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  1. I just don't understand it, how can someone intelligient be in support of Trump? Or has he just pulled a bit of a fast one managing to build a great bit of kit on the backs of others?
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  3. Well I'm still moseying on with mine but he's clearly a nut! Anyways just looking at my blog today and I've posted over 60 vids with OR coverage! If anyones undecided or wants to see a big chunk of games for it then feel free to have a look: Link
  4. Anime

    That was a great series, plenty of points where I was concerned it was going to turn into some terrible romance but (strangely) for an anime they didn't!
  5. Squadron 42/Star Citizen

    Amazing indepth article here
  6. Master System Appreciation Thread

    All you need is Enduro Racer. Forget the rest.
  7. ZX Spectrum Appreciation thread

    Question! Was there any Beano games on the Speccy?
  8. Had you done the simple things like updating all the USB drivers?
  9. But then why would he keep pressing for that sports article?
  10. Well yes they were hinting at that, I thought the same, but come BvS it's all forgotten about and he has no idea.
  11. Nintendo NX

  12. Shes mentioned that she has a fair bit of content already lined up to cover a bit of time off so lots more to come.
  13. I hardly use mine these days, there's just not enough games to keep my interest at the moment. I'm sure it will improve in time but this is not the VR you are looking for etc. I was so excited for it earlier this year and it's just become a bit of a damp squib gathering dust for me.