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  2. That’s great! It must be both a blessing and a curse that Miles Fisher looks and sounds like Tom Cruise. I remember when I first saw the guy in one of the Final Destination films and being amazed at how similar they are.
  3. Freaks Good performance from the little girl, best watched with no prior knowledge of the story. 3/5
  4. We loved Modern Family from the first episode! We are currently watching New Girl. It's not amazing or anything but it's fairly watchable when we just want something light and 23 minutes long.
  5. Looks like it’s going to be Masvidal.
  6. He is a fucking goon agreed, but my point is valid. You’ve got this huge revenge story on both sides that is never mentioned by the protagonists who just end up fighting each other with button presses. Whilst playing I was hoping that there was some dialogue to round out the personal revenge stories. These were the biggest scenes. Just felt a bit hollow character wise at the pivotal moments. I mean Abby’s goons don’t even add anything to the plot or motivation or offer up any reasoning for what they did. It’s just bad people doing bad things to other people all around.
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  8. Absolutely! Am completely baffled by largely positive feedback I've read about his character, the grade-A fuckboi douchenugget.
  9. There are 6 phantoms you can summon, which is hardly a tonne. DS2 has more than twice that amount.
  10. It's nothing like Persona 4 but it is great! I'm not so sure what the new character brings to the mix but I (mostly) loved it when I played through it on the 360 years back.
  11. I got these today. I didn't collect them as a kid as they were out in 1992 and I didn't know about games or Nintendo until about 1993/4 when I got a NES, but I did used to collect football stickers, so having 16 packs of Nintendo ones to open was a great nostalgic time this afternoon.
  12. That post qualifying speech by Hamilton was.....not rehearsed, shall we say? Sounds like he had a lot still fresh on his mind? I mean, it was clearly all about solidarity with speaking out against racism. But sounded very troubled. Part of me wants a list of all the drivers who’d respond with all lives matter... ..is that wrong? Feels great to have it back again though. Weekends are now more normal!
  13. Did Edge give TEW2 a 6, by any chance? Scientists have proved that Edge 6's are the common man's 10.
  14. There's a tonne of them in dks1 too, you just probably weren't in human form to see them. :p
  15. I keep thinking I’m getting bored of this, and then some little environmental touch, or change of pace, or realisation that I can go HAM on the weapons instead of sneaking, refreshes me, and I’m hooked again. Although (late game, after Seattle Day 3 but well before the end spoilers, don’t click if you haven’t finished type spoiler)
  16. I'm on a bit of a musicals binge at the moment, so I'm looking forward to checking it out soon.
  17. Yeah, we made three it episodes in and couldn't be fucked any more. Same with Modern Family. In other news, Warrior Nun can fuck right off. A cool premise turned into meandering pish, with an ending that'll have you throwing shit at the TV.
  18. Given the sheer amount of content, it's worth the asking price. Ties with Revenge for being my favourite Burnout (although I never played 2 which everyone says was the best Burnout)
  19. That's not a bad idea. I might do that as I've only got 3 out of 12. Expeditions are going to be fun. I suspect it's going to be a case of going with Health, Shield Strength (or maybe an Energy Boost) and Launch Efficiency. That said, for most of the tricky sections of the main game I ended up using three Health mods, along with Shatter and Pierce.
  20. I note a disturbing lack of structural parcel tape.
  21. 04/07/2020 - A Short Hike (PC) Well this was quite a charming little thing, wasn't it? I certainly don't love it, nor will I likely remember I ever played it, but there was something very calming and saccharine (but in a good way) about it. I guessed the general direction of the 'plot' from the little intro before the game proper even started, but that didn't really matter, because this is about the experience rather than the narrative. As I wandered around the island, doing little tasks for people along the way, I enjoyed just that little sense of unburdened adventure; I didn't need to get to the top of the mountain to save the world (or even myself) but, well, why shouldn't I? Whilst I found the on-ground movement very slippy and a bit crude (though I almost excused it by telling myself it fit in with the (deliberate) fuzzy, heavily pixellated art direction), gliding was a joy. Indeed, just climbing something, jumping off and gliding around was a simple and yet pleasant endeavour, sometimes yielding a secret hidden coin or chest or - a golden feather! What I'm most please about though is just the fact I played (and enjoyed) it. My gaming diet never used to be very broad; RPGs (of all types) and first/third person shooters/adventures and, well not all that much else. But in the last 2 or 3 years I've really taken a punt on all the many other wonderful types of games out there, some of which may be light on actual gameplay, a strong narrative focus or even just mechanics that work - but I've enjoyed some really different things. And long may it continue, else I'd never have played something like 'A Normal Lost Phone', 'Gris' or 'Night Call' from this year alone (or, indeed, this). I may not get on with all of them, but that's okay. ...anyway, A Short Hike is decent. Experience it. 05/07/2020 - Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast (PC) Now, the above doesn't mean I've given up on my staple diet, so this is another free prologue/demo ahead of the full game coming out (which launches this month). Not that I'll care, because this is rubbish. It's basically sci-fi Souls, except worse in every single way - and I say that as somebody who doesn't even like the Souls games. It's the same stamina-based combat, no map, resetting enemies granting energy on death which you use to increase stats...zzzzzzzzzz. This is the very definition of a love-letter written by a stalker - full of incoherent rambling and promises of being everything the recipient dreams of if only you'd give them the chance. There's little going for it; the controls are very floaty - which doesn't help with the terrible bits of platforming it expects you to do; the camera craps the bed in normal movement, let alone if you try and lock on to an enemy; it looks rough as hell - like somebody took the sprites from Quake and didn't bother trying to improve them (other than to add some tits) and the environment - as much as can be seen in an hour or so - was painfully generic, bland metal walls and inexplicable holes in the floor. Whoever would design any kind of structure like this?! It does have one main point of differentiation, though, which is actually quite good. You don't have a set number of medikits, instead some <thing> which is charged by you hitting enemies, thus meaning you are not stuck having a set number to use before being able to resupply at the next bonfire equivalent (which is handy, because they don't resupply there anyway). Of course, it's nowhere near enough to save it from being pap and any interest in the full title evaporated quickly. I like to look on the positive though, so the silver lining is that I send thanks to the devs for saving future-me some money. Yay! In addition to the above, I did complete another run of Late Shift - still got a bad ending though. Grumble. I'm not noting it down though because although there are no rules to this thread, it just wouldn't feel right (even though there's no scene-skip on PC - there is on console - so I genuinely did have to watch it all again). I just wanted to mention it really, so if I ever read back on this thread to see what I said about games (as I've done on previous threads), well, good one, @Gabe! Previously completed:
  22. To be honest, I had no idea where to post this but I just wanted to share it cause I thought it was great.
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