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  1. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    Had a go at a few of the extreme levels Jonster and NEG had put scores in for - these are pretty beatable right now I reckon. Dammit why don't the images load on iOS now bloody error 200. Edit: aha
  2. Press 'Start' to begin...

    Are you ok mate?
  3. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    I saw that Jonster.
  4. PSN account hacked? Here we go again

    "For the suckers" was quite funny. The rest was all a bit cringe. But Rllmuk, remember, the bullied becomes the bully.
  5. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    I think I am just ahead of you guys on the Regular - Multi Train now too. Can't beat Dumpster's Single Train though.
  6. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    Man, I've been away. Austria. And very tired. And watching Luke Cage. But I had a go tonight.
  7. 2017 is going to be this generation's 1998

    And (probably) Clinton will be President.
  8. That is very true. The soundtrack/music from the series is on a Spotify playlist and it's absolutely banging. There are some 'little too cheesy' moments, working in Gangstarr lines (episode titles are fun tho), but sometimes they come off. Special guest appearance later in the series is good, as including the general theme of unwarranted police violence against minorities.
  9. Looks good. Different. Brave for Nintendo to combine both handheld and home console into one, but great for the consumer. Really good to see something different as a fundamental part of the design. Also: 1 controller = 2 controllers. How cool is that?
  10. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    Y'all need to try some of the other maps but not the jumping one as I suck at that
  11. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    That is gonna take some beating.
  12. Lik-Sang was the absolute nuts. Golden internet times.
  13. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

  14. I am vaguely enjoying it, but I realised it reminds me of video game cut scenes.
  15. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    Damn gotta step up my game!