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  1. Star Trek Online

    Believe it or not this first image isn't a graphical bug. The Enterprise J is supposed to look that stupid Mirror Universe Bajor is full of titty bars
  2. Star Trek Online

    I`m still playing this a lot. I`m working on getting eveyr rep up to rank five with my main. That`ll let me do tokens for double rep for my first AOY alt. Once she gets all the reps to rank five any gear anyone on the account crafts with the rep system gets an automatic boost to rank XII. My main has three reps at max rank already. The two newest at rank two and the rest at rank 4. My AOY science alt is at level 57. I think I need to chill a bit now so I`m going to level him up the rest of the way with DOFFs and Admiralty missions. I have an engineering AOY alt at 55 and a Tac AOY alt at 53. (At level 50 you can fly T6 ships and use rank XII gear. My original characters include my main, my very first character (science liberated borg) who`s at level 53, another engineer at 54 and a romulan at level 53. Once you get past level 50 the bonus XP doesn`t really help much and I need a break so I`m going to be checking in on all the characters to queue up doff and admiralty missions while building up my stock of rep marks on my main. I think I can get all the way to five on the reps that are currently at 4 with the marks I currently have but all the queues are fun and doing the Dyson sphere ground battlezone is entertaining as well. AOY alts are quite nice too. You only really need one and then almost every temporal agent reward you earn on that character has a corresponding reward on non-AOY characters can get. I got rank 1 in a rep on my first AOY character and got given 500 marks for the rep of my choice on my main (And every other non-AOY character when I can be bothered)
  3. I like it. Performance on the Xbox version sucks balls though.
  4. Star Trek Online

    Tonight`s plan. Run the final Breen episode on my main to get the Breen BOFF. They`re doing a featured episode rerun event for the next few days for special rewards. The two I want are the Breen BOFF and the Reman BOFF. Hopefully I`ve ran the Breen missions before on this character or I`ll be running them all tonight instead of just one. I can run the final Romunal mission easily enough for the Reman BOFF though. Which is good because I`ll be fucked if I`m running Colosseum and the Vault again on that character. Two missions that need to die.
  5. Star Trek Online

    My first TOS character is level 52 and has the admiralty system open so I can leave her be for the moment and move onto my next. TOS Tac captain. It seems that until level 50 TOS captains are getting an entire level per mission. After the maintenance on Wednesday every character (Not just TOS ones) should be getting 150% bonus XP for an entire week. It`s been interesting playing through all the missions again. There`s been a lot of changes. The klingon arc is mostly untouched but the romulan and cardassian arcs are now completely different. It`s funny seeing the older stuff as Cryptic struggled to figure out what worked and what doesn`t. Some really bad design decisions abound. Like the first mission in the Breen sequence where a cut scene drops a fight right on top of you and half your away team is dead before you can move (Breen cryo hits like a truck). I think the single biggest issue I have with the game is ground BOFF ai and associated bugs. I was doing one of the new missions (Tholian) and I suddenly noticed all my away team were still in the same room. I had to quit and relogin just to get them to move. The game also has a huge problem on certain missions where your away team just won`t go through doors. There was one mission where every single door I had to nursemaid each BOFF through individually. This even happens on some of the brand new missions. The last set of missions I did on my level 52 TOS captain was the Jem Hadar 2048 sequence they did a few years ago. A masterclass of shitty design An entire mission of nothing but running around Bajor doing busy work (Because idiots sometimes complain about the combat focus) and one mission with an interminable sequence on the outside of DS9 in a space suit with the slowest walking ever. Mirror universe Bajor was fun though. All neon and strip clubs The current tally. My engineering main is max level and has I think 4 reps complete. I have a level 52 TOS engineer. A level 51 liberated Borg science captain and a level 50 joined trill science captain. My next project is a currently level 12 TOS tactical captain and I have another TOS captain (Science) waiting to go after that. Two key milestones are level 50 and level 52. 50 lets you fly the top tier of ships (5, 5-U and 6) and 52 lets you use the admiralty system (Handy way of grinding XP without needing to play the character). Also once you max out a rep you can create a token to give to an alt that doubles the rep gain for that faction for quicker alt rep grinding. And my 31st Century Temporal Raider is seriously fucking OP I`ve done pretty much nothing but play this all weekend. One nice touch when you get to level 50 and need to gear up a ship is you can replay older missions for unique gear. Combat scales to your level but so do the gear rewards. So that nice reman shield unit that was rank VIII is now XI when you finish the mission. Also when levelling I`ve notice it`s really fucking difficult to get cannons. Starfleet don`t sell basic models in the stores and almost nobody sells them on the exchange (Probably because they rarely drop). I`m an escort man. While I do like some of the bigger ships (There`s nothing quite like giving something a six beam broadside with beam fire at will going) there something about pointing your escort at a ship, triggering all your buffs and just fucking melting it`s face off At least once you get to level 50 you can get a decent set of green gear in anything except phaser from the exchange quite cheaply (Which is plenty for doing normal space instances).
  6. Star Trek Online

    If you want to level a character now is the perfect time to do it. TOS characters get 1 level per mission up until level 50 (Max level is 60 but at 50 you can fly max rank ships).
  7. Star Trek Online

    My TOS character is currently at level 40 (And I have a TOS tac captain to level after that). I also found my absolute fave ship ever. It's butt ugly but handles and fights like a motherfucker. The 31st Centure Temporal Raider. Fast as fuck, hits like a truck. Bags of utility and even has a battle cloak.
  8. Star Trek Online

    Here's some early missions. It'll be in HD later
  9. Star Trek Online

  10. Star Trek Online

    I'm starting to get into the groove now
  11. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

    Did you finish that part of the sidequest? It wasn`t what I was expecting
  12. Star Trek Online

    And for some reason I`m still keen to get home and play more.
  13. Star Trek Online

  14. Star Trek Online

    Oh dear lord. This is so bad. I pity anyone picking this up for the first time. I think I'd forgotten just how much this game sucks until you get a few ranks under your belt. Here's how it goes. Some really poor graphics, animation and awful voice acting cause you to land on a planet from the original series. You do some shitty things in the shitty graphics and realise Cryptic still doesn't understand that STO on the ground is literally the worst game ever. Wait until you see the cave men throw their spears through me. After you spent three ice ages doing busy work on the ground you end up back in space to fight Klingons while flying the single ugliest space ship ever designed. The problem with this is that while space combat in STO is the best part (And really fun in the endgame) at level one it's utter garbage. Not helped by you having one forward facing dual phase bank and a single torp. Then you get to go back to a starbase that looks like it was designed in five minutes and listen to soundbites from the Enterprise crew taken from the series (In poor sample quality) and then get given the ship. Oh man. It's so so bad. On my main I did the two new end game queues. The first is pretty fun. Dropping warp core bombs in front of that doomsday device shaped like an ice cream cone. The second is a straight fight and defend but throws so many enemies at you I think it must be bugged. Also the game's performance seems to have gone through the floor. God only knows what they've broken but it never used to run this badly for me. I did a quick 30 minute stream of the first mission. The twitch page isn't loading for me at the moment but when it does it'll be here in all it's terrible majesty. https://www.twitch.tv/mightyflub/v/76587545 I'm going to go back in and do a quick stream of one of the new endgame queues.
  15. Star Trek Online

    Rather annoyingly it seems that the AOY content is a tutorial and 6 missions. Then it dovetails into the regular content. That`s pretty piss poor for an "expansion"