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  1. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Lovely painting as ever, but they are fucking awful figures...scale is all over the place with 'em and some of the anatomy is just bonkers. Honestly I find it fairly appalling that Knight Models have the keys to all these great licenses and literally the only thing that makes them look good are people like Cocky painting up a storm with them. They are probably some of the worst sculpts I've seen in ages!
  2. Gears of War 4 - Xbox One Thread

    I'm looking forward to this now I think. Seeing as MS continually seem to be kicking PC owners in the balls with their appalling ports, I am toying with the idea of now picking up an Xbox for both this and the Halo games...would be rather rude not to, given the circumstances!
  3. Almost forgot to put up a finished shot! I really should have tidied up bits and pieces, but it was a fun diversion from the usual stuff I paint
  4. Derek Smart Vs Star Citizen

    He could be the nicest person in the world, but Robert's really never comes across well in anything I've seen him in. Watching those SC events and I get this feeling that all the staff manning the controls pray that everything goes right, otherwise Roberts will get some hired thugs to break their legs.
  5. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Lovely work - they look very nice all in a set
  6. Virginia

    This is fascinating. It's extremely clever in what it's doing. Only just started, but already I'm keen to see what happens. Also soundtrack. Yes.
  7. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Despite Piglet being a HUGE distraction, he's looking great
  8. Bioshock the Collection | Big Daddy 1,2,3

    I see the PC version is waiting in my library - although at 20+ GB download and my crappy connection I won't be playing it any time soon. Any thoughts so far?
  9. ZX Spectrum Appreciation thread

    Most of my Speccy games have long since gone, but I still have my beloved Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge. With the funky keyboard overlay and manual/novella. Up there with the best games ever
  10. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    It's that extra layer of 'stuff' that you have to do which I can't get my head around I'm afraid. I find it more or less the worst thing in the world doing any sort of prep work which stops me from immediately slashing paint on a figure with wild abandon! Obviously, I prep and I undercoat but then I'm left to my own devices with all the colours and a couple of brushes. I'm happy doing that - but, I've got friends who literally cannot understand my reticence and think I'm living in some sort of fairy land when I don't use 'em Like everything else, it's what you're comfortable with that matters. At least I can say I have tried it though!
  11. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    I'd offer up my airbrush (which is gathering dust), but quite honestly I have absolutely no idea if it's any good or not . Can't stand using the things - being the lazy arse I am, the clean up operations on these things are far too much for me to handle! Absolutely no patience for it. Undoubtedly a great tool for some though!
  12. I'm not completely up to date on this sort of thing, but have the Mass Effect games crossed over yet? Was playing a bit of the first one on the PC, and despite it running in nice high resolutions, there's some glaring graphical fuck-ups in it (plus lack of proper controller support) that really piss me off!
  13. Are you upgrading to a PS4 Pro?

    This feels very much like an iPhone setup now... You have an iphone 6. Do I want the incremental (but obvious) improvements of the 6s, or do I wait until the 7 arrives. Or some such sort of thing. Couple more years, and I suspect I'll pick up the next upgrade one really. Also - PS4 Pro...all I see are those godawful adverts with the woman with whiter than white teeth spouting PR bullshit at me .
  14. PS4 Pro (formerly Neo) - 10.11.16 - £349

    Well, to be honest that's the argument I use when I'm upgrading my PC most of the time! Of course, now sodding Crysis doesn't work on Windows 10, so it's all gone wrong
  15. Reaching the end of what I want to do with now I think...Need some better pics, and possibly a touch up here and there, but I'm happy with it, considering how quick it's been done For those who might wonder about the snow...I tend to use a mix of PVA glue, Bicarb of soda and one or two drops of water effects. This kind of nicely slushes up the stuff and allows you to really slosh it on. After a little while for it to settle, I'll sprinkle some slightly larger flakes I have (made by Dulux Materials I believe...had it for a long time. I suspect any sort of white 'flock' will work for this bit). I find this gives me a fairly nice look to things. the front area of the base had some texture paste applied to it. I have a big old tub of the stuff bought from an art shop - it's got trace amounts of sand in it, but dries clear and makes really nice icy areas when dry.