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  2. I am not familiar with this "Foxy Games UK" channel, but 8K resolution at 120fps with Ray Tracing?
  3. Giving this a bump as looks like Blade Runner is going to be playable via ScummVM and they're testing it now in the latest build https://www.scummvm.org/
  4. BL1 twice Island of Dr Ned The first 3 missions of Moxxi, the rest are horribly difficult solo and add nothing Knoxx Claptrap BL2 twice Scarlett Torgue Hammerlock Tina Headhunter packs BL1.5 twice Claptrap Tales from the Borderlands BL2 Lilith BL3
  5. Yup. For next season I will take anywhere from 17th up as a win. Unlike the Lambert days.
  6. You've mentioned them three times on this page alone.
  7. His voice is so utterly legendary Excellent interview.
  8. Reviews are pointless anyway (imo). I've never paid any attention to them.
  9. You looking to sell the Switch copy (if it's a code) to help fund the Steam version?
  10. Didn't miss you guys last night, epic race in the daily, and it was proper clean too.
  11. It supports Mac yeah, probably isnt massively different installing it. I just used the USB cable that came with my samsung phone. I'm sure the one you linked to will work.
  12. It's pretty great that the PS4 has recent had a load of Castlevania released for it! The M2 Castlevania Collection! The Requiem Castlevania X games! ...and now Bloodstained!
  13. I always wait for the official score on the deKay-o-meter before making up my mind anyway.
  14. Once you see her eat sandwiches, you'll understand.
  15. I wish I could get this on Switch but 30fps makes me sad. Steam it is for me too!
  16. I've noticed that certain game writers seem to have it out for CDPR for some reason . I recall a similar bit of nonsense about Witcher 3 not being diverse enough because there were no black people in it. It's infuriating because it's really a form of cultural imperialism in and of itself, where American culture wars and social concerns are seen as something we should all be confronting no matter what society we are from and art from other cultures which doesn't engage with these issues is 'racist' or something. So a game made by Eastern European developers based on elements of Slavic and Celtic mythology and set in thinly-veiled versions of Central/Eastern Europe and Ireland/Western Isles of Scotland/Norway* isn't 'diverse' because the society doesn't reflect the present day American society which is depicted in every other AAA game. A game which is partly an allegory for the terrible ways Polish and Slavic people have been treated throughout history at the hands of racist ideologies doesn't deal with racism because they don't understand that white people can be racist against white people! And for C77, it seems perhaps as if the very common American practice of seeing race as a more important social division than class is at work in these half-arsed complaints. That's part of the reason why unions are dead in the US, class solidarity just isn't a thing. *Skellige being brilliant, it's the only game I have ever played that isn't a Paradox strategy game which has even bothered with the complex Irish/Norse/Scottish culture thing - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norse–Gaels
  17. What is a difficulty? But a miserable little pile of options??!
  18. Does she just speak like that? It's really strange way to speak but the script doesn't help, but when she's given less exposition to get through it's much less jarring.
  19. Yeah, my house mate asked "is that shit program on tomorrow?" He's loving it really.
  20. Seen all the love here, but obviously not seen too much of her yet, so I'm hoping I'll get to see it the same way!
  21. Not sure if this is the best place to ask as it's only partly BL2 related (and google is throwing up some conflicting answers) but now that the HJ collection is on GamePass and I've got a BL1 360 disk sat ready and waiting, in which order should I be going through the series ?
  22. Yeah, I just watched the above IGA 13 DLC's video above after posting that and fxxk it I'm buying it (again since I have the Switch backer copy coming but sadly no Switch anymore so Steam for me).
  23. I'd say it's reassuringly easy at the start rather than too easy. I've died on the first boss a couple of times.
  24. Almost all games will be reviewed without the day one patch, surely? Assuming the reviews are published on the day of release.
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