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Rllmuk Limited Committee Election 2018 - have your say in how the forum is run

This announcement is no longer active


What is the Committee and why do we need it?
The forum is owned by an Industrial and Provident Society (now a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society, per this 2014 Act) called Rllmuk Limited. This entity requires that we have a steering committee who are legally responsible for maintaining Rllmuk Limited. The Committee also have oversight of the forum. The term of service is approximately 12 months, depending on the exact time of the AGM.

We will elect six people to form the Committee who will have the legal responsibility for running the forum for the next year.Everyone on the Committee will have an equal vote.


Taking part in the Election
You can stand for election by posting in this thread. You'll need to be a member of the Rllmuk Supporter's Club ("RSC") and be aged 18 or over. In the election folder you'll be able to explain your background and your plans for the forum, discuss the issues with the other candidates, and answer any questions posed by Supporters.

Discussions will take place in Election 2018 folder from January 23. The deadline for signing up is therefore midnight of January 22, which is when this announcement will expire.

Voting for the next Committee
In order to participate in the election, you'll need to be a member of the RSC. Membership is 5 pounds and lasts 12 months from the time it is approved (all memberships are vetted by the appointed Treasurer). Please note that you must supply your postal address to become a member, per society rules. Please also ensure that your forum email address is up to date - ballots will be sent to this email address. Visit the Rllmuk Store and select Rllmuk Limited Membership in order to become a member.


If you currently have a Donor subscription and wish to convert to a Supporter in order to participate, please post in this thread. Donors are not a member of the RSC and may therefore not participate. 

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