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  1. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Jeff is doing E3 judges week. There's usually someone on holiday at this point too.
  2. Liverpool Football Club 2015/2016.

    Great angle on the Sturbridge goal:
  3. Gaming mondegreens/eggcorns (misheard audio)

  4. Hitman - Elusive Target #2 Friday 27th May, Marrakesh May 31st

    I'm absolutely loving it and loving the episodic release method. It's making me squeeze every but of content out of the levels and they're all so brilliant they deserve it. I know full well that if I waited until they were all out I'd just complete every level and then move on and it deserves much more than that.
  5. Steam

    This is a key for A Fistful of Gun: 0ZW6E-xxxDV-IK3NL The missing letters are the name of the box you write secret e-mail addresses into when you don't want others to see.
  6. Concerts - general discussion and experiences

    He was so wasted on his recent tour he couldn't manage to hold the microphone near his face. He did a few of his older tracks while wearing a headset and the combination of their need for incoherent wailing and lack of needing to hold up a microphone meant they worked out pretty well but it wasn't the best sign for the bloke. It's a shame, I love the southern tinged feel of his most recent album. This was in November. I believe he was due to play the Bataclan in Paris the day after Eagles of Death Metal and obviously had to cancel. He came straight to the UK after that, probably wasn't the best mindset to be playing shows in.
  7. Concerts - general discussion and experiences

    He was beyond woeful on his most recent tour. He even admitted that he was tagged in the US and couldn't consume drugs or alcohol so basically did a European tour to get the tag removed. Shame, Reading 2001 was a classic in my, then 19 year old, eyes.
  8. Parquet Courts - Human Performance

    Thanks for the heads up. I think Light Up Gold remains my favourite release of thisdecade. They're in the UK in June. London, Bristol, Edinburgh
  9. Shite Childhood Bands

    Thinking you've made a 'discovery' the first time you hear Inside by Stiltskin.
  10. Shite Childhood Bands

    Yeah, that's a great tune. I've not heard it in 20 years either but was loving it, until it cut to someone dropping sugar in tea in time to "there is sugar..."
  11. Steam

    GRAV code: VTDAI-J9Nxx-P3D4J The missing digits are the year of release of Marble Madness. Chivalry code: W80xx-XNM9F-08VX0 The missing letters are those that belong to the element with an atomic number of 2. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: 8xx7X-T7NAA-HCYQX The missing letters are those belonging toeverygamer's favourite droidin the Star Wars universe, meatbags.
  12. The Gaming Podcasts Thread

    Can't believe you didn't go with Emergent Gamelads. Loving it so far, anyway. Direct link for anyone else that wants it:
  13. Firewatch

    I love how the animation for unlocking padlocks is completely accurate, despite every padlock being exactly the same code.
  14. Steam

    Hey. Who wants a code for Door Kickers? It's really good. Like a cross between SWAT 3 and Hotline Miami xx5M5-VCV2T-I26L3 The two missing letters are the state that The Sopranos is set in. I've got a code for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger too. It is also a lovely game. 6xxxx-I64IB-R9WME The four missing letters are the first name of the actor who plays Renton in Trainspotting. I don't think he has ever been in a western.
  15. Steam

    I was deliberately leaving it unspoken for to harvest more dad jokes