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  2. Yeah I guess you could say they would be worth that price, well perhaps £50. But even that looks and sounds expensive. £45 on the otherhand, not so bad.
  3. Generally speaking the digital option is usually the cheapest.
  4. I don’t see why not, no one buys games from them anyway, and they could still sell the codes. I think it’s more that there’s no competition because it’s a closed system with one store and they control the pricing - so they charge as much as they can.
  5. I would love to do a unbreakable pick axe only run. Damn that weapon is fine.
  6. Yeah there's never a good time to buy but it's my 40th later this month and I could well be off work for another 3 (but when I get back I'm safe). So as good a time as any.
  7. Mate! Bonkers clubbing scene in your gaff. Nice card. I had to sit for an interview with the bank manager before I was allowed an RTX2070
  8. Hi, I'm after a spinner for playing Arkanoid games, Puchi Carat et al in MAME, but the only ones I've seen online are for people who want to install them in arcade cabinets or sticks. I don't fancy drilling holes into my Qanba Obsidian to make room for a spinner, or sacrificing an existing button hole, and the spinners sold for these purposes are usually around £80-100. I notice some people use the scroll rings that feature on some PC trackballs to play Arkanoid - is this about the best I'm likely to get? As long as they're sensitive enough it seems like a decent solution, and I could use the trackball for Syvalion! I have the spinner that came with Puchi Carat for PS1, and a '3-in-1 PC Joybox' that lets me use PS1 controllers on PC, but I'm worried this would introduce loads of input lag. Is it worth a try? I'm interested some sort of DIY spinner for the SNES Arkanoid, too, although I'm guessing that'd be trickier to make happen. Thanks!
  9. scoobysi

    F1 2020

    George Russell’s comments have peaked my interest but I’ll wait to see what the bug list is like and whether the handling/FFB has actually moved on.
  10. Jim the Vampire. I had no idea at the time, I knew the voice but couldn't pin it. Looking at a photo from the episode, I still don't see any resemblance.
  11. The most worrying thing about Lingard is there is zero speculation around him
  12. If he wants to identify as a stupid cunt then that's his perogative. Stop oppressing him.
  13. Could be good Teaser trailer: Looks like its simply the original game's story re-told through an anime series.
  14. If you've never played it it's worth the money on the Switch as it's a great game. Problem is I don't really have a desire to play it in handheld mode and have it on the 360 and bought it at launch. Oh and the remastered version is part of EA Origin sub or just £4.99 on the PC! Glad you are enjoying it's an awesome game!
  15. Can never find that picture of the banner the Leeds fans held up at Turf Moor pleading with Cellino to buy them when I need to.
  16. It's ok man, thanks for your help. I used Display Fusion because for the longest time Windows didn't do this. I've also disabled a shit load of nonsense on start up, checked overlays on the Geforce Experience and that. Resolutions are standard, they've definitely not changed recently. One monitor is portrait but it's been that way for a very long time. I think it's just one of those things I'm going to have to deal with, it just doesn't seem to be resolvable without third party apps.
  17. Like wise but waiting until next winter time. My setup is great right now. Have a 27" 4K monitor ready for the upgrade so although games won't run that well at 4K@60fps it's great for working in the desktop on. Not sure what I will need to upgrade to next year I'll just set a budget aside and see what I can do. Ideally games at 4K@60fps in high graphic detail is the target. (Although something that would run a majority of content at ultra levels would be nice for a change!).
  18. I watched the first one which was the least mysterious mystery ever. The dude jumped. Does it get better?
  19. There's something about the resolution and lighting on that pic that makes it look exactly like a crowd graphic from the PS2 era
  20. My girlfriend made herself a flower breeding guide this morning.
  21. One of my favourite ever games, it takes no time to learn the map and the online challenges with a group of people are great fun. Big Surf Island is even better. I’d love it on Switch but it’ll have to be cheap as I have it on plenty other formats.
  22. That's not quite true though, Kindle books can be more expensive than physical books, it can certainly be more expensive to stream a film from Amazon than to buy the Blu-ray or DVD. The simple fact is that companies sell a product for what the market is prepared to pay for it, very little else enters the equation.
  23. Stuck in due to a slight exercise injury so my mum is picking me up some shopping to drop off. Been eating a lot of noodles with a tin of tuna for lunch so told my mother to pick me some up for the week. She asked "like Super Noodles?" To which I replied "not on your Nelly" can't stand them. So I took a picture of the brands I like and said any flavour but try for these brands, although not fussed on the Maggi. Dunno why I included the egg noodles, told her they're not needed. So what's the king of noodle brands and flavours, always looking for recommendations for my favourite snack food.
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