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  3. TehStu - 1:04.513 Oh man that holding it in 3rd thing just clicked for me.
  4. There's a new Year of the Ox album on Spotify.
  5. Ironically you could have played Dropzone on your Playstation. I remember buying Strangeloop for the Spectrum, being so excited and - like soooo many games - not really having a clue.
  6. Strangeloop was another game I desperately wanted to buy. I came close but missed out. Short diversion. Starting from 1984 I had some incredibly bad times stemming from school. But in 1987 things looked up. We'd moved to a new suburb and I had a new start at a new school. A few days after moving in I explored some of the surrounding suburbs and found the most amazing computer store. It was an Aladdin's cave of C64 software. And they had Strangeloop! In a bargain bin! (I think it was $8, it might have even been part of a compilation.) So I scratched around at home for some change an
  7. I did exactly the same thing Spooky on my first runthrough, but it was because I was roleplaying what I thought Connor would actually do (for the first choice). Ultimately I did go back on a second (and third eventually) playthrough because I wanted to see what would happen, and I think it was worth it. However I did also lose another character right near the end so I had another incentive to play again, make different choices and try to get a better ending. So I went back a third and final time to try some other options and get the best possible ending for all characters (because I got Marcus
  8. Managed to improve slightly after chasing @footle's ghost for what seemed like an eternity. MrBungle06 1:03.787 - I reckon I could get that down to the 1:02's if I could get that first corner right.
  9. Roland's Ratrace. This is one I didn't play in the day as it just never came out here. And to me he's as much of a mystery as BC is to the podcast. I'm a sucker for arcade adventures usually but I couldn't get on with this at all. Partly because I just had no connection to the character, partly because the sewer maze is way too samey to navigate. Um, anyone else got anything nice to say about it? The use of hi res sprite overlay for the main character is neat I guess.
  10. Argos are in stock now im not even going to bother trying
  11. Dark Souls 1 has fast travel that appears at the exact point that most people agree that it gets worse.
  12. Broker


    But the mass hypnosis only works on other Jewish people. So I suppose you could read it as a few bad Jewish people having an evil effect on all the rest of the Jewish people, but that still paints the majority of Jewish people as innocent, which doesn’t play into any ideas that would paint Jewish people as inherently bad. And the people who are secretly controlling the world from behind the scenes are doing so in collusion with the non Jewish people to protect them from the evil ones who can hypnotise people. It’s still a story where if you’re reading Eldians as Jewish people they’re both the
  13. Seems that's a US style date. Capcom said yesterday was her birthday. I didn't know - for me, it was Monday. One of the best characters ever. Looking good for 53. Happy birthday, Chunners. You're still my best fighter in SF2.
  14. I dipped back in to see how/if things had changed since the comedic disaster that was season 8, and while this is nowhere near as bad as that it still feels awfully bland. Having a new group attack literally days after they dispatched the whisperers felt like a parody. Yes, the explanation that Maggie brought that shit back with her is somewhat believable, but only if she really pissed off that group as it sounds like they’ve gone especially out of their way. Despite early attempts in TWD to show they weren’t bound by the comics, I think it’s been mostly a flourish here a
  15. But Dark Souls 1 had fast travel.
  16. Cheers for the games @Shimmyhill, sorry I lost comms! Got to head off now tho
  17. TBH I'm damn surprised how high up that list @SteveH is. I reckon he must've paid someone to set that time for him
  18. matt0


    It does the big reveal then immediately does a lore dump about the Eldian royal family being able to control minds and manipulating populations through mass hypnosis. That's incredibly fucked up. Not to mention Marley being controlled from the shadows by an Eldian noble family. It's a deeply odd show, in that it is antisemitic in my opinion for the reasons above, but that the analogues for Jewish people in the story are the protaganists you're obviously meant to be emphasising with. Like you said, I also don't think the Eldians are intended to be an exact on
  19. I’ll play providing that @tomakasatnav cunt is still on the other side of the world and unable to join due to problematic time-zone differences and shit communal WiFi within his 3 million inhabitant apartment block. P.S. Haven’t posted on a public forum for quite some time. Unsure if it’s currently frowned upon to call people cunts, mock their time zones or imply that their living chambers are experiencing occupancy issues which may or may not be impacting their internet performance in an adverse manner.
  20. Dropzone is excellent and I couldn't wait to get a copy. It was going to be one of my first purchases as a C64 owner. I had spent hours playing the Atari 2600 version of Defender which had some "unique" features. Such as the player ship disappearing every time you fired a bullet. The 2600 version was pretty basic. The C64 version of Defender was workman like but acceptable. Dropzone by comparison looked amazing. The jetman in Dropzone (and Jetpac) was most likely inspired by this guy. He was everywh
  21. I hope the bigger scope extends to some ludicrously massive bosses, like Shadow of the Colossus big.
  22. The pronunciation of Walsall on last week's episode was nearly enough to make me send an email.
  23. Haven't heard a good Alien Soldier fan-arrangement before. Nice!
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