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  1. The Emulator Thread

    I think that means those particular ROMs aren't compatible with your version of MAME. I've got a 15 year-old set and maybe 1 in 5 work with the current version of MAME
  2. Games you almost finished, but could not

    2 stick out - Perfect Dark and Resident Evil. Perfect Dark on the N64 was more of a slideshow than a game at times and I just lost patience with it on the final level where the boss fires rockets at you. It just felt unfair. Resident Evil was a lesson in alternating game saves. I had played the game through with one save file, and just before heading onto the roof for the final boss battle, made the mistake of topping-up my health first and then saving. The monster would always get enough damage that I needed a top-up, but I had nothing left and because I'd saved the game after topping-up I couldn't correct that mistake.
  3. Doom Movie

    It took me a few posts to realise this wasn't about Dr. Doom
  4. Regrets selling your collection?

    Mine's pretty much all gone now. It was sat in a storage unit for years, just eating money every month. I miss some of it, but most of my favourites are available on Steam, Live Arcade or work via emulation.
  5. HMV Level One Oxford St

    Was that the branch that had a 'tunnel' you walked through to get to the games section?
  6. Games you absolutley suck at

    FIFA and Pro Evo drive me mad. If I want to pass to a player and there are two in vaguely the same direction, it'll always select the wrong one. Guaranteed. I don't mind losing if the other team/opponent is better than me, but I resent my play getting spoiled by the computer's inteference. I keep saying it, but the last football game I felt 'in control' of was Emlyn Hughes on the Spectrum. Rant over.
  7. ZX Spectrum Appreciation thread

    I always liked Moon Cresta, mainly because it loaded so quickly
  8. Wentworth (Prisoner Cell Block H reboot)

    Yeah I deleted Twitter a while ago, so I've cut myself off from all the groups. I didn't think much of S3, but I'm really enjoying this season so far. I did think Ferguson was going to get the full Lisa Faulkner treatment, but they stopped short
  9. Wentworth (Prisoner Cell Block H reboot)

    Anybody else watching the current series?
  10. The Unofficial Aston Villa thread!

    Good, good player. I lost track of him when he moved abroad, but he always impressed when I saw him playing.
  11. Open world space games of the 80's and 90's

    is that Legend of the Amazon Women? If so, yes
  12. I'm sure I read it's coming to Netflix edit: story here
  13. Pack consoles in. I've managed so far to skip 2 generations of Playstation, XBox One games are going to be playable on a PC and emulation might take care of anything I feel I've missed-out on. So to answer the initial question more literally, no I wouldn't buy a new console.
  14. 360 and PC, here. If they announce 360 back-compatibility for PCs, that would do it for me
  15. X-Men Apocalypse - Singer returns to direct - 2016

    Well I really enjoyed it.