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  1. Really enjoyed the first game back in the day, but for some reason the price always stayed high, so I borrowed it free from the library. :'D Something soothing about that old school repetitive gameplay.
  2. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    That famous yeti called Pikachu. Presumably he's a yellow snow type.
  3. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    Shame servers are so overloaded. Understandable I guess, but you know, please understand anyway. Have a pokestop outside my house (just moved house, what luck!), plus 2 gyms within a couple of mins. Shame I can't facking level because everytime I see a Pokemon the game shits itself.
  4. Yes yes exactly, that's lucky as I just got one. But future big titles and so on I feel the same way about. I have so little gaming time I get a bit of a kick out of Value for Money gaming.
  5. I got a PS4 the other week. Pretty pleased about it and was intending on buying one but can't justify the cost, so it was pretty cool to get one as a bday present. Feels good man. Looking forward to Bloodborne etc. I have no problem waiting until games go cheap.
  6. Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    I'm still battling through this and enjoying it quite a bit. I figured if I jump into DS3 then I'll never come back. So yeah, I've got 3 or 4 giant souls, I've done most of the bosses now and I've just burnt a bonfire ascetic for the 2nd time in Iron Keep. Man, if you want to farm souls (I don't really need to I suppose but hey) that is the place. The knights are not super difficult, there are lots of points you can snipe safely with poison arrows and they chuck out thousands of souls. Then you have to go duff in Smelter, who was outrageously easy as Lucatiel tanked him while I just pinged him with poison arrows. I'm using Murakumo which I'm really enjoying. Only pain is farming Titanite Chunks now. I guess I should finish it and get on with number 3, I've kind of planned to start that while I'm holiday in July.
  7. Dark Souls 3! Miyazaki Directing! PRAISE THE SUN!

    Being overweight (70%+) also reduces stamina recovery I believe.
  8. Dark Souls 3! Miyazaki Directing! PRAISE THE SUN!

    I just meant roll to avoid the next hit(s)
  9. Dark Souls 3! Miyazaki Directing! PRAISE THE SUN!

    Roll again
  10. Dark Souls 3! Miyazaki Directing! PRAISE THE SUN!

    The only thing I vaguely regret was watching through ENB's blind playthrough, although I don't really regret it as I never remember that much and I get the fear when I play DS2, and I've watched his playthrough of that a few times. Because obviously I knew I'd not be playing this any time in the near future. The only game expense I have justified right now is Fire Emblem for my birthday. I was actually quite content bungling through Dark Souls 2 after finding it cheap at the supermarket a few weeks ago. So imagine my surprise when I met my bros in London (a day trip of business meetings) and then this happened:
  11. Edge #294 - The Last Guardian cover feature, scores

    Yeah probably all just a conspiracy lol.
  12. Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    Yeah let me try and remember, um, I've done: The Last Giant The Pursuer (x2) Dragonrider x 2 Old Dragonslayer Flexile Sentry Ruin Sentinels Skeleton Lord Covetous Demon Mytha Smelter Old Iron King Royal Rat Authority or Vanguard (can't remember, the one with a bundle of rats who try to poison you) The Rotten This is vanilla Dark Souls 2 also.
  13. Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    I am also playing through this. The thing is, I bought the original Dark Souls when it launched as it seemed up my street and I loved the whole idea around it. But I had really young kids who were waking up at night and I needed to leap up quite often to calm one down before they woke everyone up. I basically couldn't play the original Dark Souls and I traded it in as I was broke. Years later it came up on the digital store for about 4 pounds so I bought it, but I had read so much about how to start it and so on without actually playing it myself that I kinda ruined the start of that game for myself. Then some time later I see DS2 for 10€ in the local supermarket and went for it. I went in blind and my fucking word I died a million times trying to do the starting area. Absolutely brilliant/frustrating. So Dark Souls 2 is really my first Souls game. It's on the limit of games I can play in terms of scariness and tension, so after I hit a few of the early areas I went through some ENB videos and kept playing. I don't have much time these days but I do get an hour or two in here and there. Really enjoying it and looking forward to doing Dark Souls 1 afterwards. I think now I've got a couple of the great souls, probably 50-60% of the way through. Heide's tower of flame is probably my favourite place. I bonfire ascetic'd that one and cleared the area for a second time, kind of farming I suppose. Word.
  14. Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games

    Have you ever been to a Rllmuk meet btw NEG?