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  1. Awesome, thanks chaps. I think we might search for the lone ranger, but for £6 they've already played it enough time to get their moneys worth Had a look online and all I can see is people being very angry with how Disney are winding it down...
  2. Picked up a starter set for the wii u from game for £6. No idea what we've got or what works with what but for £6 can't grumble. It's got a Monsters University and a pirates of the Caribbean level, which my kids have been enjoying. We're not looking to buy everything but since its getting wound down, is there anything that's decent to add to the starter set?
  3. Pokemon TCG

    Yeah, just shuffle up and away you go!
  4. Pokemon TCG

    Don't forget with that kit, because it's a half deck, you only play with 3 prize cards. Makes the game a bit quicker, if you find your kids attention wavering. Also, might be worth installing the game on the pc. Another good way to learn the rules.
  5. Pokemon TCG

    I'd say two theme decks or a battle box is the way to go. Out of all the decks we've bought, the battle box has the strongest cards. Each of those sets come with a play mat with the rules printed on too
  6. NFL Season 2016 (newcomers and salty veterans welcome!)

    I think with college players they still have to be doing well in their studies, to play up the student athlete charade. They can be benched for failing tests etc. There's some interesting reading on reddit college thread about the way colleges try and get round it. Always worth looking at what players are studying (lot of students at alabama do 'horticultural studies'). Plus some colleges have higher academic grading (if that's the right word) so to play football at Stanford is harder than to get in at Florida. I think I'm going to struggle this year. Since we've moved we've not bothered to get any sports packages and I've not stumped up the money for the NFL. Saturdays should be watching college game day and Sunday should be red zone! Might last until week 1 and then just pay up.
  7. The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    My new favorite album is Dead Ringers by Horseback. Only looked at it because it's on relapse and the front cover is a bit odd. I hate describing bands by comparing them to others but it really does sound like throbbing gristle having a cuppa with later Earth albums. And it's glorious. And in no way metal.
  8. Summer Olympics 2016 Brazil

    I want to watch the weight lifting, but I'm scarred by too many broken arm videos
  9. Summer Olympics 2016 Brazil

    Holy shit Kenny is a beast
  10. Summer Olympics 2016 Brazil

    Handball looks so much fun!
  11. Your top 10 (or 20!) games

    Absolutely love Hive. Best ten quid I've ever spent
  12. Nintendo 3DS

    £26 for both a link to the past and ocarina in the Nintendo selects line. That's a decent price isn't it?
  13. The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    Regarding Isis, I love the middle three albums Oceanic, Panopticn and in the absence of truth. Out of all of them my favourite is definitely Panopticon. Had it on vinyl and I was too lazy to change the record so played it continuously for months. Saw them play it live too and they were fantastic. I was always struck by how good they were, and big within the genre, but how small it is in the scheme of things. It was in a tiny part of Manchester uni with about 100 people. Still, was not as bad as High on Fire in Liverpool in front of about 15 people I don't know why but I've never listened to wavering radiant.
  14. The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    It's all good. I think we have this same type of conversation annually now. As long as no one negs anyones posts in here!
  15. Nintendo 3DS

    Awesome, just bought them all haha. God this ds is quickly becoming expensive! Getting a bit ahead of myself but wheres a good place to start with Zelda? The only Zelda game I've ever played was a link to the past on the old gameboy!