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  1. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    Space ships, sci-fi, cylons? I'm one of those rare people who just like the SP and the trailer has grabbed me by the balls hard.
  2. Digimon Cyber Sleuth

    This is on sale at the moment for PS4 and Vita (Digital only). Not cross buy but it has Cross save support. A rather nice jrpg with an almost Persona vibe from the visuals and some of the game systems. £19.99 on PS4 and £15.99 on Vita. Higher frame rates and shorter load times on PS4 but the same game on both. I streamed a couple of hours earlier from the start. I'm really enjoying it.
  3. 2000AD & The Meg

    The art certainly isn't the clearest but I've seen worse. I think I like it so much because it's slowly filling in the blanks on how deadworld came about. I strongly suspect the lead character (Who's name escapes me) is going to end up
  4. Captain America 3 - Civil War. Trailer now online.

    Hawkguy, Kate and Pizzadog do stuff. It'd be the perfect movie. You get me bro?
  5. Nintendo NX

    Maybe they'll do a game that is to MOBAs like Splatoon is to shooters. That might actually be interesting. Oh man. Dark Souls vibe but with the Mario range of characters.
  6. vinyl lovers

    Some stuff in this HMV was priced comparably to Amazon prices, some much too expensive. Surprisingly the limited stock in my local Sainsburys has the cheapest prices. I only decided to buy it because I'd just been in the nearby Forbidden Planet to buy some manga and they'd utterly failed to keep almost every volume 1 in stock so I had cash burning a hole in my pocket
  7. Sci Fi recommendations

    The series that starts with Gridlinked gets better and better as it goes along with the stakes and battles getting bigger as you progress. In fact anything in his Polity universe is worth reading in my opinion. Try Prador Moon (nice standalone set years before Gridlinked with giant enemy crabs) and the Spatterjay books for sci-fi gruesome I'd skip the owner series though. That's when he was completely in the grip of his Bruce Everiss style politics phase and it utterly infected his work. Happily he seems to have gotten over that with his current series (Back in the Polity but carries on a particular plot thread from earlier work. Neal himself has a timeline. Doesn't include some newer books.
  8. ooops. Corrected. Yup. Really good fun multiplayer
  9. I couldn't see another thread for this on the first 6 or so pages. From the makers of Super Stardust. Four player co-op twinstick diablo shoot emup. A kind of spiritual sequel to the rather underwhelming Dead Nation. It's got good guns, good effects, lots of loot and skills to upgrade. Plenty of replayability in the maps and it's much better with more than one players. Starts a bit slow and tricky until you start getting extra skills and weapons
  10. Captain America 3 - Civil War. Trailer now online.

    Saw this today. Little bit bloated but enjoyable. great action sequences. Tony's an idiot (But Downey was on form as usual). Spiderman is a character who I've never liked in the movies but the new guy utterly sold me on him. Put the joy back into it and gave me the same feels I get when I'm reading Ms Marvel and Squirrel Girl (He was channeling the attitude of Ms Marvel very heavily. Very deliberately. Someone is paying attention). I'm going to have to get around to watching Ant Man now aren't I? Overall I still prefer BvS but yeah. Good morning out.
  11. vinyl lovers

    I was in HMV today after I went to see Captain merica. I'd just been paid so what the hell. I'll buy an overpriced LP. Got Black Sabbath - Paranoid since it's such a damn good album. I was surprised to see it came with a free cd version too.
  12. Manga

    I'm five volumes in and I'm loving it. It's sometimes a little hard to follow but I love the art. To be honest I prefer my Manga in paper form (Despite being a stanch digital fan for everything else) but I couldn't really pass up those prices.
  13. Nintendo NX

    I'll be quite sad when the 3DS is done and we move on. I know I'm in the minority but I really like the 3d effect.
  14. Manga

    14 volumes of Sidonia are on sale at Comixology for 2.99 each. I have the first volume which means I can get the rest for just under 40 quid. Very, very, very tempting. Is that everything?
  15. I've just been playing EDF2 and 2017 on my Vita. Fucking lovely. 2017 has the best engine, all the squad chatter and the classic EDF plot. From what I can gather EDF2 has Godzillas so that makes them about even