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  1. There's no funny accent in it for him.
  2. Oooh. Can you link us up? Second trailer actually made me realise they're actually making a TV show out of preacher.
  3. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Yeah, it's great to get one in our time zone. Entertaining card, plenty of stoppages. That de Randamie body shot KO. Oof. Neil Seery is one tough fucker. He was outclassed by Horiguchi completely but he did not stop going forward. What a soldier.
  4. Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Open World Free Running

    I'dlove a ps4 code if there's one spare still.
  5. Shite Childhood Bands

    Yeah that's completely right, but 93 hardcore is the best.
  6. Shite Childhood Bands

    I don't have contempt for people that don't like Disco. Just pity. Disco is magical music. Imagine not liking it! Poor fuckers.
  7. Speed runners, starwahl andsports friends have all been big hits round my way. All better with four rather than two players though.
  8. World War Bee...The EVE universe goes to war.

    I fucking love this shit. Keep it coming.
  9. Bangerzz

    Wow, that's amazing. Just looked it up on discogs, one copy for sale for €299! Even the average price is €113.
  10. Bangerzz

    This is my banger du jour: And something from now instead of 23 years ago:
  11. Star Wars: Rogue One

    The only thing wrong with that trailer was the amount of Donnie Yen kung fuing the shit out of stormtroopers. There should have been way more. Other than that, I am excited. Oh yes.
  12. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Check out the card for the Fight Night on April 16th. Fairly stacked for a Fight Night:
  13. World T20 Cricket

    Yeah, turning out pretty close so far. Would love to see Pakistan win this one.
  14. The "Grown Adults Who Still Like Cartoons" topic.

    Hmm, I was going to download the original amimated series to watch with my five year old girl. Would you say this is a better bet? She loved the Justice League cartoons.
  15. World T20 Cricket

    Very deflationary tournament for Ireland. Might as well have stayed at home. Bah.