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  1. 'Playstation Now' coming to PC.. somehow.

    It worked really well when I tried the beta. It's just way too extensive for the small number of hours I get to play, though. It's interesting to see where Sony are going, though. Can't imagine proprietary servers scale as well as Xbox BC in Azure, though (assuming that's where MS are heading).
  2. I did not know that
  3. In other news, they just emailed me: That's gone up $10. Amazon still have it for the old $49, but CDkeys are out of stock at $42. itprintsmoney.gif
  4. Cure is a much better word, ta. No idea, but hopefully it means that, in combination with an email address you don't use elsewhere, a very long random password in a vault, and any old 2FA, a PSN account might actually be secure enough to have funds on it. I'll still buy my PSN cards from Amazon, though.
  5. Rumour: Slim PS4 Realising Corporeal Form Soon

    That was my first thought.
  6. Yeah, it's suddenly on my radar. The head tracking in that video is absurdly immediate. Far more interested in this than 4k, but what Rushy and team has achieved on "just" the PS4 is absurd.
  7. Cheers. Box is ticked, ps4 is primary, but I don't leave it in rest mode. I guess I'll keep doing it manually to be sure.
  8. That rumored 2FA is rolling out around the 25th, right? On thermal paste, it's supposed to dry. As long as it hasn't shrunk and still enables the die a good heat path to the sink, I would think it's fine. I agree on moving from open space to a closed TV unit though, makes ps4 sound like a 360. I do wonder if it's best to preempt heat issues or wait and fix an RROD type event. My issue: my save for NMS hadn't synced to PSN for 5 days. I seem to recall the 360 synced saves to Live when you powered off. When should a ps4 sync? Why isn't immediate? I play about an hour a night maybe, sometimes skipping a night or two. I power off quickly after finishing the game, should I leave it idle at the dash to give it time to sync? Do you need to force close the game first?
  9. Yeah, it’s not so much that this isn’t realistic as it just doesn’t match our experience. I landed on my first moon last night and just stood there watching the planet. I couldn’t stand back far enough to get it into shot. We’ll have some similarly awesome shots if/when we start sending modern devices to moons in our own solar system. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to reply to Gorf’s post a few pages back, where he says he isn’t an astrophysicist /raises hand I guess where we’re falling down a bit with NMS, and the above is a good example, is that we all have enough knowledge of space for this all to require a serious bit of reality suspension. For some, I expect seeing all the planets lined up like a pool table is probably fine, just like they don’t question it in a JJ Abrams film. It’s not too bad or me, it’s probably on the easy end of gameplay balance (compared to the 15 minutes you could spend travelling to a station in ED) – the only bit I struggle with is that there’s no system map, so I don’t even know if I’m seeing all the planets in a system. What pulls me right out of the illusion, if I stop to think about it, is that bloody day 1 patch note. “The Universe – we changed the rules of the universe generation algorithm. Planets have moved. Environments have changed biomes. Galaxies have altered shape. All to create greater variety earlier. Galaxies are now up to 10x larger” Argh. From all the sources I’ve read, interviews and official blurb, Universe and galaxy are used interchangeably. Obviously, the game chooses galaxy (Euclid). I could hand wave that “Universe = a word to describe the whole thing”, not literally Universe capital U, except they keep using a capital U. And then the rest of the sentence makes a lot more sense if you substitute system for galaxy. So, “Planets have moved… Systems have altered shape (probably planets closer?)… Systems are now up to 10x larger.” And what of that “we changed the rules of the universe generation algorithm”, is that tacit acknowledgement of having to not use the briefly mentioned super formula? Here’s what I think it probably is: 1. The NMS team are all hyper intelligent beardy sorts and there’s some cutting edge physics at play (probably fudged, not simulated, which is fine) with string theory, Einstein-Rosen bridges and all sorts. We’ll end up in other galaxies, or there some clever multiverse explanation for the whole thing. 2. They’ve used a bunch of real terms with a massive smearing of artistic license and we absolutely must disengage over analyzing things like the distance to the center of the galaxy after warps that don’t reduce it like they should The day 1 patch notes are screaming at the back of my mind to go with 2. And that’s fine, I can totally disengage brain and not sweat about physics. I could blow the dust of ED if I want to do that. I’d love for them to have a Sheldon Cooper tucked away somewhere and it’s option 1, though.
  10. So, enemy ships are interdictors? I was pootling along twice when I was pulled out pulse drive and shit at. Nailed them twice, but still. Anyway, decided not to linger and start warping. Finally an anomaly after my 3rd jump and, to get there, my 4th jump take me to a system already discovered, my first. Not impressed really, feels too early. It's no wonder people "met" within hours of launch. Think I'm glad I'm only able to go slowly, I guess they'll address some of this when it's more stable. Warping is a bit of a mess, select engage from the map and you're dropped cockpit and suddenly in pulse travel, then stationary, then warping. No crashes thankfully. Oh and first Atlas ball. I assume they won't stack, so there's an inventory sink right there.
  11. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Ah, perhaps I haven't played a game that uses them on the other pad. I had assumed it was a new feature because it was called out on the box. Or possibly the advert on xbox.com, because now I can't find it. I'm pretty sure they were called impact triggers, though. Edit- now I feel like a looney, because it's not in any of the emails or order history, and the product page no longer exists! I swear blind it was mentioned like something new, whereas it sounds like they may well have made a big thing of it having an HDMI port
  12. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Just to confuse matters, there's actually 4 standard pads. I have a special edition Forza pad, which is now just under a year old. It's obviously the new pad ETH the 3.5mm jack, but also the textured back of the elite and the impact triggers. My standard issue 2015-mid 2016 doesn't appear to have impact triggers, I don't think.
  13. Day 1 patch notes, which I don't have immediately to hand.
  14. We never did find someone not in the Euclid galaxy, did we.
  15. I'll never be able to get that trophy, I'm lucky if I string together 9 hours of play over two weeks.