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  1. Games you think aren't as bad as people say.

    Army of Two: The 40th Day was a really fun good looking game that kept me occupied for a couple of runs at least. Decent game.
  2. Yes indeed, I remembered how to play. Just took the Pontiff and the dancer apart in quick succession, solo. Loving this now. Amazing how much attitude can affect progress.
  3. Loving the videos Wiper. Thanks. When's the next dude?
  4. Just solo it dude. This isn't me saying "get good" by the way. Summons increase boss life. I don't think Solaire is massively useful in that fight. Get your weapon to +15 and make use of Greater Magic Weapon. Throw in a bit of Pyro/black fire bombs. It's not so hard.
  5. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    So close to a neg.
  6. Diablo III

    Hey. I'm playing this on PS4. Got an Unhallowed Essence Demon Hunter that can comfortably solo GR65. Lfg. Nothing serious. I enjoy chatting and long walks on the beach.
  7. I'm just being a bit whiny guys. I'm dying. Therefore they must be cheating.
  8. If I were in any way up to the task maybe. although, It does feel a little cheap sometimes. Where DS made it feel like player and enemies had a certain amount of balanced utility, this just tends to feel a little cheaty.
  9. I posted a fair amount on the first game. I've finished 1 and 2 many times in many ways. After looking forward to 3 I'm sad to say how I haven't been getting on with this. I think my main problem is that I'm quite painfully poor at it. The bosses and their repeated conceit of different stages just got annoying quite quickly. The enemies in levels have been less fun to fight. Like they have been expressly designed to trip up old players. sorry to moan. just wanted to get it off my amazing chest.
  10. Stories in games are fine. I never really fully engage with them but as a vague framework to hang motivations on, they're usually quite effective for me. I couldn't wait to confront the Reapers. The twist in KoTOR was cool. I think all cut scenes should be skippable but I usually like them enough once. I don't know how much there is to gain comparing games with literature or film. I think any games that lend themselves to that comparison are probably missing a lot of the point of any video game narrative.
  11. Thanks dude. In the next area proper now.
  12. It's quite something. Love the weapon arts. Nothing like timing a long sword L2 + R1 uppercut shield destroyer. Turned the Lotheric knights from nightmares to playthings.
  13. Fuck Farron Keep bonfire. I have no sense of direction and less patience. Really not for me.