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  1. N-Gage Appreciation Thread

    Worry not. That's because you haven't seen the awesome games, stick with me!
  2. Is anyone seeing Beyond? After a recent DS9/TNG run through I'm really struggling to get the urge to see this film after the last 2 were a bit pants. C'mon Trekkies is it worth it?
  3. Kim has just this minute posted an Imagine documentary for Patreon supporters
  4. I've a weeking planned of filming footage to convince you all! Now I'm even more determined!
  5. Supergirl - TV series

    I'm a bit disappointed they didn't do a series of posters starting with his hand, arm, leg and boot then reveal.
  6. Supergirl - TV series

    He looks more like a Transformer in those boots.
  7. Get out whilst you can! I never bothered watching it all the way through.
  8. I dunno. Picard was talking about using print outs only during Encounter at Farpoint and I think in some footage there was actually some dot matrix paper being used!
  9. They were supposed to be some big series bad guy.... but they were so shit they ditched them in a few eps Happened an awful lot!
  10. Nintendo NX

    They want to appeal to mass market though. As good as it is Pikmin doesn't have that sort of appeal, they need something like another Wii Sports.
  11. Nintendo NES Classic Edition - November

    That's a very well spoken young boy.
  12. Ghostbusters (2016)

    I really wish they'd have continued MiB. It was a good attempt at reintroducing the series.