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  1. i thought this game was going to be like the pc game freelancer but with planet exploration. If it is then i'm sold and i keep my purchase. Anyone in a position to confirm? i've heard a few mine craft comparisons given its very unscripted.. not sure i fancy that.
  2. A movie watchers blog

    i watched fantastic 4 as it was on sky movies. that is a plain terrible super hero film. Nothing happens until approx 50 mins in. When they actually do get their super powers all they do is piss about for 30 mins. Doom who isn't doom shows up. they have a totally piss poor fight and it ends. no peril, no action, no feeling of a team, the doom villain was even worse than the one from 10 years ago where he was pure panto cause at least he did something then. its not even worth watching out of interest to see what they did with the material because they did nothing, nothing at all.
  3. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    Bogdan is a decent keeper, he looked decent for Bolton so I expect him to get a few games. There just isn't any confidence in mignolet, He's bartez mk2. A decent shot stopper but a top club needs more than a shot stopper. If you don't command your box you shouldn't be playing for a top club.
  4. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    I don't think the performance is too bad. Lacking a little bit of pace on the ball in the final third but the thing where we are embarrassingly bad is at crosses and corners. There have been over 30 combined crosses and corners and I think 2 have landed in a decent area. That's just pure shit. Clyne has been the worst culprit at crosses and Milner has been shit at corners. Just want to add how good sakho has been though. Guy has won everything.
  5. Rocket League - PS4, Steam, Xbone

    Anyone on tonight?
  6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

    Anyone playing this today? I'm coming across a lot of parties and with a bunch of ransoms we're getting overrun quickly.
  7. Transformers Devastation by Platinum Games

    If this has licenced music from the movie it would be a 100% purchase. Even just the touch and it would be 99.9%
  8. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    I think sakho is better than lovren and should be starting so loaning him would be nuts surely.
  9. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    Aye some really poor performances by teams this week so 3 points is a great result given the hard away games we have coming up.
  10. I watched this last night so a bit late to the party. I thought it was a decent by the numbers redemption film but the actual boxing content wasn't great, it didn't look at all like anyone was actually being punched and it looked really wooden in its fight choreography. I think this was what I was really looking for here, something authentic in its boxing and this wasn't it. I've seen worse films but I doubt I'd revisit this.
  11. Once

    I saw the stage version in London as my missus has a thing for Ronan Keating. It made little sense and it just seemed to be a vehicle to fit a few talented musicians into some alright songs. I think it would have made a better concert without the story filler. Not for me.
  12. He doesn't quite get the recognition yet but I think gyllenhaal is a fantastic actor. I'm sure he's been in bad films but I've liked everything I've seen and I feel he really sells every role he's in. Looking forwards to seeing this.
  13. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    I thought ibe looked good. Took on quite a few players and gets in about it. I also agree about origi. He looks like he would expect to play with someone like lambert or benteke holding him up the ball for him to run onto. He doesn't look the type to act as a target man.
  14. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    I like Clyne, he's a good right back and we needed someone for that position so all good. I'm kind of surprised that we haven't been linked with Ron vlaar. He's a free agent and a decent centre back. Another area we could do with competition in as we couldn't get a good partnership at all last year.
  15. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    I expect us to have a good go at all trophies this year given how much was made of no trophy in his first 3 seasons Rogers will know he needs some silverware. Given that would be over 60 games a season I would expect a lot of the forward players to still get 30 plus games a season.