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  2. It’s not XII, Horii said on Twitter that it’s still a long way out. The lineup panel discussion will be about other games, most of which won’t be released in the West. The only things we’re likely to see are if there’s another Heroes or Builders game. My bets would be: Dragon Quest Dai (mobile, Japan only) Dragon Quest X for PS5 (Japan only) Switch ports of the VII and VIII remakes (probably Japan only on a cart in a special edition packaging, but maybe with the possibility of a western release) A new DQ mobile gatcha game (Japan only) Finish with a bi
  3. Good point! But I would argue that if a fantastic game was released tomorrow for £70 I'd leave it. But Resi8 *could be* a bit average but for £40 I'll be taking a punt. It's probably great but I'm buying it when I'm not sure of that fact yet. It's like, imagine someone telling you there's a movie at the cinema and it's the greatest story ever told. In fact it's life changing. Seriously. The single best thing ever created. Makes you totally re-evaluate everything you ever saw or heard. Cinema tickets are £99. Would you go?
  4. You want to come deal with my teenage son? If I stopped, that £10.99 per sub per month would get eaten up by other things. Do you think I haven't tried saving? It reminds me of the sort of people that say to those stuck in renting... "Just save the £5000 for a deposit, you could do that in a year! I don't see why you find it so difficult to get on the property ladder"
  5. Nothing here, still all zeroes and yellow plus signs, nothing tracked and nothing back from support. At least I'm only on an 18 day streak currently.
  6. Ban request. 10 years. No soup for you!
  7. Thanks Darren - I managed to grab one on eBay - £7.00 though I wil be arguing for a refund off MagazinesLost&Damaged to offset that - Grrrr Can understand the frustration on the staff's side and with us readers - Just can't understand how they f*** up so much Just looked on their FB page and the complaints....especially re. DDs taken in error are concerning. Glad I pay in one off chunks...
  8. Yeah I loved the ME3 multiplayer as well. The fact it tied into the campaign was clever (I also remember an app that also got you those points). Can't believe this is out tomorrow. Rolled around fast.
  9. We still do, just not on the console you chose. and even then it was a one-off mistake rather than by design. Hardly enough to point to any general trend.
  10. Posted this elsewhere but I actually had my vaccine at the home of my beloved Aston Villa. They didn’t offer me a season ticket, though the jabs were administered in the suite of the Holte End which is for season ticket holders only.
  11. If you're paying £10:99 a month for a gaming subscription, £40 is not a big outlay. Just stop it for 3-4 months and then upgrade for a year - saved you about 50% right there (1 year would be about £50 versus the £130 you're currently playing).
  12. The Honest Thief (2020) Liam Neeson stars as an ex-Marines explosives expert and bank robber who wants to turn himself in so he can settle down with his girlfriend. Crooked FBI agends try to set him up and steal his money. The trailer makes it look like Taken. It isn't. It's a pedestrian thriller with far less action than the trailer implies. Not awful, but you can probably find something better. 2.5/5
  13. Indeed! Think that was the initial point... it's not. Sure you can buy different sub durations up front but its not £1 for three years as someone stated upthread. Anyway quite enjoying Psychonauts...
  14. Yes it is a big outlay. I don't see how you're not getting this? £40-£120 to you may be small change, but to some that is huge. We have a budget we stick to and cut out a lot of services to allow for GPU. Sharing Netflix, Amazon, etc with other family members also cutting out TV itself to balance things.
  15. So why not just upgrade 1 year? Upgrade at the cost you can, and then hope there is still an offer on when that runs out? It's not £120 or nothing - it's £120 *maximum*
  16. I could actually see SE doing a deal with Nintendo and the next DQ being an exclusive - at least for the first year. IX on the DS is still the biggest DQ success outside of Japan and it was thanks to the huge marketing push Nintendo put behind it. If Nintendo promised to put the same effort into XII, I could see SE going for it.
  17. Still no joy here. It picked up my mobile searches and my extra points (quizzes and shit), but the Xbox app itself isn't registering my +50 for getting an achievement, nor is it tracking my PC searches.
  18. That changes nothing about my point though - the discounted approach does *not* rely on a big initial outlay - you can upgrade 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years. 1 year would be about £40 - absolutely not a 'big' initial outlay at all. It's less than one game to gain access to hundreds for a year.
  19. I am paying £10.99 a month* for mine. As despite the upgrade offer being excellent valued, I can't afford an outlay like that. So it will end up costing me more. It does bug that some will promote this service on here as 'Just £1 for 3 years'. I know you aren't saying it is only £1 and you know there is an additional cost, but you make it sound way easier than it is. *Technically £21.98 as MS still haven't done anything about family accounts. Before anyone starts, we make use of PC and Cloud and not just the Xbox consoles themselves.
  20. I keep nearly cracking and buying a Titan, but then everytime I look I'd have to wait until just before the heat death of the universe for a softweave one in a decent colour and my logical side prevails.
  21. I always fill the chimney up and usually struggle to get everything cooked before it's getting too cold so can't imagine using less than that for grilling. I fired up my mini kamado thingy this week and it ran at over 200c for about 3 hours on a tiny amount of coal which was nice. Now trying hard to lust after a full sized one to replace the Weber.
  22. Talkie Walkie is indeed a classic album. Not a bad track on there, but my faves are Cherry Blossom Girl and Alone in Kyoto. The Virgin Suicides soundtrack is also great and their first EP "Premiers Symptoms" is good if you want something similar sounding to Moon Safari. There are some good songs on Pocket Symphony and Love 2, but as albums they don't compare to their earlier work. I didn't really enjoy Le Voyage Dans La Lune. They have done another album since, but it's a very limited edition vinyl only job, so I've not heard it.
  23. Even at base cost it’s cheaper than to buy a console with one new game, and then there’s All Access and not forgetting Xcloud, and PC! I think there will be very few people buying new Xbox’s now who don’t also subscribe to Game Pass, as their whole eco system is now quite firmly bedded in with it, it’d be like having a PC without Windows, sure you can do it, but would you want to?
  24. Yes, your galactic readiness rank has been reworked to start from the beginning of ME1. Specific mechanics are unknown but there's no multiplayer in this release. However, Mac Walter said 'maybe' they could pull something together if there is enough interest. https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/mass-effect-director-hopes-legendary-edition-will-change-feelings-about-the-infamous-ending/ As a result of that comment..... https://www.change.org/p/ea-games-develop-redesign-mass-effect-3-multiplayer-for-legendary-edition I bloody loved th
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