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  1. Euro 2016 competition

    Ukraine=Greece how?
  2. So much to process this episode, will need to watch it again.
  3. Bloody hell, this game. After losing about 19/20 in the seris a cup I didn't think I was going to ever win it. Then something happened and all of a sudden everything started falling for me. I won 4 in a row, winning the cup against a Div 1 winner, with TOTS Sansome already in his team. I didn't play well but managed to get ahead before conceding. Then I brought the subs on at 70 minutes, scraped the winning goal and held on by being a dick, going ultra defence, counter attack and shielding the ball in the corner. He had a player sent off in the last few minutes out of frustration.
  4. Got to the final of the Seria a cup on my first and third attempts but failed in both finals. Playing cups reminds me of how shit at this game I am compared to some people. I won't have much time to play between now and the end of the tournament so not sure I'll get another chance to win it.
  5. Just got one for 433k, happy with that.
  6. yeah, thinking of buying Griezmann tonight. I passed up on one at 430k earlier and regret it now.
  7. Probably due to the rubbish cup reward
  8. Reddit has just pointed out that Florenzi could be the Tournament reward, that would be epic. EDIT: Nope
  9. Think I am going to do what I did last week and buy up some BBVA players and then sell them on middle of next week.
  10. Nainggolan has a TOTS, mixed emotions. Made a loss on his IF but TOTS Naingollan, fuck yeah I'm having that, at any cost. Well this has screwed up my plans. Hopefully TOTS Nainggolan will be under 200k.
  11. RPL Town - Season 34

    It feels a bit Leicester City, we played ok for most of the season, but mainly everyone else was shit. We were awful for most of the first half of the season.
  12. Yep, as I posted earlier, it didn't come across at all that Bran was the intended target, the Raven was.
  13. RPL Town - Season 34

  14. How about this: Lacazette on 8 chem but I much prefer verratti to valbuena and has a better di maria and also insigne instead of mertens.
  15. Definitely like the back 5, was one of the options I came up with. I like the potential for Di Maria at LW, Mertens at RW is OK. But, and the big but, is Valbuena. Really, anyone else? I've only used his NIF but I wasn't really impressed and CAM is such an important role.