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  2. You receive a pro-rata discount against the cost of the Family Membership + Expansion based on the amount of time your existing membership has to run. So you'd only pay the difference between the normal Family Membership and the Expansion.
  3. Do beta saves transfer to the full game?
  4. In unsurprising news, Part 2 has been greenlit. With a key point for Legendary being no HBO Max simultaneous release this time.
  5. Cars, mountains, sandstorms mariachis and tequila. Ariba Ariba. Nothing to see here, as you were....
  6. Long shot, but does anyone own a Hyperkin Admiral N64 controller and tried pairing the adapter with the new N64 switch controller? I would be very interested to hear the results...
  7. I was a bit late getting round to buying the N64 controllers and now they've been out of stock for the last few weeks. I remember this happening with the SNES controllers on release. I'm hoping these come back in stock quickly.
  8. I seem to remember Universe having some good things about it, but then I've not seen it since it aired. But don't watch Origins.
  9. I watched it the first time around. Funny how they made a show based on the ‘younger and edgier’ pastiche on SG1 episode 200. We’ll probably end up watching it (and Origins) as my wife hadn’t seen any Stargate previously.
  10. So, a quick blast on it just now reveals a game that feels very much in it's early stages of refinement (which is obviously why it's in early access!). Don't think the 3d adds anything to the game at all, but - aside from the travelling stagecoach parts (which seem fairly ropey at the moment) - the battles work nicely with it I think. Not sure at the moment. It's not the nicest of starts, which is a little surprising as I think the original had one of the best 'set you off gently and see how you go' intros you could find. Still, very glad I've got it now so I can forget about it for a while and see how it progresses! The voice-over chap has still got the best tones ever, so that's good.
  11. For those that care.
  12. I think Stargate at its heart is kinda a small show, where a bunch of people run around a forest outside Vancouver or a couple of sets. I worry if they follow the route of letting the world in on the Stargate, it’ll get too big and turn into the type of show Star Trek is now.
  13. Seems I was too harsh on @Harsin even 343 marketing is warning this will be shit.
  14. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the follow up tbh - I might give it a whizz just to see now.
  15. Welcome to the F&F franchise.
  16. There's a Kostic RTTK SBC up for about 30k, I've done it out of shite from my club. He looks like a decent enough player, would be solid in a 352.
  17. Did it actually download twice? The first 'preload' I had was only 100mb or so.
  18. Still the best 'fuck shit up' simulator.
  19. Watched this yesterday. Utter nonsense and incredibly stupid.
  20. Holy flashbacks Batman. That UMC's album was something I had to have after Live Talk was on a skate video. I had it on CD. All of which were binned a long time ago. Stopping buying records was one of the dumbest decisions I ever made in hindsight.
  21. Can anyone tell me if I retrobrite a super Famicom will it take the grey super Famicom lettering / logo on the front off? I dont want it looking like a debadged vauxhall. Also due to lack sunlight I'm thinking of buying a UV bulb. Anyone had any luck with these?
  22. Isn't their M.O. to produce things they* themselves actually want to see, rather than looking at commercial considerations or even viewership. *Whoever 'they' are.
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