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  1. Songs for the new world order

  2. Old games you'd love to see on PS: VR?

    I'd love Red Dead Redemption. With a bit of reworking, the gun play could be excellent and the world it's set in would be fantastic to explore in VR. I just wonder if running around would be sick inducing though.
  3. How many slots on your ship and how much did it cost? Thinking I'm going to save up on my current planet as incremental upgrades seem pointless as I think you get nothing for your old ship when upgrading. Got a venom sac and emeril filled world that's rather lucrative so seems like a good place to stay.
  4. The breathing thing is a tech option on the exosuit. Shame about the crashing; I've only had one so far. Been staying in the second star system for ages now, just looking around. The scale of the planets is really something; thought a destination marker had bugged out; turned out it was a quarter of the planet away. Took ages to get there; had to pulse drive it in the end.
  5. The summer PSN sale is up; the deluxe edition of Dragon Age was around £5 (91% off). Not sure if it's a mistake, as the standard edition is more expensive in the sale.
  6. Uncharted Collection

    I don't think this had been on plus. The vita game has but that's all.
  7. I only had one squad member with energy weapons and it was pretty easy going on normal. The one thing that screwed me over related to the NPCs that can join you. I picked a couple that could have really caused issues in the later game. I had no idea and there was really no warning about it - was a real pity and was the only thing that tainted my experience of the game.
  8. The PlayStation Network Thread

    Netflix and PSN were fine for me last night. Live was screwed though.
  9. I'm surprised that driveclub wouldn't let me play tonight unless I updated it. Set PS4 to offline and it still wouldn't let me play. That's the first time I've encountered that. Hope it doesn't happen in other games, it's a pain in the ass.
  10. I think most tour races limit you to a range of cars for events. I don't remember any open selection ones.
  11. I found the main tour was pretty well balanced at the beginning; when I got to about 70 stars then it just became too hard for me. Was a real pity, as the game is beautiful and I like the feel of the cars. I've had more fun doing the time trials since then and unlocking new cars. A shame there isn't a difficulty setting or driving aids because when you're stuck in this, that's it. I can't be bothered to keep redoing the same races when I'm so far off competing.
  12. You can buy windows for £7? Whereabouts? I legitimately need it for a new PC but have been put off by the costs online.
  13. Cant see the free PS4 mentioned anywhere. Probably be an idea to have an operating system on that, wouldn't it?
  14. Sandbox Games History

    Hunter on the PC. Open world with lots of different vehicles and approaches you could take to complete it. Mercenary on the c64. Again, big world, free roaming and different ways to win.
  15. The Disgusting DLC Dungeon

    Yeah, it's brilliant - I thought it was a great tribute to the series. Well worth picking up.