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  1. What was wrong with Fontaine?
  2. Anime

    I've stopped reading their Manga whilst new shows are on, it completely ruined Parasyte The Maxim for me and would have done the same for things like Erased an dOne Punch Man.
  3. I'm really looking forward to it after the latest trailer but with the stupidity of showing them as friends plus the big baddie it's spoiled what they should have been focusing on, the Vs fight.
  4. PC Engine

    They've just sent me an email to say they back in stock! Ordered.
  5. PC Engine

    I'm still waiting to get my hands on an Everdrive for it
  6. Anime

    Nope. But I use this site
  7. I can't wait for this to take pride of place alongside my Xbox 360 HDDVD drive!
  8. Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    You could do the same with SMW as well, but that's the great thing about games like this so much to explore and enjoy beyond going straight for the end!
  9. Arrow

    The league was such a waste of time. None of them ever spoke so no way of having any sort of attachment to them as a group.
  10. Arrow

    Has he though? Looks like he will still be hanging on in the background or end up working for Dark. This whole show really is going to the dogs, they need to go back to basics drop the team of heroes around him and get in some simpler stories.
  11. The Flash - TV series

    Iris and those pants deserve their own show.
  12. Arrow

    What a disaster that was!  
  13. GamesMaster Magazine Help me doo

    There doesn't seem to be many scans available in general for GM. Very strange considering how long ago it started!
  14. I'm trying to track down an older copy of GM from the mid 90's. Was around about the Tamagotchi era I managed to get a letter featured (was about destroying a Tamagotchi and it had a picture I thnk), my hazy memory recalls it might be this one below but could have been a blue cover with Pac-Man on or possiblt a bomb. Not even sure which number is pictured as this quick thumbnail is all I can find and the text is too blurry for my old eyes to make out. Can anyone help? I'd like to buy it if possible but at least if I can find the issue number might be able to get a scan to download!