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  1. Arrow

    It's also out of sync with Supergirl, not sure why.
  2. Nintendo NX

    Didn't they say last year that VR wasn't the future for the company?
  3. Arrow

    That was depressing but those extras were hilarious. They really need to drop all the magic and powerful foes, it's just daft he isn't a super powered hero. With next year being the Russian part of his past timeline would be good to see them do a crime syndicate take down maybe have a proper evil Bond villian type with none of the magic or power shit. Sick of them thinking they just need to make the threat to the city bigger and bigger each year. I wouldn't mind seeing Captain Cold come across from Legends and be a proper villian, you could have all 3 shows merge up towards the end, a tv first for an epic take down.
  4. Hold off on Fated. Seems to be getting good reviews but.... it's the first episode and only has a couple of hours gameplay in.
  5. £35 for The Climb?!?! They can whistle I'm not forking that out.
  6. Isn't this the one where they are adding Touch control support? If so might be best leaving it so you don't ruin the experience.
  7. Nintendo NX

    If you are turning your nose up at a 2DS and game at £50 then there's never going to be an ideal price point for you surely?
  8. Arrow

    Flash needs to move away from the speedster villians and Arrow needs to return to the patrolling the streets stuff, not everything should be save the whole city each night. Stakes are forever growing and it becomes bland.
  9. The tangling is the worst part I keep forgetting the cables there after a bit and almost ripping the headset off when I turn too quickly.
  10. Yep pretty much from what I recall. My PCs a bit of a beast though.
  11. You loon! Get yourself Euro Truck driving Simulator 2. It's the best VR wheel game there is! The beta version on Steam now supports Oculus.
  12. I'm afraid its a Farlands video tonight
  13. Fated is due on the store today. Anyone going for it? Think its about $20.
  14. Nintendo NX

    Hush you, someone has to think of those poor children