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  1. I finished watching it tonight, so over two sittings. As a whole I thought it was good, but certainly something I'm not sure I'd watch again. I just didn't feel as eager to carry on watching and felt whilst the fe of the film was great, it still felt like something was off. In any case, reminded me of some old anime films and even got me thinking of the old game dark seed. It got very silent hill too near the end.
  2. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    Servers working great today. Grabbed loads in town today and a bunch if poke stops.
  3. Nintendo NES Classic Edition - November

    Wifi.. a few quid. Storage? 64MB would save a whole bunch of games. Hell, even 8MB would save more NES games than you would need. No reason it wouldn't work in 40 years either if you have the games downloaded to it. But yeah I don't have an issue with a standalone device, just that it's probably running something like a raspberry pie that costs pence (£50 is still probably 30 quid more than it's really worth).
  4. Nintendo NES Classic Edition - November

    i'm pretty sure a bare to the bones eshop for just nes games wouldn't exactly take up too much resources or cost much to implement.
  5. Nintendo NES Classic Edition - November

    Surprised they didn't use a modified version of the wii to run this with e shop access to download additional games for say, £1.50 each.. kinda seems like a missed opportunity.
  6. Jackass 3D

    Yeah the dudesons kinda took over from jackass. I think they even showed up on the last jackass film (or at least 3,.5). Also, dirty sanchez was decent for what it was.. the late 90s/2000s was pretty good for that stuff.
  7. Batman: The Animated series and stuff

    I hardly ever watch the batman animated films anymore (the series was great though) but i watched Kiling Joke with a couple friends last night and all three of us were a bit disappointed. The film is very short and i think the story suffers for this. Also, it's a 15 but besides a few adult references there isn't really much to warrant it being a 15. If anything the adult references were put in at awkward times and just seemed forced. The film didn't need them (and where it does need them it avoids it which is odd).
  8. Sonic '17

    Generations and Colours where the last 2 decent sonic games so another by the same team isn't so bad.
  9. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    Yes won't log on for me..
  10. Season 1 is my favorite and 2 isn't bad but yes the last couple are not great (so no i haven't forgot). However, i did enjoy S4 more than S3 and if i'm being honest i can't really remember much of S2 onwards anyway...
  11. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    It's actually been pretty stable the last 24 hours.. i'm impressed. Now fix the tracking bug! Oh, i popped a egg last night to get some XP gains as I had loads of candys to envolve pokemon. The problem is the app slowed down badly when i then tried to evolve the pokemon (especially if i had to do any transfers during this time period). It seemed to be the little picture area which (used to) take a snapshot of where you caught the pokemon. I had to close the app a couple of times to speed things up and the app just kept lagging badly.
  12. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    except thats a photoshop.
  13. So it's getting one final series which will be 9 episodes long. Should feature most of the old characters. I started watching Season 1 again, think i am half way through. Forgot how good it is!
  14. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    It fixes everything and more!
  15. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    Apparently Ubisoft are working on their own AR game like this. Wouldn't be surprised if it's something like Watch dog (which would make total sense) but on the other page it's not really a mainstream IP.