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  1. Anime

    No, they spent time to tie it all up and didn't feel rushed at all. He's developed as an actual character now he can face what's to come properly.
  2. Anime

    So much misery, so much despair then just.... Oh and Death Parade was amazing, one of my fav shows last year. Still have the opening theme on my phone!
  3. Anime

    Are you insane??? It was fantastic worth watching for the end alone!
  4. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Flashcart news!
  5. Squadron 42/Star Citizen

    Feel sorry for anyone who backed this as it's clearly turned into a scam. Get your cash back if possible!
  6. Playstation Vita

    They don't give two shits about the emulation. It's all about stopping exploits so the system isn't hacked for pirating Vita/PSP software which they still sell on the store.
  7. Atari Jaguar

    Funds most likely. They were scrabbling for cash, the Jag was the last big hussah I believe.
  8. Jean-Claude Van Johnson - Amazon Video

    That was AMAZING! Humour is spot on and lots of silly surprises, really looking forward to moe. Is this a one off or a full series?
  9. Broken Pokemon Stadium 2 cartridge

    And have you tried doing it properly.. like magic I have a video for just this sort of thing:
  10. Interesting! Linky
  11. Spectrum 48K & Mobile phone

    Managed to find something called Taploader. It's free and runs the files so I'll give that a go.
  12. Spectrum 48K & Mobile phone

    Found the Itunes app