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      Login with your DISPLAY NAME, not old username   02/10/16

      IP.board v4 has changed how you login. Previously, you had a username and a display name. The username would be used to login to the forum, whereas the display name would appear alongside posts. It's possible they were one and the same, but also possible that they changed over time, as you updated your display name. From now on, login with your display name. The username no longer exists.
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      iPhone users: please read this   02/10/16

      The burger menu may be missing from the top right of the forum when viewing on an iPhone. Until resolved, here is the direct url to the login page.  
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      ALL spoilers are currently visible   02/10/16

      As posts have not yet been rebuilt, all spoilers are currently visible. If you're following something (film/game) and want to avoid spoilers, AVOID the relevant thread until the post rebuild is complete. I'll delete this announcement when it's done.


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  1. Rocket League Tournament IV - Sign-Up Thread

    I can't believe that the forum outage put this in the shit. Is everyone around for next week at the same times?
  2. Ultimate Team

    I've been back into this during the outage. A bit of trading and 4 seasons yoyoing between div 1 and 2 and I have about 100k in the bank. Really want to pick up Nainggolen's IF but in anticipation of an upgrade, his price has gone up to about 150k. He is already the best CM in the game so I can't see him getting a big upgrade to be honest. I've played against a few 75 Vardys the last few days and he doesn't seem difficult to deal with.
  3. Rocket League - PS4, Steam

    Wasteland being included is a big mistake IMO. I'm sure they will remove it when they realise.