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  1. Films on TV: 10-16 September

    Sadly it isn't much cop, which isn't too surprising given Egoyan's steady decline over the past 15 years.
  2. I know it is a big time commitment but it really is a stunning film and probably one of the most impressive Blu-Ray releases too.
  3. I can't think of any well known famous films I haven't seen (excluding this year's releases) so I'll have to say either The Mother and the Whore or The Human Condition, both highly regarded by film fans but their respective lengths have always put me off.
  4. Films on TV: 20-26 August

    There are two Herzog films on this week which rarely get TV airings. Stroszek and the wonderful documentary, Land of Silence and Darkness.
  5. The death of Arthouse?

    I didn't realise Metronome and Fortissimo went into administration, that's a real blow for the industry. Reading Sight & Sound over the last couple of years you can really see foreign language and arthouse films have taken a hit at the box office. It's interesting that in the magazine they don't just blame the obvious targets like Hollywood and Netflix but also the sheer volume of films getting theatrical releases which means the lifespan of a cinema release is so short for a mid-budget production.
  6. Recommend me a beautiful Asian film

    I wouldn't bother with his directorial debut, Away with Words. It looks beautiful (obviously) but is an odd little mess.
  7. Recommend me a beautiful Asian film

    A few older films that should fit the bill. A Touch of Zen Dragon Inn Ashes of Time Peking Opera Blues Green Snake
  8. For some reason I chose Suicide Squad to be my first cinema visit in seven months. I should have waited another seven months for something vaguely decent. What a shower of shit this was. Admittedly I'm completely apathetic towards comic book movies these days but it is a complete mess and, perhaps most criminal of all, tedious from start to finish. The characters are utterly forgettable, the plot non-existent and the action repetitive. It did provide a few laughs but they were all unintentional.
  9. It's Not You, It's Me

    @d ebolenk I've seen just shy of 400 of those films on the list. A quick glance through and it does look an interesting mix of titles. Thanks for the YouTube links too. @SpagMasterSwift My TV is only a year old so no need to upgrade any time soon.
  10. It's Not You, It's Me

    I've seen people use similar words to describe Synecdoche, New York which is one of the finest films of the past twenty years.
  11. It's Not You, It's Me

    I love Kaufman so I'm sure it is a safe bet. I've read good things about Victoria too, but I'm always wary of films built around a technical gimmick. They're not going to get anyone better than Jennifer Connelly so why bother?
  12. The Great Wall

    If people get a chance they really should check out Zhang Yimou's early films. Although they were very well received he seems to be best known for his more recent wuxia movies now. The likes of Red Sorghum, Ju Dou and Raise the Red Lantern are all easy to get hold of (in fact, I think they are all on YouTube).
  13. It's Not You, It's Me

    @Beitel The Lobster is definitely the sort of recommendation I'm after, even though I have seen it already. I really enjoyed it and it was sufficiently different from anything else I had seen before. I didn't realise Verhoeven's new film had been released yet so I'll definitely keep an eye out for that too. @Chosty You raise an interesting point that I hadn't even considered. I've been so focused on the news in the last few months I wonder if that has stopped me enjoying films. @mr_woo That's a shame you still feel that way about film. @VN1X That looks strangely fascinating.
  14. It's Not You, It's Me

    Sadly I wasn't convinced by The Falling. I got what it was trying to do, and you can clearly see its cinematic influences, but I found it all a bit strained and the performances were really patchy.
  15. It's Not You, It's Me

    One of the reason I asked for films from the past 12 months is the fact I've seen so many older films, including both of your suggestions. Being There is great though. I watched Room, I still haven't seen Green Room (as a fan of both Blue Ruin and Murder Party I'm sure I will get to it eventually though). Neon Demon looks interesting but I find Refn really inconsistent.