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  2. I'll post an update when I've played a few more games. I've played Pandemic Legacy and Charterstone but neither of those got a repeat play once done. Machi Koro is 30 mins a game though so could be different.
  3. Usually there's a game to play beyond the legacy part with these things. I'd ignored this as I've got Machi Koro but if it's significantly different I might have to look into it.
  4. I certainly noticed the frame rate choking in the lost woods. Links Awakening, not so much. I’m playing it on a switch lite off the cart if that makes any difference but I doubt it.
  5. Because copyright/legal stuff wasn't as big a deal and most coders would pinch tunes from all sorts of places.
  6. I tried this a few times, but got nowhere. Soon came to a bit on the first level of the Megadrive version where I couldn't see how to get any further, and the enemies respawned when I backtracked, usually killing me as I'm crap at the game. If I had played this when it was released I might have persevered with it, but right now there are so many great games just released that this felt like doing my gaming homework rather than having fun. Didn't like it, For next time how about Captain America and The Avengers? Plenty of ports, with lots of variety between them, to the point that some of them are almost different games.
  7. Sweet, I'll go for it. I think all the warnings about them being irreversible once activated scared me but I had Pet Pal in my brief dalliance with the original game on X1 and thought it was fantastic. The writing in this game in general is streets ahead of any other RPG.
  8. Zelda BOTW framerate for The Lost Woods at the Deku tree was pretty terrible. Even more so on the WiiU. It was patched and it made a massive difference. We've seen similar patches to Xenoblade 2, Doom and Wolfenstein, so hopefully there's somethign that can be done. I've not got the game yet, but a friend of mine mentioned it as he's the least hardcore techy gamer there is.
  9. She asked him if he could make sleet to obscure the area so the Beholder couldn't see us.. But yeah, she'll have to live with that. It did anger her enough to have her 'hero' moment at least.. Doubt I'll ever roll double Nat 20's in one round ever again - never mind in a boss fight! Paladins can really stack up the damage if you get chance to activate everything they can do.. And being able to add a smite once you know you've rolled a crit is amazing! I had Hexblade's Curse up (add proficiency bonus to damage) & Hunter's Mark So ended up rolling 2d8+4(Hammer) +3 (prof) + 2d6 (HM) + Level 2 Smite (6d8!) So yeah, nearly 100 points of damage (and I missed with the hasted 3rd attack!) Hugely clutch Dispel Magic crit by Roscoe as well, that big magnet ball would have severely crippled Errick and Krynn's effectiveness.. Errick doing big damage with the guiding bolts.. Ari's inspiration was essential too.. And Feneth made a nice ornament..
  10. I dunno, given the subject of the film, I would be surprised if the filmmakers hadn't thought about this quite a lot. They shouldn't be expected to solve the problems, but I would have thought they would have something interesting to say on the subject. (Admittedly probably not to the question around whether or not the film will inspire copycat crimes, which is hacky and unfair).
  11. You can't turn the console on from these, is that right?
  12. I’ve noticed a few frame rate drops but nothing as bad as people seem to be suggesting. The FOV blur bokeh or whatever you want to call it is far more distracting to my eye. I assume it’s necessary to keep the game running like it does but if it isn’t I’m not sure what they were thinking. The frame rate shit - not that it’s really a problem for me - would never have turned up in a proper first party Nintendo game.
  13. My OH pointed out to me the other day if you use your visor on ships in space stations or trading posts one of the pieces of information is the class of it, type, tech slots and cargo slots. I didn't know that. Saves talking to every pilot.
  14. Then yes, get the upgrade. The simplest way to put it is the "Sweet spot" where the 3D actually works is massively, massively larger on the new one because it actually watches your eyes. As an owner of both based on your posts I'd unreservedly say DO IT.
  15. It makes such a difference. Do you know of any reason why it took this long, because Apple never did produce their own controller which might have gone some way to internally justify that MFI nonsense. Also, my 6 year old was laughing so much while playing Cricket Through The Ages with me. A very silly game without much content or gameplay really (it's kind of a one and done joke), but while you're going through it, it's absolutely fucking hilarious in 2 player and it's excellently presented.
  16. I finished this yesterday afternoon with 40 hours clocked. It is a bit janky and the game does have serious pacing issues. There can be long periods of time when you are just traveling between groups being well, a diplomat which doesn't make for the most exciting gameplay. As the game drew toward its conclusions though, I found that I was getting more and more invested in the characters and events and by the end became almost obsessed with trying to tie things up in the best possible way. Thankfully I managed to do and say and negotiate the right things to get a pretty satisfactory conclusion, and I came away from the game feeling a real sense of accomplishment. I also think the game gives the player a fantastic amount of control over unfolding events which makes the story feel somewhat personal. I will play through this again in a few months to see just how much of that perceived freedom over the story is real and take some very different paths, but I have to say, this is a huge achievement for the small team at Spiders to pull together such a competent, at times beautiful, engaging and intricate RPG. Very glad I took a punt on this. It went way and above the functional fantasy RPG I was expecting.
  17. VR changed my criteria for a good gaming chair quite a bit. I now use this:
  18. All dungeons done, 18 Hearts, 46 Seashells & all but one of the Figurines collected. I don't think i'll bother with the Dungeon Maker mode though, as I know what the rewards are & i'm not impressed by or motivated enough to get them. Still, I had a great time. Enough time has passed since I did the latter dungeons on GB for me to have forgotten the solutions, & it was satisfying to experience those 'aha!' moments when I figured something out. All we need now is Ages & Seasons. Combine both into one game & you can start with either, with the changes that relied on the password system just carrying over into whichever one you do second.
  19. So once you have the onion juice, it's actually pretty quick to knock up a nice curry? My wife and I are vegetarian and we love a Paneer Chilli Masala and Vegetable Bhuna.
  20. I've sort of enjoyed my foray back into classic but can't see me continuing, back in the day I got 3 characters to 60 before TBC and having experienced the grind a fresh my main take away is "what the fuck was wrong with me"! When the inevitable TBC and WotLK servers come I will be all over them.
  21. It was alright. I was most impressed with how it chucks in so many play styles and switches between them but at the same time doesn’t really leave any doubt as to what you’re supposed to do. Admittedly the simple nature/two button input of each makes that easy but it’s still impressive. Other than that, I wasn’t blown away but I’m glad everyone else likes it. I was expecting to enjoy the music more than I did based on the trailer. Might try it again with headphones rather than on the TV.
  22. All dungeons including the Colour Dungeon done, 17 hearts and 32 seashells. All I've got left to do is wake the Wind Fish. I think I'll do that tonight, then go on a mop up for the remaining heart pieces and seashells.
  23. I think now would be a good time to start coming up with your suggestions for next month’s game. Remember the remaining ones from last month’s list will be reintroduced with the individual choices for this month. One game choice per person.
  24. Machi Koro Legacy. Playing it with my 11 year old who loves Machi Koro. We are 3 games in now out of 10 and it's superb. Without wishing to spoil it for anyone there are already mechanics in play that are significantly different to anything that's been in Machi Koro before. Nothing that complicated though so it's definitely something you could play with family. Can't wait to see what the next 7 games add. My only slight concern is will we be left with a game we'll want to play once the legacy part is all done? Or will it just gather dust on a shelf? It's not like you can sell on a used Legacy game either.
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