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  2. It's a bloody marvel tbh. I read it first when I was rather young and so much I didn't really understand or appreciate. Alan sure does his research. Saying that I remember reading V for Vendetta when I was about 9 in Warrior and didn't have a fucking clue what was going on. I thing I have a firmer grasp on it now I nearing 50 and can look back on the world I grew up in.
  3. @SarlaccfoodI have split out your post into a new thread
  4. Is that from GamesRadar? Noticed they made a post on it.
  5. GunValkyrie would make it for me, that's a game I never thought to see brought over. Still plenty more I'd like to see, but that was always near the top of my list.
  6. Who goes to IKEA for the hotdogs?!
  7. acidbearboy


    Who sampled who? Or did they all just use the same E-Mu Emulator II synth patch? Tangerine Dream - Sudden Revelation 1987 Bobby O - Suspicious Minds 1988 Keiichi Suzuki - Satellite Serenade 1991 And the remix by The Orb that you probably recognise from the opening of Sasha & Digweed's Northern Exposure. This one is definitely a sample of the above! Universal - Live Session 1996
  8. It must be exhausting trying to beat Merc. Red Bull are giving it a good go but then Merc come along with the trick suspension and BAM. In the following clip of the car chase in Point Break the role of Gary Busey will be played by Red Bull and the Ex-Presidents will be played by Mercedes. We join the action mid season with Red Bull just taking the lead in the World Drivers Championship: Bonus: The second part of the chase on foot sees the season reach its crescendo. Max (Keanu) chasing down his prey, Sir Lew (Patrick) through the suburbs of Abu Dhabi.
  9. I would take the last option, and here's why. You're about to embark on a very drastic formation change, and experience of how some of the players play will help you determine if the new system is for you. With the rate that EA are pumping out promo cards, and trashing the golds market, there's a strong chance that 200k will be worth much more 'in relative terms' in a fortnight. Try some new ways of playing, find your style, the build the team.
  10. I entered another GT4 league, over at the Boonatix simracing.gp community. It starts next Wednesday @ Bathurst, and we had a practice race tonight. I finished last Was running around in the mid pack in a field of around 30, and managed to get to 11th place after the mountain claimed a few victims, but I wasn't going to escape its clutches Planted it into the wall with 3 minutes of damage, and with 3 minutes to go that was race over. 17/17!! Was fun racing on the mountain as the sun set. I took the Porsche and if you switch to Endurance lights there's an impressive blue hue in the cockpit, which was amazing to drive in when it was dark. I recommend booting into a single player session and checking it out, Caymen GT4 fans
  11. Yeah Dread definitely the hardest Metroid game in terms of bosses. Super's Ridley fight was kinda tough but that's about it. I dont recall Fusion having any difficult encounters though Prime's Meta-Ridley and Omega Pirate fights were a little tougher but still pretty generous in how many mistakes you could make I before needing to retry.
  12. Shame it’s Sam Andreas on Gamepass, if it was either of the others that would probably do and I wouldn’t need to think about paying for it. It looks better, they’ve fixed the controls, it’s a pretty good package, but I’m not paying full price. Shame you can’t buy each game separately.
  13. I beat every boss on my first or second go in Dread, bar the final one. That took quite a few attempts but once I had the timing and signposting down I could reach the final phase without even taking a hit. I struggled with every single boss in Super, and spent *days* trying to beat the plant boss and Ridley in Prime! I think getting some of the upgrades in this, especially those that need dexterity for the shinesparking, is going to be bloody hard but honestly the only difficult bits in the entire game aside from them are the blue EMMI (until I figured the best place to stand) and the end boss. I found every other Metroid difficult even just wandering round, but here there’s nothing that can really kill you, even with no power ups - you can just walk past most things.
  14. Simmy

    Disco Elysium

    Hmmm... To be honest I was hooked as soon as I saw myself in the mirror. I burst out laughing and have loved it since. My playthrough is going pretty good too - I just stuck my thumb up my arse in front of my colleague to "ward off spirits".
  15. It definitely takes a while to click with at the start, partly because it's pretty overwhelming and starts in media res in a fantasy world with lots of proper nouns flying about that you won't recognise. Don't worry about the sidequest stuff for now; just focus on the main mystery of the hanged body.
  16. 29.192 Edging ever closer to Club 28...
  17. Samus is basically invincible by the end of any metroid game. I've played all metroids recently and I certainly think dread has the hardest bosses. Super and Fusion had some tough ones but still easier imo.
  18. Anyone played Tormented Souls? Watching the video below only thing that worries me is the seemingly limited number of enemy types. Probably due to budgetary constraints. But looks great and could scratch that classic survival horror itch?
  19. Don't worry, the game will power you up up until you can. Keep looking around the cabin for secrets.
  20. I wonder how on the button they were when they asked about the air springs/valves (cant remember which exactly) being the cause of the issue. Toto did not seem impressed.
  21. Anyone fancy taking part in the simracing.gp TCR Virtual 2021? https://beta.simracing.gp/communities/QsDC54crAFf9Vq_wzvaTw#about There are 10 minute qualifying races every 15 minutes, and I just did mine Then a series of heats with 50% of the field going through to the next. Will be interesting to see if I can get out of the first heat!
  22. The bosses are much harder than Dread, and Samus is basically invincible in Dread by the time you get the power bomb.
  23. It's telling that it is Valtteri that is the one mysteriously requiring a new (spec) engine at every race. Sussing out the best option for Lewis' final showdown if necessary maybe? Pretty shrewd really. Whatever it takes.
  24. Nintendo have already announced the physical version for Switch though.
  25. That makes sense, but I figure I’m going to paint them anyway so I may as well stick em up and see what occurs. Added a lot more Tesseract Glow to the Royal Warden and fucked around with backgrounds and vignette/blurs to make him look as moody as possible:
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