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  2. This is now going straight to Disney Plus - I think it's the first time a Disney film announced for a cinematic release has gone directly to streaming. They haven't confirmed if it'll keep the original May 29 release date. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/disney-breaks-theatrical-window-artemis-fowl-debuting-disney-1288463
  3. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    I stand happily corrected.
  4. I paid £40 and my timer reads 5.5 hours, not counting restarts - of which there have been more than I care to mention. I’ve still got at least one big section of the game to do, so I expect that play time to have gone up by the end. Let’s not be silly. Heres my late game impressions:
  5. If these spoilers are true then that really is some fucking first class trolling from the devs. I predict death threats and a Kickstarter campaign for a 'true' remake, or just a remastered version anyway.
  6. Oh FFS. Met Goose again and did the this is for you thing so could give him the post of himself. First I nearly gave him my other diy bench and laughed to myself about how stupid that'd be. Before then immediately giving him the creepy doll i bought earlier instead of the goddam poster again
  7. Really loving Demon's Tilt! Glad that it finally got a discount.
  8. Thanks! I'm current;y quite chuffed with every room apart from the kitchen. I think it still looks like some kind of student setup The main living room is currently experimental - when I get a size upgrade I might go for half serious business / half kiddeh. Or I might dedicate the kids stuff to an outdoor playground when I get the editor. I fucked up by forgetting about a neighbour's bits and pieces for the best part of 2 days because I was already deep into playing it like AC old-school style. Twat.
  9. There’s some good stuff in the sale actually. Those who are yet to play Titanfall 2, it’s now less than 4 quid, and it’s fantastic, so that’s be my recommendation. I’ve nabbed Doom 3 and Deus Ex.
  10. I’m not crafting shit with these fucking eggs. It’s all garish shite. Just gonna shove the lot in my wheelie bin. I hope to fuck all those recipes fuck off from my crafting menu on the 13th.
  11. It's going to be a clusterfuck that kills the series. It's going to be a clusterfuck that kills the series. It's going to be a clusterfuck that kills the series.
  12. Can anyone explain what exactly is going on. From the start please.
  13. Yeah, I Judged the collector to finish him off. Love the big 'Judged' that blats them - wonder if that's a Gregory Horror Show reference...
  14. This is brilliant. Clubs at the top will still have money coming in from commercial deals, shouldn't be a big deal for them to give some of that to clubs that would otherwise go to the wall after missing a few home games: Should hopefully spark a conversation about why some clubs were in such a precarious position to begin with though, and why it took a pandemic to see some solidarity from the top to the bottom of the pyramid.
  15. The credits have just two names on it. As a result it doesn’t have any of the flair or pizzazz that a top draw arcade racer should have. On the other hand, it does have the most rock solid frame rate I’ve ever seen in a racing game, a physics engine that allows for some truly outrageous power drifting (that you have to put a lot of effort into learning how to pull off) and an innovative boost system that is the best enhancement to the genre since Burnout 2. It’s flawed, but absolutely bloody wonderful.
  16. I'm skint after paying off a loan so selling Orange and Pink roses (plants) at 3 for 10k bells, the deals go down on my island in the metronome woods which is definitely not shady at all, although I may be able to mail them, haven't tried yet. Currently have 2 batches of orange and 3 or 4 batches of pink to sell. They are hybrids so quite hard to come by normally hence the price, and they're fully grown.
  17. Hate marauders. One of the secret slayer missions is to kill one in 30seconds too. Nope, can't do that.
  18. Honestly I can barely remember what happened in the original in Midgar, so do you think that for people with crap memories or brand new players it will be better?
  19. I’ve been using the basic side table but backwards if you wanted to place them any sooner. You can customise it to be white (eventually) as well.
  20. I just tried the softmod as I thought I could use the Wii in place of my Jap/US Gamecube and save a powerport/component input. I did the homebrew channel install and then the Priloader thing, and set it to Region free everything. I stuck in a game to quickly test it (Resi 4) and noticed that the Wii version seemed to be playing in a much thinner section of screen like it had gone into ultra-widescreen or something. Sure enough when I stuck the game in the GameCube we had a lot more vertical screen on display. Did I miss something obvious here ?
  21. Had a bit of a Master System fest on the Mega SG. Started off with Wonderboy in Monster World, an old favourite that I’ve never been great at. Inadvertently read all about it on StrategyWiki earlier, so I thought I’d put that into use. Never realised you could buy new health potions from some shops! Was going great guns until the game glitched in the pyramid, sending me into a room of garbled sprite data before spitting me out through a wall next to the boss room. Problem is that the pyramid boss (sphynx) is an utter bastard who you’re not really supposed to fight, but solve its riddle by buying info from a barman. But due to the glitch, I couldn’t get to the bar, and the sphynx battered me. Feel like I’ve got a better idea of when to buy what upgrades though, so despite the sour ending, I think I’ll return. Also had a quick poot on Fantasy Zone (still great), Paperboy (looks and moves well, but the game just doesn’t work without a portrait screen), Final Bubble Bobble (great port!) and the original Wonderboy (another best in class port). What a little powerhouse of a system.
  22. I only know this game in passing, I never played it. But even I know if Rubber Johnny is right then holy fucking shit.
  23. Can't any laptop essentially become a retro gaming laptop? As in, you could format it and install DOS/ win 3.x / 95 on it? I mean, I don't actually know if this would work ... Would it?
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