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  1. That sounds dreadful. Who do they expect to sell this thing to? It'll be perceived as a tablet (fairly), and you can get Kindle Fires for peanuts and share purchases across a family account, not to mention essentially unlimited games with that kids subscription thing. Sorry, I'm sure this has been covered, but that statement above stuck out to me as a hard sell for Nintendo.
  2. Actually, this is a good time to watch some NCAA football. Check out the AP top 25 and see which bowl games they have coming up, as we're effectively into NCAA "post season" now (which isn't really, just a bunch of one-off cup final games between rank 5 and 6, 7 and 8, etc. Shout out to my Iowa Hawkeyes playing in the Outback bowl against Florida on Jan 2. Also: All 3 of these games will be immense.
  3. You'll need to find a system controlled by the Korvax, so you'll bump into jobless hobo Korvax scientists at the station.
  4. Again, it really helps if you play Madden or something, because these various plays are all referenced. A play action is a fake, so they assemble in a way such that the defence expects a rush (run), and the QB may even fake a hand-off to someone who starts to run, but then the QB peels off and throws it to someone, probably hoping they don't have pass coverage.
  5. I don't think you get to choose. Keep flying about and you'll eventually scan planets which have an empty base, or something along those lines. That's the initial building block needed to kick off a new base. I've been putzing around in half a dozen systems recently, and only 2 had a planet with the requisite base bit. Now consider the odds of ever building one on a paradise planet
  6. I'm not sure. I also thought this, so handily started naming systems System I, System II, etc. Make it easier for me to catalogue resources. However, despite having teleported from those places to my home system/planet, when I'm on my home planet, the only option at the teleport is up to the station in the home system.
  7. Gah, FFS at this design. Thanks for the heads up, I'll take a look at taping up the contacts.
  8. I removed the rubber foot way before removing the eject button. If it was truly expansion of that rubber foot, that right there would have stopped the issue. So, eventually, I removed the eject button entirely. Imagine a U on its side, with metal strips running on the inside. Holding your finger on the outside somehow made the connection between the two, closing the circuit. Remember, it's not a button in the traditional sense, there's no travel. As such, I genuinely have no idea how it activated. I can't seem to find an image of it to help explain the above.
  9. College football (Baring - you might see it referred to as NCAAF) runs September to early December, then there's a bowl game late Dec/early Jan if your team get that far. It's a completely separate system that I'd be happy to waffle about, but picking out a team to follow is probably even more tricky. The most important bit is that players go on to the draft, which feeds NFL teams. It is a long off season, so my recommendation is: - Get into NCAA basketball, which culminates in a 64 team, month long tournament for the whole of March (called March Madness). - Get into baseball, which runs from about April until around when NFL picks up if you've got a team that doesn't make post-season I learned the game by getting the original Madden Football on the Megadrive, reading the (massive! seriously, it was as thick as a paperback novel) manual, and watching highlights on the old Channel 4 programme. Playing games is a great way to learn it though, I managed to pick up all the daft little rules here and there from playing Super Mega Baseball that I couldn't figure out from just watching it.
  10. A few months back (it's in this thread somewhere) I ripped off the eject button to fix my constant ejecting problem, having tried every other suggestion out there. Tonight, out of the blue, it spat out the disc while I was playing (digital) no man's sky. So, bearing in mind there's no physical connection between the two eject contacts any more, it still managed to eject. Honestly, sod this machine, and sod launch hardware. Between this, rapidly crumbling pads, hair drier noise etc., I'm done with any launch hardware.
  11. Am I right in thinking any station portal will lead back to your home base, but that the home base portal only leads to the station in your home system? Since the patch, the nicest planet I've encountered (my home planet, as luck would have it) is -30 during the day, with the occasional -90 storm. Somehow, every other planet has been -90C hell hole, or 50C in the shade. I've never seen a paradise planet, but right now I'd settle for 0C, overcast and decidedly Space Britain.
  12. Stupid question: if you stack base things two high, how do you get up to the second layer? The ladder won't place inside.
  13. Oh man, this is the game that should have launched. There's so many little tweaks that have made it better, nevermind the big stuff. Even continuing in normal mode, lots more common elements are worth collecting now. The position of resources is way more organic- I ducked into a sink hole on another barren hell hole to escape a 110C summer day and realized it was lined with Emeril. So completely out of the blue, I'm fulfilling my genetic destiny and opening up a new seam. Loads more things I've forgotten, it's just a shame most people won't give it another crack. Whereas before i was just aimlessly collecting wealth for the nebulous journey to the centre, I've now got 3 goals: 1) short term, build a base (which I'm totally not worried about screwing up, given you can move it, plus I've already found a second world to move to). 2) medium term, save money for freighter. 3) long term, get a better ship, maybe do Atlas path, travel a bit. I'd really like to equip a kickass ship, but can't afford the space. But now it's all so much more chilled and yet driven, because there's so much I feel I can do that in needing to think about what I'm doing next. Back to GOTY/10.
  14. I've noticed that in normal mode, I've had to actively scan and look for plutonium on the least few planets.
  15. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    I'd take it as a notification with a link to patch notes.