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  1. Stories in games are fine. I never really fully engage with them but as a vague framework to hang motivations on, they're usually quite effective for me. I couldn't wait to confront the Reapers. The twist in KoTOR was cool. I think all cut scenes should be skippable but I usually like them enough once. I don't know how much there is to gain comparing games with literature or film. I think any games that lend themselves to that comparison are probably missing a lot of the point of any video game narrative.
  2. Dark Souls 3! Miyazaki Directing! PRAISE THE SUN!

    Thanks dude. In the next area proper now.
  3. Dark Souls 3! Miyazaki Directing! PRAISE THE SUN!

    It's quite something. Lovethe weapon arts. Nothing like timing a long sword L2 + R1 uppercut shield destroyer. Turned the Lotheric knights from nightmares to playthings.
  4. Dark Souls 3! Miyazaki Directing! PRAISE THE SUN!

    Fuck Farron Keep bonfire. I have no sense of direction and less patience. Really not for me.
  5. Your most dissapointing game

    I was like a crack head waiting for the first Fable. My anticipation was physical. My brain had taken the already outlandish promises and elaborated on them, speculating on how this new revolutionary rpg would work. I'm still waiting for a game like the one me and Pete put together in my head.
  6. Tyranny - new RPG announced by Obsidian

    AP massive represent. Blud.
  7. Even if you just patiently block and counter, there's no reason to take much damage if any. I guess what I'm trying to say is you can do it.
  8. silver knights are susceptible to patient circling and backstabbing. You only have to engage one at a time so...wff?! when you get in the royal knight room turn left up the stairs, go around and take care of the silver knight archer. go down his steps and run straight off to the other end of the room where you can safely engage one of the royal knights. then go and kill his mate. I could go deeper but...
  9. Bad mechanics in great games

    The forklift job and racing were brilliant in Shenmue. The day job especially.
  10. Pokemon Trade

    Hey all. My son needs to trade his Rhydon and get it straight back as Rhyperior in Pokemon X or Y. Could one of you kind souls hook a brother (son) up? Thanks.
  11. "Soulsborne" Bloodborne is utterly fantasic but these are "Souls" games. No amount of blood can wash this fact away.
  12. Is anyone else having trouble summoning/being summoned tonight. I'm in Yarghul and can't get either bell to light up.
  13. Is this thing on? Can you hear me at the back?