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  2. There's a bit of a dip around episode 7-8, but it comes back swinging for the last couple of episodes. 9 is a corker and it ends well. I think one improvement they could have made to pull things together more would be to replace Arjun's role with Bobbie and have the storyline on Mars happening to a new character (maybe Bobbie's arc feels a bit weird and forced and both Bobbie and Avasarala feel a bit disconnected from the Ilus stuff and each other until it all pulls together at the end. Just have Bobbie accept her offer of work in the first episode and have those two navigate that situation together while debating the future of mars. They already recast Arjun and neither story exists in the books. I think the separateness of the Avasarala, Bobbie AND Drummer/Ashford storylines all jostling for attention is one plotline too many. However, transitioning a series known for cutting characters out for several books in a row to TV while maintaining contracts with the actors was never going to be easy. And this was probably the hardest book to translate. It does all come together in the end very very nicely, but some of the side stories take a long time to get into gear. I still think it's the best season though, some random highlights: The sets and CG are better than ever, truly beautiful at times. Avasarala swearing. Burn Gorman munching the scenery like a toddler eating wotsits. Loved it Amos continuing to be the best character and one of the most interesting portrayals on TV. Thoughtful writing about suicide, regret and coping with loss. Generally thoughtful and complex writing throughout. The crew unashamedly loving each other like a family unit. Ashford. Just Ashford. That's the highlight. The other action/fight sequences. They've kicked those up a notch for sure. Everyone using their hand terminals way more. Steven Strait has really settled into the role of Holden now, and the jokes about how he's such a naive do-gooder are laid on thicker. It's not obvious he's meant to be a bit of a black-and-white pain in the ass who fucks everything up in the first couple of series. The Miller stuff was done well. The new characters were good. They cut, folded or adapted each of them really well. I gobbled it in a state of Norovirus induced delirium and dehydration, watching half of it on my phone on the toilet, so I'm gonna watch it all again now.
  3. Some personal faves: https://open.spotify.com/album/6ZCbYO3B5eslkY3zHdss4A?si=i_hIr7GHSLGuDF9EcRVbuQ https://open.spotify.com/album/1WJJZdtn1ZB0WcwkIu2urL?si=x7124ZxXQ7-RTAQEozDfQg https://open.spotify.com/album/4y57bVmY8Jj0BK0RxcLRXb?si=HfsPu-0MQr-u4EVIrnok8Q
  4. Geki Yaba Runner is today's free game.
  5. Imagine you end up loving it. It’ll be more interesting to read yours and everyone else’s thoughts on a TLJ rewatch after seeing RoS. That will be the real make-or-break as to how TLJ is thought of in the long term. As @glb mentioned we’ll be able to see how much stuff slots together (if at all).
  6. I've taken a punt on Vegas Slot Machine 1973 card game. Scoring looks like it might be a bit of a faff, but I like how it looks simple but has quite a bit of depth - e.g. as a memory game.
  7. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/12/looks_like_nintendo_just_accidentally_revealed_plans_for_a_huge_christmas_switch_sale?fbclid=IwAR3YYvFoP-HaCGLQNFkCwzB2uC0MPNQj5D20A4LFU7HgFnu_HTB3dtxmvaw Prolly to the surprise of no-one a massive sale is apparently incoming.
  8. On a 1X? Which level? Try moving it to the internal drive and/or check cooling/airflow. It really shouldn’t have any problems at all.
  9. I have just finished Empire's End and enjoyed it. I would suggest finishing it, seeing as you have already read the first two Aftermath books, there are references to things that happen in that series (and characters) in Resistance Reborn.
  10. 1. Chernobyl 2. Dark Crystal 3. Watchmen (not finished yet) 4. Too Old To Die Young 5. The Boys 6. The Expanse 7. Stranger Things S3 8. When They See Us 9. Mandalorian (not finished yet) 10. Game Of Thrones Watchmen/Mandalorian could shift about a bit once I've seen all the episodes, but yeah thats a pretty impressive bulk of TV. When they See Us perhaps could be a little higher, but then it was more a case of one incredible episode making it a must watch series. Thrones should be in there I guess despite them fucking it up.
  11. Chernobyl The Boys Russian Doll Fleabag Game of Thrones takes the Razzie.
  12. Yeah, me and my eldest nephew were hooning around in the arena on the xp boost weekend and it's astonishing how much ships that have communication stand out and succeed more than ships that are obviously filled with randos. I've also been doing the Tall Tales. There's a cracking game in here, I just wish I could crack on with that nonsense without some dick thumping plank shooting me off my boat occasionally. Nay mind. Oh and I moved it from the external and it seems to have at least decreased the load times. It's not locked up since.
  13. Thanks. What a shame, I adored Side Pocket.
  14. Absoloutly loving this so far. I've just finished episode 8 and can sort of see how people might be wavering a little there. But I'm so invested in it I can easily sail through a slower episode or two. Thank goodness this didnt get canned!
  15. Some tasty draws there. Can see a couple of upsets. Dortmund City Atalanta Liverpool Chelsea Juventus RB Leipzig Barcelona All to go through I think.
  16. 1. Too Old to Die Young 2. Watchmen 3. The Boys 4. Mindhunter 5. Servant (so far at least)
  17. Yep, my favourite Christmas tune.
  18. Well, technically Batman wasn't in Blackest Night. But then, that was the whole point.
  19. Cheers. I'm pissed they don't just leave it as direction and mind games without the powering up and nonsense, it was much more fun that way. A couple of FIFAs ago I won something like 12 penalty shootouts in a row shooting every single penalty bottom right. Now you need a degree in trigonometry to keep it on target.
  20. Looks like Ryu's had some decent buffs and Birdie some fair sized nerfs on paper? Dunno about chain being improved though really. On the whole it does look like they've improved the weaker characters and weakened the strong ones. Oh man, instead of the hoped-for general tiger knee buff they've made Sagat's V-Skill II power them up like V-Skill I does with uppercuts. That seems pretty lazy and weak considering the utility of some of the other V-Skills. Some nice but probably not game changing buffs to the range/frames of his normals though and st.LK having reduced pushback should make some combos a bit more reliable and maybe hit-confirmable. About the final:
  21. Well, that got rather difficult. I had to rely on save states by the end. Sticking with the SNES Mini, moving onto Contra III: The Alien Wars. This is also very hard! One-hit kills, man - brutal!
  22. Nobody keeps it on the new graphics settings anyway after the first play around with it.
  23. Sorry, should have been clearer. Down on the left stick.
  24. Today
  25. Pretty good lore catchup **WARNING SPOILERS** for those who havent been following the events over the last few months
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