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  1. Rock Band 4

    I'm down to about 2 hours of gaming time in total a week at the minute and will be until a week on Friday so if you need to remove me from the crew that's ok. Will be able to do a decent amount of time from the 16th when I'm on school holidays though.
  2. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    The most exciting thing I have found out in this press conference so far is how to pronounce Ys.
  3. Steam Secret Santa 2016

    Was genuinely my favourite bit of Christmas last year. Definitely in.
  4. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    From Horizon: Zero Dawn
  5. Does anybody "Rent" Games anymore ?

    I pay for the £4 a month one or whatever it is from Boomerang. One 6 month old game per month. I could just buy them second hand and then trade them in or sell them on when done but I can't usually be arsed. This suits pretty much suits me perfectly, though I wish I could stack them.
  6. Gilmore Girls - new episodes on Netflix November 25

    It's amazing how quickly they all started nailing their characters, Emily, Kirk and Paris especially I thought. Some of the on the nose up to date references were a bit grating but they got those out of the way quickly.
  7. Rock Band 4

    Artists with colours in their name. Wish I'd managed to get Green Day Rock Band registered now. Servers always seemed to be down when I tried and then the transfer key expired. Guess I'm playing lots of White Stripes.
  8. Steam

    Aren't Steam Links pretty shitty on Home plug networks due to the latency? I found Steam home streaming pretty terrible on one before I want to Cat 6. Not sure if it is still the case.
  9. Steam

    I gots me some of them keys the kids are into these days. PM me if you're a regular and you want any of: Stardew Valley Banner Saga Soma Dropsy Shadow Warrior Titan Souls Door Kickers Duet Else Heart.Break() Forced Never Alone Outlast Retro City Rampage Sunless Sea Trine 3 Gone Home Gunpoint Massive Chalice Grim Fandango Broken Age
  10. Rock Band 4

    Yeah, the only song I've replayed is Charlene (I'm right behind you) by Stephen and the Colberts as it's the easiest song in the whole store and I wanted to 100% something. Does anyone have any advice for long streaks of the same colour on guitar or bass? I'm almost guaranteed to bomb out on them as I just don't have a clue on how to get the tempo and either miss 80% of the notes or hit 500% more than I need to. Chop Suey and Caught in a Mosh are two songs I can't for the life of me do this week.
  11. Rock Band 4

    My daughter is unwell and was kicking off this morning as soon as I stopped holding her and talking to her. We compromised and I sang REM, The Cure and Bon Jovi in a lullaby style using the headset mic.
  12. Rock Band 4

    If you've a decent sized dlc library you can contribute a lot. You get loads of bonus xp for being first, second or third to do a song so my 3 stars on easy vocals have contributed more than I thought they would as no one else has done it.
  13. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    You're not alone. I'm having the same issue with both East and West coast feeds. There are others on the forum. It's not the end of the world as the ads are adjusting on the west coast at least. I'm also using Pocket Casts, but on Android.
  14. Rock Band 4

    Requested to join the crew, suspect I will be out as soon as we hit 11 members as I'm shite but have all the instruments at least.
  15. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Jason and Dan winding each other up at the start of the emails in this week's Bombcast I assume. It came after the Paper Mario chat.