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  1. Replays - personal

    Yeah, I wasn't really worried at any point aside from when the lings nearly got my immortals surrounded while he was creeping my main so if he'd been quick he could have got his spines planted up there before I had chance to save. That nice greedy nexus first sorted me out for probes for the late game
  2. Replays - personal

    Been playing a little more recently, just had this rather fun game against a tactic I haven't personally come across before. Only seen it once before as well when RJP did it versus.... Carrot I think in one of the RLGs:
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Anyone else keep getting an issue when a new game starts you're unable to register a click on any of the buttons (T/CT/Auto Assign/Spectate?). Happens to me every couple of games and only way to fix is ctrl alt del out and re-open, utterly crap. Edit: twice in 2 rounds.
  4. Day Z, The Road with Zombies

    C'mon, need at least 1 of those 2!
  5. Day Z, The Road with Zombies

    3rd person and crosshair fo' real!
  6. Day Z, The Road with Zombies

    I'm currently shacked up in a warehouse in Berezino just staying out of the rain. Considering you guys advised me to do it solo for a bit... it's very boring as a solo player :\
  7. Day Z, The Road with Zombies

    I had an amazing meet with a hacker today! I was running round the hills near where I spawned as the town nearby didn't have 1 lootable building as far as I could see so I was desperate for a hatchet or something. Anyways I was climbing down a radio tower and I hear someone say "Hi Matthew, what you upto?" behind me and then a shot. I think shit I'm dead but it was night and the person I was looking at that I thought was him turned out to be a Z which he shot for me, then he cancelled his invisibility stuff and just asked what I was upto. I said I was new and just looking for stuff but had no idea where I was as it was pitch black and probably wouldn't have known where I was if it was daylight anyways he just said to me "I need you to do me a favour and take my gun from my pack and shoot me in the face". I was like "...why?" he said "cause I'm a hacker and my tools aren't working so I need to respawn to get them working" so I did as he said, less than a minute later he'd teleported back to where I was and asked me what I wanted to look like, bandit, hero, ghillie, camo etc and I asked for a Ghilli suit, suddenly my character had ghillie on along with an AS50, silenced M4, plenty of ammo for each and food and drink to last a bit. He then spent 5-10 minutes explaining how to use the inventory to switch weapons, how to use my new map, how to use GPS and how to set waypoints for myself before asking if there's anywhere I wanted to be teleported then dissapearing off to I imagine do the same for another person. I'll probably die very soon with this stuff but it's a totally different game now I've got equipment! plan on using it to go on a quiet server and try and get familiar with some towns, get some more food etc and learn where the shops/weap spawns are.
  8. Day Z, The Road with Zombies

    Guys, is it always such a ball ache to join a damn server? So many times I get rejected cause of bad version or when it does let me join just sits at loading forever til I have to exit out.
  9. Day Z, The Road with Zombies

    MB? Ok, I'll do that and play solo for a bit then. Ta
  10. Day Z, The Road with Zombies

    Sweet, I shall download mumble and join it later on then. Thanks guys
  11. Day Z, The Road with Zombies

    Hi guys, I just bought ARMA/Combined ops last night for this and after a bit of faff trying to find a daytime server I realised just how overwhelming this game is. Would anyone be willing to party up with a newb, show me the sights and have me tag along? I'm on skype and steam if interested please let me know.
  12. Dungeon Defenders

    Cool, thanks
  13. Dungeon Defenders

    Hello, Anyone got this and play? I bought it in the steam sales and stupidly skipped the tutorial by mistake and can't find it again so I have absolutely no idea what to do. Looks fun though but imagine better with peeps. If interested please add me on steam:
  14. Shoutcraft Invitational 4

    It's not because it's the internet. Everything about his enthusiasm just seems fake and he makes up for it by just being loud. He's like Chris Moyles on Radio 1, nothing interesting to say? JUST YELL IT. and dApollo, dunno what it is about the guy but I just hate him, I find his voice incredibly irritating and from that I hate everything he says, whether insightful or not.
  15. Replays - personal

    I was in this game! Just noticed how passive we are when we play, looking at army value in the first 10 mins 2 of us have more army than all 4 of them!