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  2. deKay

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    If your local device was connected directly to a fibre optic cable that ran, in one continuous piece, directly into the device you’re streaming from then yes, you’d be right.
  3. footle

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    What there is now is some interesting work on reconstruction. This feels like the kind of problem that Nvidias DLSS machine learning approach, or that Microsoft video from a year back, helps solve: if you can maintain the quality of the image through reconstruction, while transferring far less actual image data, you’re going to signficantly help on both lag (smaller amounts of data need transferred back before you see the results of your action, which means there’s more chance you’ll manage to transfer it to meet your 30Hz frame time) and remote processing capability (because you’re not generating full 4K outputs for every user).
  4. Huz

    Star Trek Discovery

    I liked the fact that Saru
  5. crisy

    Edge #330 | Shenmue III

    The EDGE cover I used to dream of <3 <3 <3 This is a pinch myself moment for me. If the game ends up getting anything other than a mystical 6 I'll be annoyed. Maybe a symbolic 3 would be acceptable too.
  6. Fry Crayola

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Three, I think. That's all you need to confirm the title in the worst possible case.
  7. Spleen

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    I've been playing a lot of Excite Truck recently, it's still great I think. Also, Sonic Colours is brilliant, especially the music.
  8. footle

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    The client server network distance (which can be considered as the average distance between the two locations on the network, across all paths a packet might travel) is not irrelevant. The network congestion at each hop on the network is not irrelevant. The number of hops on the network, which will be related to the number of paths, and the overall network distance, is definitely not irrelevant.
  9. kerraig UK

    Battlefield V

    Great stuff!
  10. g wings

    Trials Rising

    Never played it before and had a go on the switch last night. Nothing to compare it to obviously but it’s playable and I started to get to grips with the throttle on the stick. the frame rate didn’t seem a huge issue to me, again it’s new to me.
  11. You can. Be quicker than them, get some lines and you will hit them with the multi target bonuses as well as what you would get for the original line garbage. Not easy, but certainly doable. I am not great at doing that and have been fucked over many a time.
  12. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    Their last word on the subject was in January: A new version wouldn't be a successor... And in March 2018, they said they would be looking to sell accessories rather than release a new version of the hardware during its second year on sale, i.e. March 2018-March 2019. My wallet is ready.
  13. Karzee

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    On Hardcore it takes three.
  14. ckny

    Amazon Prime Video

    You can skip the adverts.
  15. Stanshall

    Nintendo Switch

    Lots of rumours but nothing firm. I suspect the revision would be a mini/kid-friendly/3DS replacement version rather than an upgrade. Dunno why. I'd obviously prefer a 'New Switch' version. I'd say wait for E3 yeah. You might be unlucky, get one and they announce it for Christmas but surely E3 is the place for it.
  16. Skull Commander

    Mayans MC - Sons of Anarchy spin-off

    If anyone cares this is on BBC2 and if you reach out to your remote control, the whole series is available to watch on I player.
  17. Stanshall


    I basically got this for those two so I can really empathise. I don't know why they don't just port them all to everything! (because about three hundred people would be buying them, perhaps)
  18. Monkeyboy

    Star Trek Discovery

    In the latest episode I thought it didn't make any sense that she...
  19. There's something really fucked about this. I had eight People targeting me tight at the start. There's no way that should be able to happen unless they haven't balanced it at all.
  20. Fry Crayola

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    You can't really do that. Lag is perceived as a low response time between pressing a button and seeing the result. That means the graphics hardware needs to be local to minimise any latency, and that's the expensive bit they want to put on server side.
  21. Ran

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm dying to pick a Switch up at the moment in anticipation of Links Awakening (and I could restart/finish Breath of the Wild too) but I'm wondering if there may be some kind of updated console on the horizon? Nintendo were pretty savvy at throwing out new versions of the DS periodically but they've never really done it with a home console before have they? I should probably hold off until at least around E3.... right?
  22. Theholyhogg

    World of Final Fantasy

    Ahhh man i had a great time with this @carlospie lovely battle system if thats ur thing.
  23. Sane


    I kinda regret selling my asian 360 and the Cave games I had for it. It was around the time Cave were bringing stuff out on steam so I figured I'd eventually be able to buy the games again . I miss Akai Katana and Mushi 2 the most. I was never any good at them but I had a lot of fun just playing.
  24. auntyclimax

    Dave Perry is back...

    "I had no shirt on, god knows". Off.
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