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  1. Use the internet. Then you can stay in bed and have it delivered first thing.
  2. Mentioned before but its being reported that it has low battery life.
  3. Which is a massive failure really. You can't be pushing it as this big portable consoel revolution then tell people you have to spend a dollop of cash on an extra battery. Will put normal people off.
  4. The problem is will the batteries actually last a day with that spec? The WiiU Gamepad was only a few hours.
  5. This is all going to depend on its battery life. If its comparable to current systems it will suck up a lot of juice and will they stick in a crap low end battery like the Wii U Gamepad. It's also pretty slim so there's not a lot of room for expanding into say a 3rd party one. Which will effect the portability.
  6. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Have you tried cleaning the laser? Cotton bud should do if you don't have a CD cleaner. Also you can use a PS1 mouse with that adaptor you have which I think are much cheaper.
  7. 2017 is going to be this generation's 1998

    What makes you say that? It seems to be tracking quite well to backers on the KS.
  8. Will they pack in a battery that lasts for 2 hours?
  9. WTF is this shit? This is the 3DS sequel surely? The NX is coming later? Guys?
  10. If it's another New Controller video I'll never buy another Nintendo product again.
  11. I'll be there on launch day. Someone needs to have a good moan.