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  1. ZX Spectrum Appreciation thread

    I always liked Moon Cresta, mainly because it loaded so quickly
  2. Wentworth (Prisoner Cell Block H reboot)

    Yeah I deleted Twitter a while ago, so I've cut myself off from all the groups. I didn't think much of S3, but I'm really enjoying this season so far. I did think Ferguson was going to get the full Lisa Faulkner treatment, but they stopped short
  3. Wentworth (Prisoner Cell Block H reboot)

    Anybody else watching the current series?
  4. The Unofficial Aston Villa thread!

    Good, good player. I lost track of him when he moved abroad, but he always impressed when I saw him playing.
  5. Open world space games of the 80's and 90's

    is that Legend of the Amazon Women? If so, yes
  6. Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising Jan 2017

    I'm sure I read it's coming to Netflix edit: story here
  7. Pack consoles in. I've managed so far to skip 2 generations of Playstation, XBox One games are going to be playable on a PC and emulation might take care of anything I feel I've missed-out on. So to answer the initial question more literally, no I wouldn't buy a new console.
  8. 360 and PC, here. If they announce 360 back-compatibility for PCs, that would do it for me
  9. X-Men Apocalypse - Singer returns to direct - 2016

    Well I really enjoyed it.
  10. Steam

    Hey, how did you get on with Vegas 2? Were you able to try it on 64-bit Win 10 ?
  11. Steam

    Is anybody with a Steam Link finding that it has randomly turned their TV on overnight?
  12. Your most dissapointing game

    N64 Perfect Dark. It wasn't that it was a terrible game, it's just the hardware wasnt up to the job. Rainbow 6 Vegas. Again, not a *bad* game, but I'd spent 6 months playing Vegas 2 before getting this, so it was a real culture shock. My biggest gripe is the blurring effect when you take damage - it's too much and just leaves you too disoriented and vulnerable until it clears. Vegas 2 tweaked things like that and I found it more enjoyable despite its weaker story mode.
  13. Smashing Pumpkins

    There's another couple of videos here
  14. Steam

    I bought one last week from the branch in Orpington, if that's anywhere near you?