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  1. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    I'm banking on @LaParka being my sugar daddy for this (he does like to buy our gaming group me pretty things). I'm going big on Deep Madness, to complete the circle jerk reciprocal arrangement.
  2. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Testing the 'dip' method on this Feral Troll from Legend of Drizzt. Despite it being quite a big brute, I got it done in about 45 minutes: simple washes then a healthy dunk into Army Painter Quickshade. Obviously this'll mainly be for hordes done in a hurry, I'm still messing around with the thickness of the varnish, and deciding whether or not to matte coat it to dull the sheen, but I'm pretty well impressed with the results.
  3. Favourite Films Of 2016

    Unfortunately not seen many of the excellent suggestions @Rudderless has made, but so far for 2016 releases: Arrival Swiss Army Man Lemonade Weiner Jungle Book High-Rise 13th A Streetcat Named Bob Doctor Strange Favourite films watched for the first time (of ANY release year): Sicario One Million Kingdoms Amy 45 Years Inside Out Patience (After Sebald) Day of Wrath I tend to watch loads over Christmas, so this will no doubt change massively!
  4. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Cheers, have added the cheaper one to my wishlist for now. I've got the Iwata Neo on the list, which appears to be a 0.35 needle. Cocky, I might go for your super-duper choice at some later point, when I feel flush
  5. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    @MikesI’ve stuck an Iwata on the Christmas wish list, but which compressor should I go for? Looking at feedback on Amazon, it’s really hard to pick as every single one seems to have a major complaint against it! A lot say the hose fittings are poor, and/or don’t have o-rings. Any recommendations and advice welcomed…
  6. Star Wars: Rogue One

    My mantra/call to arms So glad I've not watched any trailers since the reveal. Really looking forward to this.
  7. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Voted! Although in this crazy new world, the shittest and most inept will probably win
  8. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    @RIKT I can do it for you cheaply (although not to that standard, using my pricing structure). I can start in 2017, as I'm booked solid until then. I'm not stealing trade from Cocky, as we operate on different sides of the globe If interested, drop me a PM of (preferably) use the Facebook link in my sig.. Driving traffic to the site, etc. etc. @Cocky cheers, I actually just found that and ordered some.
  9. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    I've got a huge Blood Rage commission coming up, and was thinking of using a modified dip method (will require some experimentation first!) Does anyone here ever use the dip method? If so, which varnish do you use? All the guides I've seen refer to Walmart products; what's a UK alternative?
  10. Star Wars: Rogue One

    The best a man[dalorian] can Fett
  11. Star Wars: Rogue One

    The best a Han can get. ("Here we go again!")
  12. Any recommendations for where to buy sci-fi style turrets? I've Goggled all up and down town and found very little. I want to use them for kit bashing X-Wing minis, so the sort of thing I'm after are Star Wars/Battlestar/Macross style guns, or Mech shoulder cannons, rail guns etc. sort of like these:
  13. Doctor Strange (October 28th 2016)

    Conversely, I thought this was fantastic! Exposition was a little repetitive but that's a tiny nitpick. And, to be honest, I've seen non-nerds watch this stuff and get completely and utterly baffled without scattered reminders of what the hell's happening. Totally disagree with criticisms about it being too templatey: Which brings me to why it's so good: there's a genuine light/dark balance in here completely absent from most superhero stuff. Strange understands that compromise has to be made, and instead of a typical journey where he develops his powers, he develops his sense of ethics instead. Also in an age where expensive CGI no longer brings a sense of wonder, it was refreshing to see lots of new ideas and concepts up there on screen. It was kinda like Doctor Who done right! It also didn't hurt that all the leads are amazing. Sorry for the impressions-splurge but I still get over excited thinking about it - immediately my second favourite MCU film. Cumberbatch rules!
  14. The worst crimes in music

    Not even going for a pun? What a waste! I got 'Straight Outta Frontbum' without even trying.