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  3. There are so few of the many games available I actually want to play, but Gamepass is amazing for trying things you’d never have bought with a limited budget. Currently switching between Children of Morta, Plague Tales and Gears 5. CoM would probably have been my GOTY last year if I’d played it sooner. Just completely bewitching.
  4. Hopefully after the final season someone will edit all the scenes with Gene into one. It will be a mini masterpiece in itself.
  5. So you've not played any of the PS4 exclusives?
  6. The final boss was pretty easy (I never bit anybody) so you didn't need to buff up - there were much tougher fights earlier on. I also never thought it was janky - just not very good. The combat was awful (Remember Me was much better), the writing was decent but nothing special and whilst it tried to create a living world, it never really worked because change only happened if the player chose to change it. I did love the murky, dark and dank old East London though, the atmosphere world. For me though, playing Remember Me after this was night and day and that felt the better overall game.
  7. The more things change, the more they stay the same... Pilot episode of Star Trek, 1966: Final series of Enterprise, 2005: I actually enjoyed the pilot episode apart from the musical score, way too over the top.
  8. Just been absorbed in The Last Guardian artbook/walkthrough. Utterly lovely and makes me want to play it again, alongside all the insights into each section of the game.
  9. I've played some janky games, and i'd not consider this janky. But then I am a Dontdod fanboy.
  10. And done. After over 100 hours and finding all 120 shrines he got an arrow to the brain and Hyrule was liberated. the battle with tit face confused me quite a bit until I realised I could use the shield parry thingy to stun him. Then stab stab stab. Fortunately I had many meals. Burnt through pretty much all my arrows though.
  11. I still have the old proton pack in good nick, so I’ve preordered that new spengler wand, and hopefully the sale of one will cancel out the other. I’m going to spend an obscene amount on Ghostbusters tat this year, but... when are we going to get Ghostbusters 3 again? Also a few years ago I sold dozens of my old RGB toys - 2 large boxes worth of figures and vehicles including the firehouse with sign, stickers and original box... flogged them as a job lot for £100... I think I may have fucked up there.
  12. I just put the difficulty up for level 3 and despite the recommended level being 305 and Strife being about 212, didn’t have any trouble at all. I’m not a hundred percent sure it grants you any better loot though.
  13. Bob Iger is out! https://www.theverge.com/2020/2/25/21153317/bob-iger-disney-ceo-steps-down-chapek-kevin-mayer-parks-products-succession
  14. Bob Iger is out! https://www.theverge.com/2020/2/25/21153317/bob-iger-disney-ceo-steps-down-chapek-kevin-mayer-parks-products-succession
  15. I considered Doom but have played it enough, but I did get Picross S which is excellent.
  16. Astarte and her minions can get to fuck. Had to bust it down to casual for that. The power balances out in the end. Strife was above War at first but they're about par for each other now.
  17. It was slightly tongue in cheek I've got a switch and an xbone and a Wii U which I don't want to get rid of just yet so no space for a ps4. Would like to try the vr on there though.
  18. Yup. Some get used more than others.
  19. Was interested before I read Colin Trevorrow is back. He can't direct.
  20. A solid month for sure. Will gladly take all these into my collection.
  21. Nevermind. Anyway, yeah. MK8D. How many has it sold now, do we think? *checks* 22.96 million.
  22. Glad they fixed Sonic's visual design but couldn't they have done the same for his equally hideous characterisation? As befits a cartoony 90s mascot with "attitude" he's making shit no-effort quips literally non-stop whenever he's on screen. Silly words! Wacky dancing! Lame pop culture references! Characters startling each other and both screaming! "That was awesome!" Then suddenly he flips to sad-eyes woobie and we're meant to feel bad for him, not because he's being chased by Robotnik - none of the characters seem to care overly much about that - but because he hasn't lived life to the fullest?? What? Robotnik was slightly more bearable only because he was on screen less. 1/10, no redeeming qualities.
  23. I think you’ll find the true Star Wars fans over in the book thread () are very excited about this. Although there aren’t many of us and there isn’t much to get excited about yet. But yeah. More Star Wars books and comics, but set in a period where they don’t have to tie in to anything else, but that will tie in to each other. And one of them is by SW author-goddess Claudia Gray, which always lights my sabre.
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