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  1. Final Fantasy XV

    Well, seemingly like all the Final Fantasys I've ever played I find it a huge shock to the system getting to grips with all the mechanics . I'll get there eventually (I've completed all of them previously...I think.), but after months of Witcher 3, it's taking a while. I do love the look of the game though. It's so wonderfully vivid!
  2. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    Oh, I have no doubt Cyberpunk'll be superb. I do think it's going to take something quite astonishing to beat this though - and that fills me with enormous excitement. Blood and Wine has just gone into overload here - and god knows how I haven't seen anything about it - but the story has gone and taken a very surprising twist too. Glad I had time to don my Manticore armour
  3. The Last Guardian

    I do care that Sony didn't rerelease Ico and SotC on PS4 . My PS3 is no more.
  4. I think it could be the case that she's entered the firefly home, discovered the dead body and is now fucking about with the guitar and getting pretty angry and wanting to kill the folk who did it.
  5. Fern Britton meets... Nigel Benn

    Heh, I had it as Fern Britton meets...Nigel Farage....equally confusing as to who was supposed to be the Dark Destroyer
  6. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    Bloody hell. I knew Blood and Wine was to be a significantly larger slice of DLC than Heart of Stone, but the list of side quests is bloody staggering. And it's all wrapped up in this beautiful, vaguely silly land of booze and outrageous accents (I can't quite work out what's going on with them - some are clearly french, some sound dutch, others just sound like they gave up attempting anything and just were asked to do ridiculous. It's wonderful!). I'm incredibly glad I saved this up
  7. I think the opening moments of the game astonished me and left me absolutely devastated. It probably is the greatest opening section I've ever played, but also the most emotionally draining. And then throughout the game you get these little 'pockets' of hope which are then thoroughly blown away. It took a very long time before I played it again!
  8. When the ending came, I thought it was perfect. I'd have done absolutely the same thing. After all the horrible stuff that has happened in the world, I'd not want any part in saving such an appalling species. Why should Joel care about the bigger picture? For me, 'Last of Us' was a fairly literal truth as far as I'm concerned. Let the world be done with us and give other things a chance to make things better. Terribly depressing obviously, but there we go.
  9. Yeah, that's right. And I LOOOOOOOVE the colour of the sky in Blood and Wine. You read that right.
  10. I think in an ideal world, I'd have liked the world to have moved on quite a bit further to see if there was a chance that humanity could survive long term in a world that's completely gone down the tubes. A little like we get with the Walking Dead comic really. However, I'll take it!
  11. If you just hang on there for a little bit longer... Hopefully Murray will be back too...
  12. I dunno - the voice didn't quite sound the same and the silhouette seemed considerably slimmer and younger looking to me.
  13. I've loved everything ND have made so far, so unless something crazy happens the game'll be great. The trailer was spot on - gives everyone what they want. Firefly symbol (cheer), elements of the original (and wonderful) soundtrack, an older (and seemingly rather pissed off) Ellie, and then there's the 'is he/isn't he' Joel. I'm pretty sure it isn't Joel, but we'll see. I'll be honest, I think Last of Us a quite brilliant piece of work and I could have happily not had a continuation as I thought the ending worked perfectly for me. However, I'm equally happy enough to see what's happening in the world for sure
  14. Mass Effect 4ndromeda

    Sure is, but I think a lot of people would probably sacrifice the character construction for better fluidity in the animation. Well, me anyway!
  15. Mass Effect 4ndromeda

    Not entirely sure what to make of the gameplay vid really. The visual design is lovely. The actual gameplay looks fine. The animation is remarkably ropey though. As others have said the facial animation in it was awful. Whilst the devs are saying they'll be working on it until the death (I'm not entirely sure what they would be doing otherwise though!), I found it telling that they then mumble something along the lines of 'but remember you'll be able to choose your own face', as if that's a decent excuse for the shitty gurning going on. Quite honestly, there's never been a game that has had convincing face creation as far as I'm concerned - I'd much prefer them to have not put that feature in and concentrate on getting everything lovely for the ones they made...which I think are great. Also, I had absolutely no idea about the Nexus thing - am I to assume we're going to have all the old races back in then? I'm still confident that it'll be a good game, just slightly let down by what they've shown.