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  1. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    He was amazing. I love him as a fighter, but I thought he was going to get steamrollered by Hendricks, who was looking very fit and very strong. Very happy being wrong about that. Him vs Lawler would be delish. Killer flying knee knockout in the prelims also, I forget the names but it was an Israeli v a Chilean. Shame about Artem though. I'd love to see him do well in the UFC, but i'm not sure if he's going to get another chance after that. 
  2. Cricket Thread

    Thought we could do with a general Cricket thread about anything that isn't an England series. Ireland beating the West Indies (T20 World Champions in case you forgot) in a T20 game. Another scalp we can be proud of:   Windies only put up 116 to beat, with Chris Gayle top scoring with a meagre 20. Probably they took Ireland a bit too lightly. I can't imagine they'll take it easy on us in the next T20 and ODI to come.     Also, Sky have the IPL rights! ITV4 didn't show the games in Ireland, so I had to chase it up on youtube, will be good to get it on the telly proper.