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  2. Well the Steam controller didn't make any difference so I don't see why this would be the catalyst to developers deciding to support the concept en masse, especially with so few 'big' PC exclusives relative to the console market. Plus Sony have had the ability to use it since the PS3 and never really done much in that area, there must be a reason why (and given the fact none of the big third party games have tended to have it as a PlayStation 'perk' suggests it's not trivial to implement.)
  3. Splatoon 1/2 are the best examples of gyro controls on WiiU and Switch. Just magnificent to play with and I generally fucking hate gyro/waggle.
  4. A kid who used to be in my form a fair few years back has just become The Athletic’s Brentford correspondent. He’s a really lovely lad so any of you subscribers who have a spare minute or two, give him a read. Absolutely made up for him, from Year 7 you could tell he was the kind of lad you’d be proud to call your own. He’s actually a gooner but has worked for Sky Sports News for 4 years which is round the corner from Brentford.
  5. 13 year old silver medallist congratulating 13 year old gold medallist is probably going to be one of my favourite moments ever.
  6. Well, the cars are beautiful, almost worth the pain of getting AC and content manager working. Not managed a clean lap yet, nor one under 3 minutes.
  7. Is it possible to play this on Xbox One at all? Obviously that's not ideal, but it's unlikely that any Series X consoles will be available near me for ages.
  8. Just watched the first season of this on Disney Plus, and then the first episode of season 2. It's great, but very odd at times. I wasn't entirely sure about the 'Montague' episode from season one. The soundtrack is fantastic, though, and Darius is a hero.
  9. There are some which were bought for collection, rather than playing, such as some of the shmups. And I always buy Mario games, even if they turn out crap. But nearly all my play is on the Switch now, so most games get a good go. I don't play much that was released in the first couple of years of the Switch's life now, apart from Mario Kart. Might throw one up next month, when I have the house to myself for a bit.
  10. Yeah, but we’re all nutters watching matches on Sky. We’re predisposed to want massive shifts in the last ten balls, the occasional (but not every over) giant six, and spin bowlers laughing in the face of batsmen trying to whack it.
  11. I guess I slipped up already, sold one game and bought three (from the classifieds) - I've cheated somewhat and assigned them to July/August/September.
  12. You really don't need a Hotas to play the game and I would highly recommend everyone try the game before throwing money at peripherals as, for all it's eye candy, it will definitely not be for everyone. Pre release of the PC version last I was very close to buying a stick and throttle as I had convinced myself they were essential but I've since found that I'm perfectly happy pootling around with a pad (plus M+K to make life a little bit easier on menu screens and so on).
  13. I'm glad it's not just Spurs who are capable of wasting money then!
  14. It’ll be in the integral content manager - not the Xbox store.
  15. I'm sure it's been mentioned, but The Movies That Made Us season 2 is excellent.
  16. I’m horrified on a daily basis. Then I remember gamergate, and before gamergate, and read again what it was like in 2010 as a woman/minority in certain tech/game companies and I wonder: a) what the fuck is going on b) how the hell the likes of blizzard, activision, Ubisoft, quantum dream, random indie dev of misogynistic frat boys, haven’t been sued to oblivion c) how much it goes on where I work, outside of the games industry, but which I’m just not aware of because of the types of teams I work in
  17. If you mean me? Then nothing. If you mean the mag? Pretty much nothing.
  18. Have you contacted help@magazinesdirect.com as they should be able to help you.
  19. I have started using the Xbox Game bar for screenshots. It generates one image that is all wrong, very similar to yours, but also a colour correct one (as seen in my post up thread a little). I have never flown a jet in almost a year of playing this game although, to be fair, I couldn't play it at all for the first few months as it would not install on my last PC due to Windows being broken.
  20. I’m not sure there’s a world where the terms ‘increase flaps’ and ‘decrease flaps’ will fail to make me laugh.
  21. Nier Reincarnation is supposed to be out soon I think the App Store page mentioned July 28th?
  22. Yeah Five Guys is a decent burger place. Don’t get the “it’s expensive” thing because it’s no more expensive than any other similar level chain food place e.g. Nando’s etc. I think it’s just seen like that as people compare it to McDonalds and it isn’t McDonald’s.
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  24. Doesn't work for me. Which input is your console on, out of interest?
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