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  1. Pokemon TCG

    Fed up waiting for the trainer set to arrive so we went and bought two theme decks. Had a couple of recognisable pokemon (snorlax and meowth) so they were happy with that. They've both played hearthstone and enjoyed that at the start. They're not too keen now the decks are more convoluted and of course the game is doing all the bookkeeping. First game with the theme decks had a few headscratching moments, but the playmat is really helpful. Tonight when we played it, they beat me pretty easily once they knocked out my active pokemon and realised I had no bench pokemon second game, they also beat me after they used the trainer cards well. Once you get to an evolved stage and do high level attacks, it's really hard to come back from it without some tricks. The theme decks are OK, but they're definitely a bit janky. Any half decent deck would murder them, but they don't care. Think I'm going to pick a couple more up and a couple of boosters. Everyone likes opening boosters?! There's an awful lot of products compared to magic. Themed, dual themed, boosters, triple boosters, trainer kits, etc etc. I've looked at the online game too and registered an account. For each product you buy you can register it online too. Unlike magic where you kind of have to decide if you're a physical or an online player (or both if you're a moneybags!). That's pretty cool and gets your more for your money. Apparently it's an odd time to get into the game as some of the sets are rotating out. But then I'm not going to be playing it other than with my kids so I don't know why I get so obsessed with that. I've already started to go down the rabbit hole. Watched a couple of games from a tournament last night, much to the wife's disgust!
  2. Pokemon TCG

    Haha yeah, I've bought some sleeves as well. Got to keep them nice. Seems there's an online version of it where you can play with the cards you buy in real life. Pretty nifty. Think I'm more excited than them to play it
  3. Pokemon TCG

    Anyone play or know anything about the TCG game? My girls are really excited by pokemon because of Go and they've asked about the card game. I've bought a trainer box for about £8 to see if they like it. Should I then look at the themed decks? They're too young to be getting into deck constructions etc Thanks
  4. Happens after I use a razz berry. Thinking it's to compensate the fact that it's more likely to stay in a pokeball. Seems a bit shifty.
  5. Aaaaand we're going for another walk.....
  6. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Me too, backed for the book as well so I'm thinking mine might be a little longer
  7. After going out for yet another walk, four eggs hatched in a row. After the disappointment of not catching pikachu this morning, the fourth egg gave us She was jumping up and down and getting really excited. Instead of people looking at her like she was nuts, as soon as she said it was because she caught a pikachu everyone looking started smiling and nodding in understanding! Had a strange bug with meowth. Fed him a razz berry but when we chucked a ball at him, he just disappeared The boat museum was busy again with all three pokestops having constant lures on them. Quite productive with what we caught, voltorb, sandshrew, exeggcute, rhyhorn and a pain in the arse pidgeot. Took about 20 balls and two razz berries. Had a red circle and it kept making the ball swerve. Don't know if he was worth the investment.
  8. The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    Yeah, mastodon have been round for longer than I like to remember. Saw them in Manchester touring leviathan, it was 12 years ago. Christ
  9. Outline of pikachu appeared on the tracker. Girl's went crazy rushing round to get dressed so they could run outside. One managed to catch him but the other didn't. I've not seen them that excited about a game, ever. After that they asked to watch the TV show and proceeded to point out all the pokemon they'd seen from go. Now they're asking what the card game is like.....
  10. The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    "Mastodon can't make a good to save their lives." Remission is a stone cold classic. The amount of money relapse has made from Mastodon has probably kept them afloat for so long and let them put out albums by Mortician and Regurgitate!
  11. The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    OK, that's just crazy talk.
  12. After the trip out before me and the youngest have just ran round the block twice just to hatch some eggs.... Got a bloody drowzee and a pidgey!
  13. Took my kids to the boat museum in ellesmere port because there are three pokestops in a triangle. Didn't expect there to be much activity but the three stops had lures on them constantly and there were loads of couples just wandering round looking at their phones. Quite a few families wandering too with the kids nicking their parents phones. At one point one of the girls got to level 5 so she could challenge a gym. As she tried (and got battered) there was a gang of teenage lads watching her do it. One shouted over that she should catch some more and level up and then she will have a better chance, but in an encouraging way. She got embarrassed and just smiled at them. Without this game we would have just walked straight past them. It's just bizarre to hear people all shout when they've all caught the same pokemon and then nervously look around to realise everyone is doing it. At one point I put a lure on the pokestop and some kid shouted 'thanks to LaParka for the lure, whoever you are!' Surreal. Caught 8 magikarps too, definitely the place to farm them. Need to go during my lunch in the week.
  14. The one frustrating thing is not living near any pokestops. Everything is a good distance from home. Pokemon being in busy town centres instead of out in the sticks is not very pokemon-y. I started my own account, so in our household there's three accounts being worked on over two phones (kids are only 8 and 6) I keep waiting for my wife to start her own... I still adore the game though. There's a couple of pokestops on the way home and tonight I had about half an hour to kill before my wife and kids got home. Saw one of the stops had a lure on it so I parked up and set about catching what turned up. Managed to get an Eevee after the lure finished, I started to go, but so did the car next to me. We kind of guiltily made eye contact and then drove off. It must be the pokemon equivalent of dogging! When I got home all my kids wanted to talk about was all the pokemon they caught. They went to Eastham Ferry near the Mersey so caught a load of water type. They both want to go back when they're level five so they can have a go at the gym. Definitely hope they implement a vs system without the gym. If they make it more like the battle system of regular pokemon, then it can take all my money. We could do that now with the ds's but there's something so accessible about it being on your phone. Avatar customisation has also got to be next. Something like splatoon where they have weekends of certain tasks and you can get a type of hat design.
  15. Anime

    Just had a search and it's not showing up on funimation. Is there a content difference between regions?