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  1. The iOS gaming thread

    Anyone playing Mr. Crab 2? Am I the only one a bit disappointed?
  2. Breaking Bad

    My favourite part of Breaking Bad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHKrCs1rFRI
  3. Android Games Thread

    Lara Croft Go is cheap! GO GO... ahem GO!
  4. Rick and Morty

  5. Got a copy of SF2 from the second wave. Happy
  6. Hope they read AlexW's post on the first one.
  7. Thought it was great. Not really a horror film, but interesting enough to keep me entertained for a couple of hours. 4 Cancelled Apocalypses out of 5.
  8. Super Mario Maker - Out Now

    I'm in the same predicament. Perhaps I'm reaching a funk, but I've not been able to complete anyone's recent levels.
  9. Super Mario Maker - Out Now

    In keeping with you chaps I've made a short but hard level. I've really shaved the timer down though... You have 20 seconds to comply 3E9B-0000-00AB-046A Also, thanks for the comments and stars chaps, finally hit 50 today.
  10. The Walking Dead!

    I enjoyed it. If only for Glen's "I should be delivering pizza" line.
  11. Super Mario Maker - Out Now

    Really enjoyed lordcookie's and DAB's levels. Really well balanced difficulty on both. Taken responses on board and modified the Ghost House with a few changes for the better... If you have a chance, give it a spin E3C3-0000-00A2-8EB3
  12. Super Mario Maker - Out Now

    Awesome! Love it
  13. Super Mario Maker - Out Now

    HAHAHAHA! Dang it. I really want to see how you did it now!
  14. Super Mario Maker - Out Now

    Just uploaded a pretty large Ghost House level. It has a code in it that you need to follow to progress. I tested it quite thoroughly, should be quite fun D021-0000-009E-B67B Comments and criticisms are welcome.