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  2. I gave up on TDM, which is odd as that's what I exclusively played in all previous CoDs. I only go in if I need some specific daily or part of a mission. I've found the love for Domination and Kill Confirmed, despite most people not knowing what the fucking point or Kill Confirmed is.
  3. https://www.slashfilm.com/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-clip-from-fortnite/
  4. I do not want to put myself inside that.
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  6. When everyone was jizzing in their pants at how brilliant the Disney purchase was I’m sure all the hardcore fans were saying it would only be a few months until the blu ray release of the unaltered OT. We’re still waiting..............
  7. I must say that this doesn't have the same pull as the earlier BLOPs titles (both 3 and 4). I find my old go to mode TDM way too random with some really weird spawns and almost no consistent spawn switching. Ground War is fun but no one plays the objective. The last 5-10 games have all ended up with either spawn trapping or being spawn trapped. Yesterday I lost a game 48-9, so a nuke for owning all bases after 5 minutes or so. We took home base and then everyone went for the sides or roofs. The super easy sniping really messes with the balance of this game mode.
  8. I thought I'd just post some actual numbers from current products. We wont really know about Xbox and it's special sauce until someone leaks the specs though. - The Bone X is about 175W on load at the wall. The target for the APU is about 150W. The new console will probably need to be about the same. - A desktop 3700 is at least 65W. An RX 5700 is at least 200W at full load. The 5700 wont be the same chip design but it will be the same fab technology. - Clock-wise Bone X is 2.3Ghz/1170Mhz. - For Series X you're probably looking at half speed Ryzen and RDNA GPU cores compared to PC (~2Ghz/900Mhz) as a starting point. This does not account for any DXR extras that may have been added. - The AMD Ryzen™ 7 3780U Microsoft Surface Edition runs at 2.3Ghz/1400Mhz (r7/vega11) at a more constrained TDP. From an engineering and marketing perspective they probably want higher clocks than the Bone X. It could reasonably be over/around 3Ghz/1600Mhz. Dev's will still need to employ rendering tricks to do 4k/60 but it's on the table for sure. The price of this and PS5 is gonna be a stinger. Being a one console home might be the financially responsible choice.
  9. My friend who moved away some years ago emailed me out of the blue to catch up and mentioned that he needed my address to send something he borrowed from me years ago, but didn’t immediately offer up what it was. I was confident it was my CvS2 guidebook, obviously largely irrelevant now but still full of lovely art and that. It says a lot about the person I was and who I am now that I was disappointed to find out it was a only Buttman pornographic dvd.
  10. Yes, but they also won't be getting them at such a discount that they could go in a £400-500 console. Microsoft and Sony will be getting customised versions of older and slower parts with new stuff like raytracing support added in.
  11. 1995 1. The Usual Suspects 2. Toy Story 3. 12 Monkeys 1996 1. Fargo 2. Mars Attacks! 3. Jerry Maguire 1997 1. Princess Mononoke 2. As Good as it Gets 3. Jackie Brown 1998 1. Rush Hour 2. The Wedding Singer 3. American History X 1999 1. The Matrix 2. Toy Story 2 3. Galaxy Quest
  12. Having said that, 10 points clear of third at this stage is better than I expected.
  13. It’s 6 5-minute long episode. Then these will be show as a 30 minute compilation also. 6x5=30.
  14. Yes, the second expansion is so good and expensive it would have been acceptable to sell as a full (if shorter) sequel. When that's over, yeah, emotional.
  15. Is that a gag? Like it's 35mins but only 5mins is 'new' content i.e talking heads. or are these ACTUALLY only going to be 5mins long? Confused.
  16. I've assumed ever since the initial ps5 details came out last year that both consoles will be approaching Five Hundred And Ninety Nine US Dollars at launch.
  17. And bear in mind that you'll only need the hardware - all those teams delivering games for Microsoft will be putting them straight onto Gamepass. And your old controllers still work so you won't need extra peripherals that you may have needed to aid your lie that the console would be played by the whole family. They could afford to be the most expensive console because you don't need to buy any games - you effectively get them all for free* *Not for free, unless you're paid up for 100 years thanks to the gamepass/live conversion fun a few months back.
  18. keptbybees

    Gears 5

    Just got up to the same boss fight and it is terrible, especially trying to do it in single player. I got really close which felt like enough of a slog and then it did a charge I thought I'd dodged but it swerved to one shot me. Really been enjoying it up to this point, it felt like a big improvement on GoW4 but I can see me dropping it if it takes more than a few more goes at the Matriarch as it just too long and not fun to play.
  19. I'd say the two Far Cry games on OG Xbox. They were really pushing it on there.
  20. Was at Mark Lanegan tonight in Edinburgh. Was enjoying it but sadly he went off stage after an hour. Nothing was said other than the guitarist coming out saying he didn’t know if they were coming back out.
  21. It doesn’t reset the view for people who’s views have drifted though...maybe it’s different for people whose views have moved through other kinds of means, but if your view has kinda creeped round during the game, all it does is fix the moves angle. That’s why people are asking online if it could work like all the other PSVR games- Beat Saber doesn’t work like other games in that regard.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Hot damn, this show is really firing on all cylinders. Some MAGNIFICENT casting too.
  24. Same, loved it, cant wait to see where s5 goes.
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