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  1. Fair point on the potential lower video quality BUT then why can't they just use the same tech the wii u did? That was perfect. Could have included a HDMI dongle.
  2. Still, the issue is the switch is just not kid friendly. 3ds is and I think they are going to have difficulty selling the switch to that market. Saying that a lot of kids use tablets but they can be bought for peanuts now ( well unless ipad) . The dock is just as I thought.. dumb. I'm sure third party will release their own versions. Despite what Nintendo says this is a handheld console with the ability to play on a home TV. Can't it just Stream to the TV? I don't quite see why we need the dock. Specs don't really fuss me nowadays. just have great games and I'll be happy.
  3. What do you mean? how would it be different to playing any other game on the train?
  4. If it's standard SDHC then we are very limited on space and secondly it's too slow for big games that access a lot of data. If they go with SDHX then maybe but i still think it would be a better idea to have a large portion of internal memory.
  5. How is it going to deal with eshop / dlc then? I expect the carts could have space on them for future dlc/patches but eshop stuff would need a lot of memory surely.. maybe the dock will have a hard drive too? doesn't explain how you would play those games away from home though.
  6. Not sure, but i'd be massively surprised if it didn't. If the dock is truly dumb then i'd be surprised if the handheld itself is more than £200-£250.
  7. Well...apparently investors are not happy that Nintendo has not revealed one of it's "surprises". I still think this thing is going to have a lot of focus on AR.
  8. I really question that Nintendo are still going to make the march 2017 release date. I know Nintendo want Zelda as a launch title but if it's sat there done and dusted then we have to wait a year when Nintendo could have got a decent amount of sales this xmas on wii u? Unless they really will go and spend another 6 months working on it.. If they are not going to reveal any more this year then 3 months isn't long... i hope 3rd partys have had kit for a while as well, otherwise they really won't have a lot of time to get games ready for the system. Also, i skyrim must be headed towards it despite comments made that it was just for the reveal - obviously want people to purchase the ps4/xbone version so are not making a big deal out of it.
  9. Thanks. I actually updated the video, as i really should have included the music. Didn't use the jackass thing, ill keep it in mind. Wonder if it will trigger copyright though.
  10. For real? Yeah I was going to have a background track I just thought I'd keep the original trailer sound.
  11. Just got done with another video...
  12. Yeah I wonder if the portable will be sold separately? otherwise yes they are losing a huge chunk of their market. at least the 3DS / DS were kid friendly. this thing!? not so much.
  13. Looks decent and glad to see some third party games. Mario looked interesting. Looking forward to seeing more than this advert did though..
  14. Gonna risk it and watch on my office screen. Annoyingly the school finishes at 3pm so fingers crossed for 3 minutes no one comes to the office.