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  2. [The Spelunky Showlike] Into the Depths: Noita - Part 1 #theSpelunkyShowlike https://podplayer.net/?id=100999502 via @PodcastAddict
  3. I'll give this game one thing, it's a bloody great device for stories.
  4. You can definitely get non-native on the nook islands. Pansies are my native flower but I’ve been to an island with tulips (orange, pink, black) as well.
  5. I dillied and dallied and missed it. It was not meant to be.
  6. Thanks for thst write-up, it sounds like I'll love the good bits you describe. Just looking at the beautifully realized game world is all I wanted to do in the PS1 original after rinsing it, and with expectations in check, that's exactly what I'll get to do finally. Not my uncle, he's busy making that Switch Mario collection at work and doesn't have FF7R yet he told me.
  7. How the living fuck have you got the island designer and not Mable?!
  8. Are they still stubbornly holding onto the digital release date despite everyone and their uncle already selling it?
  9. I know I've been spending time on what I didn't like personally but that's mostly down to what people seemed to want to find out about. With that said, now that I've finished the main story, there's certainly a lot to like about the game. As a remake I'm not very fond of it but as an isolated FF7 themed game it mostly works fine. There are some areas that are so beautifully crafted that I spent ages just looking at stuff like textures and props. In the original game the proportions were all over the place but now everything is to scale and it simply looks stunning. I'd love an animated series that simply tells stories about what goes on in this city, it's just so big and believable. The best bits in this game are among the best bits in any video game ever but it just doesn't add up as a coherent whole to me. It's like being served my favourite dish only to find out the chef has added spices that really doesn't mix well with what I thought I ordered.
  10. We already know how much better Microsoft's BCPack texture compression is over the industry standard Kraken compression tech. XSX SSD: 2.4GB/s (Raw), 4.8GB/s (Compressed) - 2X compression ratio PS5 SSD: 5.5GB/s (Raw), Typical 8-9GB/s (Compressed) - 1.45-1.63X compression ratio So BCPack is significantly better at compressing texture data. It still doesn't close the gap enough as the PS5 has a significantly faster drive in the first place. PS5 with Microsoft's compression tech would be pushing 11GB/s.
  11. Buy them as seeds from Nooks Cranny on an island where they are native
  12. Thanks, I'd initially just placed it behind the plaza and it was pretty much blocked once resident services opened up. 50k to move it but deffo worth it. Today I've got the Island Designer so have added a nice path to the Museum, still plenty to do though Checked my residents report and they say there are too many trees so am now on a deforestation mission Anyone else finding that they are not getting many hybrid flowers? I've got loads of patterns planted to generate hybrids and water the ones I really want but only get 1 or 2 a day and get more bog standard ones sprouting instead. I really hope that Fertilizer appears in this at some point. Also sodding Mabel has only been in town once this week and still has not offered to open a shop, I bought loads of crap clothes from her too
  13. Here’s my stuff. Im still excited but my husband is watching some shit on TV and won’t let me play yet. I don’t have anything to get the music off the CD
  14. Yeah, I was planning to take a Snecko Eye on a run, then load up on expensive cards.
  15. I'm liking the event. It's a bit in your face but I'm all for making pointless shit and having it clutter my house. Just like real life!
  16. ^ cars from the same class? just checking. been trying to get back into racing games a bit, thought i'd give this a try, checks weekly timetrials - you need to buy the car to enter, the first car is 2.8m, the second one is 20m. i have 0.3m - guess i'm not doing those!
  17. Al Pacino's impression of a League of Gentleman character is uncanny:
  18. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Yea, I love my Demon Axe, but if I run into one of those guys (or a couple of others) I normally switch to sword.
  19. How do you get these mum flowers? Are they hybrids? I was eyeing up @Lyrical Donut's when I went to his earlier.
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