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  1. Co-Op Board Games with Kids

    I keep looking at those tales and board releases, they look good. Tabletop have played Hare and the Tortoise and so have game night. There's about five in the series now with an aladdin themed one next.
  2. General chatter - discuss anything here

    should be a rush but think I'll be able to get there for quarter to seven. Looking forward to hopefully playing some new games
  3. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Decided to try the local gaming group tomorrow night. There's one in Chester, it seems to be a mix of rpg games and straight up board games. Dreading the 'standing round like a plonker until you catch someone's eye and sit down for a game' moment.
  4. Your top 10 (or 20!) games

    I got mine for boardgameguru and got three in one go. Now they're all out of stock. I'd sign up for the p500 lists but I'd get hosed on the exchange rate and import duty. Because they're a bugger to find I might talk myself round and just take the hit. especially now they're doing expansions which will probably never turn up here.
  5. Your top 10 (or 20!) games

    I adore the COIN games so I can see how it's ended up in your top spot. I just wish they'd sub license it somehow like how Stronghold operate. They're a bugger to find at retail.
  6. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Has anyone ever ordered from They've got a few pegasus spiele games quite cheap but the ordering seems pretty wonky
  7. Bought a 'shirt' online for £20 a couple of weeks ago. Turned up today, and for the price it's not bad at all. Just wanted one to lounge in on a Sunday for the games. I've got legit black and white reebok steelers shirts but they're just too big. And frankly not worth the 80 odd quid I paid for them.
  8. Recommend me some two player games

    Get some coins and print off a map from bgg and play coin age There's probably a few p'n'p files for home made love letter floating about.
  9. General chatter - discuss anything here

    It's a good puzzle in its solitaire style of play. It does have quite a few different ways to play it, so it doesn't get stale. I really like it, and I don't think I've played all the expansions in the box yet. Another one around that price point which gets brought up is Friday. It's bloody hard game to beat though.
  10. What are you playing?

    I've got Falling Sky but not managed to get it to the table yet. Still working my way through Cuba Libre and Distant Plain. Its probably up there as my favourite series of games. I thought they'd be too similar but there is enough variation to justify having each of them, as each one adds something new. In Falling sky there is a fifth player which is always played by a non-player. I love how each faction is always so different and the victory conditions change for each faction. If you're an underpowered force, you're victory conditions are easier than someone like the might of the US army. If they weren't so hard to find i'd have bought them all. Still looking for Andean Abyss, Fire in the Lake and Liberty of Death. There is also an expansion for Falling Sky coming out soon too. Pendragon is the next one out, which is set in Roman Britain, they are also working on a two player version of the COIN game set during the French Algerian war of 1954-62, which looks lovely.
  11. Still too close to the fall out of what happened at Penn State. They were always going to build a statue, could have waited couple more years though.
  12. What are you playing?

    Had a couple of friends round and played the following: Camel Up. Always enjoyable. Blue Camel went from 1st place to last during the final turn! Some tactical placing of the -1 position tokens really screwed with the order. Escape: Curse of the temple. Played the vanilla game with no expansions twice. And lost twice really stressful, especially when all your dice are locked and you're on your own and no one will come back to rescue you. We were so bad, we didn't think we could take adding in curses. Next time maybe. Ticket to Ride Europe. Love this game and how simple it is. The stations stop people excessively screwing with other people's routes. Think I'm going to look at some of the other maps for some extra mechanics. 7 Wonders. In our group there was two non gamers and 7 wonders looks and sounds intimidating. All the different type of cards, how to pay with resources, combat, how to actually score points. But after playing the first two cards everyone had grasped it and instead of resetting to start again, everyone was happy to keep going. Was going to play it again but it was already the wrong side of midnight, so will have to pick it up again another night.
  13. Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Have you tried any of the pod releases for space hulk death angel? I need to decide if I should plump the money up for them or just get something else
  14. Redzone all the way. Seven hours of ad free football straight to my eyeballs. Any of the decent games I'll watch the condensed game tomorrow. Rooting for the jags to feed my irrational hate for God's Ned Flanders team.