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  1. Yeah you could completely get rod of the supergirl episode as it's pretty much covered in flash. it would be cool to eventually have a proper four part cross over at some point or at least a proper supergirl cross over with one of the other shows.
  2. I just got payment processing too. I kinda expect it to turn up Thursday..
  3. Arrow

    I wonder why the aliens gave them those visions though ? What was the point? Decent episode, certainly not the best though. Looking forward to watching Legends later.
  4. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    I was a huge fan of the Amiga (infact i have a A1200 still) but the CD32 was just not a great machine at all. I owned a CD32 for a few years (although didn't purchase it till 1998 or something) but i really didn't think it was an improvement on my amiga 1200 with hard drive (and cd rom) and the games just booted slower than my A1200 so i hardly used it. My Zappo CD rom eventually stopped working (and my hard drive but thats another story) but i had tried hooking up the cd32 up to use it as a CD ROM - which worked but again was unbelievably slow. The CD32 also sports one of the worst joypads known to mankind. Not only was it very rare that a game would support any more than 1 or 2 buttons, the joypad was very inaccurate and the entire design was like some failed attempt to make a futuristic designed pad. Thankfully Megadrive controllers worked and was a much better choice to use. There were a few games that took advantage of the cd rom ability, but honestly they were a bit rubbish. And this is coming from someone who owned a mega cd. I like the fact this compilation discs are available but with the 2x speed cd rom, as i said i didn't give too much time to it.
  5. Yeah I really hoping we would have dispatches by now, thats crazy that you just just order from john lewis and get it earlier..
  6. Well, there is apparently a gimmick that still has yet to be revealed (unless that is the wiimote style jcon but i doubt it) so you never know.
  7. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Dunno, i used whatever compilation disc i had at the time and gave up because it was so slow after trying a few games. Maybe i was just not very patient..
  8. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    How quick are the compilation discs? My only issue when I owned a CD32 several years ago was the load times. It took ages for the disc to load and ages for the game to load into memory and play?
  9. The Flash - TV series

    Yeah i thought they were originally being sympathetic when they said about the changing timelines stuff.. hypocrites much?
  10. Supergirl - TV series

    Decent episode but I knew that they would only spend the last 2 minutes of the show setting up the crossovers.
  11. I recently set my rift back up. I tried Adrift last night, graphics very nice but it did make me feel a bit queezy and the game crashed soon after. Is there any decent free horror games to try? i had a quick look but the only one i found ( a demo) turned out to perhaps need touch controls.
  12. "What were the Devs thinking!?" moments

    Nightmare on the C64. I loved the TV show and was amazed there was a C64 version. However, i spent ages trying to exit the first room. I could never figure it out and tried several times before never bothering again. I think there was an amiga version too but was completely different.
  13. "What were the Devs thinking!?" moments

    Wow that game does look bad. Kinda looks like they used the mortal kombat engine somewhat. I am intrigued what you mean by the second room though? I had a quick look at a longplay and can only assume it's the bit with the riddler where you have to exit the room from above?