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  1. Games you absolutley suck at

    I always used to think I was pretty good at Rock Band but then they released RB3 with its online scoredboards. I'd finish a song, putting in a Rock God level of performance that leaves me with a head the size of Axl Rose. Cuts back to menu: "Score 12,000 more points to be in the top 90% of the leaderboard."
  2. Performance Enhancing Drugs in Cycling and Other Sports

    The Williams sisters were on the always excellent Transworld Sport when they were kids. Quite a nice feature.
  3. Steam

    Runs beautifully on PC now based on my own experience. I did hear that having 16gb RAM makes a difference to that though.
  4. Concerts - general discussion and experiences

    I saw Thee Oh Sees in Leeds last weekend. I've not had huge exposure to them really as they don't put more recent stuff on Spotify, I just knew they fitted the general 'garage rock' sound that I enjoy in a live band. They were bloody mesmerising. They have two drummers who perform perfectly in time throughout, not a clue how they do it. Their songs are tight as hell and they even got along a great support act in The Blind Shake. I thought I would have travelled the furthest to see them after a couple of hours up the M1 from Leicester. Not even close. I came across people from Newcastle, Edinburgh and even Stockholm who had come for the gig. I've a first kid on the way in a few weeks. After about 15 years of 1 gig a week on average this being my last big show in a very long series was a glorious way to bow out.
  5. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    He's said he will miss the GameSpot team so I can't imagine he is staying in SF. Given the amount of time he has spent going to Ireland and back recently a move to New York would make that a whole lot easier.
  6. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Danny O'Dwyer is leaving GameSpot. Wonder if he will end up at GBeast.
  7. Nintendo 3DS

    For anyone else in the market for a new 3DS XL they can be had for £155 from Tesco at the moment. Just bought one along with Link Between Worlds and a charger from Amazon. £170 for that lot feels pretty reasonable.
  8. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I think he's going on a tour with JV in an RV. It wouldn't surprise me if he did move to New York though. He has been talking favourably about the place for a while and had dropped a couple of hints about going out there. He's doing a Reddit AMA on Tuesday so will probably reveal his plans there.
  9. This sort of thing is pretty much all I play these days. Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe is definitely my favourite. I've started up a game of it every year for the past 20 years I'd say. The 'story' series by Kairosoft are great on phones and there's loads of them at this point. I always really enjoyed the Lionhead game The Movies, which never really gets mentioned anymore as well.
  10. The Gaming Podcasts Thread

    I went to loads of McDonald's parties as a kid and they never 'showed me the fridge'. Where abouts on the doll did they touch you, David?
  11. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    Walking hasn't been working either as the servers have been so flaky. I've done in the region of 25km with it enabled this weekend. It has acknowledged 6km of that. Geographically this thing is really unbalanced. Just got back from a weekend away in Norfolk. Coalville, Leicestershire. Population 33,000 - 1 pokestop, no gyms. Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk. Population 2,000 - 15 pokestops, three gyms. Every little village we went to with barely a man and his dog managed at least three pokestops.
  12. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    I quite enjoyed this game. The combat is terrible and it's very front-loaded but I loved the location, atmosphere and basic set-up of the detective stuff. Well worth £4 if you're a walking simulator fan.
  13. The Gaming Podcasts Thread

    This week's Computer Games Show was brilliant. Listening to Elmo rage about PD2 and Knack cheered me right up on Friday. Took 3 hours to download mind. Is there anywhere else I can get it from?
  14. I often get a bit obsessive about voting for stuff when putting off spreadsheety work crap. Without people like me there'd be no data for the lovely
  15. It's not actually that uncommon with TV episodes in the first week or so of screening as the vote is only people going on to IMDB specifically to vote for it. Most episodes of the last season of Breaking Bad were 10s at first.