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  1. What are you playing?

    Oooh, I didn't know about that, but I'll definitely check it out now, and the new X Nimmt. Played a game of Isle of skye with the wife, and I really, really like it. The comparison to carcassonne is obvious but the addition of the auction phase and the variable scoring for each game just take it up a notch. There's something satisfying about laying tiles. It plays pretty quickly too, for her first game of it, including rules explanation, we were finished in about 40 minutes. I think it's different enough to justify still owning carcassonne, plus I keep looking at all the new expansions and thinking of picking them up. Looking through Twitter, I'm insanely jealous of people playing feast for odin. Missed out on the first wave of stock, so saving my pennies for when it's back for sale. Might crack open Agricola tomorrow night.
  2. What are you playing?

    6 Nimmt has gone down very well in work to the point where I've just ordered four copies for my staff and one has borrowed my copy to take home to play with her kids! Also showed them love letter and they struggled a bit with it, but enjoyed playing it. It's quite funny to see them all get into the games because they're forever taking the piss out of me for playing boardgames It's just me and one member of staff tomorrow and Saturdays tend to quieten off towards the end of our shift so I'm going to introduce carcassonne and see how they get on. I've been looking for other games similar to 6 nimmt. Might try 'no thanks' next.
  3. What are you playing?

    I'm using this version (2.0) from a cursory look I think the only difference is you can discard your hand to draw a new hand (but it has to be all the cards) There's an expansion out but it's getting hard to find.
  4. I've been thinking about this over the last few days and I'm still not sure where I stand on themes. I love, love euro games, and it's a fairly worn out trope that they have some incredibly boring themes. Spending a few hours with a cardboard farming simulator doesn't sound that exciting! The last three games I've played have all been criticised because of the theme. Labyrinth war on terror because one player is a Muslim extremist trying to smuggle WMDs around the board and performing Jihad operations. Mombasa, because of the colonial theme and La Granja, because it's a boring farming theme. I watched shut up and sit downs latest video review which was of Istanbul and they spoke to a chap about 'orientalism' which is viewing that region of the world through a westernised lens. The area is mystical, magic, everyone owns an elephant (I may be off in my interpretation of orientalism, but that's what I took from it). Not surprisingly, the comments on the video were full of people accusing them of being 'sjw cucks' (whatever that means!). They did also point out that their isn't one image of a woman in all the artwork of Istanbul. The only theme/thing which puts me off a game is when the artwork is overtly sexualised. Kingdom Death looks great, there's no way I want to play it with those figures though. I'll play games with iffy themes if the content is done tastefully. With Mombasa it doesn't seem to make light of it, it's done purely as a setting, and to be honest, it could be a space game with stocks in random companies. Are there any themes which put you off, or stop you from even trying a game. Conversely, are there themes which make you think better of a game because of the theme?
  5. What are you playing?

    Been getting to grips with Labyrinth: War on Terror and its a doozy. It's in the same family as Twilight Struggle and has the mechanic where you play a card for its 'ops' value but if it's your opponents card the event happens as well. Creates that tension where you have to decide when you want the least worst option to occur! This might be sacrilegious to say, but it feels more gamey than TS. The US can only operate in certain countries, the Jihadi player uses a different criteria for successful rolls in its eligible countries. You get to move troops around the map, hand size is variable depending on funding (which you can disrupt) etc. I've not attempted a true solo game with the Jihadi bot, but I've watched a few videos and it looks pretty straight forward. The only downside is that I missed the expansion, but I think I've found a copy. Now to get @Treble to agree to play it I've also been playing La Granja and I think I'm in love with it. It does a bit of everything and at times you're just getting victory points for whatever you do, but when it clicks it is glorious. The first thing which drags you in is the deck of cards you use, and that each card can be played in one of four ways. When you have your engine built, your helpers augmenting your strategy, and the area control in the middle forcing out your opponent, it just makes you feel very smart Again, only played it solo as a two player trying to play both hands as efficiently as possible and using the solo rules. This might be a hard sell to get to the table because it looks daunting. And I've been taking quick games to work. Had a few very lively games of 6 Nimmt! Today
  6. Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Interesting if they're looking to go after the boardgame market after splitting up with FFG. Its obviously a very lucrative market at the minute but £95 for a 'game in a box' might not get them the crossover appeal.
  7. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Anyone pick up the Mech v Minions game? I've fallen for the hype and placed an order. Fell asleep after work so missed the initial sale, looked on twitter and people are complaining how hard it is to buy, so didn't bother even looking. Had another look and they still had stock, took about two minutes to order... In the last week I've bought Pandemic in the lab Pandemic on the brink Labyrinth war on terror La Granja Mombasa Sherlock Holmes Isle of Skye Carcassonne Oh my Goods Mech v minions WTF!
  8. Don't swear often, but what the fuck is going on with tennesse (college). Coming back from massive deficits and winning in ridiculous fashion. They're playing texas A&M now and the last five minutes was ridiculous. Texas were about to score, had the ball punched out and it went through the end zone for a touchback, so they got the ball back. They (tennesse) then scored a td. Texas went down the other end and with 8 seconds to go missed a field goal. And this was after coming back from a big score too. It's currently in ot.
  9. What are you playing?

    I've not looked at much that getting released until I listened to a couple of podcasts today. Nothing really jumps out as a must buy, but I'll be looking for reviews of the following: - La Granja card game - Adrenaline from CGE, heard its good but CGE are one of those publishers who always seem to put out quality products. - Great Western Trail. Pfister has such a good catalogue of games that I'll always take a look at what he puts out. - Terraforming Mars. Potential solo playing game. - Feast for Odin. Love Agricola, haven't played Caverna but I do love the sandbox style games and this just looks like a continuation of that. - Nautilion. New game in the omniverse series. - First Martians. I'll either be getting this or Robinson Crusoe re-release. It'll provide come down to the theme. - Cottage Garden. Four player patchwork. Yes please. - Sola Fide. The theme is a new one, and again Stronghold release decent games. - Alchemists King's Golem. Ive yet to play my copy of alchemists, but still - the new train game from what's your game. That was more than I thought I'd list. in actual gaming, had a fun day today. I work with four women in a small pharmacy who constantly make fun of my 'hobby' (in a nice way). Took Deep Sea Adventure to work and convinced a couple of them to play it. Forty minutes later, three games in and I think they were convinced by it it was hilarious to hear the shouts once they'd realised they had drowned and dropped all their treasure. Got quite competitive towards the end. Think I'm going to take 6 nimmt in tomorrow. Need a game you can walk away from and not take up much table space (as we're supposed to be still working).
  10. Last two weeks for the steelers
  11. What are you playing?

    I've also been playing oh my goods! It's had a bit of an odd start with being renamed three times but for the size of the box (it's tiny, I think it's smaller than the love letter box) it's quite a deep game. Each card can be used as a building, a resource or currency. And you have to try and build buildings, activate them and hopefully chain your production line to give yourself victory points.
  12. What are you playing?

    Finally got round to playing Carcassonne after finding a copy of the new version. I love its simplicity and just the way the game starts to sprawl out. The only rule my daughter couldn't wrap her head round was the placing of farmers. Also bought Isle of Skye as step up from carcassonne, looking forward to trying that tomorrow
  13. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Anyone taking bets on how much money @Alex W. Is going to spend in the first month
  14. The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    Just spent over £250 on four tickets for Maiden. Wtf
  15. Co-Op Board Games with Kids

    I keep looking at those tales and board releases, they look good. Tabletop have played Hare and the Tortoise and so have game night. There's about five in the series now with an aladdin themed one next.