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  2. skittles

    Gamer or lamer?

    Lol. What is the definition of a true gamer? When I meet new people I ask them if they play video games in the first 5 minutes, it's absolutely wonderful when you get a bite.
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  4. Holdo is dead? No Rose hopefully. Dreadfully bland and annoying and only there to distract us from Finn being shipped with Rey.
  5. Necro Deathmort might be up your street. https://open.spotify.com/album/0m3gx45I0511dPmIuUWlUM?si=HXl1BeMySz6epSGCcKDckQ
  6. Watched it today and a lot of my thoughts match opinions already placed. Amazingly tense and provoking film. It was fun, uplifting, scarey, thrilling. It was very old fashioned and character, dialog driven rather than action, even then, the action is grounded and simple. One thing missed is all in, loved it
  7. I suspect that she’ll probably drop making / sharing her videos which is a pity. This would have sucked the joy out of it all.
  8. I've reset my Valor rank 3 times and I'm still only 24% final blows / 39 % defeats and medals into the Randy's Throwing Knife quest? All my guardians are dressed LIKE IRON LORDS so I think that's enough Iron Banner for now.
  9. So i got my Knight commission finished this weekend. Here's some pictures...
  10. Episode 81 Continuing their search for Yussa and hoping to find a possible boon in their struggle against Obann, the Mighty Nein wander the Heirloom Sphere into rooms of ever-growing danger...
  11. Some lovely choices in this thread. I think the standout for me has to be Metroid Prime. I'd drifted away from console games for a few years, and booting that up in the dark on a big CRT TV felt like the future. I just couldn't believe the amount of detail they'd put into the world. Quake, Deus Ex, RE4, BOTW are obvious biggies as well - it's a small thing, but I'm not *quite* as blown away by BOTW because the story conceit (of it being basically a post apocalyptic world with a few small enclaves of civilisation) meant there were fewer well written characters to care about compared to a text-heavy RPG, but then Zelda has always been about going out into the wilderness and exploring rather than that stuff. Weirdly, the two games that immediately came to mind when I saw this topic were Contra 3 and Dungeon Keeper. The former still just feels so ridiculously over the top; the latter was at that point where Molyneux & co. had started playing the best Japanese games of the time and started trying to cram a million secrets and interactions into everything. (Black & White taking the approach even further.)
  12. Just search the completed listings on eBay or something. Can't imagine it's worth much more than a couple of quid, though.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Nothing worthwhile on single player news. Probably shite then.
  15. MDY

    Megadrive Mini

    Yes, but the fact that same original game not only has its own series of disorderly sequels, but also managed to spins off an entirely different and similarly scattershot franchise makes the whole thing hilariously complicated..
  16. I can't believe more people here aren't playing this incredible game. If you're worried about it being early access or full of stats and RPG nerdery, or that it needs a meaty PC, don't be. It feels (fairly) finished already, has beautifully simple controls and runs on pretty much anything. It's a serious GOTY contender for me. It's the game I wished existed when I was putting all those hours into Spelunky daily challenges and getting killed by my atrophied platforming reflexes. Once you get the hand of reading the environment and know roughly what most of the spells (ammo types) do, you can start improvising crazy plans to survive. It's satisfying in the way Breath of the Wild and Deus Ex where the simulation is robust enough to let things emerge. I'm off to play it some more.
  17. So much wrong with that tipster video, aside from recommending that people watch the OK hotel room video, the agreement says she “can’t use it without permission”, that’s not the same as “can’t use the character going forward”, is it?
  18. I have the Firesale Long Musket a time level28. It’s melting everything and way OP with Zanes clone. The reload sends loads of mini versions also so during a boss fight I was melting it with 5 flame throwers. If you have it give it a go before it’s nerfed.
  19. Go 4-1-2-1-2 with an LM and RM instead of 3 CM's.... Then you can have Costa and Cuadrado/Lozano instead of the horrible, lumpen mess that is Milinkovic-Savic. Not sure where you'd stick Pirlo, maybe sell him to fund: Sack off Lukaku for Mertens Buy Dybala to replace Gomez Repalce Matuidi with Allan (keep Mats for back up) Swap Chiellini for Koulibaly Get Insigne as back up IMO!
  20. It works both ways? It’s the lenses on both coming together. So far the scratches have only been on the glasses.
  21. You were much faster than me, but we had a good few laps!
  22. PK

    Red Dwarf

    "Don't fish swim south for the winter?" "No, that's birds, sir." "Birds swim south for the winter? How do they breathe?"
  23. Awesome! Did a free trial for Shudder. Great film. Loved it.
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