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  1. Surprised this has been so well received here because beyond the attractive cinematography I found the whole thing insufferably smug from start to finish. It's as profound as a motivational poster and utterly cynical in its execution. Despite the seize the day message that the film incessantly rams down the audience's throat it seems more interested in delivering some truly woeful product placement.
  2. What was the last legit timeless cult classic?

    World of Tomorrow (so cult hardly anybody watched it) Under the Skin
  3. A Monster Calls

    The book was very good (had a David Almond feel) but not sold on the trailer at all. It doesn't help that it is hard to bring the monster to life on screen but the trailer feels very forced to me. Hopefully it's just the marketing.
  4. Films on TV: 09-15 July

    A Hijacking on BBC4 tonight is the film of the week for me.
  5. Recommend me a good weepy film...

    If you want a film to pull on the heart strings then watch the documentary, How to Die in Oregon.
  6. A movie watchers blog

    I'm glad to see such a great rating. It is a film that does divide opinion but for me it is Tarkovsky's masterpiece.
  7. A movie watchers blog

    If your cinema is showing Tarkovsky's Mirror then you really must go and see it.
  8. Foreign Cinema Recommendations

    A Hard Day seemed to neatly sum up the problems with Korean thrillers at the moment. Any rational plot took a back seat to sequences the director thought would be cool.
  9. Foreign Cinema Recommendations

    Off the top of my head... Recent-ish Asian Films: The Tale of Princess Kaguya Ilo Ilo A Touch of Sin The Missing Picture Like Father, Like Son Like Someone in Love The Act of Killing The Look of Silence Wolf Children Drug War Wolf Daddy Poetry A Simple Life Fish Story Older Asian Films: Yellow Earth Ju Dou [url=http://letterboxd.com/lordcookie/film/fires-on-the-plain/]Fires on the Plain[/url] [url=http://letterboxd.com/lordcookie/film/black-rain-1989/]Black Rain[/url] [url=http://letterboxd.com/lordcookie/film/legend-of-a-duel-to-the-death/]Legend of a Duel to the Death[/url] After Life Oasis Goyokin Pitfall The Face of Another Woman in the Dunes Recent German Films: Stations of the Cross Phoenix Lore (although directed by an Australian) Older German Films: [url=http://letterboxd.com/lordcookie/film/the-deathmaker/]The Deathmaker[/url] The Free Will
  10. Films on TV: 07-13 May

    I can heartily recommend Alamar - a simple yet beautiful little film about the fleeting relationship between a father and his son.
  11. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    I'm not sure what is more shocking - my team actually winning the league or cheering a Chelsea goal. What a magnificent and surreal season.
  12. Films on TV: 23-29 April

    It's great if you are able to buy into the central relationship. There are some great films on this week, particularly Duke of Burgundy and Blue is the Warmest Colour.
  13. Films on TV: 26 March - 1 April

    Lilting, airing on Friday, is excellent.
  14. Films on TV: 12-18 March

    Nice to see you picked Neighbouring Sounds as one of your films of the week.
  15. When the likes of NEG post on the forum I take exception to this comment! Despite the hyperbole of my initial post (they range from average to poor) I still stand by it because, despite Mad Max 2, back in 2007 I don't think his filmography was that impressive. I never enjoyed his children's films and found his Hollywood output underwhelming. Fury Road was brilliant though.