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  1. Games Exchange

    Think I'm gonna shift-on Super Dungeon Explore v2 Inc. Forgotten King as I don't have time for another crawler (or the willingness to paint it all up!). I'm sure there must be one rllmukian who doesn't yet own it Unused. £22 delivered?
  2. Yeesh, sorry people, work has been horrendous for months. I'll try and do at least a sentence per show this weekend, and stick it up. A bit like a gentle kick in the nuts, but hey.
  3. Yeah, thanks for that. Sounds as though the studio got their hands on it and panicked themselves into cutting to a meagre length. Sending something niche and nonsensical out to die vs. giving Jones free reign and final cut? Hollywood be cray-cray.
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    "Fly, you fools!" ~ Ben Kenobi
  5. What games did you complete? 2016 Edition

    02/01/2016 - Gears of War ( PC ) 02/01/2016 - Dr. Langeskov [...] ( PC ) 17/02/2016 - Lost Planet: Extreme Condition ( PC ) 20/02/2016 - Warning Forever ( PC ) 21/02/2016 - The Division (Beta) ( PC ) 23/02/2016 - Helldivers ( Vita ) 03/03/2016 - Never Alone ( PC ) 03/04/2016 - Max Payne 3 ( PC ) 06/04/2016 - The Division ( PC ) 16/04/2016 - Halo 3 ( X360 ) 19/04/2016 - Halo 4 ( X360 ) 25/04/2016 - Firewatch ( PC) 07/05/2016 - Gears of War Judgment ( 360) 22/05/2016 - DMC ( PC ) A colourful, dazzling arcade game the likes of which we barely ever see these days (certainly outside of Platinum's output). A fantastic way to carry on the legacy, and I'm already excited about playing the Vergil DLC then a second crack at the main campaign. GOTY for me so far.
  6. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    Threadsurrection! Got this recently for buttons. It's OK, but the slo-mo frequently kicks in at the wrong point in the fight and destroys my timings. Is there any way to switch it off?
  7. Steam

    Welcome to some of those from me, too: Risen Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition Sacred 3 Gold Edition Saints Row 2 Saints Row: the Third Edit: totally obvious Spatial and I just bought this for Killer is Dead
  8. ... wait a second... ... 'Alan'??!
  9. Doom 4

    Marketing people vs people who actually know what the fuck they're about.
  10. January Lost Planet - £1.99 Invisible, inc.- £7.49 The Division - £22.99 February Humble Bundle 16 - £0.74 March Zippo April Halo 3 - £2.33 Halo 4 - £4.50 Gears of War Judgment - £3.20 Humble Nintendo Bundle - £0.71 Shadow of Mordor - £3.79 May Humble Capcom Super HD Remix Bundle - £5.45 TOTAL: £53.19
  11. Steam Latest Humble Bundle is the (comedically titled) Capcom Super Turbo HD Remix: Pay $1 or more! STRIDER™ Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Penal Colony Lost Planet® 3 Complete Pack Bionic Commando: Rearmed 40% off Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Deluxe 30% off Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Pay more than the average to also unlock Resident Evil Revelations DmC: Devil May Cry Resident Evil 4 Remember Me Pay $15 or more to also unlock! Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Resident Evil 6 Even better for you happy go lucky bastards, the ones in bold I'm giving away codes for! PM me. Edit: I have Lost Planet 3 twice, so you're welcome to the boggo version I have. Gone.
  12. you're telling me this film is going to be Bobin's?