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  1. I saw another rumour that bolsters that: basically that Reynolds has huge amounts of creative control as a condition of the first film, and has been swinging his dick around left and right.
  2. New dice tower arrived this afty. Well weapon.
  3. What are you playing?

    You know me @LaParka, I'll play anything once (with the exception of hide the sausage).
  4. A movie watchers blog

    Not whimsical enough for you, eh? I felt pretty much the same way you did, and would add that the characterisation was abysmal. The thieves were hateful and the villain pitiable – it totally smacked of having multiple re-writes to justify why you should side with the pissin' Red Hand Gang (paper-thin and obvious backstories that looked like hasty reshoots) and despise Stephen Lang (there’s no way that subplot was part of the original pitch). His high-protein lunch moment was tonally off, as well. In fact, the tone was all over the place, veering between acceptable Teen thriller/adventure in the mould of Disturbia to nasty and unnecessary Hostel callbacks. It did well at the BO because the idea’s great and the setups and camerawork are excellent – particularly for a low budget effort – although the sheen is dulled when you realise most of it’s nabbed from Fincher (specifically Panic Room).
  5. A movie watchers blog

    One of the toughest things to hit the right balance on in films is whimsy. Even the word itself's a bit cunty, isn't it? Swiss Army Man absolutely ruined me - I was in tears for most of it; just resonated perfectly. The silly songs being so daft and OTT, whilst trying to convey all this heartfelt emotion, landed with one foot on the funnybone and one of the heartstrings. And yes, I know how cheesy that sounds. At the same time, I can see people thinking it's utter bollocks, and respect that
  6. Thanks for all the feedback! I now have an FB page, too, called Dice-Like Grip Miniatures. Feel feel to like and share if you are so moved
  7. Some great chat on this in Dave Chen's new podcast, Decoding Westworld: Even-handed discussion on the positives and negatives so far, plus picking-out some cool stuff you might've missed.
  8. No Surprises. Not much for me to say about this show so far, other than it's fucking awesome.
  9. Commission completed for Tcharliel! Very grateful to him for his patience
  10. Ghostbusters (2016)

    Wellll, Alden Ehrenreich managed to be extremely charming in a demanding role. The Coens' films are like a delicate house of cards: one off-note performance and that delicate mix of comedy and drama comes tumbling down. In Hail, Caesar his performance was the the most subtle. And ultimately the funniest. Ghostbusters is an utter mess. It's shot badly, the editing is nasty (whomever decided the dance scene should be cut needs to be slapped) but - worst of all - the script is just rough as fuck. Characterisation is practically non-existent, and it's just not funny enough. That modern 'banter' style where the payoff is someone explaining something to an absurd degree just pisses me off. Like this, from Pitch Perfect 2 - it's lazy comedy writing: But yeah, comedy is a personal thing and I accept I must be in the minority as these things are making billions. I really wanted to love the remake, too, just as a slap in the face to the aggrieved man-children moaning about it.
  11. Food you hated as a kid and still hate

    Organs, definitely. Thank god we’re past the stage where people were like, “We’ve got to make this thing last. Let’s eat the thing it used to think its little animal thoughts with / wagged in happiness / filtered piss through” Of course, pretty soon there’ll be no water and no livestock, so I’m looking forward with anticipation to my all-insect diet.
  12. It was actually meant as an insult! Looker is pretty trashy. As for NWR's film, I found it quite plodding with some awful choices: the obvious dialogue, cliched artsy characters and the wooden acting. I understand these were deliberate decisions, but feel it needed a smarter script to make those choices work. Ultimately it was bailed-out by Natasha Braier's amazing cinematography and Martinez's fantastic score but, overall, less than the sum of its parts.
  13. Looker is a miles better film.
  14. Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers - Trailer

    I listened to his podcasts once. What a mistake. He has this classic stoner view of himself: a wise and zen rebel-type. Whereas in reality he's the archetypal stoner: dull of wit and plodding of thought, endlessly amusing only to himself.
  15. Star Mazer Kickstarter....

    Starr Mazer: DSP got an Early Access release today - a 2D shooter offshoot of the main game: Being a backer of the full game I got a 50% off code and had a quick blast. Early impressions are extremely positive. Going to crack out the joystick later and have a proper go, but graphics, music and general ambience are exceptional.