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  1. Feel free to bin this idea, but I thought instead of the usual place to bung all info about figures and painting etc in the GW thread, it might be a good idea to throw up a new thread showing off other manufacturers' figures. There are bloody loads of them out there, and unless you tend to faff about in the hobby on a regular basis, the chances are you might not get to see all the cool stuff which is out there. So, if anyone has found something unbelievably cool from someone other than GW, please let me and the other good folk of RLLMUK know! This little lady has become my first mini purchase of 2011 - [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Made by a chap called poupee canope (well, Emanuele to his friends...). No web-site, nor a store who sells his stuff. He does this stuff in his free-time, so sculpts around four or five figures a year. He's an incredibly talented chap though, and always does something cool. Over to you. [i]Of course, modesty prevents me from hawking my own stuff obviously...[/i]