I think it's probably the best show on Netflix at the minute.
  8. That's pretty much my take on it so far. How long did it take you to complete it?
  9. Why does the Xbox advert for this show Onward when it's not even available in the UK yet?
  10. Got a new neighbour today - Agent S, a caped costumed squirrel who keeps calling me 'Sidekick'
  11. Jap language, English subtitles. I'm hoping the Switch version gets a day one patch with its release on Tuesday. I'll play it regardless, but it shouldn't be as rough as it is.
  12. Really? I might have to see if I can find a copy and dust off my PS2.
  13. Many, many, many, many years ago now, there was a PS2 game called SOS: The Final Escape. It was a cheaply made, janky game where you had to navigate around this artificially created island as it slowly fell into the ocean around you. Along the way, you had to help survivors from earthquakes, fires and floods. It was amazing. Like those properly ridiculous, OTT Japanese games you used to get quite often on the PS2 era. The game spawned a couple of sequels which weren't localised (My preorder of Raw Danger was 'Coming Soon' for about 10 years), but in 2011, Disaster Report 4 was meant to be released on the PS3. The game was completed and due for release in Japan but then the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami happened. The game was shelved and the release cancelled. Fast forward to April 2020 and with no worldwide emergencies happening at all, the game is being released on the PS4 and Switch this week! My Switch copy arrived yesterday and I've put a fair few hours into it. If you played SOS, you'll know what to expect. I'm not going to be kind here - the game is janky as hell - particularly on the Switch. The framerate is terrible (something that doesn't usually bother me, but it's really noticeable here) and there's a weird ghosting of images in places. I'd strongly advise getting the PS4 version over this. I'm tempted to double dip myself. Also, it's very old school in the way it controls - your character is very stilted in his movements - and it always feels like you're fighting the camera. And the localisation is terribly, hilariously bad. But if you can tolerate these things, this game is amazing and hilarious in equal measures. So in the middle of this huge earthquake and in this disaster zone, my character pretended to be a sales attendant at a convenience store to sell products to customers in order to get another guy to tell me where the toilet rolls were so I could help another guy get out of a toilet cubicle. So yeah...it's very Japanese. And when the buildings start collapsing around you, it does a great job at making you feel vulnerable. It's not for everyone - you should probably try the demo on either the PS4 or Switch to see what you think. But if you have any love for the old style, PS2-era, janky, oddball games then give it a shot. It feels like the kind of game you don't get anymore because everything is streamlined and playtested to the nth degree. And you know what? So far I feel like I've got more enjoyment out of it than any other game I've played this year. The whole thing is just so endearing.
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