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  1. Sony blog has an announcement about a dual red OST LP https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2016/09/26/driveclub-collectors-edition-vinyl-soundtrack-launches-30th-september/
  2. Virginia

    Just played it in one sitting. What just happened and can I get the soundtrack?

    The sparrow I got for preordering. Is that only for a single character or can I redeem it on all three?
  4. On walking sims. I`d certainly love to be able to play something like Everyone`s Gone to the Rapture in VR (Assuming it didn't make me sick)
  5. Yeah. The order page implies you'd get it on Oct13th but they have some small print further down that says you might have to wait until december
  6. yeah. Individual hardcovers. I can`t imagine how unwieldy that would be in a single volume. I have a couple of the very large DC Absolute editions and they`re certainly not for casual reading. A lot of people are really put off by Quitely`s work but I love it.
  7. I've got the hardcover editions of Morrison`s X-Men too. Lovely quality and one of my fave runs. I might dig them out for a reread.
  8. Actually while we're all here. Does anyone know if it's possible to get the OST for Child of Eden anywhere? I know a few of the tracks have been released on one of the Genki Rockets albums but I'd like a full OST without having to do the youtube ripping thing if possible. *Edit* Never mind. Lumi saved
  9. It looked and sounded very Child of Eden to me.
  10. I would murder each and every single one of you for a port of Child of Eden in PSVR. You're dead. All of you. You hear me?
  11. The first issue of the new Doom patrol series was weird and odd and excellent. Also Danny is back. Maybe
  12. Just over three weeks to go. No way am I cancelling my preorder. I currently have VR Worlds and Until Dawn preordered physically. Anything else I want I`ll get digitally. I`ll definitely be getting Rez and Driveclub. Probably Eve Valkyrie and Battlezone too.
  13. http://www.theverge.com/2016/9/16/12939354/hatsune-miku-vr-future-live-preview-tgs-2016 I'm in
  14. I`m rereading my Exiles trades. I`d forgotten just how good that series was. All 100 issues. Why the hell isn't Morph a regular in some team book?
  15. Amazon seem to still have stock