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  2. Going Saturday. Hyped. The trip to the Lars homestead just came up on my timeline
  3. My go-to "background hum of Christmas" music is this:
  4. Bloodborne totally does IMO, although I was still impressed by Dark Souls' world despite playing it after BB, so it clearly is the best in that regard. But there are some proper jaw dropping short cut reveals in Bloodborne, particularly that one in Forbidden Woods. @therearerules it's so true how your knowledge of the game shrinks the space. You can never get the original feeling of scale back, but I've started watching Kay Plays again, and it's one way of getting a little taste of how daunting and massive the game feels the first time you play it:
  5. None of the sequels have even come close to the original. They were all bloated and crowded. I'm playing CE again right now on an original Xbox with a fat controller (found my Yod@box in the loft) and it is absolutely glorious, unmatched and still a thing of wonder. It just hasn't aged at all, if anything the purity of the two weapon system, minimal equipment and all of those beautiful moments of solitary quiet amongst the epic battles are even more welcome now than they were at the time. The pace and rhythm of the first half of the game is still a masterclass and should have been the template for everything that followed. Everything that got added and changed in the sequels was a mistake.
  6. This is a fair point. My recollection is it went on for well over a minute with the player seemingly in a lot of pain. This was Wolves’ fault really, should have kicked the ball out. It’s hard to take though as he’d clearly been hurt on his shoulder from the persistent fouling. For balance, Raul kicked a defender in the head against Bratislava and then went on to score the winner, so I guess it might balance out somewhat.
  7. Daaaaayum. Unlucky man, I keep telling myself I am going to practice freekicks and penalties at some point during the week and I never fucking do. Must be a guide out there somewhere for penalty shoot outs.
  8. Watched The Kid Who Would Be King as I finally picked it up on 4K Blu-Ray Been wanting to see it for absolutely ages and it really didn't disappoint. It's a cracking kids adventure, the likes of which you don't really see anymore and a really fresh take on the Arthurian legend. Some solid setpieces, plenty of funny bits and some engaging performances from the young stars. 4/5
  9. The world design in this is why the sequels and Bloodborne/Sekiro have been a bit disappointing to me. None of them have the same sense of discovery and exploration as Dark Souls, and for me the exploration was the main reason pushing on through insanely hard bosses and cruelty was worth it. Unlocking short cuts, secret areas and new beautiful vistas was absolutely worth the struggle and hardship that you go through to reach a new area or to just discover a secret wall. It still blows my mind how much of the game is hidden and easily possible to miss entirely, including one of the best areas and also one of the most mysterious. Just thinking about it makes me want to play it again with a new build.
  10. Sorry you've mentioned this bit a couple of times now. If the ref didn't see it as a foul, why should be be stopping the game? Only head injuries need the game stopping, other than that it is up to the players to put the ball out, or carry on playing. It should have been a foul yes and that needs to be looked at, but the 'he was down with an injury' bit doesn't matter here. Was it Stuart Atwell in charge? He is one of the most inconsistent refs in the league. Next week he'll give loads and loads of petty freekicks to both teams.
  11. Nobody is allowed to foul any players. Rotational fouling is a cynical bending of the rules. Fair enough if you’re ok with it, I personally don’t like it. Spurs played the ref well yesterday, I guess you could say that’s part of the game, but it’s a shitty way to win.
  12. Hass

    Google Stadia

    Played a load of Destiny Sundial and then Crucible last night on this in a party. The whole thing was totally excellent, no lag, no artefacts, never skipped a beat. Playing the Sundial in 60 fps was really game changing, same with Menagerie which is also very busy.
  13. These aren't the rules though. It would lead to bizarre situations where nobody is allowed to foul a certain player.
  14. I think refs need to be stronger on it. If it happens a couple of times, he should talk to the captain tell him he knows what they’re doing and the next time it happens the player walks. The foul that led to the winner was a bad mistake by Wolves. Adama was down with a shoulder injury that the ref completely ignored, the physio had to come on the pitch without permission. Dendoncker made a big mistake, he was caught in two minds between kicking the ball out and playing it. Silly mistake and it cost us he was rightly booked, maybe it should have been more, he wasn’t trying to play the ball either. The fouls were nasty yesterday on a very wet pitch. I do think the ref should have been stronger.
  15. https://uk.ign.com/articles/2019/12/10/john-boyega-admits-star-wars-the-last-jedi-was-a-bit-iffy
  16. What's the solution? A new 'no fouls on star players' rule? Kane gets his share of rough treatment too. The winner coming from a rather cynical foul on him.
  17. They don’t put the disk slot right at table level though.
  18. Exactly this. It’s happening every game now because defenders just can’t live with him. The refs end up protecting the fouling players rather than him. Atwell was awful yesterday. Apparently Pulis was fantastic for him at Boro, but the difference from last season to this is huge. He’s slowed down a little to improve his decision making and now picks out smart crosses and passes. He got one goal last season and he already has four or five this season. £18m looks a bargain. Nice guy too by all accounts. He’s worth the ticket price alone at the moment. Hope we can hang on to him for a while.
  19. What’s he been saying? I went through the original trilogy with my boys this weekend in the run up to going seeing this on Thursday and they are still fantastic. I need to do TFA and TLJ this week, just to get back up to speed. It’ll be the first time I’ve rewatched TLJ, so hopefully I was a bit harsh on it when it came out and I’ll appreciate it a bit more now. We shall see.
  20. And done. It answers it's questions (well most of them) but like the comic leaves a few unanswered (and the few "what happens next" bits up to your imagination) I think the last episode might be one of the weaker, but still good. And the overall package has been brilliant.
  21. I was DAMN close to Elite this weekend. Choked it the end, though. I must have lost 4 penalty shoot outs. I really should practice them.
  22. This Fall of Cybertron trailer kicks all sorts of ass. I still watch it occasionally even now, years after the fact. The game itself wasn't anything groundbreaking, but was loads of fun. Especially
  23. I miss Adama at Boro. What an absolute joy to watch he was at times, incredibly frustrating a times as well mind, but what he does, their is nobody in the world better at, the guy is a phenomenon. Feels like he has been around forever but he is still only 23 and improving season after season. I didnt see the game yesterday but I saw what Brighton did to him last week, it was pretty shitty for the modern game really. Considering the amount of times the guy gets wiped out, it only takes 1 dodgy one where his foot is planted to cause a genuine long term injury, which would be a bloody shame because these are the players you want to see. Imagine the uproar if Salah was targeted to this extent, plus he has the ankle strength of a kit kat, he wouldn't make it through 90 minutes. Only other player I can think who was targeted like this was Hazard, when I say targeted I mean putting some proper force into these cynical fouls, like full on wipe outs, because Adama and Hazard unlike most, ride the trips, player go beyond themselves to make sure they hit the ground.
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