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  2. It is true though. (Which admittedly may have skewed my opinion slightly and make me look for what was added late - as I read that article before playing)
  3. Exactly. What the hell is this.
  4. No, that's not what I said. I mean they've positioned themselves as people who don't do "valhalla fail!" They do "interesting findings in valhalla" or similar, but the audience is the same, and the content isn't really much different either.
  5. A 7 for Astro’s playroom will never be forgiven. Never.
  6. Out for delivery. Can't set it up until tonight though.
  7. Sackboy must be utter garbage if it got a 6 next to LBP’s 10..... Strong month for games tho!
  8. Not sure that's true, you know. The matchmaking was always quick and I think Gunfire said it exceeded their expectations.
  9. To be fair, I’m not sure if it’s just pandering, Filoni did spend a lot of time crafting these characters and it is natural I guess to carry on those stories. This show does feel like it is tasked with stitching things from the movies together and laying a lot of groundwork for other shows to come. I am hoping that Mando does take off his helmet at some point and we can get a bit more from him.
  10. Ooooh, is there any actual new info about Little Devil Inside?
  11. So they’re just pretending to be interested geeks to give themselves credibility? What a load of nonsense. “Having their marketing down” would be following the Linus Tech Tips model, who have 12 million subs and have said they don’t like the clickbait but their business suffers without it.
  12. Tekken 7. They are still releasing new stuff for it so I'd like to see it get an update to take advantage of the new consoles. The PS4 Pro version tops out at 1080p while the Xbox version is 720p most of the time with no One X version. It's 2020, we should get ray-traced Heihachi in 4K. Streetfighter V as well. With PS5 loading times it could almost behave like a cartridge game.
  13. Without a doubt, easily worth the £25, I was on the fence about getting it, but I am glad I did The dualsense haptics are superb
  14. 36Mb update today. Why are updates this small still take ages to implement (here at least)? I'm on a 250Mbit line fer Pete's sake!
  15. Projectors have a lot of nice positives, but unfortunately they have a weakness for displaying HDR images, particularly small bright areas like specular highlights. The results can be very subtle. Try playing with your tone mapping settings.
  16. Triple A


    I beg to differ - volume pricing wouldn't work for what is a comparatively niche proposition.
  17. Cover: Playstation 5 Features: Power Play: Playstation 5 Comfortably numb: Boredom in gaming Making of: Planet Zoo Studio Profile: Jackbox Games Time Extend: CODBLOPS II The Long Game: Doom Eternal Hype: Little Devil Inside Forza Polpo Starstruck: Hands of Time Lake Melon Journey 2 Scavengers Round-up: Call of the Sea, Tanglers, Pull Stay, I Am Yours, Kerbal Space Program 2 Reviews: Bugsnax - 8 Assassin's Creed Valhalla - 8 Yakuza Like A Dragon - 8 Miles Morales - 7 Demon's Souls - 9 Astro's Play
  18. What i don’t get is the first time I played the campaign it was silky smooth 60fps with RT and I did a few missions fine until the first crash, last time I tried the campaign it felt like it was struggling to hit 30fps and after a few quits it was better but not as good as the first time I played! MP seems fine with RT off so I’ve been playing lots of Nuketown but I would like to actually play the campaign as it seems very good and I generally don’t bother with them so typical the time I do it’s flaky as fuck
  19. Well that's the whole point, to make videos and earn money. Like I said, I imagine they're very happy to keep making videos and keep earning money.
  20. Should be, it's basically a souped up version of FM Touch which is already on tablets. (Which might mean it doesn't get add to the cloud service I suppose)
  21. I don't begrudge them spotting the gap in the market and they've got their branding sorted out - they present as interested geeks, but really their channel is mainly watched by people desperate to see their console choice be crowned champion. That is their market, and unfortunately thae audience is not a rational one. If they wanted to, they could step outside the fanboy wars by choosing to profile just one console release of a title, but they wouldn't get the clicks. So they won't, they'll keep putting videos out and making money until either the abuse blows over or they quit. I d
  22. There are some excellent themes and a good (if slightly clunky) theme creation tool.
  23. Yeah thanks guys, some good things to try there for sure. I was looking at new fight sticks, but if I can get this to work obviously that would be awesome as I love this stick. It sounds a bit lame, but I love how the buttons light up lol.
  24. If you’re used to more arcade-y racers (or even something like Forza) then it’s quite a steep learning curve, going even a little bit off track is very unforgiving and if you mess up a corner you’ll probably want to start the stage again (which thankfully is instant). I thought I’d made a mistake buying it to begin with but stick with it and you find yourself getting better and better at it and it’s very satisfying when you manage to string together a sequence of corners, sliding perfectly from one to the next. The Dualsense stuff is AMAZING. You can feel every change in surface a
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