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  1. Probably those Dracula 2001 vibes, coffin in the aeroplane. But yeah, Dracula Untold was originally supposed to be the start of these but has been ditched, so this is effectively the 'reboot' of a shared cinematic universe that was only one film long. It's really strange how the text of the trailer pushes heavy on the horror vibes but the actual content of the trailer is nothing but action scenes, similar to how Dracula Untold which was a fantasy action film without any actual horror. It's a really odd tact to take when you're trying to launch a franchise based entirely on horror icons.
  2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 11/11/11

    Just as a heads up, this is currently £25 on the Xbox Store, presumably as a one-day Black Friday offer.
  3. Press 'Start' to begin...

    It's so the game knows which pad you're using.
  4. Forza Horizon 3. Metacritic 91. Players in 1st post.

    There's a pier in Byron Bay that when you press X on it, the VO says 'This is where you get the ferry to New Zealand' (or words to that effect), which would be very similar to how you access Storm Island in the second game.
  5. Titanfall 2

    Based entirely on the first level of the campaign, it plays like Call of Duty crossbred with both Crysis and Mirrors Edge, nestled within expansive levels that evoke the recent Tomb Raiders and Uncharted 4. Now take all of that, and smash Shogo: MAD on top of it. It's really fucking good.
  6. Guys, you're not getting it. Tanks should only ever be able to be taken out by other tanks, infantry are there to be pwned by their mechanical overlords.
  7. Wild guesses ahoy: I love how the hosts have seemingly adapted their own belief structure to rationalise the idiosyncrasies of their world. You can already see how Thandie Newton's dawning realisation that her actions don't necessarily hold consequences may gradually escalate into large scale consequences, like a robo-rapture by way of Groundhog Day. I'm not sure why people are getting so hung up on the literal mechanics of the park though; the comments about humanity having essentially beaten death very purposefully established it as speculative sci-fi set in an unspecified future rather than anything based on quantifiable modern technology. This gives them carte blanch to have the technology work thematically rather than literally (cf. DaVinci-esque organic 3D printers), neatly avoiding the tedious rabbit hole of technobabble masturbation that nearly every other sci-fi show falls into.
  8. That opinion is far from unanimous, a considerable amount of people regard this as the best Battlefield since Bad Company 2. I think a lot of it comes down to how much you enjoy the 'more is more' approach BF3/4 took. Personally I always preferred the focus of Bad Company, and in many ways this feels like a spiritual successor to that. I don't want or need 150 guns with 16 attachments each, along with god knows how many gadgets and 30+ vehicles all with their own unlockables. All I want is satisfying core combat on maps that are varied and fun, nail that and I'll play it all year. I think they have.
  9. The torque bow is very reliable at releasing people from the snatcher.
  10. I'm not hating on Gears 4 here, I'm having a great time with it and love Horde. I'm amazed at how well they've managed to continue the story, too. But I reckon their next one will blow this out the water, in a good way.
  11. See, with Halo I agree with you, but in Halo each of those core enemy types requires you to approach them in different ways. In Gears all the core enemy types are bullet sponges with guns, it's just some of them take 3x as many bullets to kill. You don't really use different tactics whether you're fighting a Mulcher, DeeBee or Drone, but you do when it's a Hunter, Elite or Jackal. That's why I think Gears benefits from enemy variety in a way that Halo doesn't.
  12. Sure, I totally understand how they've been designed that way and the purpose they're fulfilling. I just think it's a slight shame that they've technically got an entirely fresh cast of enemies split over two species and 80% of them are humanoids that walk upto you slowly firing a gun, especially when they even used some of the other ones in the prologue. It may be a reboot but it's still the fifth game in the series, we all know how to fight the locust and in co-op at least it's often a bit too easy to just hang back and pick them off without being forced to move cover. Big fan of the mega-aggressive Swarm though, they've managed to fuck our whole team with a single grenadier in Horde a bunch of times. And I do really like the game on the whole, but I think the next one will be something special.
  13. Actually thinking about at, a Kantus equivalent that goes around re-building the Dee-Bee's out of scrap would be great, and would help differentiate them from the Swarm if they were really hard to keep down. I think they've missed a trick not making them more like Dead Space/Binary Domain.
  14. I've got to stress, I'm coming to this straight from Judgement. In that you frequently had Bloodmounts, Kantus', Corpsers, Reavers, Serapedes, and Ragers (snipers who turn into Beserkers unless you decapitate or execute them), alongside all your usual variety of Wretches, Drones and Boomers. They all kept you on your toes in different ways, whereas in this it's mostly just Wretches, Drones and Boomers, much like the original Gears, albeit in either a Dee-Bee or Swarm flavour. I'm basically just saying they could have done with some bigger non-boss bad guys, but I'm sure we'll get some next time. And they should definitely bring back the Kantus (Swantus?).
  15. I'm playing on hardcore. I do like the Beserker robots, but they should have done more with it. The rolling balls are basically just the Juvies in different clothing, whereas the Guardians serve the same purpose as the Pouncers(?), in that they can pass over your cover and soak up bullets. The giveaway for me is that you only fight the Dee-Bees for the first five waves on Horde, whereas you mainly fight the Swarm for the last five waves, but tactically I approach them both exactly the same way.