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  1. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Yeah, the apps aren't amazing. The smart-panel keeps cutting bits off from a panel on my android phone. I tried it with my Surface Pro 3 and the page fits perfectly on the screen, plus it looks simply amazing!It's just a pain in the bum that I can't seem to swipe to the next page. I have to press the screen then use the controls at the bottom (this is using tablet mode too). It would be nice if they would release a Windows Store app for this, but that's never going to happen. Just started reading Deadpool and am really getting into that.
  2. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    I just had a crazy moment and signed up to Marvel Unlimited. Access to17,000 comics for a year for £48.12 according to my bank statement is not too bad!I'll be honest and say I don't own a single comic so I bought this with a hope to get into them. I'm reading Captain America #1 (1941!) and as I expected, it's quite funny how the storieswere concerning Nazi spies and plots to kill Americanswhich I assume then were a very real perceived threat. I've also started reading X-men #1 as well and make my way through that series. With the sheer number of comics to read it's difficult to not keep switching between comics all the time. Looking forward to getting stuck in to some well known and less well known series
  3. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    The image stabilisation is seriously impressive. Before I bought it I did some research on it and apparently it's got 4 or 5 stages to keep the image still. I know from personal experience how hard it is to keep binoculars steady even at half that zoom so was really expecting using this to be nigh on impossible. After using it however it keeps whatever you're looking at very still and centred even at maximum zoom so pictures come out really well. It's got some really intelligent tech behind it, but you'd need it for such a crazy lens. I was able to zoom in on something, keep it focused and get the shot I wanted usually first time. I do find though that I primarily use the eye-piece (digital) to take shots rather than the screen. I find things to be a bit more unwieldy and unsteady when trying to hold the camera in front of you and look at the screen whereas the other method just feels steadier and more natural.
  4. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Ah, yeah sorry.It's the Nikon P900 bridge camera.
  5. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    So I managed to get a bit of time with my camera today and thought I'd take a few more shots around Portsmouth. I've put them here and not in the photography thread as it's more showing off the camera's abilities rather than showing off photo quality. There were all taken free-hand and in cold conditions so not much time to play around with the settings. I've highlighted two areas on this zoomed out shot: Concentrating on one of the windows, it's pretty amazing being able to see this far... even to the point where I can see the guy on the rightis married! Zooming in a bit further, this other shot is just because I was wondering what the black bit at the top of the Spinnaker tower was: I did a second shotof a distant boat with some people on it. ...and here's a close up Right that's enough polluting of this thread with myzoom shots. I might try seeing how I get on with taking some aesthetic shots and post them to the photography thread, though looking at what other people at posting I'll be completely outclassed. I'm heading to Vietnam in a couple of weeks so will do a bit of practising and maybe post a few when I get back
  6. I've watched all of them so far and besides the third episode (which I thought added some much needed humour), it's been a very disappointing return. It's almost like the people who are making it have forgotten what at it's core it was about and, more importantly, what made it great. There was one episode where a sculpture went around tearing people up with this graffiti left near the crime scene. Great idea but the executionwas awfuland half the time it concentratedon Skully and her mum. It leftthe "monster" playing second fiddle to an boring sideline about a brother of Skully's we knew or cared little about. I didn't feel like there was anyclosure and the total time Mulder spent on the case seemed like it wouldn't even warrant a day's paycheck. The last one had a weak premise to begin with and really seemed stretched thin with Mulders drug fueled tangent which went on for what felt like 15 minutes. Also the bitat the end with Mulder and Skully talking on a road somewhere. Just listen to what they're saying and ask yourself, who the hell talks like that?! Most episodes are trying to shove some moral or political message down our throats. They're just not fun to watch and whilst I can easily go back over the old episodes as they were genuinely full of mystery and intrigue, these are just flat out boring and confused. I'll watch the last one but unless they really see the error of their ways and return to the traditional formula, it seems like it should have stayed dead.
  7. Fit text within a silhouette?

    I found this but it requires photoshop to do it. If you haven't got it (I haven't unfortunately), maybe some kind person on the forum could do it for you.
  8. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Thanks for explaining It makes a lot more sense now why they are the way they are. Still, I can't wait to try it out on a few more things to see what it can do. I've just bought myself a tripod with a carry case so maybe this weekend I'll be able to get out and take a few more.
  9. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Ah How about now? If not I'll attach it and do it that way. For some reason I can't upload the original on here as although it's only 300kb in size it compresses it to 50kb and blurs it to hell. Better than nothing I guess. I know what you mean about these Bridge cameras. It would be nice though if they could provide one of these cameras with a larger sensor though. 16mp is not bad for most things, but it's certainly no match for the proper DSLR's out there and certainly falls down in low light.
  10. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    I bought myself a Nikon Coolpix P900 over Christmas and it's not been until now I've really been able to use it. The zoom is fantastic and whilst it's not anything on the image quality of all of your cameras, it still takes some good shots. I took this last night (bearing in mind this is free-hand and not with a tripod): That's with the full x83 (2000mm) optical zoom. Not too shabby Theres a bit of noise but it was a twilighty sky and not perfectly dark. This is also using Auto mode so no messing around with the ISO settings yet. I took some more pics at the nearby lakes where I live and you could zoom in on some people walking on the path on the other side where I couldn't even see they were there before. It's a quite scary camera and is definitely a bit stalkerish. I'm planning on taking it on holiday to Vietnam in a couple of months so will see how it performs on the go.
  11. I've got something like 24 cores saved up. After my last power suit (near the start of the game) I kind of gave up on them as they have a finite use. The only other one I came up against was a raider on a rooftop wearing one. She also had a fatman launcher as well. I couldn't figure out why I was instantly dying whilst walking on the street below. Anyway, once I figured it out I went and killed them all only to find I couldn't seem to pick up her suit and use it. Also the fatman had run out of ammo I'm enjoying the game though. There is quite a lot of walking back and forth to do all the minuteman stuff, but I'm not complaining as it usually takes me through areas I can explore and find great stuff (like the cores).
  12. There's only a few reasons I can get sucked into a game. These are: 1) Challenge and wanting to beat the game. 2) Always wanting to get / unlock that "next" thing 3) Striving for recognition / being the best There's only a few games I've played where I've really got sucked in. These are Little Big Planet 2, Dungeon Siege, Morrowind, Battlefield 1942, Guild Wars, Worlf of Warcraft, Skyrim and now... the Witcher 3. Each of those can be put down to one of the above reasons. I must have sunk about 300 hours into the multiplayer game of Dungeon Siege. The game was massive, had something like 300 spells, amazing loot which always kept you playing to unlock that next thing to summon / rain death upon your enemies. With RPG's, if it's done right and the game always keeps dangling something in front of you, you're unlikely to give up. With other games like FPS's, adventure or puzzles it's about treading that fine line of feeling like you're kicking butt and progressing the story, but also adding challenge so if you do fail you'll want to keep wanting to go back and succeed. It may also just be the case of mastering a skill and being better than everyone else (ah, remembering my TFC sniper days!). Not every game clicks with every person though. There have been games which should have been perfect for me and have got rave reviews but just didn't work e.g. Oblivion, Dragon Age: Inquisition. I think it makes it all the more satisfying when you do find a great game, though now I've moved in with my girlfriend, being allowed to get sucked into a game is more the issue than finding yourself in that situation.
  13. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    Agreed, this is a right pain in the bum. It's ok if it's simple enough to do, but having to find a blacksmith each time to repair a weapon is annoying (and expensive). Armour has repair kits but haven't seen any for weapons yet.
  14. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    Managed to finally do the wraiths and follow the path on the Family matters mission. Thanks for letting me know I almost had it After going back and talking to the Baron about Ciri and Anna, I went downstairs and a couple of guards had the following conversation. Not sure if it's been mentioned on here but it was the following: "Well, bring out the gimp" "I think the gimp's sleeping" "Well I guess you'll just have to go wake him up now won't you" Um... I wonder how many other film quotes are in this.
  15. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    In the family matters mission...