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  1. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    I have tried VR, I found it fascinating and entertaining, and I'm sure there will eventually be loads of non-gaming applications that I can barely fathom. I also think the lasting mainstream appeal as an entertainment device it a lot narrower than its advocates are either aware of or willing to admit. I personally am interested in VR, but of course I am, I'm a late-20s male who likes to spend his disposable income on consumer electronics, I mean that's a fucking slam dunk. Going beyond that audience though, in any meaningful long term way rather than as a fad? It's funny that you mentioned the Scorpio, the crossover there is bound to be nearly 1-1. Consoles are absolutely expensive toys for man-children (and actual children), there's no need to get defensive about the phrasing. Everyone on this forum qualifies for that, we're the generation of perpetual adolescence. I'm not suggesting VR is going to bomb in any way, I'm saying I think that after the initial boom the interest in it will mellow out into a core audience of enthusiasts, the same kind of people who are already more than happy to spend their time spare time indoors on their own. The same people who are already interested in it, gamers and tech geeks. It'll become its own niche.
  2. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    Well I can and do watch my friends play games sometimes, as I imagine most of us have done at some point, but that's kinda beside the point I was making. People keep talking about VR as if it's poised to become the new mainstream form of entertainment, when in reality it involves being sat on your own wearing a £500+ blindfold and a pair of headphones, completely unable to see or hear anyone or anything else. With online multiplayer you can add in talking to yourself, too. It's one of the most textbook examples of an expensive nerdy indulgence I can think of, so other than the appeal of having a go for yourself and the amusement of watching friends and family flail around a few times, I really can't see it having any long-term prospects taking pride of place in most households. This is without even mentioned the numerous drawbacks and limitations with regards to what kind of games actually work well, how much grunt you need to run them at the right speed, how long you can use it without eye-strain, etc. Whilst I'm certain the actual technology and the applications of it will continue to improve, the one thing they're never going to solve is what a fundamentally solitary pursuit it is. It's essentially a toy for well-off man-children (of both sexes), and that's fine because it's really cool and good at what it does. What it's not is the new paradigm of mainstream entertainment, at least once its moment in the spotlight wears off.
  3. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    Sure, but then it just becomes the new Wii Fit board. An expensive toy dragged out every now and again after a few drinks with friends, that eventually becomes completely ignored once the novelty of watching each other play a few mini-games wears off.
  4. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    I'm very skeptical that something that's entirely exclusionary that involves completely isolating yourself from your environment and anyone around you will have any role at all in the most social room of most people's homes, under the TV. Frankly I think the most suitable environment for VR is where it's mostly already being used, in people's bedrooms/studies, at a desk.
  5. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    Whereas I'm convinced VR is destined to become an expensive hobbyist novelty, with about as much long-term mainstream traction as motion controls. It might shift a few consoles to begin with whilst it's relatively new and exciting, but once the hype wears off and everyone's satisfied their own personal curiosity by having a go, it'll just trundle along in the background. It's not the game changer people seem to be expecting, and I certainly don't see it landing any decisive blows in the console warz.
  6. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    To be fair I'm being rather unnecessarily sarcy, apologies to petrolgirls for getting carried away there (as with RubberJonny above, I'm just shitposting at work). I always try to keep an open mind when debating stuff but I just genuinely can't empathise with the skeptics on this one, in spite of it being such a blatantly ridiculous topic to have drawn a line in the sand on. The whole concept of these (rumoured, lol) consoles seems really straight forward from my perspective.
  7. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    Sorry, I didn't realise that the metric we're using to gauge how viable these new consoles might be is "Will the games run on petrolgirls' unspecified five-year-old laptop?". They're all titles with perfectly adequate current gen ports that also happen to scale up and look spectacular on top end PC's. This idea that you need to compromise on whether your game is either playable at lower specs or looks bland at higher specs is just total bollocks.
  8. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    Yeah you're right, Battlefield 4, Arkham Knight, Doom, Hitman, Quantum Break, The Witcher 3 and Dark Souls 3 all look bland as fuck because of those compromises the developers had to make. < This was originally 1000% larger but I had to scale it back to make sure it would play on current-gen browsers.
  9. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    How exactly do you think this is any different from developers who already make ports for both top end PC's and current gen consoles (every third party developer, basically)? If anything that's an even bigger power difference, and this is already far simpler than that because of the shared architecture. The games are exactly the same, but they run to a higher standard and have a bunch of processor-intensive bells and whistles they currently disable for console ports. Trying to use previous gen > current gen ports as an example is a total straw man, they were completely different machines with different architectures requiring new versions building from the ground up. Any similarity in power discrepancy is an irrelevance, the situation is completely different.
  10. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    Well you say that but it certainly is on every PC game, in spite of their vastly more complicated combinations of different hardware. In this instance they even have a fixed spec to optimise for. 99% of the time it's just going to be a matter of turning grunt-heavy features down/off, until they get adequate performance.
  11. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    I genuinely don't understand why so many people are struggling to understand how simple it would be to make this work. It's going to be the same basic architecture, but more powerful. You only need to make the game once, it's not like porting to the old consoles in the slightest. Completely hypothetical example: Scorpio/Neo - 1080p/4k, anti-aliasing, motion blur, higher particle sims, 60fps. Rift support? Xbox One/PS4 - 900p, 30fps. Same game, no porting or extra work required beyond whatever presets you decide.
  12. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    "Microsoft have made their (rumoured) console too powerful, nobody will be able make games that work on lower specs!" I can only assume this absolute drivel is coming from people who've never played a PC game, ever? I mean fucking hell, with the shared architecture it would be so, so much easier than doing a cross-generational port, and we've still seen literally hundreds of those over the last three generations. "The iPhone 6 is three times more powerful than the iPhone 5, this is more than an incremental upgrade. Apple must be ditching everything and making a fresh start!"
  13. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    Re: David On paper it might do sure, but in practice it's hardly done the Android or Apple app stores any harm. It's not like MS and Sony are going to suddenly start rolling out yearly console updates users can't keep up with, I can't imagine them upgrading the internals more than once every three years or so.
  14. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    I think people are being very old fashioned and presumptuous with all this talk of 'burning goodwill', you don't need to look much farther than all the frothing and moaning about 1080p/60fps to see there's clearly a big market of console gamers who want top-tier technical performance, a market willing to pay £600 every two years for a new phone/tablet they don't actually need to upgrade but do so anyway to have a newer/better/faster model. The concept of waiting five-plus years for an actual spec upgrade already seems really old-hat to me, if anything consoles are way behind the curve in transitioning into the phone/tablet model. This is it now, a fixed ecosystem of games for each platform that are always fully backwards compatible, with iterative updates every few years that improve performance on old titles whilst simultaneously adding features not previously possible on new ones. Personally, I'm all for it. I'm expecting they'll eventually launch Xbox Live/PS+ contracts with built in upgrades.
  15. Dark Souls 3! Miyazaki Directing! PRAISE THE SUN!

    Yeah I've finally got access to Bloodbourne now, figured I'd finish this first and then move onto it. Save the best for last and all that. The combination of Lovecraftian horror vibes/aggression based combat is more up my street so I'm expecting to swoon pretty hard.