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  1. I'm really not used to not yelling at the TV.
  2. The black hole, or the path to the centre?
  3. Forza Horizon

    Do they still need to pay for the music in it?
  4. Forza Horizon

    Surely a licencing thing. I was on it for hours again earlier, didn't drop a frame. Easy to forget you're using an emulator, it's such an achievement. As an aside, thanks to structure of this one, I feel compelled to finish ask the horizon races. After one and a half championships on horizon 2, it somehow started get stale.
  5. Ghost in the Shell live action 3D?

    I thought the lighting, general setup and other stuff largely reflected that of SAC, but that's an opinion likely to garner less green.
  6. I wouldn't have used to the word evil, instead "I'm Alright, Jack." Point still stands. No one has mentioned "people who vote with the party, regardless" as a reason.
  7. Forza Horizon 3 - PC Talk

    @HarryBizzle fair enough. The anniversary upgrade process took 40 minutes on my Surface on the day it came out, including download time. I didn't realize other people had significant ball ache with it.
  8. RROD tales

    Judging by the number of people reapplying thermal paste to their ps4, it was over engineering well spent.
  9. Forza Horizon 3 - PC Talk

    I think a minimum OS level is fair, particularly as they updated the store app for the cross platform play. Perhaps the older store should have more gracefully realized FH3 needed the update more clearly, but there you go. I think it's fairly important to stay current with windows. @HarryBizzle
  10. I meant based on, and functionally similar to, Eagle Vision from Assassin's Creed.
  11. Ghost in the Shell live action 3D?

    Yeah, those look spot on to me.
  12. I take it back, the Sony folder of tat is moving to the right, but I've only opened a couple of things since so it only moved two spots right. Whomever suggested my saves uploading to PSN thing was an upload notification bug, I don't think so. I (very laboriously) deleted them back to 2015. There's loads there, probably all of them since I got the damn machine, but it hasn't uploaded a NMS save even while letting the machine just sit there. I have never routinely used standby mode, and didn't have this issue previously, so something ain't right.
  13. The Humble Thread

    It's handy because Humble stuff isn't only Steam games.
  14. What are you reading at the moment?

    In Pursuit of the Unknown - 17 Equations That Changed The World, by Ian Stewart. I haven't read one of Stewart's books since university (Does God Play Dice?, recommended reading for my module on Chaos Theory), and I'm finding this equally engaging. I'm determined to get back into science, one to help my kids but also to arrest brain rot. I wouldn't have pissed my 20s away on import games and beer if I had realized how much you lose it if you don't use it. Anyway, I'm 2 chapters in, and so far Stewart has gone into the origins of Pythagoras and Logarithms. The maths is at an easy enough level if you were comfortable with it at school, but not so much of it that it bogs down the narrative. It's all coming back to me, and I've got a long list of topics to read up on and refresh me memory (eg, tensors). Does God Play Dice was also a fantastic book, one of the few I've sat and read while programming to try out some of the equations discussed. Was also reading Full Metal Alchemist until No Man's Sky launched. Every streaming service we have access to seams to have pulled the anime, so my wife whipped out the entire thing in manga for me.
  15. Star Wars - the new canon

    Good grief guys, how have I missed this thread lurking here for months? I'm so out of touch that I didn't realize these new canon books existed, and I say that as someone who owns most of the (now) legends novels. Dammit! For what it's worth, I've been reading the Vader series, in the paperback collections. There's been 4 so far, the Sho-Torun War volume being the latest. I love the little holes plugged in the overall story, like who created Vader's prosthetics, etc. It must be hard to write Vader, because he's hardly loquacious, but they've nailed it. Can't say this last volume developed the characters like the first two volumes did, but it's still excellent. First graphic novel series I've bought into, need to find another, I think. Thanks for putting together the thread, @Darren. Will definitely start getting the novels. I'll be one of those tedious die-hards that Disney must froth over, picking them all up regardless of quality.