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  1. They've tried reinventing it before and only Clarksons era was a huge success so no surprise they would try and stick to that.
  2. Evans sounded like he was doing an impression of himself on the voice over bits. Very odd.
  3. Valkyria Chronicles

    It's a great game but I think I got stuck on the mega Emperor tank mission back in the day. Gave up and never went back so might pick this up.
  4. Arrow

    That might turn out to be a good film and get him loads of roles. I hope it does as he deserves it.
  5. Angry Video Game Nerd

    Everyone gets old.
  6. Arrow

    You can really tell how much Amell has gone off on the show. During S1 and 2 he was all over social media, really proud of what they were doing and how good the show was. But in the last 2 seasons he's just gone quiet on the whole thing. Even he knows it's gone to shit, feel really sorry for the guy he deserved better.
  7. Real3DOPlayer Android

    Does anybody have this? Doesn't seem to be any sort of guide or FAQ online and I can't get it working properly. I've managed to get it to boot the bios and load games but it just won't save anything and can't see anything in the options. Also I can't back out of each game there doesn't seem to be an option to go back to the menu and I have to keep resetting the app every time. Anyone have any experience with it?
  8. Anime

    JoJo is just getting better each week. Boingy boing!
  9. Angry Video Game Nerd

    He doesn't just do bad games though. Just takes the piss out of stuff where he can.
  10. The Flash - TV series

    Because they are running through time and it takes a period for things to correct and right itself.... well it should as shown but when he goes back to his past for the reset his other self just vanishes. So stuff you viewers
  11. Angry Video Game Nerd

    The show as a whole has been on a pretty sad downward spiral for sometime but it still has its moments, him trying to hit the mailbox with papers whilst riding a bike was funny!
  12. Yeah set up a free Dropbox account, stick it in the Public folder then share the link to it.
  13. Angry Video Game Nerd

    Pretty good ending!