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  2. Oops! Really helpful, thanks - think I’ll wait and read the books first to be on the safe side.
  3. Any developer looking to gain attention through the smaller number of currently released games for that platform? Even if they play old games, the stores will still have a section for new games on the format, and often around launch sales are healthier because people are looking to buy more games for their new machine and there’s less available. Releasing into a five year old market clogged up with thousands of games and completely dominated by one or two mega publishers is only a guaranteed way to make more money if you’re one of the giant corporations already doing that, which only represents a fraction of the industry. MS can afford to eat much bigger losses than Sony, so they might decide to aim for price parity but a power advantage if they can get the main corporation to agree to taking a big hit on each console sold. As far as I’m aware that won’t be a possibility for Sony as they just don’t have as much liquid cash to gamble and are relying more heavily on the financial success of the PlayStation brand than MS are with Xbox. I think this might be part of why Sony pulled out of e3 though. People are expecting Xbox Series X news at e3, and Phil has confirmed they’ll be there, which sets Microsoft a deadline to reveal price and stuff that Sony now don’t have.
  4. Ok this is probably a really tedious question that has been answered many times already, but if I am getting a new switch but want to give my old switch to my wife and make it her primary console, transfer all my data and user to the new console, but retain her data etc on the old machine, get an online family account for both of us, and ensure we can both play Animal Crossing with our own villages, is there a guide or post or something people can point me to, particularly that highlights any potential gotchas? Concerned I will do something in the wrong order, cock it all up unwittingly, then it will just be "please understand" etc.
  5. I’ve got cooper island on order - just waiting patiently for the retail stock to arrive I actually picked up the solo against cooper deck as it was only a few £ and I like a simple automa rather than running 2 hands. There’s also a site with some lovely overlays for the player board that I think I’ll be ordering as well , the ones they do for Maracaibo are excellent. https://shop.brettspiel-news.de/brettspiel-zubehoer/31-maracaibo-overlay-set.html
  6. Last gen, DF really helped me appreciate my choice of Xbox 360, because nearly every comparison showed that the 360 games performed better than the PS3 versions. I could feel smug that I'd made the right choice. Sadly this meant that I saw no reason to ever get a PS3, so I didn't even know I was missing stuff like Yakuza. Also it feels like that very long generation ended with 360 games running like garbage as the 360 had reached its limits several years earlier; whereas PS3 finally hit its stride and devs found new depths to its capabilities. Anyway, to drift from the topic slightly... I'm mainly a console gamer and I don't like playing PC games. The reason why is because I always had weird technical difficulties, crashes to desktop, always needing to update drivers, find patches, etc. But my real problems with PC gaming happened when I discovered FRAPS. Damn Fraps. Fraps ruined everything. In the mid-2000s I made an effort to play games on an upper-midrange PC. But once I had that yellow fps counter in the corner of the screen, I spent so long tweaking each game to get 60fps that it ruined all my enjoyment. The first hour of a new game is supposed to draw you in... but I spent the first hour constantly hitting Esc, going to the graphics settings, and changing every setting one by one to see if I could get better performance. "Hmm, if I change the AA to 4x, I get another 5fps... ah, that's it! 60fps achieved!" But then I'd walk into a new room that had smoke effects, and the frame rate would go down into the 40s... so back to the settings menu, see if reducing the volumetric gubbins to "low" changes anything... and so on. I learned a lot about PC graphics, but it was ruining my enjoyment. Console games may have had worse graphics than PC, but at least you just play them. The devs have done all the hard work of setting the graphics to achieve a custom "low-medium" so that you don't have to think about it.
  7. I guess it depends if you got a kid. To have all the Disney films to hand on a varied rotation will be useful (I only own half of them already and putting the disc in is apparently too long a wait time). Might depend on what Now TV are left with as that's what I mostly use it for. And I am really looking forward to sticking on something like Rescue Rangers or Darkwing Duck as general kid noise on the telly. But yeah, as a grown up, bit of Star Wars, bit of Marvel, maybe not even the newest Marvel... Nah. What is the source of us not getting Simpsons? Are we getting any other Fox content? I assume Sky has contracts all wrapped up for Simpsons until the heat death of the universe? I think even with the 2 year old I could ride out the summer without this thanks to the nice weather, get to October for new Mandalorian and be happy.
  8. ryodi


    It’s an expensive advert for the show now it’s on HBO Prime when it’s revival seems to have been the ease of access people had when it was on Netflix. Anyone expecting more that what grindmouse has described is going to be disappointed.
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bosch is really magnificently shit but intensely watchable bilge. Great stuff.
  10. What's the reason behind us not getting The Simpsons? Was looking forward to a run through of that.
  11. BeeJay

    Pokemon Go

    I'd say that it is entirely possible for it to occur on shadow claw, but much less likely than the 0 moves in your link. If you haven't tried the 0 moves out, give it a try on any old battle as it affects all aspects of battling within the game.
  12. Completely randomly, I just started playing the Switch version last night. Only did the first 30 minutes or so, but it's...yeah. It's definitely something.
  13. Benny


    Carole and Tuesday is the antidote to anime malaise.
  14. John0

    Pokemon Go

    Realised I left the link off my last post : https://gamepress.gg/pokemongo/pvp-fast-moves. So that's all the "0" turn moves from there? I swear I've had it on Shadow Claw, although really hard to tell obviously.
  15. John0

    Pokemon Go

    My worry is there just isn't really a good way to get visibility of these kinds of issues. All the 3rd party support teams Niantic employ are so useless. This one has been around for months now (albeit only really a problem in PvP, but I've noticed it in the game in general since I went onto Android 10 last year).
  16. Thats me did we do this thing already? I thought this topic had died off so i unfollowed it.
  17. You have a link for that? If I google it I just get lots of news articles about the leak:(
  18. Either way, @Darren's reasoning is solid enough for me.
  19. I watched the first episode of Hunters last night. I enjoyed it but then I got a very strong The Boys vibe from it. So, I'm hoping it follows as strong as that show did.
  20. There's a new Clone Wars season too, and a few other Marvel shows. I think there'll be enough to keep things ticking along. I'm not sure that the £50 offer is worth it though for the sake of a potential £10 saving. I think I'd rather risk paying more and have the option of cancelling.
  21. I think they're currently offering a 7 day trial. At the moment those 7 days are more than enough to binge the Mandalorian and have plenty of days to spare. Maybe also watch the handful of Marvel movies you either missed or want to watch again. That's is literally it. Even if you're also interested in Clone Wars you could probably binge that and the Mandalorian with that trial. It's really obvious why they don't offer a month-long trial like Prime.
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