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  2. Also, I'm looking for models for a little project. Does anyone know of any 25/30mm pirate or undead monkey models?
  3. I went all the way through this thread recently, and it was a genuine joy to see everyone's skill increase throughout the years.
  4. Dont think Thor would agree, seeing as he lost him mum during the events of that film.
  5. Bought this in the sale. I'm the smartest stupid person alive! Some of the solutions are making me laugh like a drain too. There's one early on where you become the wall, only the wall is 80% of the level which then begins to shuffle around the stage. About 15 stages in so far, so it's only going to make me feel more stupid from here
  6. I tried this not long after finishing 12. Ymmv but I agree with the “it was a bit pants” comments. It held my interest for a few hours but nothing more.
  7. Had a quick blast on the pc engine version tonight. I think I prefer it to the PlayStation version. Undecided on how it fares against the SNES version mind. Obviously Japanese Saturn version is the definitive.
  8. I nabbed The Matrix for under £15. I'm hoping for great things. As an aside, is the new 4K release of Alien a massive upgrade over the Anthology Blu-ray? (The one with the 4 films)
  9. Holiday time! Got some time in the hotel room today and have figured out a few things. Focusing on taking corners as tightly as possible seems to have taken me up a good notch, quite a few of my first laps are 39.09 now. Top 6 looks like this:-
  10. We all know they'll (probably) double their money selling him in a couple of years. Because Juanfran was basically Tony Adams and Martin Keown rolled into one player.
  11. Holy fucking shit, what a song: Spent the final hour of my waking day just battering this out in Kiwami 2 karaoke on repeat. Good night!
  12. It has taken me way too long to do A2 on defect. After playing lots of ironclad, I think it took ages to adjust. I discovered some mechanics today that probably could be better communicated (or I just misinterpreted). The main one was the power that gives one poison for every unblocked attack. The thing that I had missed was that this includes every attack of multi-attack cards. The +1 poison relic also stacks with this. So an X attack care played with both relics results in an (1+1)*X poison application. I also had the necronomicon relic which plays the first 2+ energy card of every turn twice (which again, isn't entirely clear that it includes X cards) and 3 stacked "1 poison for every unblocked attack". The sum total of poison applied was (3+1)*4*2 = 32 poison. Next turn, I then used burst (skill played twice) and a triple poison card to increase that poison to 32*3*3 = 288. This also works with flechette which can also do 4 or 5 attacks for 1 energy. Even without the necro, (3+1)*5 is still 20 poison and 30 damage for 1 energy. The "do 1 of something for every something" mechanics are quite inconsistent in general. Particularly the impact the source of the damage has on the outcome and the clarity of if it is per attack card played or attacks dealt.
  13. My god that was a film of three halfs! First 30 minutes: OK, schlocky horror, a bit boring Second 30 minutes: OK.... this is good fun and mildly amusing, ill stick with it Third 30 minutes: Wait, what??!? Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely fantastic! I finished watching it about five minutes ago and still cant take the grin off my face What a beautiful, amazing piece of cinema. The best £1 I have spent in years. Thank God I chanced upon this thread!
  14. yeah! digital only back then, now physical, i guess. phone version seemed cool but didn't play it much because of the pricing structure.
  15. FM 2019 Touch (I think that's what it's called) might be what you're after, it's much more streamlined. I play that version more than the full one now.
  16. £5 if you preorder to collect from store too. And you still get the coin.
  17. Thor 2 isn't very good, in fairness. But then neither was Thor 1. And at least Iron Man 2 had Sam Rockwell and a terribly-served Mickey Rourke. Iron Man 3 has that short bit with SIR Ben Kingsley and then nothing.
  18. HMV have a buy one get one free in store at the moment. older titles, but some decent ones.
  19. I mean, it's not like games don;t launch with shit systems that don't really matter. Someone already said that a lot of the unlockable moves are useless, and the game is full of stupid shit that's a waste of time, for instance when the horse boss died we got a "memory" which I had to go into a menu to "confront" which increased one of the stats. Literally no point in that entire sequence of events, prompts, logos, texts and stuff, you could just get the upgrade from beating the boss.
  20. Durp
  21. Looks great, I'm working in London for 10 days next month with nothing to do on the weekday evenings so will definitely nip in and check it out.
  22. EDIT: Sorry, duplicate post.
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