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    art of rally

    just tried the demo and really liked it, will get the full game. jumps are a bit difficult because of the view but jumps are difficult anyway i guess. and yeah i think analogue triggers are a good idea - was using an xbox pad - though it controlled really well on the default settings.
  3. It doesn’t address the locked weekly missions or missing skill points etc Still it’s steps in right direction. A lot of it is tuning like enemy ranged attacks (which are horrific) and Fire Adaptiods
  4. all this has made me want, is a teeny little model of an xbox ss! i dont know why, i just want one! like when those XBOX keychains were around, with the green light on them!
  5. 10 To Midnight (1983) A guy takes bloody revenge on a woman that spurned his advances. Charles Bronson is the cop who'll do anything to get his man. This is definitely a sleazy one, the killer and his victims are naked more often than not when the murders take place, and lots of total filth over the phone, all in a shiny early-80s kind of way. It's a pretty solid thriller though, definitely one of the better films Bronson made with Cannon, it handled the revenge so much better than the Cannon-produced Death Wish films for sure, lifting it above raw, dumb vengeance. The relationship between Bronson's daughter and his cop partner was particularly well written, they were a really likeable pair. Mind you, that did fizzle out later on. That ending, the lighting, the music, credits roll. 3.5/5
  6. Confidential mission is pretty much identical in redream.
  7. Relieved to discover that Mario 64 is still as fun and playable as ever.
  8. This is me almost exactly! I've ordered no games. If it works with all of my games and third-party controllers (especially the Brook PCB in my arcade stick), I can actually fit it somewhere, and its fan is incredibly quiet under load... I'll keep it and sell my PS4. But I'm expecting a somewhat noisy fan from new, which is only gonna get worse, and as per most Sony items, poor build quality. The X is much easier for me to find a home for, should have a quiet fan, and it'll work with my controllers. Thing is, I don't care enough about Microsoft's games to want an X, and I'm staying at 1080p because I don't like modern TVs (I'm hoping for adjustable strobing on microLEDs). Sony's days of having Ridge Racer, Tekken, WipEout, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo et al as exclusives are mostly over, and I haven't enjoyed the GTs since the PS1 (and the next is when, '22 if we're lucky?!). It's probably all on Uncharted's multiplayer to win me back, but I've been disappointed in ND's latest with the AI shite. But I've my £1 GPU, so I'm most likely to sell the PS5 and buy an S to use until my sub runs out in '21. I haven't had a gaming PC for the best part of 20 years, so I might just leave it at the S and build a 3070 next year. I'm hoping to buy a used Honda for offroading next year, after doing some for the first time since I was a kid this year and finding it wasn't diluted at all. Falling off just hurts more!
  9. Update alert, everybody run your unofficial updaters. Jotego has released Side Arms to the public. Your scripts will now pick up all the necessary mra & rbf files.
  10. https://avengers.square-enix-games.com/en-us/news/v130patch/
  11. whats going on. Did John Henry find his Credit Card?
  12. The question I’m asking myself now is... will I be able to copy PT over to the PS5... and will it be backwards compatible.
  13. Yeah, slowly whittling a boss down that way then inevitably fucking up and taking attempt-ending stray hits because you're in there with them for ages sounds like a good way to make the experience more frustrating but it's good that different approaches are an option, I guess. Though thinking about it I sort of did the first Owl fight that way in NG because I thought you were supposed to go more for his health rather than his posture and it didn't take all that long really. Not sure how viable it'd be once the health and posture bars start getting buffed on later playthroughs though. I do want to make clear that that moan was only a very minor niggle in something which I've loved enough to go straight into NG+ without a break, something I've never done with Souls or Bloodborne despite utterly adoring them. I'll defend FROM's design decisions to the hilt for the most part but each of their games has one or two things where I feel like they push their little tropes a bit too far (a particularly annoying run back to a fog door here, a multi-stage boss that feels more long-winded than epic there) and that just happened to be one for me, though obviously that sort of thing is always very subjective. Only tiny blips in the full context of what they do, but enough for me to sympathise with those who have less of a tolerance for it.
  14. A bit?! The writing's terrible even by game standards, to the point of coming back around on itself as a worthwhile parody if they made it about 30% worse. I don't like the look of the shooting, where characters don't react until reaching their hitcounts and belatedly falling over. Its world looks great, I'm just dubious about its content. Latterday GTA vibes for me.
  15. And confidential mission. Would love to play that with a gun, or even a wiimote.
  16. Very kind of you to say, thank you! I’m enjoying myself quite a bit, although I have too many minis on the go at once now, a common occurrence I understand. I’m trying to follow the official Games Workshop painting instructions on their minis, just to practice my accuracy and build my confidence. I’m finding the Citadel paints really nice to use, especially the so-called “Technical” paints like Nihilakh Oxide and Hexwraith Flame. But also the “Shade” paints are perfect for washes - being pre-diluted it removes all the worry about how much to thin them, and I find the detail is so good on the models now it can make you feel like a painting ninja when you flood the area and all the details miraculously pop out. Here’s one of the Nighthaunts I have on the go. It’s amazing how much slop you can find when you take pictures - I thought this was looking Ok in hand! Lots of tidying up to do, but at least you can’t go wrong with that Green Hexwraith Flame
  17. I too care a lot about what the cart that I can’t see inside my Switch looks like. People don’t half like to moan about shit that really doesn’t matter. Anyway this is great. Galaxy is just as good as I remember it, and it’s been an absolute joy playing it with the kid on star bit collecting duties. Played the first few Shines in Sunshine too and man that game looks lovely, really makes me hope we’ll get more Cube games over time.
  18. And the added nightmare when you realise that your toaster isn't the right size for the newest bread type.
  19. The real nightmare will be when we have to do this every time there’s a bread delivery at the supermarket after January.
  20. does anyone remember how it worked with setting your primary console when Xbox One came in? Did you just boot and it asked you and you could set it as primary and thereby wipe out your 360 as the primary? Was it a "free" switch of primary as I know you only get so many "goes" within a year.
  21. Still enjoying world/characters but it feels aimless somewhat. Needs stronger ongoing narrative/aims. It may pull together in back half (they keep setting up lots of bits that are left hanging)
  22. Not many poeple have access to newspaper press machinery
  23. Just dropping into the thread to say. I just finished watching the clone wars, courtesy of a fourmite providing this link of Must see episodes to catch you up to series 7. I tried a few times to get into before, but never did. However, this curated list of episodes helped me really enjoy it, without the filler. In Summary? I dunno what to say...the last series, and specifically the last 5 episodes, was the best Star Wars I've ever seen, ever. It's got me thinking about it even now. So for anyone that hasn't seen Clone Wars? DO IT!
  24. What a horrible design decision. What next, the bloody USK logo on every UK cart.
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