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  2. Totally agree, it's tonally all over the place - having NAZI ZOMBIES as an option on the main menu is quite something. But yeah, in terms of dumb plot things, I enjoyed how in the first mission you have to drag your injured buddy to a medical tent that is slap bang in the centre of a live combat zone, and the entire German army just magically vanishes as soon as you do so (this happens on practically every mission - the entire Allied army rolls in and set up camp the second that the final enemy goes down, as if nothing at all had happened). I'm not a COD fan at all (jumped off the series after MW3) but was surprised how much I enjoyed the single player. It moves along at a good pace and the plot, simple as it is, is well executed and acted. The French resistance spy mission was a particular highlight.
  3. sorry, still haven't managed to catch-up with you. Do you happen to still have them?
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  5. Ta @Mitchell, I'll send an invite tomorrow - I stopped playing early today to get some quality time with IRL friends via constant swearing over online mini golf FYI Everyone - I dunno if I mentioned it outside of the discord, but there's a new version of PSO Tweaker that, while still uses Windows 10 / Microsoft Store to do some stuff, basically removes pretty much every other permissions hook the game has so it runs independent to the store after initial setup. It is recommended to do a clean install of it, though, so I'm holding off on doing it until the game shits itself again!
  6. I'll open my gates tomorrow morning, just leave it AFK.
  7. spanky debrest


    Although my first Prince album was Batman which I devoured as a 10-11 year old - I'd also recommend anyone new to him to start with the Dirty Mind - Controversy 1-2. I still have my OG Warners Cassette of the special double-reissue. I was telling a friend the other day that "Don't Let Him Fool Ya" from the 1999 boxset was hands down the finest new-to-me slice of funk I heard all last year. Nothing came close to its magnificence.
  8. As is Beck just finished re-reading it through prime reading and it still holds a decade on
  9. Loads of fireflies on my Island tonight after getting back from @bimbam place and was inspired to try out firefly lighting in my room before after (10 firefly power) So doesn't really work!
  10. Optional DLC boss. You've have already seen him sleeping somewhere at the beginning of the DLC but, by now, you have found the item to awake him, just by going back there. I did find him easier to beat than Orphan the first time but, by New Game +6, Orphan is a joke compared to Lawrence, he has so much health.
  11. So did the ACC career at that fantastic dutch track that is Zolder. Quali'd 6th and got to first okay. Did the putstop and down to 7th, then up to 3rd and on penultimate lap slid out of Jacky "xbox" corner straight into the wall
  12. I seem to have spent the evening busting a gut to juuuust about beat @fretnoise on two of the daily race qualifying time boards (the Mini one and the GR3 one) - sorry . Awesome game. Saved up enough credits to allow me to drive this car, with this livery and helmet combo. Pretty amazing really.
  13. Calashnikov


    BLACK SWEAT, what a fucking banger! Rainbow Children as my weirdo latter day, doesn’t give a fuck Prince shout for me, btw!
  14. Calashnikov


    Just to further emphasise just how hard you can’t go wrong, the 1-2 hit of Dirty Mind and Controversy (his second and third albums?) are to me the greatest run of albums an artist has had. Then he goes 1999 to Sign O the Times, right? Fuuuuckk. FWIW, I started my own all-out assault with Sign O the Times, and it stood me in good enough stead. It’s a super solid foundation to get started. Just for me, the rawer, stripped-back, minimalist, queer, black electro funk sounds of Dirty Mind, Controversy and 1999 resonate the hardest. Maybe because I’m white and straight? Fuck I dunno, but that’s how great the guy is. A suite of tracks from Sign O’ the Times, plus a solid smattering of The Black Album and Parade is all the Prince that I absolutely love the dearest. Obviously including a good sprinkling of the weirdest stuff from Around the World in a Day and a massive fucking wedge of the forbidden Black Album Oh shit, I just remember he also did the Purple Rain and Lovesexy albums across the same period Not to mention a whole plethora of incredible unreleased material from the same era that’s mostly even better than all of the above from his vault. You can check that later and just thank god how lucky you were that he had even more of that greatness stashed away for you to hear later and unofficially! Good luck and enjoy!
  15. Its getting smashed to fuck on Twitter But they''ll get my cash.
  16. Only another 3 time to go until the Foundation DLC becomes available on the Bone. Hurry up dammit! I haven't played the game since completing it around March time, so I might have to give some of those expeditions a go to get myself back into the swing of things. I've picked up a time of jukebox tokens so I'll have plenty of chances to try it out.
  17. Yesterday
  18. It'll be really sad if they go down that route given that many people loved the second game. I hope Ian and co haven't thought "well Reiza are doing the sim, we'll just go middle ground". Although arguably thats what pCARS was in some respects. I guess it makes sense. Why produce a game using the same middleware engine as another company whos actually doing a sim? I guess to attack GT and Forza? Afterall they've managed to carve out a niche - at least on the PC. Not sure the console crowd were quite as happy. Why are Bandai Namco showing it off - thought it was codemasters. *edit* loving that Asian City circuit. Is that Singapore? Looks similar to the the track from shift 2 what with those girder bridges. I see Long beach is in too. Will be good to race though circuits with those cars. Hope the Ginetta's stay in!
  19. I heard El say the line “what a disingenuous way to piss away existence” on one track. That’s some lost Fantastic Damage era shit. I am down with THIS.
  20. I get your point but the overlap isn't nearly as extreme as 95%. I doubt it's even as high as 40% in reality - which is amazing considering that it's the hardware which is 95% identical! Anyway, some awesome GG exclusives to consider: - GG Aleste II is better than Power Strike II in every way aside from screen resolution. It's amazing, really. - The Madou Monogatari remakes (renamed Sorcery Saga I, II, III and A) are impeccably put together, super cute dungeon crawling adventures that would have been spectacular additions to the SMS library in another reality. - Godzilla: Monsters Attack is a badass strategy game with realtime battle elements. There's nothing vaguely comparable to this on the SMS (although an amazing GG2SMS patch is out now, if a version with more screen and fewer colours appeals). - Moldorian: Sisters of Light and Demon Child Zenki are both beautiful RPGs that make great use of the Game Gear's PC Engine-esque colour palettes..
  21. Duuuuuude. Listen again. AND AGAIN AND AGAINNN.
  22. Well.... I found this on Twitter. It really looks great visually (big up the UI team!) but sadly it looks as arcade as they come. Big yikes at the burnout style motion blur. I’m sure it’s great for the arcade crowd, but using the PCARS name for this type of game might upset a few people that excepted something else. Maybe this footage was in an all assists on arcade mode? Hope so, but seeing that street circuit makes me think that’s just how it is.
  23. RTJ4 is omfg baby I didn’t even really like RTJ3, but 4 is some real El-Producto shit! Absolutely excellent Check that beat switch up on the Calamfuck track. Killed me stone DEAD. Yessssss!
  24. Cheers John. Yeah, that's a lot of fragments. I was wondering yesterday if there's a limit to how many appear on the beaches, and if picking them up causes the rest to respawn a bit later? So far I've made an asteroid, a starry garland, plus the sci-fi wallpaper and galaxy flooring. At first I thought the galaxy flooring was unremarkable, but then I moved the camera.
  25. 12. Lonely Mountains: Downhill (PC) (A gif I made of me tearing it up down some sick ramps and shit.) I’ve played this for about six hours now, having unlocked all the trails and completed all the beginner challenges (as well as the super cool secret bonus mode on a few of the mountains), and although I feel like I’ve had my fill of it for the time being, I thought it was really very good. Primarily, it just feels so lovely to play, especially when you get your flow on and find yourself carving your route down the mountain, seemingly without effort, but in reality a mouse hair away from crashing at any moment. The controls do take a little while to get used to as you control the bike in relation to the screen, as opposed to the direction the rider is facing (although you can switch to this 'rider facing' control mode if you want to). After about 15 minutes, however, you’ll get the hang of it and wonder why you ever had a problem in the first place. At 75 FPS with the settings on max, the game looks beautiful, too, the developer’s making clever use of bokeh and dynamic camera angles to breathtaking effect at times, and the lighting in the aforementioned bonus mode is excellent, especially while in motion. Coupled with its sparse yet crunchy sound design (including some fantastically wince-inducing effects when you go flying headfirst into a rock, which you will, often), the whole experience of playing the game is very immersive as well as quite tranquil, somewhat oddly so when you consider how much you have to concentrate on what you’re doing pretty much constantly. In fact, I’ve not really played a game like it before. To begin with I thought it would be like Trials, but it’s a lot less linear, with dozens of shortcuts and alternative routes you can use on each trail beyond the beaten track that vary in their risk : reward ratio. It’s here where the game hits its biggest snag, however, as if you choose to explore these shortcuts, as you are encouraged to, the fixed camera means that often you literally won’t be able to see where you’re going when descending some pretty tricky paths or taking leaps of faith off of ramps, not knowing what to aim for when your landing zone is off-screen. As a result, more often than not, your exploration will end with you crashing or falling off a cliff, booting you back to the checkpoint and leaving you feeling a little hard done by. The only remedy to this is to just learn the shortcuts off by heart, remembering exactly how you need to align your bike and how fast you can get away with completing each one, but, as mentioned, because there are so many on each trail, and as the trails often intersect at points, learning each one just so you can shave a few seconds off your track times would seem to require some serious effort that I wasn’t particularly inspired to give. With no multiplayer or time trial ghosts, either, unless you’re interested in seeing how high you can climb up the leaderboards, there’s not a huge amount to keep you playing once you’ve seen all the different trails and have had enough of the challenges. Perhaps these are things they’ll include in a future update. In the meantime, though, in spite of these flaws, I still wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone, particularly as it’s currently on Game Pass. 8/10 Previous:
  26. Just cleared Cave, defeated Vol Dragon....GSOD! 'Your Windows Insider Build ran into a problem'. I've not got a Windows Insider build....
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