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  1. RPL Town - Season 34

    I'll be around.
  2. Rocket League - PS4, Steam, Xbone

    I really want to play you in some 1s as you seem like a bit of a 1s specialist and I am not at all. Can't right now though. I constantly switch cameras depending on the situation, one isn't better than the other in all situations.
  3. Someone said this on reddit but I agree that my buying power this year is making my buying decision so hard. I can currently afford all but about 10 of the cards available in the game. TIF 95 rated Ibrahimovic 500k, no problem, TOTY 95 rated Iniesta for 390k, sure why not, and still enough left over to pick up Bale. It is just crazy and the number of choices is too much to get my head round. I read someone else say that they were hoping 1.4m would be enough to buy them a full Seria A TOTS side which seems crazy to me but also quite attractive.
  4. Clash Royale (iOS/Android) - Clan info (1st post)

    Yeah, positioning, this is pretty much optimum if you have enough time: A lone hog rider will be dragged from either side. One square further back and one side is vulnerable, one more square further forward and some cards will quickly take it down without being hit by the main towers. Sometimes I don't react quick enough to a hog rider and have to drop it slightly closer to the tower.
  5. Clash Royale (iOS/Android) - Clan info (1st post)

    I accidentally played a game earlier with an experimental rage deck. It didn't end well. I have now switched up my mini pekka for lightening in my main deck. I was fed up of bomb tower/hut/elixir spammers. With lightening I can just sit back and hit their towers while using cannon, baby d and valk to defend and counter push. Nothing better than having them drop bomb tower to defend a push and almost immediately nuking it, their hut and hitting the crown tower.
  6. Any kind of rift specific content would be good, any suggestions of where I should look? Regardless of what we think of Edge they are a premium games magazine so worth looking at.
  7. Damn, should have picked up the mag when I was in town, what were there concerns?
  8. I certainly do hope that VR takes off for gaming. It was great back on dk2 to be honest so I can only imagine how good it is now. The fact that it is so heavily backed by the big technology companies gives me hope but is no guarantee of success.
  9. My remit is to assess it from a purely gaming perspective. I am wrong in thinking that people are currently using it mostly for playing games?
  10. I knew rllmuk would deliver. I think the applications for VR/AR outside of gaming are pretty clear and will have an impact. I also believe that AR has more widespread potential for gaming than VR. The comparison with phone/tablet gaming is interesting but I don't think they are completely comparable. Gaming on phones/tablets has become huge because they are multi-purpose devices. People can easily switch from work stuff/social stuff to gaming in about 3 seconds. I don't see the same for the current generation of VR headsets. I don't see people spending 14 hours a day with their headset in the same way that people spend 14 hours a day with their phone or tablet. As far as I can see, gaming is currently 90% (being conservative) of the application of VR headsets in terms of hours used so most people aren't going to be working using their VR headset and have 5 minutes spare to play a game while they are using it. Gaming on a phone or tablet is a good distraction which becomes more than that for some people. I don't see the same scenario for VR headsets. I was one of the people who was cynical about gaming on touch screens but I wasn't cynical about the growth of touchscreens in general due to the obvious applications outside of gaming. EDIT: Of course everything changes if the technology develops quick enough to be far less physically intrusive. Building AR/VR into glasses/contact lenses etc. will change things in a big way but I think this is a long, long way off for the average consumer. Oh and I don't ever see more than 0.1% of people buying a VR headset instead of a TV. 0.1% is actually conservative, maybe one in 10000 people buying a pure display device will choose a VR headset at the expense of a non-VR headset display device. VR headsets are definitely an additional purchase. Very, very few people are going to buy a VR headset to replace their PC monitor.
  11. Clash Royale (iOS/Android) - Clan info (1st post)

    Some kind of building card is essential for distraction. I use cannon as it is the highest hp and only 3 elixir. One thing that really annoys me about this game is that it really doesn't encourage experimentation. I have a solid deck that works well. Every time I try and change it up a bit, I drop 100+ and that costs when it comes to drops. I have no problem with dropping down levels apart from the fact that it makes my rewards lower. I think that needs to be fixed somehow.
  12. I have no doubt that VR headsets will sell a bucket load in the early months, all the info indicates that. But purchase is different to usage. Bucket loads of kinects were sold and even more wiimotes were sold but where is their legacy? Both of those interaction methods have largely died out and I think VR headsets will too (but not quite to the same extent). Gaming just does not have a track record of long term successful hardware peripherals. The only one I can really think of is voice headsets which are now commonplace. Home gaming devices look pretty much the same as they did 40 years ago. We've made the controllers wireless (sort of, my PS4 controller is now plugged in permanently) and we have bigger and better TVs to view the games on but really, not much has changed.
  13. I'm just writing a piece for my customers on VR, from a gamer's perspective, and have come away quite depressed actually. I just don't see that this is going to work out on any kind of scale which is massively disappointing to me as I think that good VR is incredible and a totally amazing experience that is difficult to describe. I just don't see the evidence to suggest that the vast majority of gamers will be prepared to go home after a long day's work, sit down in their 1.5mx1.5m prepared gaming zone, don their VR headset and play games. Add motion sickness concerns and up front cost and I just can't see 99% of gamers doing it once the novelty has worn off. For most people who play games, convenience and immediacy are primary drivers as to what they play. I am basing my thinking there on the western gaming world but the scenario is potentially even worse in the east where many people either exclusively play games on mobile platforms or in gaming cafes, and not at home. As discussed in this thread, I can ultimately see VR being used in dedicated, bespoke gaming centers, be that for racing games or FPSs a lot like karting or paintball venues. I think the comparison with karting is a good one actually. Many people enjoy karting and it is a reasonably successful entertainment venue. Some people own their own karts but most prefer to go along to the experience with a group of friends. It is really only this morning that I have come to this conclusion and maybe I will wake up tomorrow and have changed my mind but holding back my personal enthusiasm for the technology I just can't say anything to my customers that isn't basically: VR headsets will have little impact on gaming.
  14. Nice, I tried a similar hybrid but don't really fancy Benzema up front. I didn't like his NIF so wouldn't want to risk him.
  15. Rocket League - PS4, Steam, Xbone

    Possibly, on the website, the setting is under 'channel'. There is an option to archive broadcasts which needs to be selected.