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  1. Ghostbusters (2016)

    Wellll, Alden Ehrenreich managed to be extremely charming in a demanding role. The Coens' films are like a delicate house of cards: one off-note performance and that delicate mix of comedy and drama comes tumbling down. In Hail, Caesar his performance was the the most subtle. And ultimately the funniest. Ghostbusters is an utter mess. It's shot badly, the editing is nasty (whomever decided the dance scene should be cut needs to be slapped) but - worst of all - the script is just rough as fuck. Characterisation is practically non-existent, and it's just not funny enough. That modern 'banter' style where the payoff is someone explaining something to an absurd degree just pisses me off. Like this, from Pitch Perfect 2 - it's lazy comedy writing: But yeah, comedy is a personal thing and I accept I must be in the minority as these things are making billions. I really wanted to love the remake, too, just as a slap in the face to the aggrieved man-children moaning about it.
  2. Food you hated as a kid and still hate

    Organs, definitely. Thank god we’re past the stage where people were like, “We’ve got to make this thing last. Let’s eat the thing it used to think its little animal thoughts with / wagged in happiness / filtered piss through” Of course, pretty soon there’ll be no water and no livestock, so I’m looking forward with anticipation to my all-insect diet.
  3. It was actually meant as an insult! Looker is pretty trashy. As for NWR's film, I found it quite plodding with some awful choices: the obvious dialogue, cliched artsy characters and the wooden acting. I understand these were deliberate decisions, but feel it needed a smarter script to make those choices work. Ultimately it was bailed-out by Natasha Braier's amazing cinematography and Martinez's fantastic score but, overall, less than the sum of its parts.
  4. Looker is a miles better film.
  5. Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers - Trailer

    I listened to his podcasts once. What a mistake. He has this classic stoner view of himself: a wise and zen rebel-type. Whereas in reality he's the archetypal stoner: dull of wit and plodding of thought, endlessly amusing only to himself.
  6. Star Mazer Kickstarter....

    Starr Mazer: DSP got an Early Access release today - a 2D shooter offshoot of the main game: Being a backer of the full game I got a 50% off code and had a quick blast. Early impressions are extremely positive. Going to crack out the joystick later and have a proper go, but graphics, music and general ambience are exceptional.
  7. Star Wars!

    X-Wing Wave 10 announced at Gencon. The new Condition cards look interesting/divisive! Kylo Ren's shuttle looks massively OP! Good run down here:
  8. @Garwoofoo, to your first spoiler: that stuff makes much more sense after reading the Dark Tower books. I'm hoping: Some potential for some really nasty shit, there. As for your second spoiler, that'll be solid gone.
  9. Yep, they're shuffling everything forward 30 years, so instead of being 1955-1985 it's going to be roughly 1985-present day. Any time where there were no mobiles and kids were actually allowed out the house on their own is fine... I'm not getting good early vibes from this, in all honesty: I thought that US version of Mama Andrés Muschietti did was about as scary as a dry fart. Worst crime was inserting a load of shonky CGI when practical effects would have served the setup much better. There are a good few easy home runs in IT, of course - giant spiders, leeches, werewolves - but It'd take genuine skill to make stuff like a handful of balloons in a fridge or a giant plastic Paul Bunyan statue frightening. Let alone make a bunch of orange lights look like the scariest thing in the universe. And he can't leave ALL of that out... right?
  10. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    @revlob Excellent work! Very clean lines. Which primer are you using? I've tried a few and the (sadly most expensive I tried) Citadel stuff gives me the best finish.
  11. Playstation Vita

    The Henkaku emulator is like the dawn of a beautiful new day: unshackled from deskbound emulation, or trying to juggle screen/controller on my Android tab, I’m racing through some wonderful stuff. After five days I’ve completed six games, and have dozens queued up. Pure joy.
  12. Playstation Vita

    @Sprite Machine This implies you can use the workaround that allows you to upgrade to 3.60, to also downgrade from 3.61. Worth a try.
  13. Playstation Vita

    You know what, emulation is what I’ve been praying for with the Vita. I had to do a bit of dicking around to get to 3.60, but after that it was a doddle. Very happily playing Super Castlevania IV and Neo turf Masters NGPC. If a Saturn emu comes out, my head might pop Has anyone managed to get the DS emulator working, by the way? It won’t load-up for me.
  14. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    Can't believe there's no handheld version announced; I hope that changes soon. I've had three Sony handhelds that cheerfully hosted the CE Minis game.
  15. Shed definitely seen it. She corrected Robbie over a scene with Batman and Quinn. He went on to say the way it was shot was basically misogynistic, as it empowered Batman in a scene where he had physical dominance over Quinn. Her rebuttal was essentially, "Well I'm not a critic and I didn't see it that way, therefore you're wrong and people are sick of 'experts' so ner ner ner I'm sticking my fingers in my ears now".