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  1. Alien: Isolation

    Interesting read, thanks for sharing [emoji106] Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  2. Alien: Isolation

    Cool - got a link?
  3. Transformers Devastation by Platinum Games

    Glad I bought it! It's not just a shallow button basher - you have to embrace the fact you can attack as a vehicle and a robot. And so, so beautiful! Pick it up - if you're a fan you won't regret it.
  4. Alien: Isolation

    Dammit, went to buy tickets for the BFI festival talk but it's sold out
  5. Alien: Isolation

    Well, this is a year old today. Happy birthday Alan! In other news, Al Hope is giving a talk on Alien Isolation at the BFI on Weds October 14th: https://whatson.bfi.org.uk/lff/Online/default.asp?BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle:[emoji14]ermalink=alistairhope
  6. Alien: Isolation

    Yup, an 8 gig USB stick robot
  7. Alien: Isolation

    Um, yeah so I found a press kit on eBay...
  8. Alien: Isolation

    Got a nice display case for my signed copy from eBay
  9. Retro Asylum 122: The Amstrad CPC

    Enjoyed that, thanks lads
  10. Alien: Isolation

    Yeah there's a way of "moonwalking" on the PC version - running without noise. It's an exploit, but that's the tradition of speedrunning... Alan, also at Eurogamer last year I attended the Dev Session for Alien Isolation, which was very interesting. It's hosted here: https://youtu.be/4ZuDsrDNl58 Also, more recently, Al Hope - the head of the project - gave this talk at GDC 2015: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1021852/Building-Fear-in-Alien That video is where the footage of the third person mode, that was abandoned, debuted as well as the original pitch video to Sega. Hope they're of interest! I should have posted in here sooner...
  11. Alien: Isolation

    Ta BTW it's the same jacket that Samuels wears in the game. Forgot to mention that. If you want to get deeper into it, this is a nice book to read: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1781169314/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_7yNVvb872M607 Available new on Amazon Marketplace for £13.84 and a couple of quid postage. Some of the art hints at content that didn't make it into the final game - it's rumoured that the crafting system was going to be more intricate at one point, indeed another trailer shows a toy robot being stripped down for parts to complete the motion tracker: https://youtu.be/9_wCUTIGc5A Re Nightmare Mode, I've completed the game on it - it kinda felt similar to hard only the tracker takes more time to start working - and it's glitchy - and you are utterly starved of resources. Almost every locker and desk is empty - even scrap metal is a rarity! But when Nightmare Mode was released, the achievement for completing the game on its hardest difficulty setting moved over to Nightmare. There's also the achievement that requires you to complete the entire campaign without dying! They kept me busy for a while Is anyone else here a fan of Survivor Mode? Let's all try to put a time up on the first level - Basement. I've set a 55.45 sec time on the Xbox One version, can anyone top that?
  12. Here it is... Get one... (And a multicart from eBay)
  13. Alien: Isolation

    Also, Alan, you've inspired me to weigh in on what this game means to me Of course, I loved the Alien movies, grew up on them and the comics, novels etc blah blah, like so many of us did. I even enjoyed some aspects of Colonial Marines, purely because there was some accuracy to the films. However, the moment where I got on board with this game was April last year - six months before launch - when the CA released this developer diary video: https://youtu.be/xM0Fm1e0eTU As soon as I watched this video, called Lo-Fi Sci-Fi, I was all in. It was clear CA got this franchise, I mean really understood what the first film was about. The grimy, used industrial retro-future environment. The single, mysterious threat of the Alien, underexposed and all the more terrifying. The win condition merely being to survive, to not even dare to think about killing Alan... Anyway, I watched that clip again and again in the run up to launch night on Oct 7th last year. Prior to that was the Eurogamer Expo on the last week of September. I arrived early on the first day and saw one of the A:I devs and said hi - I recognised him from that clip. He led me over to their stand where they had 60 stations playing the Basement level on Survivor mode. If you survived, you won a T-shirt with one of the toy Seegson robots on in. The fastest time of the day won a Weyland-Yutani flight jacket! So I tried it a few times, it was an alpha build - there were 30 second bonuses for not using the tracker, locking down the stairwell and picking up 2 x ID tags - there was also only one flight of stairs compared to three in the finished game. And I couldn't survive once. It was so harsh, but so enjoyable to be immersed in that world again. I had a four day pass for Eurogamer, so I went back again on the morning of the second day, straight to the Alien stand. Straight away I survived the level, got my name on the leaderboard and won a t-shirt, woohoo! It was 3 minutes something. I came back an hour later and had another go, I got my time down to 1:47. I queued up again - 1:09. Then I realised I might be in with a shout at the top time of the day and the prize of the jacket. I put another few goes in and got my time down to 30.05 secs (60.05 minus 30 sec bonus for no tracker). Certain I could do no better I walked away. I saw the second place guy on the leaderboard had been improving all day too and was told he was a competitive pro gamer of some sort? Anyway the show and the contest was due to close at 7pm. I wandered back at 6:50 and Nee, CA's lovely Community Manager, urged me to get back in. Second place guy had set a time of 29.50. I sat down at a console, no time to take my coat off. The game restarted, there was an unskippable cutscene on the alpha build where Samuels talked you through the operation of the motion tracker. On and on it went. I looked at my watch and saw there was time for two more runs. I also saw my rival was also back and trying to improve his time... The first run, I improved to 28.30. The second run, Alan pulled me up into a ceiling vent. Then the end of the contest was announced - it was 7pm. And... I totally won the Weyland-Yutani jacket! And it's lovely, part leather, really nice quality. Here it is again: On the third day I didn't go, but the winner set a time of 27.00. My folks came to visit me on the Sunday, day four, they told me to get back in there and get the lead back. So I hopped on a train and set a 24.57 on the afternoon of the fourth and final day. However another guy set an 18.50 - incredible. He took extra time to collect the ID tags, leading to a bigger time bonus. So I was second quickest at the show. I met first place guy and we still keep in touch on Facebook and Xbox Live now. Weirdly, the winner on day three listedhis jacket on eBay a couple of months ago, then ended the auction early. I messaged him asking if it was still for sale but I got no reply (wanted it for my bro-in-law). So that was fun! Then there was the launch on October 7th... I picked up my copy at midnight in GAME Camden, immediately after a screening of Alien at the Camden Odeon and a talk from the devs. The devs also came to GAME to talk to us gamers and enjoy the launch, so I got my copy signed: So I headed home, had a quick blast on it, slept and then took it to Ripley... I sent those pics to the devs, they said it gave them a chuckle in the office. But yeah, I love this game. It's so faithful to the universe I loved so much in my youth and it dragged me right back into this retro future world of horror. I looked forward to it so much and enjoyed the launch more than any other game. I've 1000G'd it on the Xbone - all achievements done and clocked it five times. I was second place for ages on Basement on Survivor Mode - the only guy ahead of me was the same guy from Sunday at Eurogamer... My favourite game of all time? Absolutely.
  14. Alien: Isolation

    The current speedrun record is 2 hours 44 mins, on Nightmare Mode: https://youtu.be/MSrEpH0cFIY [emoji15]
  15. Noo, could never part with Old Grandpa Vectrex (as the missus calls it) That has pride of place next to my PS4 and my Amstrad. Not the average man cave layout, I grant you... Just leaves my Xbox One and 360 in the lounge - and I'm considering getting rid of the 360. It's very cleansing... Meanwhile I forgot I hadn't put aside a joystick to use with my Amstrad as I was helping load up my collection in the buyer's car. He let me choose one to keep - I let him keep the Konix Speedking and instead kept my old Manta Ray. Who made that? Logitech? Also, if anyone really wants to give me a kicking while I'm down I can post up the whole itemised list of what I sold the guy. Anyone feel like totting up the combined value of it all for a laugh?