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  1. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    What speed did you burn the CDs at?
  2. Anime

    Full access 48 hour guest pass for Crunchyroll: JQ6PNUAQ4WS
  3. Atari Jaguar

    Edit. I realised after uploading that I forgot to mention the CD games included. Vid Grid, 2 copies of Blue Lightning and the Myst demo!
  4. It wasn't 4 episodes, bit of a con that. They replayed the 60 seconds of Flash appearing on SG to bring her over at the start of his episode.
  5. Arrow

    And why did they put an exit in? Also just what was going on with that CGi at the end?
  6. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Forgot to add that this is a must Link Will let you use a PS1/2 controller on the CD32, also works with a range of other consoles so even if you get rid of the system later it's worth keeping! As Darhkwing says those original controllers are some of the worst I've ever used, so unresponsive and clunky to hold I've no idea why they even went with that design. As soon as you hold it just feels wrong, even thought that back when it came out.
  7. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Honestly don't bother buying any games for it unless you are after some sort of full set. There's zero copy protection on any of the games and in particular the CDTV titles were particularly poor. I'd just do a trip to Emuparadise and look for a full set even then I'd be off looking for the CD32 compilation CDs as a lot of them were created to load the games faster! Just go and search CD32 on my channel there's links in the descriptions:
  8. The Arcade Blogger

    Clean?! Trip cancelled!
  9. Best and Worst VHS Covers

    You lot need to say whether its Best or Worst because some of these could easily be classed as both!
  10. The Arcade Blogger

    I might be booking a trip. Trying to convince someone
  11. Doctor Strange (October 28th 2016)

    Thing is... what could they do now? A big part of those was all about discovering the Avengers. There's nothing really driving them along its why the end credit scenes are a bit flat, just there because its expected.