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  2. tempted to re-read Feast for Crows and Dance of Dragons now... TWOW can't be that far away now SURELY?!
  3. He's the Westerosi version of Gaunter O'Dimm!
  4. mushashi

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    You've conflated what percentage of their overall revenue digitally sold content accounts for, and what percentage of full games sold is digital, a number they do not release for many individual games (apart from the odd general trend mention). Digital sales of fullpriced retail games isn't the overwhelming majority of sales at present. Digital is bigger because of things like PC games being overwhelmingly digital and DLC and MTX are practically all digital too. EA reported that for PS4/Xbox, digital sales had reached 47% in 2018, so they should reach the majority of sales this year.
  5. Tetchy

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    So, apparently The Damned Things released the follow-up to 2010's Ironiclast called High Crimes at the end of April and I didn't know. To be honest I'd ever given up hope of another album but as they were one of the best live bands I've seen I'm glad they have done it. On first listen I've really enjoyed it, although losing Rob Caggiano (lead guitars) and Josh Newton (bass) from the lineup but only adding Alkaline Trio's Dan Andriano (bass) has slightly changed their sound, but it still works, for me anyway.
  6. Nosejam

    Board games gone digital (yes, even android)

    Also looking for a recommendation for a new game I can play with the wife (and less often with the 13 and 10 year olds) We've had a ton of fun with Carcassonne & Ticket to Ride, both on iPad and the board game versions. Have been reluctant to show her Through the Ages as I think it's too much of an increase in complexity. Something fun and tactical, not too nerdy or complex. Co-op or versus. Have heard about Pandemic, how difficult would that be to get into?
  7. RastanSaga

    Cuphead. Classic cartoon inspired side-scroller

    Thank you.
  8. Plissken

    Football Thread 2018/19

    By the way, I would like to give Man United and Liverpool much deserved credit. Without their relentless lobbying and skewing of the rules in their favour over the last 30 years, they couldn’t have created the conditions for Abu Dhabi City to exist.
  9. Death's Head

    Years and Years - BBC

    I really enjoyed it - as a Doctor Who fan I got a lovely fuzzy feeling from hearing RTD's words again. Russell Tovey is an actor who has really gone up in my estimation since seeing him on stage last year and he's fantastic here. I wasn't prepared for it to go all Threads at the end but you're right, it was pretty terrifying.
  10. Hanzo the Razor

    Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels

    You mean Baron Hemorrhoida?
  11. If that was the case, then the Switch version would be silky smooth. It's not.
  12. Nosejam

    Board games gone digital (yes, even android)

    Fancied something a bit more substantial than the excellent Carcassonne so got Through the Ages at the weekend for the iPad. It has an excellent and fun tutorial with one of the best jokes in a game I have ever witnessed! Lost my first real game by 1 point but had a big win in the next (the first challenge against easy ai). Already thinking about my next game, the second challenge. Its £9.99 which is pretty much the most I've paid for an app, but it's delivering so far.
  13. mushashi

    Microsoft & Sony sitting in a tree...

    That Bloomberg report does make the entire press release kind of way more interesting. The fact that the people working in the PlayStation division didn't know upper management were looking to cut costs on the network side and they have been entered into a potential arranged marriage with Microsoft must have confused them as much as it has most outsiders. Even the official PR doesn't actually commit Sony to moving to Azure at present:
  14. I enjoyed it. I sort of came to peace that the show was a different beast a few seasons back.
  15. PC Master Race


  16. Down by Law

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    Ditto on the Towers of Time - didn't see the appeal but now I do a least a few every day. Getting into that top completion percentage is very compulsive. Have a 50/50 win ratio online. Good netkode. Keep forgetting about the defensive meter. Annoying that the rolls are on L2, but the air breakaway on R2, keep confusing myself. Mainly play Cage, Raiden and Sub Zero, and it's so much easier to win with Sub Zero than the other two it's not even funny. The amped slide krushing blow does an insane amount of damage. Loads of fun though. I think it's Netherealm's best game yet. The characters exude such style especially in the intros and outros and it's a beautiful looking game in HDR. All parts of the presentation are wonderful, though Krypt in X I enjoyed way more. The Krypt in this one , outside of the initial exploration which is admittedly quite cool, is a pain in the arse. There's shit everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Most of this stuff is completely and utterly pointless - and don't get me started on those fire breathing spiders that exist only to slow the boring , repetitive, mind numbing process of opening chests with the same animations again and again. If there was actually some meaningful combat outside of the same hammer swing over and over and over and over it could have been quite the neat diversion from the main game. Also it makes me laugh when you break a pot or kill a spider and get 8 koins when the cheapest chest is like 2000. GEE THANKS!
  17. gospvg

    Ultimate Team

    I got an 86 LM from the Saudi TOTS SBC.
  18. MDY

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    Ok, he's no great acting talent but I'm not sure you can single out a wrestler for particular criticism compared to the performances of ANY of the big name actors in any of the other Transformers movies?? Bay wrestled shit-tier awfulness out of Anthony Hopkins, John Malcovitch, Stanley Tucci, Frances McDormand and John Turturro!
  19. mushashi

    Epic Games Store - All Your Games Are Belong To Us

    The problems in this case seem to stem from the fact that the discount was fixed and not proportional to the price of the game in all pricing regions and that it was a blanket discount on everything so the only way a developer can opt out is to remove their game from sale as it seems EGS don't have the capability to allow selective participation, which is what quite a few of them have chosen to do. Klei is an interesting one, a true indie developer whose game isn't even EGS exclusive and they felt they had no choice but to remove their game.
  20. BeeJay

    Pokemon Go

    Glaceon is very close to mamoswine though and considering the acquisition cost, I'd suggest that everyone looks to get at least a team of 6. I had thousands of eevee candy and about 100 high level eevees which I can plough through and delete whatever gets the wrong moves. I've done about 6 glaceon so far and only 1 has the best moveset but still have loads more high level eevee to try, at 25 candy a go.
  21. elmo

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    Jesus. I’ve been doing that a hell of a lot recently. A mate asked me a question the other day and I replied “Fuck know”
  22. Zio

    The iOS gaming thread

  23. Zio

    The iOS gaming thread

    I've got it on the Switch. It's a great little game, to the point I was thinking of double-dipping on iOS as it would be ideal to play on my commute (lots of standing tube journeys, so not really comfortable for Switch play). I will say it's more a simple, relaxing puzzle game. It's definitely not especially taxing, but it is very relaxing and chilled and it has a nice atmosphere with some lovely little set pieces.
  24. Capwn


    I've watched a lot of gaming documentaries recently; TellTales - NoClip (Youtube) More of a set of 4 intimate interviews. Great insight into this studio and no sugar coating, felt the most honest of the 3. I remember around the GOT game thinking 'They really need to change things up, even change the engine' etc. It's quite tragic just how aware the devs were of this early on too and wanted to change and were now finally just starting to refresh, Stranger Things seemed to be a really pivotal moment for them as well as WolfAmongUs2. Playing Hard - (Netflix). Look into the creation of Ubisoft's ForHonor. This is pretty fascinating with it's focus on one person in particular, gets VERY deep and physiological, it almost feels like watching someone have a breakdown. There really isn't any other gaming documentary like it. Raising Kratos (Youtube). Probably the most formulaic of the three with a strong focus on team/family/studio life. They have a tonne of special footage that really shows the stress of going against the grain. It's also the most 'back patting' of the three. I think the most important it probably the TellTales one and it's only a hour. These are all brilliant in their own right, full of intimate special moments.
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