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  1. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    I'm not sure what is more shocking - my team actually winning the league or cheering a Chelsea goal. What a magnificent and surreal season.
  2. Films on TV: 23-29 April

    It's great if you are able to buy into the central relationship. There are some great films on this week, particularly Duke of Burgundy and Blue is the Warmest Colour.
  3. Films on TV: 26 March - 1 April

    Lilting, airing on Friday, is excellent.
  4. Films on TV: 12-18 March

    Nice to see you picked Neighbouring Sounds as one of your films of the week.
  5. When the likes of NEG post on the forum I take exception to this comment! Despite the hyperbole of my initial post (they range from average to poor)I still stand by it because, despite Mad Max 2, back in 2007 I don't think his filmography was that impressive. I never enjoyed his children's films and found his Hollywood output underwhelming. Fury Road was brilliant though.
  6. Movie Picture Quiz Revival

  7. Movie Picture Quiz Revival

    You're quite right, it's not. This movie is better than all of the Police Academy films combined.
  8. Movie Picture Quiz Revival

  9. Movie Picture Quiz Revival

    I only bothered to guess because of CactuaBill's comment. Apologies for the crap quality, it's a grab from the YouTube trailer.
  10. Movie Picture Quiz Revival

    Is it Blow Out?
  11. Movie Picture Quiz Revival

    I've been silently playing along since this thread started as I can't take screen grabs but people seem to be stuck on RM's latest so I will put them out of their misery:It is True Stories. Danster, or anybody else, can take my go.
  12. The study of film

    I'd second the Pam Cook as a strong introductory book on the subject. It does a good job of being accessible and a detailed starting point.
  13. Films on TV: 20-26 February

    The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution is on BBC4 this Sunday at 9pm as part of the Storyville strand. I've not seen the documentary but it has been getting good reviews.
  14. The 11th March, according to IMDb. I'm surprised there aren't more examples of folk horror in American cinema but hopefully this one will be worth the wait (it looks a bit like Eyes of Fire with decent production values).
  15. A movie watchers blog

    I've been thoroughly spoiled this weekend (if you ignore also watching the Lopez shitfest that is The Boy Next Door) having watched four great movies in a row. First was 45 Years which was a beautifully restrained yet emotionally potent film with two brilliant performances. This was followed by the tense and stylish Sicario (perhaps Villeneuve's best to date) and you-couldn't-make-it-up true life crime doc, The Fear of 13. Eskil Vogt's directorial debut, Blind, rounded the weekend off with a playful and constantly shifting story about perception.