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  1. Don't give up dude. You've got this. run past everything. There aren't that many hot spots in the run. Have you kicked the shortcut ladder so you can bypass the house of fun? Maybe someone can come help. What level are you?
  2. "What were the Devs thinking!?" moments

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided A game in a series that is famed and lauded for handing freedom of choice to the player. So they round off the opening tutorial level with a fight in an open area with terrible visibility for the player, against super quick and perceptive enemies. And just in case it isn't annoying enough, they chucked in a bullet magnet npc for you to save. All the while the leader of your team is berating you while he and said team do next to nothing. End with a scripted moment that ignores what you've done and has your shitty team save you from an enemy that does not exist in the actual fight.
  3. Hitman - Episode 6 Hokkaido - Out Today!

    Yeah, this game's pretty great. I'm horrible at it but still...
  4. Thanks a lot Wiper. Really great work.
  5. One of those good problems. I just took my latest beautiful run in to NG+. I killed the Dancer as my third boss, which lead to me rinsing LC+DSA thus opening GA before setting foot in US. Aside from the poise debacle, I'm falling in love with this.
  6. Nameless is now lifeless. That's the whole game done solo melee. Amped! Now I can truly relax and turn this in to the comfort blanket that DS has been for the past few years.
  7. Just need to solo someone who shall remain nameless and I can truly say I finished this. ...and then start again.
  8. Games you think aren't as bad as people say.

    Army of Two: The 40th Day was a really fun good looking game that kept me occupied for a couple of runs at least. Decent game.
  9. Yes indeed, I remembered how to play. Just took the Pontiff and the dancer apart in quick succession, solo. Loving this now. Amazing how much attitude can affect progress.
  10. Loving the videos Wiper. Thanks. When's the next dude?
  11. Just solo it dude. This isn't me saying "get good" by the way. Summons increase boss life. I don't think Solaire is massively useful in that fight. Get your weapon to +15 and make use of Greater Magic Weapon. Throw in a bit of Pyro/black fire bombs. It's not so hard.
  12. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    So close to a neg.
  13. Diablo III

    Hey. I'm playing this on PS4. Got an Unhallowed Essence Demon Hunter that can comfortably solo GR65. Lfg. Nothing serious. I enjoy chatting and long walks on the beach.
  14. I'm just being a bit whiny guys. I'm dying. Therefore they must be cheating.