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Forum Rules



Last modified: 4 February 2022


1. Document scope
This document has been prepared by the Committee of management of Rllmuk Limited (the Society) (the RSC) and sets out the following:

  1. general rules for www.rllmukforum.com (the Forum);
  2. procedures regarding penalties and bans; and
  3. guidance for appealing a penalty or ban.


2. Rules
2.1 General rule
Think before you post. Disruptive posting can lead to penalties or bans. This includes but is not limited to spamming, trolling, sniping, baiting, discrimination, abuse, posting excessively or any other behaviour that is, in the opinion of the Moderators or Committee, spoiling the forum experience for other Users.

2.2 Specific rules
These rules should be considered as supplementary to the general rule.

  1. Don't offer or post links to pirated material. This includes but is not limited to pirated software, videos, music, or books.
  2. You may not give advice or recommendations for drugs. Posts containing drug advice or recommendations will be removed. Anecdotes or stories about drugs are, however, permitted.
  3. Don't post anything that might get the forum in trouble (legal or otherwise). Legal threats, however veiled, made to the Forum, its Moderators, Committees or its Members, will result in a permanent ban.
  4. Actions taken off the forum which negatively impact the forum or its Users may result in a permanent ban.
  5. Don't embed NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material in posts. Link to NFSW material and mark clearly as NSFW.
  6. Do not use spoiler tags to hide NSFW material as the material will load anyway.
  7. Don’t use swearwords or any emoji characters in thread titles.
  8. No For the Attention Of (“FAO”) threads.
  9. No images or other media may be included in your forum signature. Avatars with excessive file sizes are also not permitted.
  10. If you wish to promote a business, signature links are fine. If you wish to request money from the forum, or create a topic about your business, permission must be obtained from the Moderators.


2.3 Racism, religious discrimination, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, sexism, classism and ableism

  1. Don't use language or make comments that express prejudice, contempt or devaluation, or that stereotype or discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexuality, gender, sex, class or ability.
  2. Don't use language or make comments that are derogatory, degrading, dehumanising or objectifying regarding a person's appearance or body within a sexual context or in specific regards to their race, religion, sexuality, gender, sex, class or ability.
  3. Don't direct prejudice, discrimination or antagonism towards someone of a different race, religion, sexuality, gender, sex, class or ability in the belief that another is superior.
  4. Don't impose stereotypes, traditional roles, gender norms or other discriminatory beliefs on a person based on their race, religion, sexuality, gender, sex, class or ability.
  5. Don't dismiss or diminish the crimes, injustices, challenges and choices people face based on their race, religion, sexuality, gender, sex or class for the specific purpose of denying or derailing discussion, or causing deliberate offence or antagonism towards those affected.
  6. Don't dispute a person's right to their chosen identity, religion, sexuality or gender.
  7. Don't refuse to use correct pronouns if you are aware of the affected person's preference and they request you to use it accordingly.
  8. Don't publish images or videos of a sexual nature or within a sexual context when consent cannot be assured.
  9. Don't participate in the outing of a persons identity, sexuality or gender, or in the distribution of revenge porn or stolen images.
  10. Don't promote or defend rape, grooming, coercion, harassment, stalking, assault, violence, or abuse (including domestic, economic, emotional, physical, psychological, sexual, spousal or verbal abuse).


2.4 Abuse

Abuse, victimisation, bullying and personal insults are not permitted. This is a friendly community. We realise that discussions on some topics may become heated but Users should take care to treat each other in a civil and respectful manner when differences of opinion arise.


Please consider the following before posting:

  • If you find yourself in a disagreement, focus on the posts and not the poster.
  • If a User is posting in a way that you feel breaks the rules, report the posts rather than abusing them.
  • If you feel as though a User is arguing in bad faith, either avoid engaging or address the issue rather than abusing them.
  • Do not make potentially defamatory comments against a User without citing evidence to support your claim. This puts the forum at legal risk.
  • If you are asked to stop doing something that makes a User uncomfortable (either by the User themselves, a Moderator or Committee Member) then you are expected to do so.
  • Do not derail threads by bringing up personal grudges.
  • Do not reference posts from years ago to berate another User. The forum has been going for many years and we must allow each other to grow and change with the times.

2.5 Trolling

On Rllmuk, trolling is defined as the process of entering a discussion with the intent to either derail the topic, provoke an inflammatory reaction or ruin the thread for the people posting in it. Obviously, these terms are open to interpretation, and it is the interpretation of the Moderators which counts on this issue.

2.6 Time-wasting

Do not attempt to deliberately waste the time of volunteers who keep this place running. This includes Committee Members, Moderators and tech support. Doing so may result in warns or bans.

2.7 ‘Alt’ accounts

Don't use ‘alt’ accounts. This means using more than one account at the same time, or using a second account to circumvent a ban. Starting afresh with a new account, however, is fine. You are encouraged, but not required, to contact the Moderators via the 'Report' function if you wish to do this to avoid any misunderstanding.

2.8 Rules applicable to sub-forums
Some sections of the forum have their own rules. These include (but are not limited to) Trading, Feedback, and the Football League. Where sub-forums have specific rules, these will be posted in a pinned topic in the sub-forum itself.

2.9 Reporting
If you feel a User has broken any of the Rules and you think something should be done about it, use the 'report' button on the offending post(s). 'Name and Shame' threads will be deleted, and may earn the thread starter a penalty if the thread is deemed to be abusive.


2.10 Financial Conduct

  • All forms of fundraising must have permission sought from the Committee first
  • No unsolicited requests that involve a financial transaction may be made
  • No promotion of any pyramid scheme or MLM
  • Any discussion of financial advice and investments should not extend to direct marketing of products or services to members

3. Penalties
If a Moderator believes a User has broken the rules, as outlined in Section 2, the User may face a penalty. This may take the form of a verbal warning or a ban. While banned, the User is prevented from accessing the forum.

3.1 Types of ban
The following bans may be applied to a User. All bans will be publicly noted in the Banned List thread in Announcements & Feedback.

  1. 24 hours, 72 hours, 1 week, 1 month or 3 months - Issued at the discretion of the Moderators.
  2. Permanent - Issued at the discretion of the Committee and subject to a majority vote. Egregious behaviour will result in the User’s account receiving a permanent ban. Subsequent Committees are free to readmit banned Users as they see fit. Alt and spam accounts will receive an automatic permanent ban.

3.2 Unreasonable behaviour during a ban
Section 4 outlines the procedure for appealing a ban. If, during this procedure, you are found to engage in unreasonable behaviour towards the Forum or its Moderators, the Committee may decide to enact an additional ban (see Section 3.1.b) and/or suspend PM rights. Unreasonable behaviour includes, but is not limited to, personal abuse; threats, veiled or otherwise; and communication sent outside the forum, e.g. to a personal email account.

4. Appeals
The Committee is responsible for the Forum Rules and their implementation, and for the selection of Moderators. Whilst Moderators are required to provide a reason for the penalty given to a User, it will be down to the Committee to communicate with Users who have complaints about the actions of Moderators.

If a User PMs a Moderator with a question or protest regarding a Moderator action, the Moderator should answer the User and provide a brief explanation of the reasons behind said action. If the User still doesn’t agree and wants to pursue the issue, the Moderator should redirect the User’s question/remarks to the Committee. The Committee will look into the issue and come to a conclusion as to whether or not the Moderator acted in accordance with the Forum Rules.

If the Committee is in agreement with the Moderator’s actions it will provide the User with the relevant feedback. In the event the Committee believes a decision should be rescinded, it will discuss this with the Moderator before contacting the aggrieved User. Should the Moderator agree with the Committee's findings he or she will be afforded the opportunity to clear this up directly with the aggrieved User, otherwise the Committee will do so.

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