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  1. And by page I mean PSVR. But yeah, I assumed that would mean there'd need to be a playable non-pro PSVR version. Slippery slope for those with a ps4 fat who thought it'd do all VR titles. Particularly as it sounds like Sony still want generations, as they're "good for consumers."
  2. Good grief, I completely overlooked that orange box means TF2. I haven't played it since the GPU in my PC knackered.
  3. Who the hell did that QB throw to? There were 3 Vikings players where it ended up.
  4. Wouldn't the normal ps4 have to run it on page, though? No pro "exclusives", right?
  5. Interesting. If it's a 7 inch tablet, it's likely quite wide with the controllers on. Probably more like holding an Atari Lynx. Not that it's crucial, but how does the GPU shape up? Presumably better then usual mobile fair if they're bringing Skyrim over.
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2

    You have to be shitting me. This announcement reminded me I didn't finish Redemption, so I fired it up this evening. Just arrived over the border down south. It's true we're used to better character models and buildings, but the scenery is absolutely peak 360. My wife didn't realize it was on the 360, she assumed I've been playing it on the PS4 next to it. The setting is stunning, and it's incredibly realized. I can't bloody wait to see the area rendered in the GTA V engine. Day 1 for me.
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2

    God damn, now I can pretend to be an olde yank in 1080p. Excited!
  8. Michigan are superb, which pains me as my Hawkeyes are choking a bit this year. Best Purdue, though. I don't know what to make of the Cowboys this season. I haven't shouted at a single game, except a celebrate scoring. It's so weird. Romo will be back, but after this run of play he's going to have to be on top of his game, which we was before he got injured last season to be fair. Hells bells, we've found out replacement QB, though.
  9. Major League Baseball

    Anyone watching the Cubs? NL championship game 1, bottom of the 8th, tied at 3 with the Dodgers. Cubs 2 out, bases loaded, Montero 0-2. Cool as you like, he knocks it out of the park. Just to rub it in, they then hit a solo HR and clip the top of the hedge in the same innings. Glorious, even for a Cards fan.
  10. Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    This is a good thing, for everyone.
  11. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    What rate are you getting? It's in the network settings, somewhere. Check to see it's about what you'd expect for your connection.
  12. Microsoft HoloLens - moar VR/AR

    No, we need lots of competing products, not just that one which gets doled out when this thread gets some positive feedback.
  13. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Well, I'm not saying I'm right, and I'm not looking to convince you, but my opinion and experience is the opposite of yours. Coming from the 360, the PS4 was a joke in terms of features, and it's still not there. Obviously I was quite late to the XB1 game, nearly 2 years in on my PS4, basically hoping on just prior to Win 10. Do "fast" installs on the PS4 take into account almost requisite patches? PSN throughput is a joke for me, so while an install may chew through the disc, the subsequent patch is something I tee up and go do something else. I suspect mileage varies considerably, depending on your network routing, etc. Yes, MS have had to pivot, although a framework that works across devices isn't just reactionary, it's potential future proofing. I've gone completely off topic, but there you go. I just thought your experience was interesting, doesn't mirror mine at all.
  14. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    I've never owned a ps3, but I'm saying it took a while and now, yes, the ps4 is probably right where it needs to be, 360-esque. I think the implication is that the xb1 is flakey, or feature lite, hence the ps3 successor comment? To be fair, that ignores the transition to the windows 10 backend and the fact that MS are absurdly quick at turning around new features, now. They may not have the same priorities as you or I, but look how quickly they fixed having the option to turn off the boot sound effect. Their whole sdlc process is impressive for such a bloated company.
  15. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    The app support is paper thin, so now, 2.5 years later, the functionally of the ps4 broadly approximates the previous gen, I'd say yeah, you're right. I honestly don't notice how often my xb1 updates because I'm not in preview and instant on, but there's much more to it. Not saying this is necessarily better, just depends on your needs (mine, for sure... I have to keep booting up my spare 360 upstairs because the ps4 has bob all). I'd like to think that this is pretty obvious, but can go into more detail if needed. Edit- I honestly don't know how you can say the OS is shite, Shimmy. The UI is definitely buggy, sometimes needing a rt+Lt+ yellow restart, but BC, windows 10 apps (VLC, etc), and so on. Like win 10, it's uncharacteristically unpolished for MS, but it's a marvelous framework to build on. Again, assuming it's your bag.