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  1. RLLMUK's films of the Year - The Eighties

    It was my formative decade too so I should be equally bias but a lot of films I loved just don't hold up for me anymore. It is still responsible for some of my absolute favourites though.
  2. RLLMUK's films of the Year - The Eighties

    There are some fine films made in the '90s but, much like a lot of the music of the period, it is a decade that has aged poorly. I think the '00s were pretty strong on the film front if you look beyond blockbusters.
  3. Peter Jackson to adapt Mortal Engines for the screen

    Wow, I thought this project was dead. I remember making a topic about it back in 2008-9 when Jackson first picked up the rights but hadn't heard anything since. The book sounds like it has plenty of potential but I have zero faith in Jackson these days.
  4. RLLMUK's films of the Year - The Eighties

    The '80s is my favourite decade but I do think that is mainly down to the nostalgia value, if you took that away I think you could make a pretty easy case for the '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s producing far more classics. In contrast the '90s is easily the worst decade for film.
  5. Black Mirror

  6. RLLMUK's films of the Year - The Eighties

    This old topic tries to find the answer. I've always loved '82 but Graham S makes a good case for 1967 too.
  7. Black Mirror

    I'm sure there is a Barry Shitpeas cameo in the final episode. Overall a solid season with no poor episodes but still nothing to rival the brilliance of Entire History of You. Everybody loves pointless lists so here's my season ranking... 1. San Junipero - A real departure for the series and all the better for it. Great attention to detail too. 2. Shut Up and Dance - The closest in tone and scale to previous episodes 3. Hated in the Nation 4. Nosedive 5. Playtest 6. Men Against Fire
  8. Black Mirror

    With one episode left I think it is probably the most consistent series so far but one that hasn't hit previous heights. The move to Netflix has certainly helped the production values and attracting talent but I've found some of the stories quite flabby too. Nosedive is a perfect example of this; it looks amazing but you know where it is going within a few minutes and I don't think it plays with the idea in any really interesting ways. San Junipero is definitely my favourite so far and is quite a departure for the series.
  9. RLLMUK's films of the Year - The Eighties

    Luckily I had most of this information in an old Letterboxd list. 1980 1. The Shining 2. Raging Bull 3. The Elephant Man 1981 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark 2. Thief 3. Mad Max 2 1982 1. Bladerunner 2. The Thing 3. ET: The Extra-Terrestrial 1983 1. Angst 2. Videodrome 3. Nostalghia 1984 1. The Terminator 2. Manoel's Destinies 3. Paris, Texas 1985 1. Back to the Future 2. Come and See 3. Day of the Dead 1986 1. Laputa: Castle in the Sky 2. Dead Man's Letters 3. Blue Velvet 1987 1. Robocop 2. Prince of Darkness 3. The Man Who Planted Trees 1988 1. My Neighbour Totoro 2. Die Hard 3. Dead Ringers 1989 1. Dekalog 2. The Seventh Continent 3. When Harry Met Sally
  10. Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017

    It can definitely take over your life if you want to commit time to it but we have a few more casual players in our league too. With head-to-head matchups each week it really adds to the sense of competition. Once you've done the actual draft (which you can automate or create a list of priority players and let the app do the rest) it is simple to keep on top of.
  11. Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017

    Anybody here also playing Togga? It is a fantasy league with a draft system. Because of the draft system (i.e. nobody has the same players) leagues are only up to 12 players but it is a lot more entertaining and tactical than the standard FF game, particularly if you are already friendly with the players in your league. Not only does the ability to trade with other players add an extra layer of strategy, but the points system is much more sophisticated too meaning it doesn't just come down to goals, assists and clean sheets to build a winning team.
  12. A movie watchers blog

    Wong Kar-Wai's masterpiece. It's a film I'd love to see on the big screen.
  13. Crystal Maze Coming Back?

    It does miss O'Brien but I'm glad Merchant isn't trying to copy him. The picture was Edward Tudor-Pole, obviously.
  14. Star Wars: Rogue One

    I thought I was done with Star Wars but that is a great trailer. I will temper my enthusiasm though as Edwards' work always has much stronger trailers than finished films.
  15. Films on TV: 10-16 September

    Sadly it isn't much cop, which isn't too surprising given Egoyan's steady decline over the past 15 years.