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  1. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Gonna watch a few prelims anyway. Stevie Ray up next.
  2. Why modern blockbuster music is so bland

    Great video. Interesting they showed a clip from Mad Max. I watched it last week for the second time after seeing it in the Cinema, and while it's still a fucking amazing film, I did notice the music not being particularly strong. It's not all bad these days though. This works best if you scrub any thoughts of the clusterfuck that is the DC cinematic universe from your brain, but the music in this still sucks me in big time:
  3. Overwatch - I am Hanjo

    Yeah, that was a great buzz. Haven't played an online FPS in a good while, this might suck me back in...
  4. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Ah jesus CHRIST, Dana White. Of all the many and varied dick moves you've done, this has to be up there as one of the stupidest.
  5. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    It's ALL conor. Great performance so far.
  6. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    WOW. Should get to bed earlier than expected anyway!
  7. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I went through about 6 or 7 streams on the kodi box - very good quality, but they only lasted a minute before massive buffering or crashing Kodi. Went for a one day paid access to which someone recommended to me today. They have a kodi addon too, so i'm up in HD with a solid stream. Not one for predictions, but I have a hunch for Conor winning tonight. TKO in the 5th after a horrible war.
  8. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Thanks angel. Poor quality, but the stream is solid is a rock so far. Ha, just as I type that, it hiccuped and I missed the stoppage! Sure it'll do the job anyway.
  9. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Any good tips for streams tonight? I am without bt sports because eircom are massive cunts, and they've blocked the ppv in Ireland. Any tips great fully received. I have kodi too if any of the plugins are doing a decent stream.
  10. Youtube clips of Suicide and Can

    Alan Vega brown bread at 78. A good innings, and he never lost that urge to fuck shit up.
  11. Euro 2016 thread

    Holy fuck. What a performance. What a night. IRELAND! Martin O'Neill man. Amazing.