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  1. Good crisp bad crisp

    I must admit ive never been a huge fan of bacon fries but sainsburys must have changed theirs slightly and they are pretty damn good.

    Have you seen the one where the cat talks in kevin spacey voice?
  3. Nintendo NX

    Foxconn have apparently started a 10M "test". If NX came in late november would 2 months be enough time to get it into the shops?
  4. Nintendo NX

    With leaving it so late and the fact apparently Zelda Breath of the wild has been finished.. i wouldn't be too surprised if it was released before xmas now.. but still not enough time really to advertise?
  5. South Park

    I didn't really think either of your points where what they were trying to do. Firstly, i thought it was just a joke on when someone quits twitter, to some people there "digital" self dies. I know some people have become upset when someone they follow quits twitter. The bullying thing, well yeah they could just stop using twitter but did i think it implied online bullying is no big deal? Not really.
  6. Gears of War 4 - Xbox One Thread

    The third party site is nvidia. It's fine it worked for me. They just are the codes from gtx graphic cards.
  7. Gears of War 4 - Xbox One Thread

    The game be be bought for £25 off ebay - 7 left. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131947722090?euid=90552cb5863043feb20d887250a7547e&bu=43194707634&cp=1&sojTags=bu=bu I just got my code through...
  8. Master System Appreciation Thread

    Was trying to speed run MS castle of illusion. Few little tricks. Managed to finish the first level in a minute, but couldn't quite glitch the 2nd level right.. will try again.
  9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Yeah I thought it was a really good episode, even if none of the other cast were in it. I must admit i had completely forgot how season 3 ended so was slightly confused for a minute or two.
  10. South Park

    I thought episode 2 was pretty good. It got proper dark at times too so yeah good episode.
  11. Red Dwarf

    If it's like Go 8 Bit then no.. it will air once episode 2 is out.
  12. Must admit i do like the sound when the food is cooking! don't think it will be a big problem. How do other games deal with this?
  13. Looks great. Although a bit weird how they were seemingly trying to take away the need to keep popping into menus to change weapons/clothing etc and now it's back in full force. Must admit i have never really played one of these "skyrim/oblivion" type of games so looking forward to Nintendos take on it.
  14. Yeah I must admit i that's more than I was wanting to spend. I lent my brother my rift, most be a couple months now.. i got no urge to really play it.
  15. Forza Horizon 3. Metacritic 91. Players in 1st post.

    Yeah I might end up waiting. It's just for the first time I can actually play with friends who only have xbox one. We agreed we would do multiplayer with forza and GOW4 but well, at the moment i can't justify the crazy pricing on the windows store.