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SFIV - Premier Division - Week 5 - Season 3

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#31 JLM

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Posted 11 November 2009 - 10:19 AM

Shouldn't have played you immediately after switching the console on. I felt like punching myself for some of the mistakes I made. GGs anyway. I did quite a lot better in the friendlies when I got over my cack-handedness.

Gutted to lose that first round of Seth vs Fuerte. why I thought it was a good idea to try and use a sonic boom at that range for a chip damage finish was beyond me. As soon as I'd done the input I knew I'd be getting ultra'd. Bah.

Rufus vs Rufus was much fun. The first and third rounds we opened with exactly the same move, heh.

REALLY could have used the match against Sith to at least have a hope of one more win. Dang it all.

Anyway, the fact that I consistently find the friendlies a great deal more fun than the league games has solidified by decision to abstain from leagues/tournaments until SSFIV comes out. When that happens I'll be all over it again. Until then I'm up for friendlies with anyone who wants to throw down.

JasonC85 is the tag.

Mad propz once again to Stefcha for the organisation. Thank you sire.
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#32 stefcha

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Posted 13 November 2009 - 02:37 PM

All games have now timed out, so here's the final table:

Posted Image

I'll be doing some sort of writeup once D1 finishes next week, but in the meantime congrats to Psyduck the new champion of all! If infexious had got some more games played then it might have been different, but them's the rules and all that. Sith played a disappointing number of games and ended up last because of it, with Joffo taking the other relegation place and JLM in the playoff position that never actually comes into effect! Well done everyone, and thanks for playing.
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#33 GC Zombie

GC Zombie
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Posted 13 November 2009 - 04:05 PM

Thanks for organising all of this, it was a blast. I'm up for another season, the league makes me improve my game far more than randoms online.
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#34 psyduck

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Posted 26 November 2009 - 07:25 AM

Sorry - been away on holiday for a couple of weeks so haven't been around...
Good games everyone, I really enjoyed the league, though it's a shame not all games got played in the end. Credit to Stefcha for keeping us organised and getting as many done as we did though!
I'd love to have another crack in a league, but I fear with xmas coming and interest waning it would be a flop...I'd give it a shot if someone starts one though. Otherwise I'll be up for randoms with any of you lot anytime, and will certainly be back for the new league once ssf4 comes out!
I might start up a little knockout tourney in a bit over on ntsc-uk and I'll post over here if that happens in case anyone fancies popping over.
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