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  1. I bring tidings of Scooby Apocalypse. I loved it. A good story. Interesting art and the backup strip gave me the feels
  2. There isn't. One of the number 1s in each pairing is for a Rebirth one shot for that character
  3. I'm taking one for the team. I shall report back on the Scooby Doo state of play later
  4. The Flash - TV series

    Now they're all on the same network it's going to happen. Believe.
  5. The Flash - TV series

    The Flash gets better the stupider the story lines up to a point where Barry crosses over the stupidity threshold and implodes into a singularity of dumb. Then he meets Supergirl and everything is Totes Adorbz.
  6. The Flash - TV series

    Series 2 of the flash ends with Barry continuing the tradition of Barry being an absolute fucking idiot At least we have the promise of Supergirl popping over to visit and making the place 1000% less fucking gloomy
  7. Turns out it's not as good as it sounds http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/comixology-ceo-answers-the-big-questions-about-new-unlimited-subscription-service
  8. Comixology Unlimited. US only to start with but expanding to other countries in the future https://www.comixology.com/unlimited/learn-more
  9. Rebirth is bringing back the LSH. Job done. I'm in
  10. Don't bother using Superman if you're streaming
  11. My Dimensions collection is nearly complete. I'm not buying every set. Just enough to get at least one character for each ability, all the level packs and anything else I fancy. So I thought I was done. I bought my last level pack. Back to the Future and started playing it. Turns out there's a "drone" ability I need a character for. Either Doc Brown or a Cyberman. Not sure which one to get. Possibly both. Superman turns out to be a good open world grinding character. He can fly (With the Superman theme) and break objects just by walking through them. *edit*. Fuck. I'm missing mini. May have to buy Slimer
  12. I'm in. It's fucking batshit.
  13. Simpsons Tapped Out Topic. Mmmmm. topics

    You need to spend time balancing out which materials you create. They go left to right in the amounts you need. Pickaxes are always the highest amounts. Followed by hats, guns and finally gold coins. So focus on building up a decent amount of pickaxes and hats first.
  14. Simpsons Tapped Out Topic. Mmmmm. topics

    Level 60 is out and things have changed. EA in the future won't be pushing out level based content. They're instead focusing on events and mini events that people of any level can access. Now when you level you get a doughnut and it looks to go up to level 939. However this being EA and Tapped Out there's a bug. Your first level after 60 takes 1million xp. After that for some reason every level is set at 40k which means a) you level bastard fast b) a bug locks you out of the game randomly for doing so So be careful. EA are working on a fix
  15. Steam

    I got one. It was some utterly forgettable Indie game I'll no doubt never install and have forgotten the name of. *Edit* Steel Storm Burning Retribution. Might be decent. Dunno.