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  2. This'll give me another excuse to go through Resi again. Also, Lost Planet! I'd completely forgotten that even existed. Will be good to see how it runs on the X.
  3. I've got lots of deathguard in the traditional colour way, I fancied doing something different for these (especially as they are the Space Marine Heroes I got whilst I was in Tokyo).
  4. JohnC


    I saw somewhere that this final season will be in two parts.
  5. One of the greatest videogames ever made, and continues to be. This version has an alternative movement option as well as the original tank controls.
  6. When Mr Hart is choking on his food in Episode 1, Mrs Hart starts saying "Stop it" at him, like Also in Ep 2 the
  7. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one.
  8. Came into the thread expecting shit again. Not bad.
  9. Yeah, I am confident that the slightly poor performance will be ironed out before release. I was just surprised as it is a mature engine that seems to scale well (based on PC performance at least) so the hiccupping was quite unexpected. Still very much looking forward to the full game.
  10. I’m on Stadia, so I don’t really know what version I’m playing. Is it it’s own version? Never had a crash, out of interest.
  11. Ah I didn’t know the yearly option wasn’t available directly from Microsoft. As long as they remain available at cdkeys and the likes then I guess it won’t make any difference.
  12. £120 quid for the cheapest year of Gold now (i've heard they are making no more year cards, so once stocks are gone, they are gone), vs £144 for Game Pass. They really are positioning Gold as the 'fake option' to make other options look cheaper. That or GP will be increasing in price.
  13. Last of Us 2 has won. No two ways about it. It's won, it's 1, it's over. It wouldn't be my choice but it's won.
  14. And I really do hope that update appears soon. I haven't generally encountered any notable gameplay bugs etc. but it's so unstable - I tend to get at least one crash per session. And this is on PS5, so it's presumably not even the memory issues that were being blamed on base consoles. There was quite a well-timed crash last night though. I had just saved and was about to stop for the night, so before I retired I thought I'd randomly gun down some cops to see what happened, as you do. It crashed exactly as I shot the first one of them in the face point blank, which made it seem more
  15. Dustin looks real nervous at the face to face. I reckon Conor might have this in the bag.
  16. I copped shit for saying it wasn't great in one of the Resident Evil threads last year. I never went back to reacquaint myself with it so I prolly will when it drops just to see if I'm right.
  17. I did wonder about this, games tend to be being worked on up until the last minute and receive day 1 patches. I assume that few conclusions can be drawn from the demo, unless they're really very ahead of development. I can well imagine that even if they are doing well that the software that's running on this demo is months old, but stable enough for public consumption.
  18. Not sure that all of this HDR criticism applies to the console versions? It looks pretty damn good to me on PS5 after fixing the default settings and I wouldn't say that anything appears washed out. It's a rather good demonstration of HDR in general, with all that neon all over the shop and plenty of contrast against the gloomier areas.
  19. How has RE aged? Never played it but a big fan of the 2 and 3 remakes.
  20. Just a comment about the game being broken - tho I think that is the only bug not in the game...
  21. I would imagine that you could use a VPN to redeem the code (like you can with games) if it isn't accepted.
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