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  2. I was in the Blood and Wine DLC before I even bothered to try the haggling option for my payment. I must've missed out on a potential fortune. Oops. Still, I had more cash than I knew what to do with by the end, just from selling the weapons and armour from everyone I brutally killed.
  3. Tainted Grail is fab - dodgy voice acting of aside. Summoner is bonkers. Really trying to see what the appeal of the other classes will be after playing it!
  4. As well as 'Just keep playing', 'Give nectar and talk to everyone, all the time' is also a good rule to live by in this game if you're looking to complete sidequests.
  5. Tempted by This War of Mine and Broken Sword 5.... Also tempted to wait til after the direct for some shadow drop action...
  6. I can still remember the title screen music.
  7. Yeah, I've only just left White Orchard, and discovered this game is enormous. I made sure I completed everything I could find there before leaving. I have to say, I'm trying to get into the mindset of a Witcher but it's too easy to be nice and decline payment. I gotta snap out of that nonsense, there's no Light Side/Paragon counter that I know of in this game. I fear I'm playing me, not a Witcher. Anyway, there's lots to kill you once you get out into the first proper area, I note. Also, the main quest line gets dark, really quickly. I'm with the Bloody Baron and played with the volume off and headphones in, first time I've ever done that in a game. Subject matter is sensitive for us. That said, without zero knowledge of Witcher (not played previous games), I hope I answered the questions to meet the Nilfgard ruler correctly. Or perhaps it doesn't matter, consequence is difficult to determine in this game. But they almost felt like "have you played before? No? Well, define some character traits by answering a certain way" questions, except I literally had no opinion and selected fairly randomly. But, enjoying it! Just a bonkers good looking game, might be the best outdoorsy environment I've ever walked through.
  8. Yeah Kral had a decent performance but gave the ball away a few times. Everyone is raving about Areola's performance but when he punched that cross, I wasn't so sure. I hope he isn't one of those keepers who is a great "shot-stopper" but flaps at crosses and set-pieces. I'd trade shot-stopping for a tidy keeper who can command their box and has good distribution to be honest.
  9. I finally got the platinum! I dropped the difficulty for Sigrun and she still took me about ten attempts. I did have to get back into the flow of the combat though as I hadn't touched it for months. A bit of an anti-climax tbh. I thought giving the helmet to Brok was going to unlock a cutscene, items, a new quest, but nah, you just sell it for some cash. Weirdly I never really clicked with the levelling aspect of the game. It's based on the level of your armour right? It seems kinda unsual. All of those talismans, etc, too. AAA open world games seem to rain these kind of items on your head (like Ghost of Tsushima I played recently) and 90% of it never gets touched. Also, everything I would check out wouldn't compare to what I was already wearing, because what I was wearing was upgraded and the new item was not, but there's no way to know the potential of the new item if upgraded, AFAIK (if you follow)? It was all a bit confusing and I couldn't really be bothered to attempt to max out Kratos and I just blagged my way along. Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed, 8.5/10. I really hope revenants aren't in Ragnarok...
  10. Oh would I love a remaster of the PS2 3D Castlevania games.
  11. Haha. Bellend..you once called me a cunt on a livestream..I can take it.
  12. I thought it was £24.99 normally until I saw that.
  13. I’m predicting Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters coming to Switch.
  14. Ha, thought I recognised that guy. Then he introduced himself. He was the union rep at customs and excise when I worked there in 2004 and they sort of wanted to sack me. He was adamant they had no right to but they really did. Cut a deal in the end. Is a nice bloke, think he lives next door to a friend. He used to always use Smiths songs as headlines in the customs staff newsletter thing. The start is also really similar to a ‘music video’ I made last year. I guess everything around here would look the same. I’ve never supported Southend. I went to school with their ’legendary captain’ CB Adam Barrett and he played a game in the B team with me when we were 11. I was in goal. He played a suicidally underhit back pass which the opposition scored from. Years later I was given free tickets when I worked at RBS, whose insurance company sponsored them. 10 minutes in and I see him play a suicidally underhit back pass which the opposition scored from. He was always a bit of a dick at school. Though, to be fair, not as bad as his mates who were real fucking scumbags. I think he could have been alright if he hadn’t hung around with them. Anyway, I never really got to see games as a kid so my local team became Liverpool because they were who I saw on my telly the most in the ‘80s. Can’t get more local than your front room.
  15. Saw the Japanese leak and yeah, I'm definitely staying up for that.
  16. I was hoping to do training and weapon drills tonight
  17. So much for no new big titles in this direct. People really do forget Nintendo does most of their reveals in Directs these days then at E3. Excepting the last one of course.
  18. He did. The Incredibles is another 'better than Bond'.
  19. Today
  20. You can’t play it today, anyway. They’re doing the annoying thing where they limit matchmaking to short 4 hour windows: Outside of that it’s just training modes and weapon drills. Next week’s schedule is pretty much the same but includes BTB:
  21. I'm already subbed but Forza Horizon is the one franchise I buy the ultimate edition physically day one. I've gotten so much out of each entry, the value is ridiculous and I still go back to the old ones as well. It's so much fun to just bomb around a different map, though I really wish the others got 60fps patches too.
  22. Spoilered in case you’re weird
  23. Goldeneye is perfect. I think maybe they released it at just the right time so they could do all the Soviet stuff and it still make perfect sense. Saying that, it had a brilliant baddie with a believable motivation and got the tone just right so they could do the silly death grip thighs and a sports car chase, so it was no fluke of timing, it's just a great movie. They kind of gave up with iconic set pieces after the Brosnan ones and just did nice action, which isn't really Bond to me. It's maybe why the Craig movies have ended up as a bit of an indistinguishable sludge as they seem unwilling to have him hoon a tank about or cut his knackers with a laser beam as that's too fun.
  24. I've been a bit lax with keeping up with this: June: Flamme Rouge: Peloton - £25.98 (Only bought this so soon as I read that the game isn't as fun for two players due to the lack of cyclists) MicroMacro: Crime City - Confidence Trick & Baby Party Bonus Cases, Camel Up: The Referee Camel and The Quest for El Dorado: Promo Pack - 15.46 Cottage Garden - £22.99 August: Magic: The Gathering 2021 Arena Kit - £6.78 Hanabi Deluxe - £24.74 September: Various Magic booster packs - £20.00 Happy City - £19.99 The Fuzzies - £29.16 (I know, but I wanted it and had to go the import route) MicroMacro Crime City Card Game 2: Full House - £25.27 Machi Koro 2 and various Magic booster packs - £40.95 Year so far: £720.28
  25. I wouldn’t object to a Old Republic Trilogy, but I definitely don’t want to be waiting around a decade or so for a post RIse of Skywalker trilogy. in some ways Covid and cinemas been closed has worked out ok for Disney allowing them to regroup and hopefully come back with some coherent film plan
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