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  1. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    And feel alienated because of the owners.
  2. BLOODBORNE: GOTY edition £25 DLC £8 for PS+ subbers

    I on the other hand would recommend you try working it out as best you can while you're still playing it. Half of the fun I had in Bloodborne was being lost as shit and trying to make sense of the madness and the world. It'd seem a little shallow to me to go through the game without any context for what you're doing (even if it's a batshit and very incorrect concoction you've clumsily mashed together, as was the case with me).
  3. Beyond: Two Souls

    I bought the double pack of Heavy Rain and this for PS4 last week, having never had a PS3. Heavy Rain was awful and I can't abide by any of it, but I'm loving this so far. I've just done The Mission, and looking at the chapters timeline it looks like I'm fairly close to the end. There's a lot of complaining in this thread about how it isn't interactive enough, but I'm finding it quite freeing knowing that the plot is more or less already in place and I'm just wandering through a story. It feels like a refinement of the few good things I found in Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit, and like what I feel 'interactive storytelling' should be. There's less 'interactivity', but for most of my time in Heavy Rain I found myself fighting the controls and the QTEs in which face buttons popped up that made no sense. The mechanics of that game were a mess, whereas here they're a lot simpler but at the same time a lot more functional. The chapter jumping works well in my opinion. Especially at the beginning, it gives just enough information to understand who's who and what's happening, while also giving enough room for the player to work things out and fill in the gaps a little. Playing Dark Souls and Bloodborne has led me to regard any form of storytelling that involves some legwork on the audience's part as a delight. I really enjoyed the early chapters and working out how Jodie and Aiden's relationship works, and despite it being a David Cage game it's actually made me feel feelings. Though I think it helps that if this were a movie, it's something I'd be more than happy to watch while taking note of the good things and ignoring the daft parts. In short, I'm loving it. I'm choosing to ignore the Navajo chapter.
  4. BLOODBORNE: GOTY edition £25 DLC £8 for PS+ subbers

    Asking questions like that and thinking will sort of help you to understand what's happening, but in general it's designed to be vague. Everything in the world (architecture, enemy types, item descriptions, etc) tells you a little about what's going on, and you generally have to piece it together yourself. And then after you finish the game watch lore videos on YouTube and read that massive Google Doc that bloke wrote up. The story and the telling of it are, quite frankly, genius IMO.
  5. Journey doesn't need PS Plus to have companions. I can't see this needing PS Plus at all.
  6. Have you preordered a PS VR?

    That's why you're not buying one, then?
  7. Firewatch

    I'm currently playing this on PS4 and I've had to reboot the game three times due to freezing and a bug where Henry wouldn't get out of his chair. The framerate drops are really distracting at times, too. I'm loving everything else about it though, and I really want to immerse myself in it, but it's a proper shame that I can't just enjoy it without being pulled out again and again.
  8. Playstation Vita

    Trails in the Sky and Trails in the Sky Second Chapter. JRPGs I like despite generally hating JRPGs. The combat and magic systems are very interesting and rewarding, IMO.
  9. English Franchise League Season 2015/16

    I live in Spain so I never get the chance to watch Hull City live anymore. I'm in Hull for Christmas and managed to surprise my dad with tickets for today's game. It was fantastic. Hooray for football and family. It was also a treat to watch City score some lovely, lovely goals, too. Merry Christmas!
  10. Playstation Experience Event

  11. I don't have any PS2 discs, so I don't care.
  12. Has anyone found out what caused Boozy to be such a div yet?
  13. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Every now and then I boot this up to find that my GMP is in the red. I'm connected, there's no FOB invaders, and my FOB defence costs are really low. Last time I played this I had 500k and I log in to find myself 100k in the red, despite a few online dispatch missions (with big GMP rewards) having been completed since I last played. Am I missing something or does it not make sense?
  14. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Oh, of course. There are about 100 people in the waiting room...
  15. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    I've been around Mission 24 (ish, I can't remember) for like three weeks and instead of trying to push on I've just spent hours at a time with Quiet going from outpost to outpost fultoning everything I can find and doing a side op every now and then. I have no idea why, but it's so satisfying.