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  1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    Americans call the ground floor the 1st floor. So the 2nd floor is just the next one up - i.e. the one you finally managed to kill the tanks from. There is no UK 2nd or US 3rd floor in that building.
  2. Company of Heroes

    I haven't yet got round to dual boot xp. But this could be the reason why I do. Just need confirmation that it would run ok. I haven't played a PC game for years and have no understanding of specs ,graphics cards etc. Its a bit of a steep setup buying XP to test it.
  3. Company of Heroes

    Anyone any idea on how this would play on an intel imac booted in XP. Its a 20inch 2.0ghz core duo with 1 gig ram and a RadeonX1600. Sounds like my ideal game. Cheers.
  4. Zoo Keeper Ds

    No scores. But as good as place as any to ask Why is there no sleep mode on Zoo Keeper. It's most annoying - especially as the games can last for ages. Anyway I will get back practising.
  5. Psp Hardware/opinions

    OK. I will be open minded enough to accept the 'why not' arguement. I suppose it will all become clear soon. I still have huge doubts as to whether there is this newmarket to reach out to. will be interesting, Cheers Paul.
  6. Psp Hardware/opinions

    I don't think it's that. I think they don't play games in public because they just don't need/want to. Certainly not full blown console games. Hell even proper hardcore gamers hardly do it because its just as good to read the metro or the mirror or whatever and listen to some music when you are on the bus. I must admit I haven't played a PSP yet or seen one apart from on the net - I still want one - but try selling it to my less gaming crazy mates - they just don't see the point at all. Not in the slightest bit. Play games on the train? WHY?. But they all have PS2s and previously playsations. Maybe the screen will sell it to them - as people keep saying. I doubt it.
  7. Psp Hardware/opinions

    I just read what you said. And you are still wrong. Do you honestlly believe that the people with ipods previously didn't listen to music on the move? They just moved to ipods from there previous format (in my case minidisc) You are mental. But that's off topic. I still will be amazed if I see people playing the PSP or any handheld on the tube. No matter how cool they look or how great Ridge Racers is.
  8. Psp Hardware/opinions

    Thats a joke. Right? Course they did. ipods didn't make people start listeneing to music on the move. The walkman did - about 20 years ago. I reckon you will not see hardly anyone playing a PSP on the tube during the commute. Why bother? They have there ipods and the metro. All you need. No. Thank fuck. Possibly. (Altough Nintendos market researchers seem to come in for a hell of beating on places like this). Still think I'm right though. We will see. And don't get me wrong I will be getting a PSP and will love it (altough I still won't play it on the tube)
  9. Psp Hardware/opinions

    The fact that people buy phones with cameras in them and digital cameras and ipods does not mean that there is a huge untapped market of adult casual gamers who are going to rush out and buy a PSP.
  10. Psp Hardware/opinions

    I don't know. I just don't think they want it. Yeah - Snake on a phone for free - no probs. 150 quid and 30 quid a game? Nah.
  11. Psp Hardware/opinions

    I don't think any number of games will do it for the casuals. Because if they don't want to play games on the move then they don't want to. Photos on the PSP (why?) MP3's - machine too big, poor battery life, expensive due to large mem card needed. Too many better options (ipod, sony hd-3 etc etc) Movies - UMD (no way it will take off), off the memory card - expensive and too much hasle. Navigator APP? whats that? I'm not saying its not a greta machine (not that I have one - yet). And i'm not saying it won't be a success - but I just can't see where this new market is going to come from. Other than hard core gamers, gadget freaks and kids, who wants to play games on the move?
  12. Psp Hardware/opinions

    Yes it was. And they expanded the market. I just can't see it with handhelds though. From my experience there is a complete lack of interest of my casual gaming friends in handlhelds. And also the same is true of many gamers I know - and on forums such as this. They might buy a handheld but it is rarely used. How can I sell Ridge Racers, no matter how good it looks, to a PS2 gamer. He has better on his PS2 - on a big TV. OK its portable - but when are they going to play it? On a busy tube/train commuting? I just don't see it. I'm not saying the PSP won't be succesful. I'm just saying that I don't believe we will be seeing loads of adult gamers playing ridge racers on the victoria line in the summer.
  13. Psp Hardware/opinions

    This is the bit I don't understand. I know they brought gaming to the massmarket with the playstation - post pub/club gaming and made it 'cool' but I think handheld is completely different. Are adult casual gamers really going to start playing games on a handheld? I really don't think so.
  14. Ds Hardware/opinions

    Ok - Thanks. Was bit worried I had a duff one. Especially as it was really cold when I got it out the box and it all misted up instantly. Initial impressions of Mario64 controls - using the thumb strap thing - bit diffiuclt and kept running out of space - but I can feel that it will be excellent. And the mini games are exclellent so far. Cheers Paulie
  15. Ds Hardware/opinions

    Got mine today from vg+ It’s charging now. Did have a quick go. The touch screen on mine seems to be - err pixellated. It just doesn't seem right. Definitely different from the top screen, which is brilliant. Can anybody else see a distinct difference between the two screens? Almost as if there was a thin film on it (there isn’t). No dead pixels though. Cheers Paulie.