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  1. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    How do you collect the starlight. I took a gym yesterday but couldn't find an option 20 minutes I was gone.
  2. Cricket Thread

    I would have thought it was about protecting the bowlers, can't see any other logic. In more important news I had another decent knock, one of the hardest innings I've ever played. We had very little in the batting beyond number 4 so were always going to struggle. I opened and their bowling was crazily tight, not giving anything away. 13 overs, yes 13 overs, in and I didn't have a run to my name. Our number 4 was in and we were about 25-2. I've never felt pressure like it. I managed to sneak a single and then a couple more, then a boundary and started to relax and saw off their opening bowlers. Wickets continued to fall at the other end and as feared numbers 5 onwards had about 12 runs between them. I got caught in the deep on 37, trying to give us some hope. We finished on 110 all out and our opposition knocked them off within 18 overs. The opening bowler had figures of 8 overs, 3 runs, 5 maidens for 0 wickets. Last week he had figures of 8 overs, 6 runs, 6 maidens. Crazily tight bowling.
  3. Rocket League - PS4, Steam, Xbone

    What can they do about that though? The person is either boosting using a smurf or just purposely losing in other games to de-rank.
  4. Rocket League - PS4, Steam, Xbone

    Unfortunately this can be the case all the way up to a certain level. In general the last couple of days at challenger elite have been good for me but before that the last couple of weeks have been shit. When this game is good, it is amazing and playing with a team of people who are aware of each other, the opposition and when to go for and not go for a ball. I just find that it is a case of grinding through it. people talk about trenches in games but this is terrible because it isn't just about being good enough to win despite the idiots but also about them actively ruining the game. Of course, they don't ruin the game on purpose in most cases, they just don't realize that they aren't playing well. Playing with forumites is a much better experience. Saying that, like I said the last couple of days have been great and there has been some great coordination with randoms so it is possible.
  5. Next season

    Thanks for doing this over the years Saint. I'm done for FIFA 16 too.
  6. Lego Dimensions revealed - Empty those wallets

    The wife came home today with a bag full of dimensions. The Tesco by her work was having the clearance that some stores have had. She picked up 2 team packs, 2 level packs and 4 fun packs for just over £40 which has prompted us to actually get the game out and start playing. Daughter is currently building the Scooby doo pack, wife building the ghostbusters pack and me building the main set.
  7. Well played Mardi. Shame that the gameplay was so bad and all 3 goals were classic Fifa bullshit. Mardi had one first and then I got an immediate response when his GK decided to come out to the ball, miss it and leave my attacker with an open net. The golden goal was one of those where the shot bounced under the keeper and all of my defence decided that it wasn't worth going for the ball and watched it bounce over the line. Good luck in the next round and hope you get a better match next time.
  8. what do we do when it is a draw?
  9. @MardiganX let me know when you can play.
  10. yep, available right now. I need to go out for lunch about 12:30 but free apart from that. @MardiganX
  11. I had the strangest GoT dream last night, it was pretty epic. For some reason it was all about the Valyrian steel issue. Jorah the explorer had found the method to make Valyrian steel. I find myself in a huge dark candle lit room with hundreds of warriors in, all looking towards a red cloaked figure, probably a lord of the light priest. The priest was stood on a raised platform at the end of the steel floor. Behind the priest were some slotted windows with bright light coming through. We were all stood on a raised steel floor which was about 8 feet thick. We were instructed to hold our steel blades against the floor. The red priest did some magic shit and there was flashing and noise and then my blade, which was a small sythe, like the kind the Dothraki would use but much smaller, started glowing blue, as did everyone else's blade. But then in a classic GoT "fuck you" moment, very quickly most of the other warriors turned to wraiths and started attacking. About 20 of us non-wraiths were fighting the others off. I managed to group up with about 5 other non-wraiths on a high plinth, still fighting off the wraiths who were coming up the walls and plinth at us. The red priest had pissed off by this point, nowhere to be seen. One of the wraiths dropped John Snow's Longclaw so I responded in the only reasonable way and binned off my pathetic sythe to use longclaw. The 6 of us on the plinth decided that our only chance of survival was to get to and escape through the windows at the far side of the room. And that is where my dream ended. Just needed to share. So basically, fuck you Jorah, fuck you red priest, fuck you lord of light, fuck you John Snow, were you that wraith that I killed to take your sword? If not, when did you lose it you idiot. And where the fuck was Daeny? Still, at least I had longclaw and there were a shit tone of blue glowing blades all over the place that may or may not have been capable of killing the white walkers. Somehow I don't think the real show will pan out like that but I liked the increased role of the head lord of the light priest and the weapon conversion process.
  12. Clash Royale (iOS/Android) - Clan info (1st post)

    I haven't watched the video yet but at 2500+ everyone has at least one legendary in their deck and most have 2. I can't remember the last time I didn't play someone without a legendary in their deck. Apart from poet of course.
  13. Sorry, my nights end at 10pm.
  14. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    I placed my first pokemon in a gym earlier. Quite low level so not expecting them to stay long.