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  1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    That's EXACTLY how I tried to do it! After bouncing off the ceiling of the vent without grabbing the ledge for ten minutes straight I relented and bought the super jump.
  2. Forza Horizon 3 Photo & Gif Thread

    Everyone needs to click these. Those dynamic-but-real-time skies are the most subtly impressive thing I've seen in ages, they're so well implemented and give the world so much life.
  3. Dead Rising trio remastered - September 13th!

    Yeah, assuming we're talking about the same thing it was a bit like hitting someone in Street Fighter, the game would freeze momentarily for every zombie you lobbed a limb off, which made cutting down crowds with a single swipe oddly satisfying. I've not played the remaster but remember it distinctly from the original release.
  4. Bioshock the Collection | Big Daddy 1,2,3

    The remasters already looked gash from the comparison trailer farther up the page, they've completely lost all the atmospheric bloom/haze with the reveal of Rapture looking more like its on a monitor than through a port-hole. It reminds me of what we saw from those canned Arkham remasters, they might be the same levels but they've broken the effects and lost a big part of the aesthetic in translation.
  5. Dead Rising trio remastered - September 13th!

    If you mean the 360 version, it definitely did.
  6. Battlefield 1 - World War One

    So what's the deal with the early launch for EA Access, do you need a pre-order and an EA Access subscription or just a pre-order? Obviously having EA Access gets you 10% off anyway so I'm wondering whether it's worth just doing for a month or not.
  7. Battlefield 1 - World War One

    Also I'm suprised by the tepid reaction to this on here, in terms of feel and feedback the on foot combat feels so much sharper than any of the previous BF games. It's really satisfying when you hit other players in a way that none of the others have ever quite nailed, and for that alone its a day one purchase for me. I'm also a big fan of the clean, unified UI as well, although admittedly all the crisp white combined with shots from space is a tad anachronistic for a period game.
  8. Battlefield 1 - World War One

    You're being facetious but as far as I'm aware you're actually right, there's basically fuck all you can do if someone decides to DDoS you. That's why it's become such an lucrative method of trolling large companies/networks, they can't do much about it.
  9. Battlefield 1 - World War One

    Despite Frostbite games always running worse on it, I'll be buying it on Bone in anticipation of the Scorpio version down the line. I expect they'll update BF4 for it as well, astonishingly that might end up being the best console port eventually. Also, saying that, I played BF4 loads on Bone and despite jaggies sharp enough to cut your eyes, it never actually harmed my enjoyment.
  10. Nothing quite as acerbic as the Videogamer podcast I'm afraid, although Matt Lees who used to be on the Videogamer Podcast (and also post on this forum) does have a his own gaming website thing called Cool Ghosts. Agree completely about the UK flavour, I find most American games coverage far too sincere. The borderline libelous conversations the VG crew seem end up in nearly every other week are spectacular.
  11. The Lobster : Dark surreal comedy

    Agreed, without being spoilerific I found the second half much less compelling than the first. All the hilariously wry, absurdist satire seems to peel away and it settles into just being a bit weird and boring with it. Still well worth seeing for the first hour, though.
  12. The SP looks just like a modern day Shogo: MAD. Which is a GOOD THING. I might even pre-order this and BF1, do they both get early access?
  13. Nah. The Videogamer UK podcast is probably the most well-balanced and outright entertaining gaming 'publication' I can think of, certainly the closest in tone to this forum. Genuinely, passionate, knowledgeable and well-considered criticism wrapped up with a distinctly British willingness to completely rip the piss out of the occasional contemptible idiocy of gamers and their own audience. Their coverage of No Mans Sky has been very even handed in the run up to the launch, and Jim more than any of the others was looking forward to it. The rest of their stuff I find hit-and-miss, but the podcast is a goldmine. I don't think there's anything controversial about that review, for what it's worth. He basically says the shallowness of the actual game mechanics ultimately fail it, because they quickly highlight how all the visual 'variety' is just flimsy window-dressing for a repetitive grind, which is exactly what people have been worried about for years at this point.
  14. Yeah, should have phrased that as frame-size.
  15. Gorf has been bang on so far, but for what it's worth regarding 4k content: Unless you're working on Lawrence of Arabia or some other 70mm epic, most older 35mm films are scanned in at 2k Full Aperture. That's 2048x1556, almost a square, for a full frame of 35mm. From that frame, you crop in to get whatever aspect ratio the film was shot in, and then you usually deliver at 1920x1080. The actual detail of many 35mm films can be quite soft at that size as it is, so the only 'benefits' you're likely to see from re-scanning everything at double the resolution are insane file sizes and slightly sharper grain, and that's without even touching on the whole VFX delivery resolution can of worms that Gorf touched on. This is why most of those '4k BluRays' on the market are just 2k upscales, and why I wouldn't hold your breath for a huge wave of 4k remasters around the corner. I also think the term itself is quite disingenuous, branding UHD as 4k almost implies 4x the resolution of 1080p. Calling it 2160p doesn't carry quite the same heft.