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  1. Star Wars!

    Had a good game of Imperial Assault with LaParka t'other day. Laid out Imperial Hospitality (rescue some Rebel goon from a prison cell) with me as the fiendish imps and LP in a fearsome Gaarkhan/Fenn team.    Despite some excellent play on the reb side, and impressive use of Havoc Shot and the like, in all honesty it would have been way too easy for the imps if they/I hadn't gone a bit easy - I decided that corridor blocking was just too cunty, plus kept back about 6 unspent threat - and forgot to field two Trandoshans per deployment card (d'oh).   No reflection on LP's play at all, but it did reveal a weakness in the game itself: don't deploy two Rebs with 2 activation tokens each. Even with Legendary boost, it's tactically a bit poop. The ability to divide your forces is far more useful than having uber-hit points, to give you a wider variety of deployment options and physically cover more ground.   Enjoyable though, and I've bought some dirrrrty tricks to play with in our next game, mwahaha.